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    After surviving for megacenturies the intragalactic Sheshak Empire made the mistake of invading the Milky Way galaxy and scattering Humans thoughout bilions of galaxies in the 50th millennium AD, much as the Babylonians and Romans did to the Jews in the 1st millennium BC and AD. This last evil empire was prophesied in Jeremiah 25:26 and 51:41, which refer to a non-Human kingdom on Earth after the Last World War (Armageddon) made it uninhabitable to Humans. The imperial elite (derlings) and the new inhabitants of Earth were thoroughly dehumanized into cyborgs, disembodied ghosts, minglings of Human and animals, mutants, panthropes, undead. Many were replaced by MI or AI simulations. With Imperial xenotechnology all things were possible, but far too many were immoral. The Empire was doomed to fall as had every lesser empire before. The posttech Piscatorians or Fishers, and the pretech Enochites were determined to reunite Humankind so that "not one would be lost, hence the Time War."

Sheshak power is based on the trading (often blackmarket) xenotechnology for personal gain without regard for the consequences:
Acaran Protector technology
Adakian strength-amplifying helmet
adamantium strongest metal known
Adenian teleporting ring
Adrian two-dimensionalizer
Aing-Til teleporting ships
Allen invisibility belt
Amalak electro-surrogate
Amalak journalists' disease
ambimatter (stabilized mixture of matter and antimatter)
(PK, immortality)
anachron (changes the rate or direction of timeflow)
ansible (faster-than-light communicator)
Antarean changling net
antimatter matter with opposite electrical charge or spin as nomal
atron ray
(neutralizes super-powers)
anyon emitter (able to dephase by reacting with chronitons)
apergy (kind of antigravity)
Appollinaire remote projector (replicator)
atavachron (timemachine found only on Sarpeidon able to adapt traveler to otherwise deadly time)
Arcean stargate
Artonian laser
AS-2 ray (reintegration)
Ataneek armbands
(boost strength and speed for a couple days until immunity develops)
Aurigan tasset
(thought-activated subspace energy transmitter) (mindswapper)
Baculian mentograph
Bagley quake-brake
Baku kelbonite ring
Bakuran repulsor craft
Barr antigrav/forcefield helmet
Baylor imperbestos (fire-and-bulletproof)
Benton-Roland formis ethers
(superstrength, invulnerability)
Binipinardian devolution gas
biogenetic ring (transforms into insects or arthropods, 1/day)
Blair hyper-ray transmitter
blue zoronite (deadly to Oceanians)
Brainerd flubber (rubbery substance that converts nuclear into kinetic energy)
brainwash gas (turns friend into foe) Brane dimensional-booster (3-D-to-4D, invisibility, intangibility) Brindell hydrater (water-breathing or snow-transforming) Brozz air (empowering)
Bruce chronopticon
Bryant grir (gamma ray-infrared) energizer
Burr neural neutralizer (breaks telepathic link)
buzz gun (sleep-inducing strings)
camouflage paint (makes virtually invisible)
Camusian mindswapper (device that temporarily triggers mutual identity confusion)
Carnathian probability amplifier
Carvel-Degnan serum (superstrength, superintelligence)
Caster power elixir gives superpowers with W on chest side-effect
cavorite [Cavor] (gravity-opaque building material)
chrononium (controls metatime) Chronos time-paralyzer Circe evolution serum (see Barclay's protomorphism) Claude accelerant (temporary superspeed)
cloak (any device that makes invisible)
Colby obesity ray (makes fat)
Cortell invisibility formula
cortexin (gives animals human-level intelligence)
Cosmos crystalizing ray from Cosmos
Cosmos insanity ray from Cosmos
Coven OOBer (separates body and soul) cowardice ray Crowley energy pill (disintegration) Cybern prediction machine Dalton duplicating ray (makes Bizarro clones)
Dane shrinking liquid
Davis gravity rod Davis blacklight ray projects light-blocking cone of darkness Dawson moisturizer weapon deadly dust (slows reaction time)
Dean drive (rotational-linear transformer or "spin-dizzy")
Dean retrophone (sounds from recent past)
DeLa Warr's radionic camera
death ray (any ray that causes, usually instant, death)
desmondium gas
Dextran telepathy-enhansing fruit (see xyrillite)
Dibny gingold (super-elasticity)
dilithium (crystal used to regulate matter-antimatter annihilation)
Dirac communicator (time-independant communications receiver)
disintegrator (device that destroys intermolecular bonding)
Dr. Franz's 2X (temporary enhancer) Domann TV-ray Dorn immaterializer fluid and antidote dornite (used in cosmonium-dornite deathray from Ergo) Drake mini-clone (one-foot-tall) Drowden PK pill Dunn transmat earthquaker (device for producing earthquakes) ectoplasmatron (extracts and molds ectoplasm) Edgewise paper-hardener Egglehead ray (gigantism, super-powers) Einstein-Rosen bridge (shortcut through space-time via exotic matter stabilized wormhole)
Ergonian cosmonium-dornite deathray
Ernetti chrono-visor
eterni-phone (hot-line to Olympus) europium (teleportation facilitator) Falke hunger pill flakbelt (flak-projecting belt)
force field generator (device that generates a immaterial, but penetration-resistant, field)
fornaxite (turns friction into heat from Fornax)
Forsythe z-ray (powerful) Forte cloning technique (female-to-male) Fox emotion-stimulator Frazzle projector (animates film monsters) gas Z (truth drug) Goxo transmutation ray
graser (device for generating and collating gamma rays)
Grood evolutionary ray
Gundam body armor suit
Gur mind-controlling glasses
Halford geo-locator (global observation device)
Hand halver (half-transdimensionalizer)
H-Dial (transforms user into superhero(ine) or supervillain)
Hekamer liquid fractal for interdimensional stasis
Heisenberg compensator: device that compensates for Heisenberg uncertainty principle
heliotron (solar weapon)
Hindemuthian cosmium (rejuvenating element)
Holt-von Schmitt Brain Bank (can boost brain power for week) Horkon morphing formula (to/from mermaid/man) Hugo freeze-ray Hugo mind-control machine Hugo power duplicator Hugo radioactivator Hyatt time pool (photonic time portal)
(nearly indestructible metal)
interphase generator
Ivo aura duplicator (shape-shifting with powers) Jason old age serum (makes elderly) Jennings thunderbelt (superstrength, iron-density, 1/2 hr. limit) Jennings cybernetic helmet (ESPK, personality enhancement) Jennings invisibility cloak
Jonasoidal "pinlighting" drive (jumps up to 20 parsecs through subspace)
Kandorian exo-skeleta (super-strength) Kandorian jetboots (flight)
Kaliman glowstone from Kalima
Kangle serum (power neutralizer) Karnes nightmare inducer Katana samuroid (android samurai) Keech suspended animation drug Kelth reflector-warp Kenyon invulnerability elixir Khimyo berserker drug
King black-zero transmitter (cold and/or darkness beam)
Klississ stellator (nebula-to-star condenser)
krillitane oil (IQ-booster)
Kru-El mind-transfer ray Krydd brainwasher (secret identity secret even from super-hero)
Krystallan phondrikaar (sensor-blocking alloy) from Krytalla
Kulan domination device (mind control) Kurtz rejuvinator (temporarily teenager) Kyrri aqua-ray weapon (liquification) Lang anti-gravity belt (not for wood or stone) Larsen brain-booster (temporary)
Lascombe vita-ray revives injured or dead to supernormal
Lincoln X-42
(invulnerability, explosive-touch) liquid-light (shape-shifting) Llyrr eclipse-weapon (reduces people to shadows) Lockhart rejuvenator (to teen, youngster, baby) Lo Pau emotionalizer (emotion control device)
Lorentz-Fitzgerald contractor contracts vehicle to accelerate
Lorenz perpetual (24-hour) life ray
Lumar image (3-D "living") Luthor enlarging ray Luthor hypno-beam Luthor mental-amplifier Luthor stone animator Luthor supersuit (vulnerable to kryptonite) Luthor transmuter (dependant on reflection off Superman) Luthor uncoordination ray Luthor youth serum (teen)
Malev (roboticized humans)
Malinski zombie (superstrong, invulnerable)
Mann G-ray flightsuit
Mann Sun Ray Gun (disintegrator)
Mannheim pyro-granulate (internal fire within 24 hrs.) Mannheim pyro-granulate antidote Mardon weather wand Marn treason gas Marshall watch (time travel and age-reversing device)
mass transmitter aka transmat (device for transmitting matter over long distances)
Mars invisibility ray
Marvinian electrosuit with SSP and ultrasound projector
Mascan strength-drainer
McByrd amnesia device mentor band (mental powers) merging necklace Metzer evolution accelerator (bimorphism)
mielophone (animal and Human mindreading)
mind-prober helmet (projects thoughts)
Minyan carbomagnet (carbon-attracting field generator from Minya)
Minyan pacifier ray
Moffitt globe-meter with levitation, superstrength, translation, radiation-detector
Monitor armor Moran force field Morleenian diamondium Morris serum (Atlasí strength, Achillesí invulnerability)
Moss metablo-tablet (superspeed, recovery)
Morgan astro-pyro rays (fire control, flight)
Morgan light-resistant material
Morvan antigraviton pulse "hopper" drive
Muller memory extractor
muonium (compacted "atom" of muons analogous to lighter-weight positronium)
mutagenic cocaine M-Vest aka Miraco vest (illusion and force field) Murphy machine (makes bad luck)
mwaser: device for generating and collating microwaves
Mxyzptlk hat (grants any wish except superpowers)
neutronium superdense material neutron stars are made of
Newton em control
Nferinoa elixir (demonoidizer) Nor-Kan panacea (gianticism side effect)
Norstrilian stroon life-extending drug (50 yrs/oz)
Norton cosmic ray lamp
Oan time-window from Oa
obstrate-verilium scanblocker (see phondrikaar)
Olsen time-radio (hears past or future)
Orionian delta-T antenna (used in cross-time communications)
Palmer size-weight-control (uv through white dwarf star lens)
Pangarian tritonin (addictive healing agent from Pangar)
Paradise VII honey telepathy enhancer (made safe with stroon)
paratachyonic (Rao-Chang) drive
Parker gloves (superstrength)
Paul televisor (global observation)
Pepperwinkle 3V (three-dimensional television)
Phantom Zone projector (projects into Phantom Zone)
photonium (relatively stable combination of light and anti-light from Drekka)
photonizer (tardyon-photon transformer) Pinocchio nose-spray (makes liar's nose grow)
Platonian kironide: pychokinetic enhancer from Platonius
Popnecker super-power pops (timetravel, flight, etc.) Porgus centrifuge (rips building from foundation, see spin-dizzy)
positronium (unstable matter-antimatter "atom")
Potter duplicator ray (evil twin) Potter elasticity serum Potter enlarging pill Potter evolution accelerator Potter flame breath Potter levitator Potter lovometer Potter matter-caster Potter maturation potion (ages (or rejuvenates?) to maturity)
Pretorian howood (hard-as-steel wood)
Prisma-Crystal living-crystalizer from Crystalium
prism materializer (thought-actualizer)
Procrustean sexchanger/enhanser
Rankin anti-gravity ray
Rao-Chang or paratachyonic drive
replicator: device for creating replicas from original or template
Riggles cosmo-radar
Qar'To android
Quinto vacuum-ray projector
(interplanetary teleport)
Radugan ulmotronics
Reed indestructible metallic fibre
Robinson brain scanner rondor extract (immortality with rondorization)
Sahn numismitron healing gas from Sahn
Salankan hate-ray
Sanford kryptonite antidote (wolf-face side effect) Sardath menticizer (language teaching machine) Sardath null-zeta ray (ego and intelligence booster) Saturnian mentality exchanger (mindswapper) sauncha (super-seaweed)
Scalosian water (3600:1 hyperaccelerant)
shugilii (makes anything edible to Vilani)
Shyla bio-energy siphon
Sirian mindreader
Sivana suspendium (suspended animation) Skaxian death ray (heals in non-Earth environment)
Slade vitaray (re-animator)
slowglass (light retardant)
Snart freeze-ray gun Solovar brainwashing device Speer-Palmer actualizer (turns thoughts into reality) Spectro wrist band (mood control) Star of Cathay (psychometric jewel) Steelgrave illusion-projector stellarium (dampens uranium fusion)
Stevens light-than-air flight-fluid
Stondra micro-giants (sizeshifting robots)
Strange's alosun serum (empowering)
superhypnobioscope (sleep learning)
supermanium (superpowered metal) super-serum (addictive)
tachyonic communicator (particles with immaginary mass, unable to travel slower than light)
Tagorian infinity machine (fetches extra-dimensional monsters) Thanagar persona-tracker Thangarian anti-gravity ray Thetoan neuro-scon (brain agitator) Thora bracelet (empowering, but with man-hatred)
Thorndyke atom gun (disintegrator)
Thorne mind-transfer device (mindswapper) Thorne rejuvenator Thrawne speedster suit THUNDER suit (100x speed and aging)
Thurston liquifier and antidote
transmogrifier (device used for morphing from one form to another)
trivvy aka tri-vee, 3-V, three-vee, holographic projector
Tyrox zenith weapon Ulmaran mind-rays (brainwashing)
ultraphone (faster-than-light communication device)
ultrator (transforms velocity to ultravelocity, c/v)
untruth serum (forces lying) Vance shrinking machine Vantor vacuumizer
Veneuvian space-time machine
verilium-obstrate scanblocker (see phondrikaar)
vibranium (metal that converts sound energy into binding energy)
Viinitrarhan juoma (sense-enhansing wine)
vitacap (superstrength, invulnerability, superspeed)
vitatron (life-extending metal) Vostar mind-control helmet
Vulcan katric ark  spherical container for disembodied katra from Vulcan
vynesium (immortality antidote)
Walking Lake water (animates the inanimate)
Wah Le belt
(superstrength, superspeed, non-wood contra-magnetic field)
Warren energy machine
water-breathing serum Weldon time-ray (interdimensional mind-swapping) Welles brain enlarger (ego and intelligence booster) Wemberly super-charger West nth-power telescope (any distance viewer) West veggie-bomb ray (makes vegetables explode) White super-cigar
Wilson futuroscope (shows what may happen in near future)
Wilson invisibility suit
(sigma ray activated cellulose) Wilton super-strength treatment
Winstead phantom cloak
X futuroscopic glasses
Wraith venom strength/regeneration/reflex booster from Pegasus galaxy
xyrillite (telepathy-enhansing pebbles from Xyrill)
Yatz activator (materializes costume and energizes wearer) Zazzo helmet (empowering) Zee time cabinet
zellium (powerful metal from Zellia)
Zha-Vam power belt
(powers of Zeus, Hercules, Apollo, Vulcan, Achilles, Mercury)
Zidonian FusiGenesis device bioweapon
Zinger ray-gun (interferes with super-speed) Zor-El density-intensifier
zuumium (superstrength and superagility, but with lycanthropism side-effect)
zyxometer or crisis prioritizer

*  HINT: To read Sheshak script, try reading it as white-on-black rather than the black-on-white.