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[NOTE: all newsletters are copyrighted by the Fortean Mysteries SIG]
issue 89 He Lives (resurrection), Not-to-be-believed (DHMO, "The Science of Santa Claus", Baigong Pipes, Bob Michael), PBEs, Dragons!; Stonehenge, Stone Snake; Unusual People, Livermore Light
88 Fortean TV, OSIR
issue 87 SIG News, exorcism, RUFs and the supernatural, sasquatchwatch, mysterious Michael, Toons, worst inventions, paranthropology

SIG News, disturbing the undead, easiest exercise plan, Kinki science, icons, other flowings, cryptids, inventions ahead of their time, lost and found civilization, Old Farmer's Almanac 2005
85 Big Cats, live dinosaurs, prsident saved by angels, bigfoot hoax, cold fusion, O'Leary's comet, tomacco, signs of the (end) times, Miraculous!, new math
84 world did not end, monkey experiment, crop circles, CIA cover-up, Laws, patametrics, trazillion
83 dowsing, conspiracy, ghost, Thought Science, contemporary holy shrines, Darwin awards, cultists, shadows, more sequences
issue 82 crop circles
issue 81 sequences (re)discovered, weird, bizarre and paranormal news
issue 80 Animal tales (Carletta the cow, Leo the poodle, Barry the St. Bernard, Klem's pets, monkey theives, drunk raccoons, superants, cobras, mutant butterflies ), Charming (Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Calcutta, Enfield, Tokyo, Orissa), Survivals (Knoxville, Oslo, Texas, Omaha, Miami), Dem Bones (Cambodia)
issue 79 letter (John Cloud), possession, Bizarre News  (IgNobel award), Ethicalculus
issue 78 SIG News, Good Ol' 2000 (Interpreting the Dead Sea Scrolls), The New Millenium (Exciting New Millenium Prophesies: And How they will change your life forever!), Claus and Effect, Mind Controllers, What Happened on the Moon?, Forbidden Science, The End of Time, Strange and Unexplained Happenings, Mysteries of the Mind, Noah's Flood, Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?, Icons of Evolution, Forbidden Archeology, Relics
issue 77 An Mpossible Glossary
issue 76  Unexplained Mysteries newsletter, Untranslatables, Atlantology

issue 75 paleodontics (Buried Alive: The Startling Truth About Neanderthal Man), angelogy (The Physics of Angels: Exploring the Realm Where Science and Spirit Meet),, Anpsy, Telepathy, Truely Weird: Real Life Cases of the Paranormal, Why People Believe WeirdThings, You and Your Superstitions, electrinology, "Uni- vs. Multi-" [Just Six Numbers]

issue 74 bone-shaped asteroid Kleopatra, oogology (a new branch of surreal number theory), Dr. Otto Wolfe's genetic engineering, Dr. Frank Chavis' report on Sasquatch, Dr. Leo Gatelman on the Aurally Transmitted Syndome, Nessie, Spontaneous Human Combustion stats, the Anno Confusionis Calendar, numbers beyond a googolplex, the FAQ "Why do it?"

issue 73 "Academia nuts" (Dr. Frederick Dubner's air pollution theory), Dr. Fritz Weller's quake theory, Dr. Willard Ostonowi's genetic experiments and Dr. Mark Crealer's moon warning), the Lucy Benawell case, paraufology, noopneustia (Occult Phenomena in the Light of Theology), psions, Sacred Palindromes of the Bible, Mary captures trespasser, websites (ParaScope, Journal of the Unexplained), Milabs: Military Mind Labs and Alien Abduction, Buried Alive, Nephilim), animal and human brains

issue 72 New numbers discovered (Viswanath's), "On the Net" (Journal of the Unexplained, Alien Worlds, etc.), Oulipiana,  Books (Match Wits with Mensa, The Guinness Book of Phenomenal Happenings, Scientific Blunders, Headlines IVThe Best of the World's Worst, The Old Farmers Almanac), Nova, jootsy calculus

issue 66 Web Weirdness (Klingonese, The Bacon Game, kooks), Word Weirdness (neologisms by Vance and Grambs)

issue 65   Travels with Charlie Fort (places we "visited"during our summer vacation via The National Directory of Haunted Places and Sacred Sites)

issue 64 Newies, Books (Catalog of Lost Books: Ayah Speaks, Glyphanalysis, How to Think Good, My Wildest Trip, Personality: The Metab Factor, The Flute Theif; Anguished English), On TV ("Strange Universe", "Could It Be A Miracle?", "Miracles")

issue 63 Synchros, The Dreaming Detective, Strange Universe (Books: The Celestine Prophesy, Prayer Is Good Medicine, Beyond The Highgate Vampire, Mindtrek,Taken , Lost Was The Key, Secret Life, A True Story ), creatures, ghosts, history, religion, technology, "Poltergeist: The Legacy", "Psi Factor", "Sliders", "Mysteries, Magic and Miracles", The Paranormal Borderline, "Sightings"

issue 62 Overbyte, From A to A (acupuncture, Adamski, alchemy, aliens, mysterious animals, serpent mounds, lake and river monsters), Astro-numb-y, Pataphysics, Paraufology

issue 61 When the s-ain'ts..., wondrous, Greco-Hebraic, neologisms, Huna Ha Rite, abduction therapy, rainbow technology, analogies

issue 60 wordprocessing, letters (HyperSpace Hypothesis, CE IV), Strange TV, Strange Books (Why We Wil Never Win the War on AIDS, The McDaniel Report, Healing Words, Angels and Aliens, Development of Psychic Powers, Anti-Gravity Handbook), ICR, The Strangeness of the Ordinary, More Murphy

issue 59.5 Godel, Escher, Bach; blik, clang, 4 brands of impossible, New Energy, gwho, explanation, "Encounters", "Unsolved Mysteries", JSSE, ICR, Cosmic Mysteries, Forbidden Archeology, Mysterious World, IQ test

issue 59 gravity (Aura Paradigm), Murphy's law, Foold U.

issue 58 Old News, Greater, Greater, Greater, Letters (Mothman Prophesies, Waldren), monsters, murder mysteries, Super (Science Trivia: Supernatural), Splish! Splash!, living rocks, elvishness, ice dating

issue 57 hypernumbering, letter (epignosticism), close encounter, Greys, Which Witch?, Fortfest, forteans, miraculous

issue 56 Happy 15!, Eerier!, quest (1933 spaceship, SHC), anpsi, UFO, Smez, letters, Books (Mother of All Nations, Handbook of Unusual Natural Phenomena, Supernatural England, Miracles, Werewolf, The Complete Books of Charles Fort), theorious (Heavens Above, Chaos and Creation), Drac, Etc., neontology, I'll be blowed!

issue 55 Cosmos (Carl Sagan vs.Thomas Aquinas), Elvis Lives?, Dreerie, Books (The Door into Summer, "In Search of Animals That Don't Exist", Parallel Universes), letters, Numbers, New News, Crafts' Grafts?

issue 54 On War, On TV ("Secret of Sedona", "Visitors from the Unknown", "Unsolved Mysteries"), Letters (Dr. Bob, St. James, Milano), Books (Llovable Lloyd, Great Hoaxes, Encyclopedia of the Strange, 50 Strange Stories of the Supernatural, Einstein Simplified), 1991, New, New, New; Brains (CLEO), Nostrodamus, perpetual motion, ghosts  

issue 53 Letters (Martovy, Beeman, McKeever), Books (Cults That Kill, Mysteries of the Unknown), Microsaurs, Wild! Shocking! Chaotic! Baloney?, Hypercharge. Quasi-terms, Fractals

issue 50 SIG News, Letters (Weed, Alaska Searchlight, Walker, Middleton), Atlantis (Insights into Prehistory), Unknown (Mysteries of the Unknown), Paradozy (B-T paradox and Jesus), Odies (Robles, Heth), Weird (Gupta), Flat (manifolds), GHO$T$ (Ghosts of the Rich and Famous), AIQ, Eureka (SIG News cont.)

issue 49 XII! (12th anniversary), SN1987A nova, Letters (Mike Styga), Them, Mensans, Auric (Aura Paradigm, Twight of the Gods), Leviathan, Unknown (Facts and Fallacies), Intriguing, Azurians