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issue 87
Fortean Mysteries SIG    recent history            issue 87      
Newsletter of the Fortean Mysteries SIG of American Mensa          
  only 200,000 millicents per 3 issues                                Published irregularly since Undecember 1658 AC
 "All things are possible ..." (Mt 19:26)

   As you can see we have solved the problem with our printer -- by getting a new one. The newsletters should be coming more frequently and more creatively in the foreseeable future.

  The site recently offered a recording from an actual exorcism in Moscow, Russia, in May of last year. A sixteen-year-old girl was exorcised. In February of this year 100 priests signed up for a Vatican-sanctioned course on exorcism. The 400 exorcists in Italy, it's said, cannot keep up with the demand. Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, author of Glimpses of the Devil, says that possession is mental illness but mental illness with a demonic involvement. The priest whose exorcism inspired "The Exorcist", Rev. Walter H. Halloran, just died March 1. His comments on the film was that although Hollywood took liberties with the truth, he did see streak, arrows and words like "HELL" rise up on the boy's skin -- dermagraphics.     
   Malai's president Bingu wa Mutharika has left his hundred milliondollar palace and asked for an exorcism of his new one. In Melbourne itinerant exorcist Bob Larson said that demons there are the most vicious of the 90 countries' he has encountered because Australian society is a religious vacuum.   

   "The RUFO Hypothesis" and the companion piece, "Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men" by astronomer Hugh Ross, theologian Kenneth Samples and security expert Mark Clark look at ufology from a Biblical pov. Clark estimates that 95% of sightings are secret experimental aircraft, weather balloons or other phenomena. It is the 5% residual unidentified flying objects, that are the most intriguing. Samples makes a connection between these RUFOs and demons.
    Strange things found on Iapetus again. In 1980 Voyager found thathalf of the moon was ten times darker than the other. The photo earned Iapetus the nickname the Yin-Yang moon. It also had a dark ring with an elliptical white region with a black center.
   In Barangay New Pangasinan, Philipines, on Holy Thursday Lauro Daguro discovered a fountain 20 meters from his house that releaved his arthritis pain. Antonia Agustin straightened her back. When the fountain would diminish the crowd prays the rosary and lights candles and it flows again.  
    In Delhi a witch is said to ask for an onion and when she cuts it blood flows from it and the giver dies. Also terrorizing the city since May 2001 is an agile 4-foot sharp clawed, monkey-man with glowing red eyes. In June and July of 2002 hundred were injured in Mirzapur, Lucknow, and Kampur by munochwa. (ball lightning?)
   On April 13, 1984 Anne Schutterlin, Mexborough, Yorkshire, decorated an Easter egg with the face of a crucified Jesus and it was found to weep by Trevor Whitehead, her teacher at Donchester Junior School.
   Charles Bonnet Syndrome has been documented in which those with Macular Degeneration see things others don't.

   The DVD "Sasquatch Hunters" portrays Bigfoots as deadly. The cases cited by Steven Wagner in "When Bigfoot Attacks" however only seem to be most deadly for the Sasquatch. In Chesterfield, Idaho, in 1902 an eight-foot bigfoot wielding a club; in the Currockbilly Mts., New S. Wales, Australia, in 1912 Charles Harper was threaten by one that thumped its chest. Albert Ostman was abducted in Toba Inlet, British Columbia, and spent 6 days with family of four. Muchalat Harry of the Nootkas claimed to have been kidnapped near Conuma River in 1928 and inspected by 20. In 1957 in Zhejiang, China, Xu Fudi rescued her daughter from abduction and villagers beat it to death and chopped it up. In Ape Canyon, Mt. St. Helens, Wash., in 1924 the Bigfoots counter attacked a cabin after Fred Beck shot one.  Last February Weekly World News reported that three-foot-tall Pete Mpossibilities 87:3
Yarosky from Lincoln, Neb., saved April Holderman by killing the nine-foot Bigfoot chasing her. Naturally the story was unconfirmed by Yellowstone Park officials and the carcass is said to have been taken to a secret research facility.  Last August the same publication reported "Hairy Helen" working as a prostitute in Beasley, Canada. She's described as over seven foot tall with large yellow teeth.


  George "The Amazing Kreskin" Kresge, Jr. has advised the lawyer of MIB wannabe Michael Jackson not to reveal that Michael has been hypnotized by psychic fraud Uri Geller (to cure his peanut butter cravings). Sylester Stallone's mother, alleged clairvoyant Jacueline Stallion, predicts that Michael will be found innocent.

   Kinomagewapkong (Teaching Rocks), Petroglyphs Provincial Park, Ontario, and Mazinaw Rock, Bon Echo Provincial Park, are being investigated as sources of mysterious voices and sounds. According to Amerind tradition the medicine men could magically enter into the paintings on the rock walls and interact with the people and creatures depicted -- toonlike. Perhaps the chalkworld of "Mary Poppins" or the ToonTown of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" is a visitable other dimension.  It does give new meaning to "animation", more plausibility to those "Friday the Thirteenth" episodes -- "Shadow Boxer" where a shadow kills, "Tales of the Undead" where comic book character Ferrus the Invincible kills, "Double Exposure" where the cursed camera produces -- a you guessed it -- killer doppelganger, "Eye of Death" where the magic lantern transports to the Civil War era, and the "Scarlet Camera" that transforms its user into a werewolf.

   On the lighter side from Reginald Powltey we have what could be called the Bottom Ten List: (10) the auto-mindreader, (9) the pedal-powered wheelchair, (8) the mesh umbrella, (7) the fire-proof cigarette, (6) the solar-powered flashlight, (5) the inflatable dart board, (4) the helicopter ejection seat, (3) the giant Shetland pony, (2) the hot-and-cold water faucet, (1) the pay toilet.

   Dr. Basil Hainwright has proposed the unDarwinian theory that men evolved from pigs rather than apes 64 million years ago. From an anonymous source at NASA comes a story by Justine Mitchell of WWN of Mole People. Unlike the Hollywood version, these are about nine foot tall and thin, yet still with mole-like webbed claws and tough skin. Their underground tunnels are said to have entrances in at least Mt. Shasta, Cal., and Mammoth Cave, Ky.  
   Meanwhile the excitement over the discovery of 3-foot tall Homo florensis ("hobbit") fossils continues in more popular media such as National Geographic and on "Nova" and elsewhere. It does not seem so unlikely now that other island little people might be found sometime soon  -- on other islands where folklore tells of them, Hawaii, Ireland, England.