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  only 200,000 millicents per 3 issues     Published irregularly since Undecember 1658 AC
 "All things are possible ..." (Mt 19:26)
  This may be an overdose of tabloid news for some, but the true Fortean excludes nothing. After gleaning through 4 months of World Wide News we found a spread on alien sex refering to  the article in Fortean Times. Mpossibilities scooped them both in our March issue! (But then alien sex isn't really new, is it?)
  Other stories on aliens have been:
  Dr. Vittorio Pacedini, Rome, found 130 babies due next year with nonmammalian DNA, that Fr. Paulo Gargino calls not children of Adam (the products of alien
  Daniel Robert Siedelmann, author of The Theory of Elementary Patterns, predicts
neutrino pulse Jan. 2000 energizing bottomless Pacific pit, and claims crop circles are the aliens' request for titanium and carbon 12, while Dr. Gary Winderham claims a 150-mhz message from Sirius B at 2 am Feb. 11, 1997 has been decoded
after 2 years, but he didn't say what it said. Both stories seem to be unrelated to the one forecasting the largest solar activity peak since 1755 also in Jan. 2000.
  Us First president Peter Tikers expects mass landing of the aliens called The Masters on Jan. 6, 2000.
  Nevertheless Dr. Parker Creaston in The Apocalypse: Why Worry? calls it "yet another Mideast war, just a bigger one than usual", and pooh-poohs the Y2K hysteria. "Certainly there will be some disruptions -- annoying traffic jams, shortages of some food items in the supermarket and other inconveniences -- but nothing to panic about." We agree with "Don't Panic", but note that the 144,000 he refers to are not from the whole world's population, but virgin males in Jerusalem (a much more select group!) and they aren't said to disappear but teach Jews about the Messiah, and the wonder drugs that he expects to continue to cure on "leprosy,
smallpox, or other diseases" already don't, Still, as he says, "Let's focus on the good news, Jesus Christ is coming back to Earth."
  Universe letterwriter Dr. Tomislav Zivkovic identifies the object seen in space photos from last summer as an dead alien spaceman and promised more info by late May. "The New Immigrants" in the film written and directed by Lex Parnish are played by shapeshifting alien actors, who drink kerosene and latex paint and eat adobe bricks and lead pipe. This too was said to be released in May. Has anyone heard any more about either of these?
  An article by Mike Foster reports that Clinton fondled a "bulbous-headed", "red-faced" female alien during interplanetary negotiations -- a plausible story, if the alien were humanoid. Dr. Harold Masiton however says: "A cursory scan of planets ... reveals that not one of them has an environment capable of supporting anything
close to human life." Aliens would be "more like reptiles or insects than like humans."
  In a related article Mike Foster asks: "Is mysterious new solar system heaven?" The answers easy on this one: "No! There's only one solar system; it's a star system, he's refering to and one quite different from Sol's. The upsilon Andromedae
system's biozone, the distance from the star at which water would be liquid, would be at 1.5 A.U. vs. the Solar system's 1 A. U. because its star's an hotter F7 not a G2 type star. Its three planets so far "discovered" are at: .058, .81 and 2.3 A. U., all
far from that Earth-like 1.5 A.U. distance. Their respective energy levels would be: 60,000%, 300% and 38%, corresponding (we calculate) to temperatures of
1800 degrees C, 270 degrees C and -260 degrees C. Their masses and periods are also very earthly (and unheavenly) -- 24,000%, 64,000%, 127,000% and 0.013, 640, 1270 years. Spirits might live there, but even reptilians and insectoids would
be unlikely.

  Demons too were a frequent topic of articles, some equating them with the aliens. In his pamphlet Pius Godwin writes that the Nephilims [sic, Nephilim's already a plural; the singular's Nephil] built the civilization of Atlantis (now Bermuda triangle). The Nephil-like "Cardiff giant was not a human, new DNA test shows" according to an article by Mike Foster. Although Dr. Othniel C. Marsh long ago called it a "complete fake", Dr. Tienkersley now claims it was: "once living
tissue", and that the "blood is same rare type recovered previously from only one other source -- the Holy Shroud of Turin" and yet also -- like Fr. Paulo's children not of Adam with inhuman DNA.
   From Oxford comes the statistic that 60% of mediums are fakes, and are 4% have been possessed by the spirits they summon. They didn't determine apparently how many are obsessed -- probably 36%
  The Fatima Prophesies by Thomas W. Petrisko refers to the Marian apparition in 1846 to Melanie Calvat and Maximin Giruad and the "Secret of La Salette". It
prophesied divisions in every church and family and loosed demons.
  Ex-Br. Antomio DeMarko, Rome, tells of the NDE (near death experience) he had in 1993 wherein he learned of an attempted rebellion against Satan by Asmodeus.
   Among other things Dr. Andrew
Scharzen in his book, 2000: The
Eve of Destruction, refers to
Mother Seton's predictions of a
stench from hell in D.C., battle
against demons in the Bermuda
Triangle, 144,000 vanishing  on
Easter, demons raping women in
New York on Halloween.
  The God Who Walk Among Us by
Thomas Horn and Donald C. Jones
claims that the Pagan gods are
demons, just as Paul of Tarsus
wrote: "Gentiles sacrifice to
demons and not to God." (1 Cor.
10:20) They associate "modern"
ideas with ancient "gods" --
abortions (Baal), alcoholism
(Dionysus), animal rights
extremism (Artemis), body
piercing (Eros), crystals
(Hecate), evolutionism (Amun-Ra),
feminism (Athena), holistic
medicine (Asclepius),
homosexuality (Artemis, Seth),
masturbation (Amun-Ra),
psychoanalysis (Dionysus),
transsexualism (Zeus), witchcraft
(Aphrodite, Hecate, Isis)

   The most significant news of
all, if confirmed, would be the
capture near Deer Lodge, Mont.,
last Mar. 27, by Dr. Leonard
Owens and three others, of a
7-foot, 560-pound Bigfoot now
said to be  held in Helena. A
documentary is promised by late
summer or early fall. (A
documentary like the so-called
"Alien Autopsy"?)
  There are many other creatures
within the pages of WWN besides
aliens, demons and bigfoots
   In "World's Largest Bug" by
Jason Moreland, the 3-foot long,
60-pound crickets called pukiloms
are described. They've been
studied by Luis Gulliam for 20
years. One's sold for $800.
$22,000 is said to have bought 8
and that were shipped to France.
More plausible (and implausibly
also more like "Them") is the
story that "giant" ants (3 times
normal) found at Alamogordo, NM.
  WWN's also reported that 30
long-toothed, blood-drinkers
still survive in Brazil, a
resistant type that can endure
sunlight for up to 3 hours, is
unaffected by sacred objects, and
can survive an unpoisoned stake
in the heart. [Look out, Buffy!]
But then if vampires are
demon-possessed corpses, and
merely blood-drinking perverts,
they're already dead; the stake's
just to pin them down.
  Stravros Vacoroiu, member of a
blood-drinking cult in Constanta,
Romania, was more easily stopped
with number 2 pencil through the
aorta by Nicholae Lanescu. The
400-member Daughters of Darkness,
Berlin, Germ., founded in 1814,
has changed their name to the
International Association of
Lesbian Vampires, for better PR
presumably. From Paris, France, a
10-year, $2,000,000 study found
no evidence vampires exist or
ever existed.
  "Werewolves Anonymous" by Kevin
Creed, tells about the
organization now with 257
members, that was started in
early 1993 for victims of OCL
(Organically Caused Lycanthropy)
or testosterone poisoning,
patients of Dr. Mason Grumler,
Baton Rouge, LA. Peter G. admits
to killing 27, but quit in 1994.
"I was suffering from a disease."
he says. Laura L. says she had a
"slip" and ripped 3 people's
throats out.
  In the very same issue was the
two articles reporting from
Berlin, Germany, [again] that a
6-year government-funded study
"found" werewolves have been
extinct at least since the 1800s
while from Krakow, Pol., the
Institute for the Study of
Lycanthropy reported clocking
werewolves at 60 mph. How does
one get some of that easy French
or German grant money?!
  Prof. Elliot Gordonson Jr.
warns of a increasing number of
"Born-again Satanists" practicing
human sacrifice. While Dr. James
Rauschlund, Sante Fe, NM,
forecasts  murder-suicide virus
and Middle Eastern nations
unleasing germ warfare.

  Not all the articles were so
morbid though, for example, "Face
of Christ Appears on Bottom of
Priest's Shoe!" by Tanya Broder,
tells of the shoe of Fr.
Alejandro Cesio, who had begun
doubting the Faith after teaching
at Holy Name Seminary, Salto,
Uruguay, in 1996, but says "My
faith is unshakable now."
Physical healings have also been
associated with his shoe (or is
it Fr. Alejandro's prayers?). In
Phenomena Dr. Khin Lwin reported
on Maung Htin, 7, of Punakha,
Bhutan, who heals by taking on
symptoms of healed. It reminds
one of "X-Files" or "Psi Factor",
doesn't it?
  "Mystery Tot Raised by Ants" by
Mike Foster tells of Pedro the
Ant Boy, who apparently survived
a plane crash in 1997, by being
fed by ants. Fr. Ramon Castillo
declares: "God in His infinite
mercy, used the smallest and most
lowly of His creatures to save
this innocent child from certain
death in the wilderness."
  A photo alledgedly of huge
protective hands around earth
taken by the Hubble Space
Telescope in Oct. 1998 had been
smuggled to Dr. Fred Maltinis by
Apr. 11. [This seems to us
possibly be an reasonable
description the
radiation-blocking Van Allen

  Then there are other articles
that are rather unclassifiable.
Robert Vandelain, noted for
recording plants, allegedly
extracted a conversation from
Khufu pyramid 2680 BC in
Hamito-Semitic last Dec. 29. The
article, "Astronauts brought
giant egg back from the moon --
in 1972" by Alex Morgan, reports
it was 2«x3 ft and weighed a few
pounds. Dr. Annabelle Crocker,
Perth, Australia, has proposed a
Bonking theory of dinosaur
extinction -- they smashed each
other's skulls in!
  "Mystery ice sculptures found
in Antarctica!" by Sandy
Arbogast, 60 to 150-foot lion and
cub iceberg seen since summer
1997, tracked in Feb. by Jarle
Pettersen, also flying fish,
  Doris Frusdale, 26, Brunswick,
Ga., is what can best be
described as a mermaid -- born
with polysyngamatosis -- dry,
thick, discolored, fused legs, a condition reportedly only found
once in 15,000,000. That'd be 700
"merfolk" worldwide.

      MYSTERIES   NEEDING        
   For the last 20 years at San
Bernardo, Columbia, graveyard's
bodies have mummified. Dr. Miguel
Antonio Alvarez says he's
"astounded and amazed".
  And the weirdest ---
  "Rebecca in Arizona" wrote in
to say her Barbies are alive!
They shrunk her Beatles poster!
And they watch the shopping
channel at night!

  Another publication that we've
been reading recently seems to
note mention, Match Wits with
Mensa: The Complete Quiz Book.
The authors are given as "Marvin
Grosswirth, Dr. Abbie F. Salny,
Alan Stillson, and the members of
American Mensa, Ltd." If, as they
write, "Analogies ... measures
your ability to see
relationships." They do, but the
book only gives one answer
misleadingly giving the
impression that it is the answer,
even though they do quote Mensan
E. W. Paulson: "I have a better
view or grasp of the concept when
I have tried several approaches."
We'd like to do that here.
Polythinking, you might call it,
unlimited doublethinking.
  By way of example, the first
warm-up analogy is:
"6 is related to 36 as 4 is
related to:
a) 8 b) 16 c) 24 d) 44 e) 34".
[We'll abbreviate that to:
6:36::4:?] They give b as "the"
answer, applying the relationship
6:36::n:n2 to 4 to get 42 = 16.
But the mystery to us is why
choose b when the relationships
for a, c, d and e are just as, or
nearly as, obvious? Why choose
6:36::n:n2 when 6:36::n:30+n (e)
or 6:36::n:6n (c) are both
simpler mathematics? So are
6:36::n:14n-48 (a) and
6:36::n:60-4n (d) for that
matter. It can't be the
simplicity of the expression
itself irrespective of the
mathematics either. 60-4n and
n+30 require 5 bits, n+30 and n2
4 bits and 6n just 3. By two
swipes of Occam's Razor "the"
answer is either c or e, but not
b. An even simpler answer not
listed would be the 2-bit
constant 36.
  Maybe a non-mathematical
analogy wouldn't be so ambiguous,
you think? The second one's:
"Stalactites are to stalagmites
as ceiling is to:
a) roof b) floor c) windows d)
cave. They give b from the
definitions, but someone (even
possibly a Mensan) ignorant of
the definitions might logically
choose c because of word length
or d because of initial letter or
alphabetical ordering. A
possibilities that immediately
come to mind that're not even
listed would be the letter
substitutions: geiling [c = g,
middle t = m], geilinc [c = g, g
= c, middle t = m], gmeiling [c =
gm, middle t eliminated].

  Another mind-expanding book,
Eating Problems for Breakfast by
Tim Hansel, not only gives
problems for solving (and a few
insoluable one) but all this to
"Gonzo Christianity: The Ultimate
Purpose of Problem Solving". The
term Gonzo Christianity, he
acknowledges, comes from an
analogy with Hunter Thompson's
Gonzo Journalism, the
participatory, risk-taking,
wholehearted kind.
  One inspiration while reading
the book was wordle (word
droodle) creation. See how many
you can puzzle out.

accordingHoyle, ace sleeve,
acting, age beauty,
agreedisagree, Alex R, akillt,
albanecktross, (all things)(all
men), anyeard year, APPLE,
armedteeth, arrest/you're,
armups, arshotm, axgrind, az, ba
ba, back(drawing board),
back(salt mines), back(square 1),
backwall, badworse,
balweighedance, ban ana,
bargained5, barktreee,
baseggsket, be it ... me, bare 4
work, beatpunch, bebushat,
beggeer, begdiffer, belbatsfry,
belt/hit, BEN, black blew,
black/coat, bloodwater,
blorunsod, blowsmithereens,
blueoncemoon, bodysoul,
bofeelnes, bonepick, bonnbet,
bornpurple, Bosbandton,
bradoubless, br name, br nu, bred
circus circus, BROTHER, brow,
buckdropet, buckleword, bull horn
horn, bunipped, busines, c red,
cafeatherp, calm storm,
cardevilnate, cat/(hot tin roof),
cawithhoots, ccc, chaeveryking,
chair, cheek jowl, CHEESE,
chetongueek, chilledbone,
chinabullshop, chip/shoulder,
Chiteana, ci2i, circtalkles,
cleverver, cloheaduds,
clolivever, closkeletonset,
coalsnewcastle, coloutd,
come/(like gangbusters),
comegrief, cradlegrave, crow gull
stone, cry/(slipped milk), cup
slip ... slip lip, cycle cycle,
d&der, dawned/me, day's all work,
deadrights, deem/rum, defingerx,
devil c deep blue, digiveran,
disblessingguise, doneturn,
don't/doit, don't/x10d, dothepe,
dressedkill, dressed999,
dshotark, dudownmps, ear ear wet,
ecnalg, egg/face, endend,
estim8awoman/never, every chicken
pot, everythingme, evil EVIL,
ez/iii, fairmiddling, fall4,
fall/(deaf ears), fall/(stony
ground), fall wayside, falu10,
(feet feet)/ground,
fericomplexority, fifatre,
filledbrim, fi2manyironsre, FOOT,
5, 4twinks, 4warned = 4armed,
4grabs, GALOOT, gasp, Gilbalmead,
gloh&ve, gnibbur, go off coc,
good4 0, gopot, gotown, go4it,
goats ... sheep, golw8d, gr&slam,
grafootve, gr&st play,
grasnakess, greekme, grindhalt,
gussied, Gwetrustod, h&ed,
h&/fist, h&mouth, h&writing/wall,
ha ir ha ir, haff «, hanbirdd =
bu2sh, hapennd, hat, haul/coals,
hayneedlestack, he ad ac he, he
art, head/heels, head/water,
headtoe, header header,
heartheart, heavensbetsy,
heaholed, heckpay,
heamarriagemadeven, herocksad,
hesnowballck, high/hog, hill
battle, hitnail/head, hoacele,
honestgoodness, horse, i4i, in
arms, in/head, injury + insult,
iwritei, jack, janumolassesary,
jinks, jhonestun, keep jones
jones, jump jump sheriff, kick
fuss, kick heels, kdi,
(knee)grasshopper, knuckle,
kriket, l&lubber, l/d/bridge, las
lack, ... long, late nevver, ...
laugh, laugh sleeve, lay law,
lay/mcduff, leg tail leg, le vel,
l eg, ... legs, li/'sshare,
liflynnle, live(1 + let), lo ose,
loall'sve wafairr,
lohead/heelsve, looked nose, (low
man)/(totem pole), mandogger,
man/board, me quit, men ... boys,
microscope telescope,
milchancelion, millneckstone,
mind/matter, modownuth,
mofootuth, moheartuth, (more
power)u, mouth laugh out of, much
0 ado, muck e muck, mustickd, my
own heart a person, nafish
nafish, needlesssay, nefriended =
defriended, nepainck, night fly,
9day1der, NONIA, noon, nosec,
nose/face, nosegrindstone,
not/(your life), npoasye,
nushellt, oearne , oholene,
ointflyment, (one way)(skin a
cat)+1, out/limb, ownstewjuice,
pantsants, par(t + cel), pearls
swine, ½4 thought, ½wise
#foolish, perestace, perk ear
ear, phernalia phernalia, pilck,
pillarpost, pipe, play/words,
play play, plowshares swords
plowshares, popigke, pushshove,
put/airs, put/hold, put/ice,
put/dog, putft, quick/draw, quiet
storm, ragsriches, rake/coals,
ralflagly, |reading|, ... resort,
rest/laurels, returnfold,
rhating, roadruin, rock     hard
place, rodiamondugh, romwhene,
r...o...who, rubugg, runearth,
runseed, safe sory, sameallboat,
sbuttky, share(1 + alike),
shkickins, shoe/(other ft), SHOT,
s...h...o...t, shotheck,
shoulderwheel, sime/pure, site
sight, sithornde, skate/(thin
ice), slowanger, smellsheaven,
snapit, SPENDER, spiky, st&pat,
st&/i, stanyportorm, startfinish,
s10torian, step/it, stich
groound, stickguns, sticklast, stickribs, stool fall stool, ...
straw, stungquick, s...u...i...t,
sun/(0 nu), suplacen, tail it,
takecleaners, takeit/yourself,
tbaghe, tdoghousehe, teeth/edge,
10SNE1, terbangro, tetempestapot,
tes42dtinal, tgroovehe,
thehangre, thoughtan, thhere,
thinkthink, time/h&s, time tim
ing, time time, timstitche