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  On this page we will try to list the books we have reviewed (or would like to have reviewed) in our newsletter. We will rate the ones we can from HOT to WARM to COOL to COLD and invite your opinions on the unrated ones.

Adventures in Immortality
Alternative 003
Are We Alone?
The Bible and Flying Saucers
Blueprint Invisibility
Book of the Damned
Brain-mind Bulletin
Buried Alive: The Startling Truth About Neanderthal Man
The Cat I. Q. Test
The Complete Prophesies of Nostradamus
Cycles of Heaven
The Demonologist
Dictionary of Misinformation
Did Adam and Eve Have Navels? Discourses on Reflexology, Numerology, Urine Therapy and Other Dubious Subjects
The Diviner's Handbook
Dodosaurs: Dinosaurs that Didn't Make It
Doomsday 1999
The Encyclopedia of UFOs
The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics
Exciting New Millenium Prophesies: And How they will change your life forever!
Fact, Fraud and Fantasy
Flying Saucers: Magic in the Skies: A Psychohistory
Forbidden Archeology
Forbidden Science: Suppressed Research that Could Change Our Lives
Great Exploration Hoaxes
Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs
 How to Write without Knowing Nothing
Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth? Why Much of What We Teach about Evolution Is Wrong
Image of Guadalupe: Myth or Miracle?
Impossible Yet It Happened
Incredible Collectors, Weird Antiques And Odd Hobbies
Interpreting the Dead Sea Scrolls: A Reconstructionist Approach
International Fortean Organization Journal (INFOJ)
The Jesus Factor
Journal of Borderland Research
Journeys into the Bright World
Just Six Numbers
Lifecloud: The Origin of Life in the Universe
Lists II
Living Wonders
Maya/Atlantis:Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx
Milabs: Military Mind Labs and Alien Abduction
Mind Controllers
Missing Time
Monsters in the Sky
Motel of Mysteries
Mysteries of the Mind
Mysterious World
A Natural History: Dragons and Unicorns
Noah's Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries about the Event that Changed  History                 
Nonsense: How to Overcome It
Occult Phenomena in the Light of Theology
One Hundred Years of Science Fiction Illustration
Open Files
Our Ancestors Came from Outer Space
The People's Almanac II
Phone Calls from the Dead
Photographs of the Unknown
The Poltergeist
Project Identification
The Physics of Angels: Exploring the Realm Where Science and Spirit Meet
Psi Trek
The Return of the Star of Bethlehem: Comet, Stellar Explosion or Signal from Above?
Sacred Palindromes of the Bible
Scholastic Aptitude Potential Test
Searching for Hidden Animals
Sex after Death
Spaceships in Pre-History
Special Non-linear Anomaly Research Bulletin
Stones from the Stars: the Unsolved Mysteries of Meteorites
Strange and Unexplained Happenings: When Nature Breaks the Rules of Science
Strangely Enough
Strangers Among Us
Strange, Sudden and Unexpected!
Tales of Terror and Wonder in Psychic Phenomena
The Third Millenium: A History of the World A. D. 2000 - 3000
Truely Weird: Real Life Cases of the Paranormal
The True Story of Fatima
The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves and Other Little People
The World's Last Mysteries
Why People Believe Weird Things
Wild Talents
You andYour Superstitions