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issue 88
Fortean Mysteries SIG    recent history            issue 88      
Newsletter of the Fortean Mysteries SIG of American Mensa          
  only 200,000 millicents per 3 issues                                Published irregularly since Undecember 1658 AC
 "All things are possible ..." (Mt 19:26)

OSIR CASE FILES (made public by "Psi Factor")
#9873: "Y2K" Two computer programmers working on the Y2K problem go into convulsions and drop dead with blood pouring from their eyes and ears.
#10103: "Man Out of Time" Disoriented man claims to be from the 17th century.
#26014: "Forbidden North" Humanoid beast approaches leg-trapped logger.
#28120: "The Underneath" Deadly creature lives in the sewers.
#33130: "The Infestation" NASA scientists die searching for meteorite.
#34112: "Dream House" New homeowners experience numerous strange occurrences after their teenage daughter is hospitalized because of polt.
#44114: "Ghostly Voices" Voice calls woman home.
#47129: "Free Fall" Sky diver defies gravity.
#52111: "UFO Encounter" Alien abduction of two boys and UFO sightings are witnessed by many townspeople.
#52113: "Phantom Limb" Strange events follow accident that claimed farmer's arm.
#64131: "The Transient" Dybbuk invades the souls of innocents.
#67102: "Possession" Demons attack software designer.
#77110: "Creeping Darkness" Impenetrable darkness threatens to engulf an Argentine town
#86126: "Two Lost Old Men" Young people pass through forest's barren zone and instantly age 50 years.
#87105: "Human Apportation" Californian and her daughter inexplicably find themselves in Toronto.
#92109: "The Presence" Child fears destructive force.
#98509:  "John Doe" Electromagnetic field (EMF) laser cannon fails to destroy a missile guidance system when it overheats, then a janitor resets it and it works.
#99101: "Reptilian Revenge" Pet snakes escape after an elderly man dies.
#102964: "The Egress" Missing scientist at secret research facility invents apportation device called the Arch.
#104723: "The Endangered" Huge beast charges out of the woods and rips man's limb.
#145345: "The Kiss" Mutilated corpse of police detective who gunned down an escaped convict is found in dumpster.
#199137: "Devil's Triangle" Man claims he was adrift in the Devil's Triangle.
#206132: "The Light" Evil doppelganger stalks OSIR.
#213127: "The Greenhouse Effect" Plants attack family, "The Buzz" Mysterious buzzing coincides with unexplained deaths.
#222989: "The Observer Effect" UFO sighted in the woods near the private community.
#226051 "Solitary Confinement" Inmate dies mysteriously while in solitary confinement.
#245208: Several UFO reports in the industry area of bioengineering lab.
#260122: "Angel on a Plane" Mysterious woman safely lands plane hit by lightning.
#262201: "Threads" Two electricians at work on a building suddenly disappear, along with a huge part of the construction.
#263202: "Donor" Strange mutilation and seemingly ritualistic slaughter of livestock animals in a small farming community  .
#267210: "Man of War" When corporal investigates onslaught of light and noise, he disappears with a scream of pain and horror
#284145: "The Believer" Kidnapper transmits extortion demands psychically.
#288128: "Anasazi Cave" Deaths at archaeological dig may explain the mystery of the lost Anasazi.
#295143: "Second Sight" Kidney-transplant recipient has frightening visions
#298321: "Forever and a Day" Psychic healer heals blind woman. OSIR maps out an anonymous individual's genetic code
#309217: "The Labyrinth" City worker is killed by a wave of light and sound
#321147: "Perestroika" Deadly creature found frozen in glacier near Archangelsk, Russia, by two gas plant caretakers.
#333016: "School of Thought"  Auto shop teacher crushed against a wall by a car, possibly by a student with PK.
#340212: "Bad Dreams" Woman, recovering in her hospital bed from knee surgery, suddenly cries out from a terrifying dream and bleeds spontaneously from deep wounds.
#340872: "The Winding Cloth" Archaeologist finds 13th century burial shroud inside ancient Druid coffin.
#350213: "the Edge" Police officer is missing.
#360203: "Wish I May" In swamp country, doctor calls for help to find out why a teenager seems clinically dead yet is somehow still alive.
#371211: "The Warrior" Museum curator decapitated by an unknown assailant.
#392101: "Old Wounds" Video-game company's new VR war games turns real deadly.
#416209: "Hell Week" University dean reports incident involving PK.
#417205: "Frozen in Time" Strange epidemic strikes Amerindian reserve in national park, turning the residents into living statues.
#443987 "Valentine" Body is found in the alley next to after-hours club, one with vampire bartender.
#500208: "Chango" OSIR senior data analyst dies of  apparent heart attack at Cuban-style neighborhood party. Rabbi conducting his funeral suddenly hears scratching sounds coming from his coffin, opens the lid and finds him alive.
#559146: "The Fog" Dense fog, mass hallucinations and serial killer arrive simultaneously on death row
#567212: "Devolution" After blinding light explodes in hospital room, a blood-covered being throws the guard out into the hall and the body of a sixty-year-old woman, sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering a police officer, disappears.
#569135: "Stalker Moon" Fan stalks actress from grave.
#569977: "Absolution" Working undercover as an arms dealer contact a teenager with ESP, an OSIR agent gets doublecrossed and apparently fires the bullet that kills the youth.
#600001: "Palimpsest" Elderly woman's body found in basement of soon-to-be demolished apartment building.
#604215: "The Haunting" Hotel is haunted..
#610115: "Reincarnation" Man undergoing past-life regression predicts the future.
#623119: "UFO Duplication" Extraterrestrials clone farm inhabitants.
#631136: "The Curse" Death strikes archaeologists who uncovered Egyptian burial chamber.
#659311: "All-Hallows Eve" Grisly, pre-Halloween murder of two college students who died after having their faces torn off.
#669207: "The Grey Men" At abandoned industrial park where a UFO was sighted, an OSIR agent hears a buzzing noise and disappears without a trace.
#693142: "Death at Sunset" Mysterious illness claims victims at sunset
#702134: "The Hunter" Werewolf is suspected in cattle mutilations.
#721219: "Pentimento" Body is found at gallery strung from the back room's ceiling, his clothing shredded and his eyes ground into their sockets. "Frozen Faith" Suburban home's living room has become icy chamber.
#734138: "Chocolate Soldier" Cult leader has power over women.
#751718: "Comings and Goings" Anonymous phone call informs OSIR that presumed dead agent is at a nearby hospital unconscious and on a ventilator.
#763139: "The Undead" Homeless man revives during his autopsy and escapes.
#790002: "Little People" Strange noise heard from adopted boy's bedroom.
#793144: "Collision" Soul of accident victim possesses driver who killed her.
#810126: "House on Garden Street" Apparition appears to couple while under stress.
#828456: "Harlequin" Unusual death of  capybara at animal hospice.
#847117: "Clara's Friend" Apparition communicates with girl.
#898750: "The Jaunt" Woman vanished into the Arch and then re-appears 2,000 miles away in remote area of northern Quebec .
#898777: "The Heartland" Forest area turns into bone-dry wasteland virtually overnight.
#899997: "The Tribunal" Van of young woman, who's had alien encounter, is engulfed in a bright light from a UFO, temporarily blinding the OSIR agent, while she disappears.
#905209: "The Damned" Pool water mysteriously starts to churn and boil while a man sinks to the bottom and drowns.
#936214: "Kiss of the Tiger" OSIR agent saves life of friend's wife.
#938216: "Night of the Setting Sun" Rare animal dealer breaks into abandoned factory with an accomplice, who afterwards is pulled back into the complex by some unseen presence
#957176: "The 13th Floor" Possessed woman takes horrible vengeance on her philandering husband.
#965789: "Return" Woman apparently returns from the Arch after 12 year.
#969121: "The Healer" Teen is credited with healing powers.
#994124: "The Fire Within" Spontaneous human combustion
#?: "The Power" Stress boosts woman's PK power.
#?: "Shocking" Woman struck by lightning must release electricity through sexual activity to survive.
#?: "Happy Birthday, Matt Praeger" OSIR agent enters alternate dimension as a contestant on a game show where he must re-examine his life.
#?: "Soul Survivor" Plane crash survivors in limbo for 10 years.
#?: "883" Doctor attempts to colonize a new world.
#?: "Once Upon a Time in the West" Old man following three Old West outlaws is actually from 30 years in the future, warning his younger self against time-travel.
#?: "Body and Soul" Woman's precognition of her own death leads to shocking discovery.
#?: "Temple of Light" Spiritual being is blamed for outbreak of murders at Hollywood retreat.
#?: "Inertia" Alien grounded in meteor crash in danger of dying.
#?: "Nocturnal Cabal" Rave club overrun by zombies.
#?: "'Til Death Do Us Part" Journalist's relationship with death row inmate causes rare haunting.
#?: "Tyler/Tim" Autistic boy develops PK power while mourning death of his twin brother.
#?: "Super Sargasso Sea" Fafrotskies may be the result of the Super-Sargasso Sea theory.
#?: "Persistence of Vision" Ghostly image in photo may be link between serial killer and real-life angel.
#?: "GeoCore" Oil drilling in ancient tribal burial ground unleashes killer demon..
#?: "Gone Fishing" OSIR agent lured into wilderness for retribution.
#?: "Chiaroscuro" Angry spirit torments artists' group in old church.
#?: "Regeneration" Case manager comes back from dead, his intentions are not all good.
#?: "Wendigo" Cannibalism discovered during search for three missing OSIR agents.
#?: "Elevator" During an investigation, OSIR agents are trapped in elevator.
#?: "Force Majeure" Aberrant behavior found among community residents.
#?: "Stone Dream <>" OSIR agent has precognitive dreams and hallucinations during investigation.