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"In the beginning was the Word." (John 1:1)

JOYCESQUEAN NEOLOGISMS: words André Joyce and the André Joyce fan club have coined and/or popularized.


translated by Razilee Mary Purdue and edited by Michael Joseph Halm

copyright 1978-2014 Hierogamous Enterprises

aagram: [anagram with second letter deleted] (13, 31, 143, 314, 341, 413, 431, etc.) word formed from another by deletion of second letter and transposition -- dream = dame = made = mead

aagram string: string made from aagrams -- dream + mead + dam = dreameadam

aangram: [anagram with second and third letters exchanged] (132, 1324, 4321, 13245, 13254, 43215, 43251, 53214, 53241, etc.) anagrams -- satin = stain

aapa: [ad astra per aspera] to the stars through troubles

abbrhyme: [abbr. + rhyme portmanteau, abbreviated form of Willard R. Espy's abbreviated rhyme] synthetic rhyme using abbreviation, e. g., "A Mrs. kr. Mr., then how her Mr. kr. He kr., kr., kr., until he raised a blr."

acrosstic: [across + acrostic portmanteau, Poe] acrostic variation in which nth letter in nth line is significant

adad: [aut disce aut discede acronym] learn or leave

aeioi: [adj. and sing. aeious from Dmitri A. Borgman's aeiou word] words with all of the 5 vowels, a, e, i, o and u -- dialogue, equation, sequoia

afaik: [acronym] as far as I know

agenarian: [nonagenarian backformation] person under 90 or over 99

agamemnonym: [Edward R. Wolpow's Agamemnon word] word with three or more palindromic trigrams

agmenonym: [Agamemnon backformation + -nym] word transformed into agamemnonym by adding appropriate letter after bigrams to form palindromic trigrams

aibohphobiac: anchored palindrome like aibohphobiac that has an extra final letter and so is not actually a palindrome, demonstrating itself a morbid fear of palindromes

aibohpphobia: fear of palinddromes, "double-yolked" palindromes

aip: [ab Iove principium] start with the most important

AIQ: [AI + IQ portmanteau acronym] measurement of "artificial intelligence" as in the results of a Turing test

alindrome: [beheaded palindrome] near-palindrome that lacks initial letter

albanecktross: [albatross around neck wordle] burden

Aldhelmian: like Aldhelm, saintly Anglo-Latin riddlemaster (c. 640-709)

alphabit: [alphabet bit] alphabet transformation rebus -- abcdfghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz = cut e = cute, abcdefhijkltnopqrstuvwxyz = g out = gout, abcdefghijkltnopqrstuvwxyz = for m a t = format, abcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz = no l = noel, abcdfghijklmnopqrtuvwxyz = no s, e = nose, abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxzy - shift y = shifty

Amish: [Percy Moore Manx + -ish] describing poem form variation with final two lines left unwritten andrest reversed

ampa: [Ad multos annos prosperos!, "To many prosperous years!", acronym] live long and prosper

anany: [curtailed ananym] describing transdeletion in which word is reversed and final letter deleted -- anany(petal) = late

anatonym: aka body part name -- areola (nipple area), canthus (where eyelids meet), coccyx (tail bone), coxa (hip bone), diaphysis (bone shaft), dorsum (top of tongue), epiphysis (bone head), fovea (blind spot on retina), frenulum (thin muscle under tongue), hallux (big toe), ischium (back of hip bone), maxilla (upper mouth bone), nasopharynx (passage between nose and throat), opisthenar (back of hand), oropharynx (passage between mouth and throat), patella (kneecap), phalanx (finger or toe bone), philtrum (indentation between nose and upper lip), pinna (external ear), pollex (thumb), popliteal (hollow in back of knee), pubis (front of hip bone), sclera (white of eye), thenar (fleshy pad below thumb), tragus (fleshy bump between face and ear cavity), vomer (slender bone between nostrils)

ananum: body part that designates a number in counting, fingers, toes, nose, etc.

angram: transdeletion with third letter deleted and rest moved

antu: [abusus non tollit usum acronym] inexcusable abuse

Anx: [beheaded Manx] with initial and terminal lines deleted

apae: [a posse ad esse, "from possibility to actuality", acronym] actualition

apostronym: [Dave Morice's apostrophe word] word that becomes another word with apostrophe deletion -- can't, he'll, I'll, she'll, we'd, we'll, we're

appmae: [Adde parvum parvo magnus acervus erit. acronym] add little by little and there will be a big pile

aqa: [Age quod agis. acronym] do what you do (well), pay attention to what you are doing.

ard: [beheaded ord with phonetic r-] word that has been doubly beheaded

Ardunian: [beheaded Erdunian with phonetic r-] with first two and last four lines unwritten

arithmonym: number name

armups: [up in arms wordle] aroused to action

arrational: [beheaded irrational with phonetic r-] between rational and irrational

astroillogical: [astrological + illogical portmanteau] demonstrating the logically extrapolated illogicalness of astrology

astronumby: [numb + astronomy portmanteau] mind-numbing gee-whiz astronomy

autophone: [automobile sound] one of the seven car noises or combinations
































































autoshiftgram: word which is its own shiftgram, tanger + 13 = gnatre, emblazonry + 13 = rzoynmbael

ava: [ad vitam aeternam acronym] for eternity

avav: [a verbis ad verbera acronym] from words to blows

avera: [amicus verus est rara avis acronym] a true friend is rare

avo: [amor vincit omnia acronym] love conquers all

backwords: birr (what a bird has done to it, stalked by predators), daught (what daughter does, akin to dote), featherb (what featherbed has done to it, stuff), maie (corn kernel, origin of plural maize), noth (small hole, pl. nose), oggin (small melon, origin of noggin), toolsh (fill to overflowing as is toolshed), weath (what weather does, change), wellf (fatten for slaughter as are the wellfed)

balweighedance: [weighed in the balance wordle] found wanting

ban ana: [split banana charade wordle]

baseggsket: [eggs in one basket wordle] overdependance

bebious: ["I b(elieve) e(veryone) b(elieves) i(t)."] believing that all others believe

bebushat: [beat around the bush wordle] delay

beggeer: [egg in beer wordle] out-of-place object

belbatsfry: [bats in belfry wordle] insanity

b-est: [extrapolated from Aronson numbers] number described in Latin statement, "B est prima littera in hic sententiam, non seconda, . . . ."

bi-inary: refering to number system based on 2i

bibious: ["B(elieve) I b(elieve) i(t.)” acronym acronym] believing that another should believe that you believe

bidbious: ["B(elieve) I d(on't) b(elieve) i(t)."] believing that another should believe that you do not believe

bidious: ["B(elieve) I d(isbelieve) i(t.)” acronym acronym] believing that another should believe that you disbelieve

bious: ["B(elieve) i(t!)"] believing that another should believe

blorunsod: [runs in the blood] genetically inherited

blueoncemoon: [once in a bluemoon wordle] rarely

bofeelnes: [feel in bones wordle] feel deeply

bonnbet: [b(ee) in bonnet wordle] angry

bosbandton: [banned in Boston wordle] obscene by local standards

boustrophedonym: word divisible into two letter strings one alphabetical, one zyxical

bradoubless: [double in brass wordle]

bubious: ["B(elieve yo)u b(elieve) i(t.)” acronym] believing that another should believe that they believe

buckdropet: [drop in bucket wordle] something seemingly negligable

budbious: ["B(elieve yo)u d(on't) b(elieve) i(t.)” acronym] believing that another should believe that they do not believe

busillis: baffling puzzle or difficult point

cafeatherp: [feather in cap wordle] something to be proud of

cahul: [Cave ab homine unius libri. acronym] Beware of anyone who has just one book.

Calembaurnus: [James Joyce] patron saint of pun (calembour)

candonym: [can do word] n-letter word like can which can be transformed into another word by adding pairs of letters' values (3, 1, 14) to get those for an (n - 1)-letter word, like do (4, 15)

cardevilnate: [devil incarnate wordle] very evil person

cawithhoots: [in cahoots with wordle] co-conspirator of

cehe: [Cur etiam hic es? acronym] Why are you still here?

cev: [Credere est videre. acronym] Believing is seeing.

chee: [cujusvis hominis est errare] every human can err

chetongueek: [tongue in cheek wordle] not seriously

chiclé: [Spoonerized cliché] e. g., tacitest (from acid test)

chinabullshop: [bull in china shop wordle] very accidentally destructive

Chiteana: [tea in China wordle] something very valuable

ciscendentals: [trans-: cis-::transcendental:?] surreal numbers derived by enversion from reals, below transcendentals

circtalkles: [talk in circles wordle] obfuscate

citoi: [see eye to eye wordle] mutually agree

cloheaduds: [head in clouds wordle] out-of-touch with reality

clolivever: [live in clover wordle] live happily ever after

closkeletonset: [skeleton in closet wordle] still hidden scandal

coao: [claude os, aperi oculos] shut mouth, open eyes

coutold: [out in cold wordle] miserable and alone

Crep: [Percy Perc] reversed, curtailed and then reversed again

Crewesque: [Crewe + -esque] poem variation with last 3 lines missing -- There was a young lady of Crewe Whose limericks stopped at line two. She was not done, after line one, but one more's all she could do.

cwot: [acronym] complete waste of time

d'heuesque: [Mots d'heues + -esque] Anglo-French macaronic

daese: [Dum anima est, spes esse. acronym] As long as there is life, there is hope.

debious: ["D(oesn't) e(veryone) b(elieve) i(t!)" acronym] believing that another should believe that all others believe

deca: [Dum excusare credis, accusas. acronym] When you believe you're excusing yourself, you're accusing yourself.

decinary: referring to number system based on 10i, not 1/10

dedil: [Dulce est desipere in loco. "It is sweet to relax at the proper time." acronym] timely R & R

defriended: [friend in deed, friend indeed wordle] true friend

delsda: [Difficile est longum subito deponere amorem. acronym] break-up trauma

DENEAT: [Michael Ecker] operation that transforms number by counting its “digits, even, not even and total”, yielding 123 in a finite number of steps -- googol = 10^100 = 1001101 = 437 = 123 (3 steps), googolplex = 10^googol = 10^201 + 10^101 + 10^100 + 1 = 1,974,201 = 347 = 123 (4 steps)

dennff: [Deus et natua non faciunt frusta. acronym] God and nature do not work together in vain.

des: [Duco ergo sum. acronym] I calculate therefore I am.

detqane: [Difficile est tenere quae acceperis nisi exerceas. acronym] It is difficult to retain what you may have learned unless you should practice it.

dibious: ["D(on't) I b(elieve) i(t!)" acronym] believing that another should disbelieve that you believe

didbious: ["D(isbelieve) I d(on't) b(elieve) i(t!)" acronym] believing that another should disbelieve that you do not believe

didious: ["D(on't) I d(isbelieve) i(t!)" acronym] believing that you disbelieve

dihsch: [Dum inter homines sumus, colamus humanitatem.] As long as we are among humans, let us be humane.

dillasegui: [looped illaseguid] poem with 7, 5, 5, 7, 5, 7, 5 syllables

dimetre: [3:2::trimetre:?] modified Alexandrine line with 12 syllables and caesara

dious: ["D(isbelieve) i(t!)" acronym] believing that another should disbelieve

disblessingguise: [blessing in disguise wordle] unrecognized blessing

dom: [Deo Optimo Maximo acronym] to God, the Best, the Greatest

dothepe: [the inside dope wordle] insider information

dropalme: [pal-in-drome wordle] palindromic wordle

dudbious: ["D(isbelieve yo)u d(on't) b(elieve) i(t!)" acronym] believing that another should disbelieve that they do not believe

dudious: ["D(on't yo)u d(isbelieve) i(t!)" acronym] believing that another should not disbelieve

duidecimal: [Dewey decimal, duodecimal pun] refering to complex number system based on 12i

dudownumps: [down in the dumps wordle] depressed

Dunian: [Erdunian ard] with first three and last four lines unwritten

dyzzy: [from Douglas Hofstadter's dyz, dizzy answer to the analogy, abc:abd::xyz:?] “although insightful, so implausible and simple-minded as to invoke laughter”

eac: [Efructu arbor cognoscitur. acronym] The tree's known by its fruit.

eacol: [Ex abundancia cordis, os loquitor. acronym] From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

ealphome: looped alphome, anagram with last letter moved to head

Ebban: [Abbess Ebba of Coldington (d. c. 870), patron saint of palindromes] palindromic

ecnalg: [backward glance wordle] short look behind

eens: [Extra ecclesiam nulla salus. acronym] Outside the Church [there's] no salvation.

efla: [Eheu fugaces labuntur anni. acronym] Alas, the fleeting years slip by.

eep: [esse est percipi] to be is to be perceiving

efregehefre: [ABCD:EFGH::abracadabra:?] nonsense word like abracadabra or ijrikilijri

ehe: [Errare humanum est.] To err is human.

eheadment: [beheaded beheadment] double beheadment -- brat, rat, at

eighty-eights: 8[10^80/9]

elemenym: [elemental + -nym] word transformable into another word by substitution of element name for symbol or vice versa -- aged = silvered, fey = irony, hate = hydrogenate, nous = nitrogenous, Oates = oxygenates, set = sulfuret, sic = sulfuric, size = sulfurize

elementary: word with element letters -- B (boron), C (carbon), F (flourine), H (hydrogen), I (iodine), K (potassium), N (nitrogen), O (oxygen), P (phosphorus), S (sulfur), U (uranium), V (vanadium), W (wolfram), Y (ytterbium) -- boon, chin, Confucius, finch, incubus, nippy, oops, phony, snoopy, soupy, subconscious, succubus, unconscious, vision, who, you

eletion: [beheaded deletion] transformation of word by deleting initial and one other letter -- cache to ace

elev: [Emitte Lucem et Veritatem.] Send out Light and Truth

elphomea: [plooed homealp with phonetic l-] alphabetic anagram with last six letters moved to head

ellogical: [beheaded "illogical" with phonetic l-] between logical and illogical

ellusionist: [beheaded illusionist with phonetic l-] between an illusionist and a lusionist

emaginary: [beheaded imaginary with syllablic m-] not quite 100% nonce words

emmaterial: [beheaded immaterial with phonetic m-] between material and immaterial

emohpla: [alphome ananym] zeewyexical anagram

emtallage: metallage with first two letters exchanged, aka aangram

endend: [end to end wordle] completely start to finish

enfinite: [nfinity with phonetic n-] between finite and infinite surreal numbers

Enian: [beheaded Unian with phonetic n-] with first five and last four lines unwritten

enigmoid: puzzle that begins like an enigma but ends with obvious answer -- “What did one carrot say to the other?” “Nothing, because carrots can't talk.”, “ What was Pontius Pilate's great-grandmother's hat maker's name?” “Nobody knows.”

enloopu: [unloop unloop with phonetic n-] form (21, 231, 2341, etc.) anagrams by moving initial letter to tail

enrationals: [phoentically spelled nrationals] nverted unrationals

entelligence: [phonetically spelled ntelligence] between intelligence and telligence

enversion: [beheaded inversion with phonetic n-, 1/x:inversion::1\x:?] mathematical operation symbolized by the backslash that turns a decimal on its radix

Epongliposh: opposite of Turkey Irished English, English with -po- after vowels, aka closed Glopish [Openglopish backformation]

epu: [e pluribus unum acronym] from many one

Erdunian: [beheaded Verdunian] with first and last four lines unwritten

Er: [Manx Ero] poem doubly curtailed, reversed and then triply curtailed

Ero: [Manx Eroo] poem doubly curtailed, reversed and then doubly curtailed again

Eroo: [Manx Eroom] poem doubly curtailed, reversed and then curtailed again

Eroom: [Percy Moore] poem doubly curtailed and then reversed

evenum: number with all even digits

evenym: [even letter word] vowelless word with only the even letters, b, d, f, g, j, l, n, p, r, t, v, x, z -- brr, DLXV, grr, nth, phfft, xth, zzzz

exa: [8:mega::20:?] 2^20 = 1,048,576

existron: [mega:exa::megistron:?] 10^^20

Exna: [Manx with phonetic x-] curtailed, reversed then curtailed again

Exnam: [Percy Manx with phonetic x-] curtailed and then reversed

feen: [Joseph Bowden] 15 (base 10) in base 16

fehomi: [Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit. acronym] Perhaps even this will one day be pleasant to look back on.  

feminym: [feminine + -nym] M2F (male-to-female) pseudonym -- Crystal Croftangley (Sir Walter Scott), Mrs. Silence Dogoody (Benjamin Franklin), Michael Joseph Halm (Michael Joseph Halm), Dorothea Julia Ramsbottom (William Makepeace Thackery), Fiona MacLeod (William Sharp)

feoc: [Fames est optimus coquus. acronym] Hunger is the best cook.

fericomplexority: [in-feriority complex wordle] inferiority complex

fif: [Fabas indulcet fames., "Hunger sweetens the beans." acronym] Hunger makes everything taste good!

fifatre: [fat in fire] sometime that makes situation more intense, more uncontrollable

fifty-fives: 55,555,555,555,555,555,555,555,555,555,555,555,555,555,555,555,555 = 5[10^50/9]

filthynym: [tic-tac-toe board word] word with only letters in, F, H, I, L, T -- fill, filth, flit, hi, hill, hilt, hit, I, if, iff, ill, it, lift, lit, tilt, tit

firsim: [Fortiter in re, suaviter in modo. acronym] Resolutely in action, gently in manner; do unhesitatingly what must be done, but accomplish it as inoffensively as possible.

fiufio: [Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. acronym] False in one thing, false in all.

fooniferism: [foonerism + kniferism portmanteau] switching of non-clustered final and initial consonants and initial vowel clusters, as "defghij" to "jifghed"

forkerism: [spoon:spoonerism::fork:?] exchange of final consonant clusters of syllables or words, as "defghij" to "dejghif"

forkniferism: [forkism + knifism portmanteau] switching both final consonant and vowel clusters, as "defghij" to "dijghef"

fourty-fours: 4,444,444,444,444,444,444,444,444,444,444,444,444,444 = 4[10^40/9]

fratrinym: brothered word -- Br. Ave (brave), Bro. Ken (broken), Br. Uised (bruised)

fron: [Joseph Bowden] 14 (base 10) in base 16

fuv: [Fac ut vivas. acronym] Get a life

galmadri: [oploed madrigal] poem rhyming (aa)aabcdbcd(bcd) or (a)abcbcac(bcaa)

gammagon: [gamma + -gon] polygon formed from gamma-like right angles, including two-gamma square, three-gamma irregular hexagon, four-gamma concave irregular hexagon, five-gamma stellated pentagon

ghotism: [from Bernard Shaw's "ghoti"] antiphonetic spelling in which f = gh, ff, ft, ph, pph, ugh (enough, off, soften, physics, sapphire, laugh), i = ai, e, ee, ei, ia, o, u, ui, y (villain, pretty, been, forfeit, marriage, women, busy, guilt, hymn), sh = ce, chsi, psh, sci, sch, si, ss, ti (ocean, fuchsia, pshaw, conscience, schwa, pension, issue, nation), yielding 432 spelling for "fish"

giga: [8:mega::11:?] g(2, 11, 2) = 2048

gigillion: [gig(a)- + -illion] g(2, 3000000003, 10)

gigastron: [mega:giga::megistron:?] g(3, 11, 2)

Gilbalmead: [balm in Gilead wordle] panacea

Glopish, Closed: [Openglopish (Turkey Irish) antonym] secret language formed by adding -po- after vowels, aka Ireland Turkish

gnibbur: [back rubbing wordle] massaging of back

gongorrhea: [Gongorism + gonorrhea] chronic obscurancy

googologist: mathematician active in large number theory

googologue: dissertation of googology, especially a long and confusing one in idiomatic nomenclature

googology: [googo- + -ology] branch of number theory dealing with googols, googolplexes and related large, yet finite numbers

googomania: obsessive, compulsive googolologizing

googonaut: a lurker or fan of googology without actually being a googologist

googophiliac: person who loves large numbers, see googonaut, googologist

googophobia: variety of math anxiety manifesting as fear of large numbers

googoscopic: combining art and science together via googology

googosophy: the philosophy of large numbers, including the syntactic and the abstract branches

grafootve: [one foot in grave] nearly dead

grammanym: [letter word] word (or phrase) expressable as acronymic homonym -- anemone (NMNE), are (R), be, bee (B), cue (Q), cutie (QT), devious (DVS), empty (MT), enemy (NME), essay (SA), ex (X), excellency (XLNC), expediency (XPDNC), obediency (OBDNC), okay (OK), pea (P), see (C), tea (T), why (Y), Why are you empty? (YRUMT), you (U), You are you and I am I. (URUNIMI)

grasnakess: [snake in the grass wordle] hidden danger

gred: [blue:grue:::red:?] green of a leaf which will be turning red

grellow: [blue:grue:::yellow:?] green of a leaf which will be turning yellow

grorange: [blue:grue:::orange:?] green of a leaf which will be turning orange

grown: [blue:grue:::brown:?] green of a leaf which will be turning brown

grueberry: [blue:grue::blueberry:?, with from grue (Nelson Goodman, 1946)] still green, unripe blueberry, expected to turn blue

Gwetrustod: ["in God we trust" wordle] once and future motto of US

ha'ir: [split hair charade wordle] ultrafine point

haneedleystack: [needle in haystack wordle] something found with extreme difficulty

heaholed: [hole in head wordle] touch of insanity

heamarriagemadeven: [marriage made in heaven wordle] hierogamy

herocksad: [rocks in head wordle] crazy ideas

hesnowballck: [snow ball in heck wordle] very slim kind of chance

hiddenym: [hidden + -nym] word hidden in end of one word and the beginning of the next -- nine, do, new, Dan, go, hen

hil: [hinc illae lacrimae acronym] therefore these tears

hoacele: [ace in the hole wordle] unsuspected resources

homi: [Haec olim meminisse ivvabit. acronym] Time heals all things.

hommonym: [homonym + m] word which becomes its own homonym when an interior letter is deleted -- aunt, boulder, hoarse, mooed, reign, too, two

homony: [curtailed homonym, hominy pun, aka curtailment homophone] describing words which becomes their own homonym when a new final letter is added -- ad, be, bell, bloc, born, but, by, canvas, cast, dam, flu, for, in, laps, or, pleas, so, to, we

hyphenym: [hyphen + -nym portmanteau] word transformed into another by having hyphen deleted, see hyphe-nym

hyphe-nym: word transformed into another by having a hyphen added -- coop, recover, recreate, see hyphenym

iatronym: [Virginia R. Hager's doctored name] Dr./dr- pun -- Dr. Awbridge, Dr. Eamland, Dr. Inker, Dr. Ugola

ibebious: ["I b(elieve) e(veryone) b(elieves) i(t)." acronym] believing that all others believe

ibibious: ["I b(elieve) I b(elieve) i(t.)” acronym acronym acronym] believing that you believe

ibidbious: ["I b(elieve) I d(on't) b(elieve) i(t)." acronym] believing that you do not believe

ibidious: ["I b(elieve) I d(isbelieve) i(t.)” acronym acronym acronym] believing that you disbelieve

ibious: ["I b(elieve) i(t!)" acronym] believing, especially enthusiastically

ibohphobia: [beheaded aibohphobia] fear of alindromes

ibubious: ["I b(elieve yo)u b(elieve) i(t.)” acronym acronym acronym]

ibudbious: ["I b(elieve yo)u d(on't) b(elieve) i(t.)” acronym acronym acronym]

idbabious: ["I d(on't) b(elieve) a(nyone) b(elieves) i(t.)” acronym acronym acronym] disbelieving that other believe

idbebious: ["I d(on't) b(elieve) e(veryone) b(elieves) i(t.)” acronym acronym acronym] disbelieving all others believe

idbibious: ["I d(on't) b(elieve) I b(elieve) i(t.)” acronym acronym acronym] disbelieving that you believe

idbubious: ["I d(on't) b(elieve yo)u b(elieve) i(t.)” acronym acronym angram] disbelieving another believes

idgi: [acronym] Huh?

idnea: [In dubiis non est agendum. acronym] When in doubt, don't.

iede: [Interfice errorem, diligere errantum. acronym] Hate the sin, love the sinner.

ieqha: Ita erat quando hic adventi. acronym] It was that way when I got here.

ifbe: Ira furor brevis est. acronym] Anger's a brief insanity.

ihhp: [phhi ananym] ciscendental enverted from phhi, i. e., ...001,643,338

ihp: [phi ananym] ciscendental enverted from phi, i. e., ...889,330,816.1

ijrikilijri: [ABCD:IJKL::abracadabra:?] nonsense word like abracadabra or efregehefre

ilne: [ignorantia legis nom excusat] ignorance of he law is no excuse

imti: In medio tutissimus ibis., "In the middle of things you will go most safe." acronym] moderation

inamania: [beheaded ainamania] mania for alindromes

inary: [2:binary::i:?] referring to number based on i, including the improper kinds with A = 10, B = 11, C = 12, etc. , Z = 35, j = 2i, k = 3i, etc. , z = 18i, etc., h = 26i, e. g., Joyce = 19(i) + 7i + 16i(-i) + 20i(-1) + 22i = (19 + 7 - 20 + 22)i -16 = 28i -16

inoe: [Impossibilium nulla obligatio est. acronym] You don't have to do the impossible.

inuidlioc: [in necessariis unitas, in dubis libertas, in omnibus caritas] in the necessary unity, in the doubtful liberty, in all charity

insec: [pun on "insect", AU:parsec::inch:?] 3.255442 mi = 5.239127 km

iottco: [acronym] intuitively obvious to the casual observer

ip: [pi ananym] ciscendental enverted from pi, i. e., etc. ...356295141.3

ispe: [ipsa scientia potestas est] knowledge is power

issippus: [backformed from Mississippi, pl. issipi] backword from word beginning with mis- pronounced mis-, see ourus --

iversal: [universal backformation] referring to outside the universe

iykwim: [acronym] if you know what I mean

jhonestun: [honest injun wordle] extremely honest

jic: [acronym] just in case

joac: [justitia omni auro carior acronym] justice is more precious than gold

jootsy: [“jumping out of the system” acronym + -y, Dzu Tse] referring to mathematics which can switch from Roman numerals to words to numbers at any time or literature in which a character can switch to the writer or reviewer (Van Veen in Ada or John Ray in foreword of Lolita both by Vladimir Nabokov)

kazillion: [Mayan ka- (20) + zillion] g(20, 3z + 3, 10)

knighted word: Sir/ser-, sir-, sur- pun, Sir Loin, Sir Pentine, Sir Prize

latinym: [Latin + -nym and la + ti + -nym] word formed from another by substituting so-fa syllables for alphabetical notes, i. e., a = la, b = ti, c = do, d = re, e = mi, f = fa, g = so -- favor = flavor, grabs = gratis, mad = mare, see pianonym

lif: [lupus in fabula] the someone just talked about

limatherick: mathematical limerick --

(12 + 144 + 20 + 3(4))/7 + 5(11) = 92 + 02

[“A dozen, a gross and a score Plus three times the square root of four Divided by seven Plus five times eleven Is nine squared and not a bit more.”]

limatherick chain: [math + limerick chain]

y =2tan(π) + (4/6 + 1/3)(2(2z)/4 + e2πi; 2!z = (2(20) - 20)(3,000,0002)/(9x1012) + 3431/3

["The unknown quantity, y, Equals twice the tangent of pi Plus four-sixths and a third Times twice two z quartered Plus e raised to double pi i, Where two factorial z Equals two score less twenty Times the square of three million Divided by nine trillion Plus the cube root of three forty-three.", so z = 10 and y = 11]

lindrome: [beheaded alindrome] near-palindrome that lacks first two letters

looping: anagram formed by moving the final letter to the initial position, e. g., ploo

loopun: [unloop enloopu] form (312, 3412, 34512, etc.) anagrams by moving initial letters 2 times to tail

lusionist: [illusionist backformation] user of artistic techniques to create a state of true perception of actual nature, to lead aright, to cause to accept as true or valid what is true or valid

mammothicle: [mammoth + icicle portmanteau] frozen mammoth, used as evidence for catastrophism

mandogger: [dog in manger wordle]

memnonyms: [Agamemnonym frag + -nym] n-letter word containing two palindromic trigrams or corresponding (n - 2)-letter word without them

metalalge: [metallage metallage] metallage with sixth and seventh letters exchanged

metallaeg: [metallage metallage] metallage with eighth and nineth letters exchanged

metlalage: [metallage metallage] metallage with fourth and fifth letters exchanged

metallgae: [metallage metallage] metallage with seventh and eighth letters exchanged

microkan: [milli-:micro-::millikan:?] probability = 0.0001%

millillion: [centi-:milli-::centillion:?] 10^3,003

millneckstone: [millstone around neck wordle] execution

Mnax: [Manx aangram] without tail and with first and second line exchanged

Mo: [Manx Moo] quintuply curtailed

modownuth: [down in mouth wordle] not well

mofootuth: [foot in mouth wordle] unretractable faux pa

Moo: [Moorean Moorean] quadruply curtailed

Moor: [Manx Moore] triply curtailed

Moorean: [Moore + -an] Manx Manx, like Moore's limericks, doubly line-curtailed

morsynonyms: [Morse + synonym] words that translate into the same Morse code dot-dash sequence, dash-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash = do = neo = team

mrevest: [Magna res est vocis est silentii temperamentum. acronym] The great thing is to know when to speak and when to keep quiet.

munonum: [mynonym + -num(ber)] palindromic number

munoonum: palinddromic,double-yolked palindromic number

mynonym: [Mynos + -nym] palindromic portmanteau made by combining a prefix or suffix and its ananym

naagram: [anagram metallage] anagram with first and second letters exchanged

naav: [Natura abhorret a vacuo acronym] Nature abhors a vacuum.

nade: one of the words making up an alternade, binade, trinade, quaternade, quinade, e. g., "shoe" or "cold" in "schooled", see frag

nagram: [beheaded anagram] transdeletion with a letter deleted and rest transposed, see andagram

nan: [nunt aut numquam acronym] now or never

nany: [beheaded and curtailed ananym] describing transdeletion in which word is terminally deleted and reversed -- rebirth = tribe

nanym: beheaded ananym -- stinky = knits

neid: [Nullus est instar domus.] There's no place like home.

nedid: [Noli equi dentes inspicere donati.] Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

nefriended: [friend in need wordle] helpmate

neltmunapp: [Nullus est liber tam malus ut non aliqua parte prosit.] No book's so bad that it's not profitable on some part.

neontology: [paleontology antonym] study of young-earth fossils

nepainck: [pain in neck wordle] nuisance

Nepalese: describing poem variation with last 5 lines missing as in limerick described by: “There once was a man from Nepal Whose limericks had no lines at all. Since no space they took, He published a book With an infinite number in all.”

nir: [Nihil ad res.] Nothing to do with the point

ninety-nines = 9[10^90/9]

nixonym: [Nixon + -nym] word, like NIXON, with only upside-down letters, i. e., H, I, N, O, S, X, Z -- hi, his, hiss, I, in, inn, is, no, on, Oz, shin, sis, six, son, zoo

nonyms: [Agamemnonnym frag] n-letter word containing one palindromic trigram or corresponding (n - 1)-letter word without it -- fife, fie

nopo: [Non omnia possumus omnes] Not all of us're able to do all things; we can't all do everything.

noqnae: [Non omne quod nitet aurum est.] Not all that glitters is gold

nugon: [nu + -gon] polygon formed from N-like triple line segments

nurae: [Non uno die Roma aedificata est.] Rome wasn't built in a day.

nushellt: [in nut shell wordle] summarized

oel: [ora et labora] work and pray

oholene: [hole in one wordle] rare accomplishment

ointflyment: [fly in ointment wordle] one flaw that spoils whole

Omish: [Percy Mo + -ish] quintuply curtailed and reversed

ommp: [Omnia mea mecum porto. acronym] All that's mine I carry.

omnivia: [3:all:trivia:?] connection between everything

omonym: [beheaded homonym] word that becomes its own homonym when an initial letter is added -- cent, hole, isle, lama, nap, nave, need, new, nickers, night, nit, Nome, not, our, salter, rap, rest, retch, right, rite, rote, see shomonym

oneare: [in one ear wordle] unlisteningly

onna: [acronym] oh no! not again!

oogol: [10^100:googol::10^00:?, beheaded googol] name for the angelic number, one followed by an infinite number of zeroes

Oomish: [Percy Moo + -ish] quadruply curtailed then reversed

oopunling: [enloopuing:loopuning::loopuning:?] forming (51234, 561234, 5671234, . ..) anagrams by moving 4 times the initial letters to tail

oopling: [ploo:oplo::oplo:?] forming (23451, 345612, 4567123, etc.) anagrams by 4 times moving the final letter to the initial position

Oor: [Percy Roo] triply curtailed, reversed, curtailed again, then reversed again

oploing: [loop:ploo::ploo:?] forming (2341, 34512, 456123, .. .) anagrams by 3 times moving the final letter to the initial position

opunlo: [loopun:oopunl::oopunl:?] form (612345, 6712345, 67812345, etc.) anagrams by moving initial letters 5 times to tail

oproqoropro: [ABCD:OPQR::abracadabra:?] nonsense word like abracadabra

oqeiri: [O quantum est in rebus inane! acronym] O, how much futility in the world!

Or: [Percy Ro] triply curtailed, reversed, doubly curtailed and then reversed again

ord: beheaded word

Ore: [Percy Ero] doubly curtailed and reversed, then double curtailed and reversed again

oss: [O sancta simplicitas! acronym] Oh, holy simplicity!

otom: [O tempera, o mores! acronym] grief over declining morals

otoh: [acronym] on the other hand

ouijanym: word like ouija divisible into bilingual homonyms -- Andy, demisemi, fisnoga, heel, lathe, mime, oro, pillicock, reindeer, toad, yet

ouroboronym: [ouroboros + -nym] word with identical ends -- Church, claustrophobic, deride, edified, edited, educated, enliven, entertainment, enticement, entrancement, escapes, esquires, estates, fireproof, gerrymandering, growing, halleluiah, headache, illuminati, ingesting, ingrowing, insulin, knapsack, logical, memorandum, orator, photograph, restores, sense, shellfish, teammate, temperate, terminate, that, verve, yesterday

ourus: [backformed from missouri, pl. ouri] backword from word beginning with mis- pronounced ms- [miz-], see issippus

ovaenca: [omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori] love conquers all, let us yield to Love

ownstewjuice: [stew in own juice wordle] reap the rotten fruits of one's deeds

pale-eontology: [pale + paleontology] study of fossils recognizing how woefully meager they are

paleologism: [neologism antonym] once but no longer used word -- afterclap, agruw, badand, beek, bellibone, blench, bletched, brinch, brool, brownswine, calenture, chank, chantpleure, codswallop, crizzles, croodle, dilling, eigne, excarnify, felth, fleerer, flosh, foolosopher, fribble, gleekmen, glop, glox, graking, grubble, gumble, gwenders, hotch, hurkle, inkhornish, inkshed, lib, lubberwort, misenglish, mocteroof, mung, murlimews, muskin, nesh, noonscape, nuddle, nurt, paskudnak, pingle, prangle, quatch, quetch, raff, ravary, sciologist, scork, seelihead, shandygaff, singing-bread, slurg, snirp, snirtle, snool, solonist, spuddle, squiddle, stoo, thrid, tifle, tsitser, trombenik, twissle, twychild, ug, unsnod, uzzle, vult, whitch, wowf, wrox, wurp, yack, yex

Panamaramic: refering to tha many variations of Leigh Mercer's Panama palindrome -- A lab, a crab, a bar: cabala. A man, a petal, a parade, cedar, a palate: Panama., A man, a post, a fare, salad, a laser, a fatso: Panama.

pantonym: palindromic antonym, like eye

pandagram: palindromic andagram

pantitular: [all-title] nothing but the title repeated over and over -- Ron Padgett's “Nothing in That Drawer”

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

Nothing in that drawer.

pantsants: [ants in pants wordle] fidgety

papallege:[pataphysics::patallege::papaphysics:?] anagram with four-letter exchnge

papaphysics: [metaphysics:pataphysics::pataphysics:?] science of the unobservable, unthinkable, unimaginable, beyond physics, metaphysics, pataphysics, theology, e. g., God the Father (Papa)

paradoxy: [paradox + orthodoxy] belief system based upon paradoxes

patallege: [metaphysics:pataphysics::metallege:?] anagram with three-letter exchange

Pe: [Moor Percy] reversed and then triply curtailed

pebtib: [prejor est bello timor ipse belli] worse than war is the fear of war

Per: [Moorean Percy] reversed and then doubly curtailed

Perc: [Manx Percy] reversed and then curtailed

Percyan: [Persy + -an] line-ananym, as in J. A. Lindon's limerick: "That things were not worse was a mercy! You read bottom line first Since he wrote all reversed. He did every job arsy-versy. A very odd poet was Percy!"

perverb: portmanteau of two proverbs, as in "All roads ... gather no moss."

petede: [primum ego, tum ego, deinde ego] first I, then I, thereafter I

pfalindrome: word that would be a palindrome if not for the second letter -- blob

pfapostronym: apostronym that would have also been a palindrome but for its second letter -- id, shes

phalindrome: [phonetic palindrome] word pronounced the same backward as forward -- babe, known, mime, rare

phananyms: [phonetic ananym] words that are ananyms phonetically, though not literally -- fleshpot = top-shelf, nowhere = Erewhon (Samuel Butler), oat = toe, scoops = spooks, proto-Tibetan (Smynanaph)

phapostronym: apostronym that would have also been a palindrome but for its second letter, id, shes

phemisms: [euphemism backformation] either "good" euphemisms or "bad" dysphemisms

pheph: [post hoc ergo propter hoc] after this therefore because of this

pheresis: [beheaded apheresis] bigrammic beheadment

phhi: [pi:phi::phi:?]  ϕ2π = 0.833346100...

phie: phi's and e's digits alternating, 1.267118802383198...

phinary: [2:phi::binary:?] referring to ambiguous number system based on phi, ϕ, the golden ratio

phi-osophy: [phi + philosophy portmanteau] the study of the beauty and truth in the golden ratio, ϕ

phalindrome: [phonetic palindrome] word that sounds the same backward and forward, babe, known

pheph: [Post hoc ergo propter hoc. acronym] After this, therefore because of this fall acy

pho: [fi:fie:fo::phi:phie:?] phie2/ϕ = 0.99230922...

pholynyms: [polynyms + h] words except for an extra second letter are like ones with two or more of the characteristics of allonym, ambinym, ananym, anatonym, antonym, apostronym, aptronym, arithmonym, boustrophenym, capitonym, consonym, contronym, domunym, exonym, euonym, feminyms, grammanym, heteronym, homonym, iatronym, liponym, malonym, meronym, morsonym, ouijanym, pianonym, retronym, roonym, synonym, tautonym, telephonym, toonym

phomeal: looped homealp, alphabetical anagram with last five letters moved to head

phum: [fi:fie:fo:fum::phi:phie:pho:?] pho2/phie = phie3/phi = 1.2573368...

pianc: [Pecuniain arbotis non crescit.] Money doesn't grow on trees.

pianonym: word limited to piano key letters, A, B, C, D, E, F or G -- age, bag, beg, dad, gab, gag, acceeded, baggage, cabbage, defaced, effaced

pianonum: number in hexadecimal limited to piano key letters, A, B, C, D, E, F or G

pie: pi's and e's digits alternating, 3.271148125891...

piep: [Purgamentun init, exit purgamentum] Garbage in, garbage out

pilck: [in a pick L wordle] in a bad situation

pit: [pacem in Terra] peace on Earth

plipogram: [palindronic lipogram portmanteau] passage both lipogrammic and palindromic

plaemoh: [homealp ananym] zeewyexical anagram with first four letters moved to tail

plooing: [looped "loop"] anagram formed by moving the final letter to the initial position

poar: [Paupertas omnium artium repertrix.] Poverty [is the] inventor of all the arts; necessity is the mother of invention.

polynyms: words with two or more of the characteristics of allonym, ambinym, ananym, anatonym, antonym, apostronym, aptronym, arithmonym, boustrophenym, capitonym, consonym, contronym, domunym, exonym, euonym, feminyms, grammanym, heteronym, hiddenym, homonym, iatronym, liponym, malonym, meronym, morsonym, mynynym, omonym, ouijanym, pianonym, retronym, roonym, synonym, tautonym, telephonym, toonym

polysingular: refers to words with same plural but different singular forms -- axes (ax, axis), bases (base, basis)

polythink: [2:n::doublethink:?] to hold many thoughts, particularly contradictory ones, simultaneously

poolnu: [unloop ananym] word unlooped and then reversed -- flatcar = fractal

popigke: [pig in poke wordle] purchase made aziz with minimal information

postronym: [apostronym backformation] word which becomes another word with apostrophe addition, cant, ill, hell, shell, well

postsemi: [Dmitri Bergmann's last-half word] word with only letters between n and z -- nonsupport, not, or, poppy, two, zoo

presemi: [Dmitri Bergmann's first-half of alphabet) word] word with only letters between before n -- fiddle-faddle, half, like

procundrum: [conundrum antinym] punning question that goes with straight-sounding answer, ala Carnac the Magnificent

psa: [puri sermonis amator] lover of pure speech

psem: [Proximus sum egomet mihi. acronym] I am closest to myself

pshiftgrams: words that are both palindromes and shiftgrams, eye/gag, dud/ere

punloo: [oopunl:opunlo::opunlo:?] form (7123456, 78123456, 789123456, etc.) anagrams by moving 6 times initial letters to tail

qaca: [Quique amavit, cras amet.] May he love tomorrow who's never loved before.

qah: [quo ad hoc] as much as this

qam: [Quid agis, medice?] What's up, Doc?
qapaerf: [Quidquid agis, prudenter agas et respice finem!] Whatever you do, do cautiously, and look to the end.

qed: [quod erat demonstratrandum acronym] that which was to be demonstrated

qic: [Quod incepimus conficiemus.] What we've begun we'll finish.

quartersibling: half-sibling's half-sibling

raa: [reductio ad absurdum] reduction to the absurd, proving the truth of a proposition by proving the falsity of all its alternatives

raios: [Risus abundat in ore stultorum. acronym] Laughs are abundant in the mouth of the foolish.

ralflagly: [rally around flag wordle] behave patriotically

ralucric:[circular ananym] describing words that are readable clockwise and counterclockwise when written circularly

ransposition; [beheaded transposition] transformation of word by combined transposition and deletion -- sonnet = notes + n = steno + n = stone + n = tones + n = nonet + s = tonne + s = nones + t, see aagram, angram, nagram,

ransposition string: string formed by ransposing -- sonnetonestenonestone = sonnet + tones + steno + nones + stone

Re: [Percy Er] doubly curtailed, reversed, then triply curtailed and reversed again

reen: [blue:bleen::red:?]

Rep: [Percy Per] reversed, doubly curtailed and then reversed again

rhating: [hat in ring wordle] made bid for political office

rodiamondugh: [diamond in rough wordle] unfinished masterpiece

Ro: [Manx Roo] triply curtailed, reversed, then doubly curtailed

romantic chain: chain of romantic number name, embedded Roman numeral, Roman numeral's number name, etc. -- seventy-eight, vi, six, ix, nine, i, one

romantic ring: romantic chain that links back to original number -- [Fren.] cent = c, [Germ.] eins = i; fünfhundert = d, [Ital.] cientouno = ci, [Span.] cento = c

romanym: [Roman + -nym] word with only Roman numeral letters, c, d, i, l, m, v, x -- did, mild, minim, mix,

romec: [Radix omnium malorum est cupiditas.] Love of money's the root of all evil.

Romwhene: [when in Rome wordle] call to conformity

Roo: [Manx Room] triply curtailed, reversed then curtailed again

Room: [Percy Moor] triply curtailed and then reversed

roonym: [kangaroo word] word with another word hidden inside

rubugg: [bug in rug wordle] comfortable

RUMT: [grammanym] Are you empty?

sameallboat: [all in same boat wordle] together in a predicament

sasne: [Sine ars scienta nihil est. acronym] Without art science is nothing.

sbuttky: [buttinsky wordle] kibitzer

schmalindrome: word(s) that would be palindromic if not for the first four letters

schmanagram: word resulting from transaddition, adding four letters to and rearranging letters of original word

schpalindrome: word that would be a palindrome if initial three letters were deleted

sea: [Scribere est agre.] To write is to act.

secondary: [elementary antonym] word with non-element letters -- A, D, E, G, J, L, M, Q, R, T, X, Z -- aggregate, amalgamate, axe, dead, deeded, degree, delete, delegate, elated, exaggerate, extralegal, extreme, grade, greater, greed, jade, later, mate, Qatar, regret, trader, zeal

sep: [Sapientia est potentia. acronym] Knowledge is power.

sesquation: [4:3/2::tetration:?] intermediate operation between addition and multiplication

shalindrome: word(s) that would be palindromic if not for the first two letters

shanagram: word resulting from transaddition, adding two letters to and rearranging letters of original word

shmalindrome: word(s) that would be palindromic if not for the first three letters

shmanagram: word resulting from transaddition, adding three letters to and rearranging letters of original word

shpalindrome: word that would be a palindrome if initial two letters were deleted

shetaordlu: [etaoin shrdlu wordle] more pronounceable version of 12 commonest letters

shkickins: [kick in shins wordle] painful, though minor, wounding

shomonym: word which becomes its own homonym when beheaded -- aisle, Gnome, llama, knap, knave, kneed, knew, knickers, knight, knit, knot, hour, psalter, scent, whole, wrap, wrest, wretch, wright, write, wrote

sien: [Stultorum infinitus est numerus.] Infinite is the number of fools.

sigmagon: [sigma + -gon] stellated polygon formed from sigma-like quintuple line segments

sisi: [Summum ius summa inuria. acronym] The more law [there is] the less justice.

sithornde: [thorn in side wordle] seemingly incurable pain

sol: [Sol omnibus lucet.] The sun shines upon us all.

spalindrome: word that would be a palindrome if initial letter were deleted, aka fore-anchored palindrome

spiky: [pi in sky wordle] mathematical eucatastrophe

spolynyms: words except for an extra initial letter like ones with two or more of the characteristics of aannym, allonym, ambinym, ananym, anatonym, antonym, apostronym, aptronym, arithmonym, boustrophenym, capitonym, consonym, contronym, domunym, exonym, euonym, feminyms, grammanym, heteronym, homonym, iatronym, liponym, malonym, meronym, morsonym, naanym, ouijanym, pianonym, retronym, roonym, synonym, tautonym, telephonym, toonym

sponsible: [Lat. spons- ] having the ability to sponse or espouse

spooniferism: [spoonerism + kniferism portmanteau] switching of both initial consonant and vowel clusters

sporkniferism: [sporkism + knifism portmanteau] switching of clustered final and initial consonants and vowel clusters

sprhyme: [spelling rhyme portmanteau] rhyme made by spelling out word rather than pronouncing it -- "Mary had a c-a-t with fur r-e-d and everywhere that Mary'd go the cat would t-o-o."

sta: [Subucula tua apparet. "Your slip is showing.] You're exposing a flaw.

stanyportorm: [any port in storm wordle] less than ideal refuge

suplacen: [place in sun wordle] pleasant location

surregular: overly irregular conjugations -- bathtubim (bathtub), beeth (booth), beleption (believe), bote (bite), chost (choose), cose (cat), dra (drum), flang (fling), foxen (fox), greption (grieve), hice (house), loke (leak), lood (land), lynges (lynx), meese (moose), mid (moo), photographim (photograph), plew (play), praught (preach), smold (smell), son (sin), tew (tie)

susu: [Semper ubi sub ubi.] Always where under where. (Always wear underwear everywhere.)

svaa: [Si vis amaria, ama] If you wish to be loved, love.

tall division: [antonym of antonym of long division] hypermathematical division of numeral, not number, vertically or horizontally, as in 18 transformed into 10, see Jootsy Calculus

tallying: operation which lists number of times a digit is used as in autobiographical or biographical numbers or DENEAT

tapallage: [patallage patallage] patallage with first and third letters exchanged

teau: word fragment used to form portmanteau

teauport: [teauportman backformation] form a portmanteau by linking two words anagrammarly by moving a word fragment to the end of a word

teauportman: [portmanteau syllable anagram] one who teauports

technillogical: [illogical + technological] having to do with illogical technology like the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, environmentally destructive

telananyms: [Dave Morice's telephone reversal] words with reversed telephone number equivalents -- films (34567) and solid (76543)

telephonyms: [Dmitri Borgmann's telephone word] word with only traditional telephone letters, that is, without q or z

telesynonyms: [telephone synonym] words with same telephone number equivatents -- 228 = Abu, act, bat, cat

telligence: [intelligence backformation] inability to learn

teotwawki: [acronym] the end of the world as we know it

terbangro: [interrobang wordle] combination interrogatory and exclamation mark

tetempestapot: [tempest in teapot wordle]

threnodials: words using only eleven most frequent letters (those in threnodials), one, but not two, four, five, six, seven, eight, eleven

thehangre: [hang in there wordle] encouraging word to persevere

thrun: [Joseph Bowden] 13 (base 10) in base 16

timstitche: [stitch in time wordle] apropos correction

toonym: two-tailed homonym like too, or add, bee, belle, block, borne, butt, bye, canvass, caste, damn, flue, fore, inn, lamb, lapse, ore, please, sow, wee

TQ: [telligence quotient, IQ backformation] measure of inability to learn

tri-inary: refering to a number system based on 3i

trinade: [2:3::binade:?] word divisible into three smaller words, together = to, get, her

tulp: [Transit umbra, lux permanet. acronym] The shadow passes, the light remains (on the sun dial.)

ubious: ["(Yo)u b(elieve) i(t!)" acronym] disbelieving that another believes

ubebious: ["(Yo)u b(elieve) e(veryone) b(elieves) i(t)." acronym] not believing that another believes that all others believe

ubibious: ["(Yo)u b(elieve) I b(elieve) i(t!)" acronym] not believing that another believes that you believe

ubidbious: {"(Yo)u b(elieve) I d(on't) b(elieve) i(t!)" acronym] not believing that another believes that you do not believe

ubidious: ["(Yo)u b(elieve) I d(isbelieve) i(t!)" acronym] not believing that another believes that you disbelieve

ubious: ["(Yo)u b(elieve) i(t!)" acronym] not believing that another believes

ububious: ["(Yo)u b(elieve yo)u b(elieve) i(!)" acronym] not believing that another believes that they believe

ubudbious: {"(Yo)u b(elieve yo)u d(on't) b(elieve) i(!)" acronym] not believing that another believes that they do not believe

ubudious: {"(Yo)u b(elieve yo)u d(isbelieve) i(!)"] not believing that another believes that they disbelieve

udabious: ["(Yo)u d(isbelieve) a(nyone) b(elieves) i(t!)" acronym] not believing that other disbelieves that any disbelieve

udbabious: ["(Yo)u d(isbelieve) a(nyone) b(elieves) i(t!)"] not believing that another disbelieves that any others believe

udbebious: ["(Yo)u d(on't) b(elieve) e(veryone) b(elieves) i(t!)" acronym] not believing that another does not believe that all others do believe

udbibious: ["(Yo)u d(on't) b(elieve) I b(elieve) i(t.)” acronym acronym acronym] not believing that another does not believe that you do believe

udbubious: ["(Yo)u d(on't) b(elieve yo)u b(elieve) i(t!)" acronym] not believing another does not believe that they believe

udebious: ["(Yo)u d(on't) b(elieve) e(veryone) b(elieves) i(t!)" acronym] not believing that another does not believe that all others do believe

udibious: ["(Yo)u d(on't) b(elieve) I b(elieve) i(t.)” acronym acronym acronym] not believing that another does not believe that you do believe

udubious: ["(Yo)u d(on't) b(elieve yo)u b(elieve) i(t!)" acronym] not believing another does not believe that they believe

uf: [uberrimae fidei] of utmost good faith

uheible: Ubicumque homo est, ibi benefici locus est - Wherever there is a man, there is a place of/for kindness/service

uheiblity: ability to be kind or serve

ufii: [Ubi fumus ibi ignis. acronym] Where there's smoke there's fire.

umeo: [Usus magister est optimus. acronym] Practice makes perfect.

umia [Ubi mel ibi apes. acronym] Where there's honey, there's bees (and/or apes); if you want support, you must offer something in return.

UMO: unaccountably moving objects acronym, like moving statues, walking trees, productive bureaucrats

upno: [Ultra posse nemo obligatur. acronym] Beyond one's ability nobody's bound., see inoe

Unian: [beheaded Dunian] with first first and last four lines unwritten]

urtailment: [Dmitri Borgmann's terminal deletion, beheaded curtailment] removal of both ends of a word -- heart = ear, magenta = agent, revolver = evolve

urunimi: ["you are you and I am I" pseudo-acronym] principle of undependance which appreciated la difference between people, especially between I AM (God) and everyone else

usece: [Ubi Spiritus est cantus est. acronym] Where there's the Spirit there's song
usfim: [Ut sementem feceris, ita metes. acronym] As you sow, so shall you reap; what goes around, comes around.

uvruwuxuvru: [ABCD:UVWX::abracadabra:?] nonsesnse word like abracadabra

Verdunian: truncated poem with with all but first line unwritten, but implied, as in limerick: "There once was a man of Verdun (Whose limericks ended at line one. He'd only begun To rhyme something with -un, When his limericking was done.)

vov: [Vincit omnia veritas. acronym] Truth conquers all

Wendhamian: [from J. A. Lindon's Wendham poet's limerick] with final rhyme unwritten, but implied

wordling: transformation of word into letter sequence rebus by transdeletion in which frags are taken literally -- inches = in c, h es = cesh

wordling, nested: wordling with multiple transformations -- atgastrostl (gastrointestinal), ecdisld (disinclined), eepephrs (epinephrines), egard (ingrained), eocrls (crinolines), etmaad (maintained), etstes (intestines), gdrekls (reinklings), gdwowdresss (windowdressings), gnwgds (wingdings), gksprls (sprinklings), gktwls (twinklings), oeantutrs (antineutrinos), tfskls (skinflints), tgfer-pas (finger-paintings), tgferprs (fingerprints), tppos (pinpoints)

words square: [word:words::word square:?] n-square words arranged in square -- if magic -- to form sentence(s) --

















wud: [acronym] What's up, doc?

wunty: [Joseph Bowden] 16 (base 10) in base 16

WYDSIWYG: [“what you don't see is what you get” acronym] principle that faith concerns things unseen

xonym: [Dave Morice's tic-tac-toe word] 3-or-less-letter word with only x or o, as used in tic-tac-toe -- o, oo, ooo, ox, oxo, oxx, x, xo, xoo, xox, xx, xxx

ygology: study of palindromes

YRUMT: [gammaym] "Why are you empty?

zoonym: [aka animalgram] zoological ananym -- act (cat), alpines (spaniel), arm (ram), bare (bear), cabaret (bearcat), Californian (African lion), canter (tanrec), chained (echidna), clot (colt), corona (raccoon), crumble (clumber), emanate (manatee), ester (steer), evict (civet), flow (fowl), God (dog), gun (gnu), holed (dhole), kay (yak), leaning (eanling), lee (eel), lesions (lioness), loin (lion),love (vole), orchestra (cart horse), orange (onager), outhears (house rat), paroled (leopard), pausation (sapi outan), pelter (petrel), piratess (tarsipes), protein (pointer), rath (hart, tahr, thar), ream (mare), reed (deer), retirer (terrier), salver (serval), senators (starnose), shore (horse), someday (samoyed), tab (bat), toga (goat), trailing (ringtail), wallows (swallow), wee (ewe)

zygophrenia: personality disorder, opposite to schizophrenia, as in the case of the Chaplin twins of York, Eng., described by Dr. David Westbury as one person in two bodies, evidenced to a lesser degree in the telepathy-like twin effect

zyxical: [Z, Y, X] referring to reversed alphabet, as in words -- spiffed, spoofed, spooked, spoon-feed