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Fortean Mysteries SIG    recent history            issue 89     
Newsletter of the Fortean Mysteries SIG of American Mensa          
  only 200,000 millicents per 3 issues                                Published irregularly since Undecember 1658 AC
 "All things are possible ..." (Mt 19:26)
   A ten-year-old boy from Luzon in the Philippines reportedly miraculously came back to life seventeen hours after having been declared dead. He told his family that Jesus woke him up.
   The Manila Times reported on that Kadi had been pronounced dead at the Philippines General Hospital on June 21. His family brought his body back to his hometown three hundred kilometers away. The very next day, Kadi came back to life during the vigil and asked for food and water.
    Kadi described how he had fallen into a terrible darkness after he had lost consciousness. Not long after that, he saw a beautiful church with angels singing inside. Then a man with golden hair and a beard appeared suddenly and asked him to wake up. When he opened his eyes and saw his family, he could also see the same man above them slowly fading away. (Sin Chew Daily)
   This brings to mind David Hume's "If anyone tells me that he saw a dead man [or in this case a dead boy] restored to life, I immediately consider myself whether it be more probable, that this person should deceive or be deceived, or that the fact, which he relates, should really have happened."
   Would the Manila Times or Sin Chew Daily editors, the Hospital doctors, the family be trying to deceive us? Aren't they more likely to have reported that the boy only seemed to have been dead? Perhaps the boy made up a story he thought his parents and other believers wanted to hear and was deceiving not only them but himself as well.
   As Forteans, we rather immediately consider whether this new datum fits into our collection of other tales. We save our believing for more important things like Truth, Justice and the Fortean way. Some stories however are simply --
   At we find many urban legends and internet rumors and hoaxes, but our favorite is true story of the prize-winning 1997 junior high science project by Nathan Zohner of Idaho Falls on the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO), commonly known as H2O.
We also discovered Dr. Larry Silverberg of NCSU's "Science of Santa Claus". He theorizes that Santa now uses an advanced long-range thought-reading technology, a "relativity cloud" or controlled domain to time-dilate a years' work into one night, genetically-enhanced reindeer, and a nano-toymaker.
from the Weekly World News on-line edition we read:
in M. Sin Zen's Nov. 1st article, Archeologist Wing Ziyi has dated the Baigong Pipes connecting Mt. Baigong to Lake Tosin at 384 ± 76 million years old. The valve-less siphon flush technology and the presence of a gel effective against anaerobic and temperature-resistant bacterial has him hypothesizing that it is of extraterrestrial origin. He calls it the first example of a whole new class of old familiar Out-of-place Artifacts (OOPArts), Profoundly Out-of-place (POOP) Artifacts and is planning to follow up evidence for others in his forthcoming book, Port-o-Lets of the Gods.
Bob Michael's Dec. 4th article notes "Investigators say that [Larry] Weald's [mutilated tofu case] is the strangest kitchen incursion since the Beef Stock Mutilations of 1979, which claimed over 150 Nebraskan bullion cubes."
His Dec. 7th article tells of Atman University's offering of a postdoctoral degree program especially for the reincarnated. Candidates for Prof. L. Chandra Rao's "Ancient History for Eyewitnesses" need to provide proof of having lived at least four lives and  write a two-million-word dissertation. [Isn't that about what the "Bridey Murphy" books came to?] Prof. Rao says he is also planning a companion program in the veterinary school for former animals.
    More interesting than "re-incarnation" stories, which all seem to be explainable as simple post-cognition, are what are called PBEs, pre-birth experiences. That's not remembering your life in another body, but either in your present body but before being born or before being in your your present body when you were pre-incarnated.
    Many of the stories are anonymous or pseudonymous and so not such good data, but some have more details. They range from parents being directed in their lives to give birth to the unborn child, to just being assured that there is a child in their future or even guidance to the midwife during the delivery. Sarah Hinze has collected both in Coming from the Light and in We Lived in Heaven and at her website, RoyalChild,com. She subdivides the phenomenon into vivid dreaming, lucid visions, auditory, telepathic and sensual communications.

Michael Maguire tells his tale at ThoughtfulLiving. Elizabeth Hallet told hers in "The Mystery of Pre-birth Communication".
   With the new dragonrider movie being promoted, we happened upon Ben S. Roesch's "The Rhamphorrhynchoidea pterosaurus, scaphagnathus crassirostis: A 'Living Fossil' until the Seventeenth Century". He identifies the drawings and descriptions of flying long-tailed reptiles by Aldrovandi, Gosner, Topsell and Belon as of the forenamed creature, thought extinct. He suggests that cryptologists ought to look as he did for more easily identifiable species, like this one with the unique combination of a head crest and long tail, like the moasaurus with a shark-like fin and four flippers.
    Sir John Blashford-Snell and Dr. Clive Coy saw what has been called giant, deformed elephants in W. Nepal in Mar. 1992. It may not have been just a mutant, but a throw-back or even a surviving stegodont, the ancestor to the modern African and Indian elephants.  This was not modern elephant with a shoulder height of an estimated 11.25 feet, a double-domed head and nasal bridge.
    At Cryptomundo's site we learned that the sheep mutilator of McCone Co., Mont., was killed Nov. 2. Some call it unidentifiable. Some think it the legendary ringdocus or the hyena-like shunka warak'in also once said the have been seen in Montana.
   Prof. Geoff Wainswright and Timothy Darvill have proposed that based on its blue stones and from the nearby Amesbury archer, it was a place of healing like the holy pools in Preseli, Wales. The archer's body was discovered in 2002, but died about 2300 BC. They theorize that the close relative yet native found near his brought his their because of his missing kneecap.
   Interestingly on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe ("She who crushes the stone snake" in the original Nuhatl) we read of the discovery of the stone snake apparently worshipped at Tsodilo Hills, Botswana 68,000 BC, the earliest worship site yet. Spearheads were found that seemed to have been made and destroyed before the idol.
   At Fortean Times we find:
Sanju Bhagat who gave stillbirth to the remains of his dead twin he'd carried for 34 years,
Thai Ngoc who hasn't slept for nearly 12,000 days,
Lal Bihari who founded Mritak Sangh (Association of the Dead) to try to prove he and its 20,000 other members are not dead. So far they have succeeded in getting 4 people declared alive again after being declared dead.
David Icke, author of 15 books fighting the evil Babylonian Brotherhood, humanoid reptilians from who George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II descend.
    We also see that the famous Livermore firehouse light bulb, burning since 1901 has a new webcam (its third) at, so you can be then when -- if -- it ever burns out.