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 "All things are possible ..." (Mt 19:26)

Here's some of the places we "visited"during our summer vacation (via The National Directory of Haunted Places and Sacred Sites):
Alkali Flats footprints, Great White Sands, eastern foothills of San Andres Mts., NM, 13 fossil prints 16 to 22" long and 8 to 12"wide, 2" deep discovered 1931, by 1981 2" above ground, at least 10,000 years old (Mysteries of the Unknown Time-Life, 1989)
Amelia's chair: a blue-upholstered wing chair in the Blue Room, Baleroy, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA, in which at least four have died soon after sitting in itAngel's Choir, Roan Mt., Balt Mt. Range, Mitchell Co., NC, heard since 1770s,most clearly after thunderstorms, growing in intensity to wild crescendo (Illustrated Guide to Ghosts in the North State by Nancy Roberts, 1985)
Babysitting ghost, "Mrs. Anderson", Robert and NedraCrockett's home,1960s, Salem, VA, told son Edgar to color pictures when he was left home alone, woke parents up for 2 am feeding (The Ghostly Register by Arthur Myern, 1986)
Billiwack monster, Aloso canyon, nr.Santa Paula, CA, terrorized hikers in 1964, possibly connected to disappearance of Balliwack Dairy owner in 1943, tall, muscular with gray hair, claws and ram-like horns
Burning Eyes, Block I., RI, ghost with burning embers for eyes and usually seen on back porches late at night like early "winter dead" who had to wait until spring to be buried
Charman, burned man who ran from auto accident nr. Creek Rd. Bridge, Ojai, CA, in 1950s whose body was never found (Mysterious California by Mike Marinacci, 1988)
Chestnut Ridge, Allegheny Mts., PA and VA, noted for UFO crash Dec. 9, 1965; UFOs nr. Ligonier, Latrobe, Derry 1988 to 1990; Bigfoots seen at Indianhead, Fayette Co., 1931 and 1988 (More Haunted Houses by Joan Bingham and Dolores Riccio, 1989)
Club Alhambra Apts., Miami, FL, disembodied arm seen 1977 to 1978 to jiggle doorknobs, wave a white cloth, paint pictures on wall (Fate Aug. 1989)
Comedy Store (former Ciros Nightclub) phantom, Los Angeles, CA, 7 ft. tall, "blacker than black" (according to Dennis William Hauck)
Cooking ghost of Oak Lawn Manor (now Howard Co. District Court House and Law Library), Ellicott, MD, smells of bacon, eggs and soup (Ghosts and Haunted Houses of Maryland by Trish Gallagher, 1988.D.C.,
the Demon Cat, heard and seen in basement of the Senate nr. Catafalque Storage Rm., shot at in 1862, elephant-sized in 1898, tiger-sized in 1950s
Deekay Rd. creature, between Copalis Beach and Humptulips, WA, seen by Dep. Sheriff Verlin Herrington on July 26, 1969, 7 ft. tall, 325 #, with black hair, pendulous breasts and leathery skin, leaving 18+" footprints (Mysteries of the Unknown, 1989)
Devil's Lake or Lake Sakakawea creature, 9 ft. tall, gorilla-like, seen as far south as Cannonball R. and Killdeer Mts. (Unexplained Mysteries of the Twentieth Century by Janet and Colin Bord, 1989)
Devil's Tramping Ground, Chatham Co., ghost, NC, 40-foot diameter circular dead zone from which twigs of branches disappear overnight, attribute by settlers to Indian ceremonies
El Muerto, phantom vaquero seen since 1840s clad in buckskin and rawhide chap riding a black, red-eyed mustang with his head in a sombrero strapped to his saddlehorn, thought to be bandit Vidal, seen at Bull Head, Alice, nr. the deserted Candelaria Mission and along the Neches R., S. W. Texas\
Fatchaskia, "Daughters of the Sun", Lost I., Okefenokee swamp, FL, angelic, dark-eyed women seen and heard at twilight according to Cree Indians (Ghost Lights and Other Encounters and More Great Southern Mysteries by Floyd E. Randall, 1990)
Gay St. phantom, Greenwich Village, NY, man in black suit, top hat and tails or shadowy entity thought by author Walter Gibson to be "psychic impressions" of his Shadow character
Hairy Ghost or 7 ft. tall, webbed-footed "white bigfoot" of onser Lake, nr. Albany, OR, first seen in 1958 (Oregon's Ghosts and Monsters by Mike Helm, 1983)
Hawk Mt. phantom, Berks Co., PA, 10 ft. tall shining man associated with massacred settles of mid-1700s, Hazelton Mine, nr. Wilkes-Barre, Nescopeck Mts.,Luzerne Co., PA, where in Aug. 1963 two miners in cave-in saw two angels dressed as utility linemen come through a bright blue doorway on the 4th day enabling them to wait rescue another 10 days later (Ghosts I've Met by Hans Holzer, 1965)
Hoodoo goblin, a hideous creature that stopped sprayed water from cooling the coals on the so-called Hoodoo locomotive, Northern Pacific RR #571, which was in  wrecks, the first into the Green R., 1892 (Fate May 1992)
Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, Lady in Red on so-called 14th floor causes "X-files" technician to quit ("Strange Universe", July 7, 1997)
Intergraton, a hgh-speed rotating dome built by George Van Tassel at Giant Rock Airport, Yucca valley, CA, according to Space Brothers "instructions, called" a time machine for basic research or rejuvination, antigravity and time travel", advertised as "available for weddings, parties, bar mitzvahs, etc."
Joe Newman, thought to have been killed in explosion at house nr. Randolph Mine, Gold Hill, Concord, NC, by his brother Walter, seen Jan. 1954, as a "ghastly assemblage" of luminescent body parts -- separated head, arms, legsfeet, etc. (The Gold Seekers: Gold, Ghosts and Legends, 1989, and Illustrated Guide to Ghosts in the North State by Nancy Roberts, 1985)
Judaculla, giantcyclops said by Cherokee Indians to have made Judaculla Rock, nr. Cullowhee, NC,a 14-foot wide soapstone boulder with 7-fingered handprints, human figures and geometric shapes on it (Sacred Sites: A Traveler's Guide by Natasha Peterson, 1988)
Lake Coeur d'Alere, ID, wherein a fishwoman and water buffalo have been seen and heard (Indian Legends from the Northern Rockies by Ella Clark, 1966)
Livingston Wizard, Livingston Farm, on Opequon R., nr. Middleway, WV, nicknamed "Cliptown" because of ghost's clipping with invisible shears clothes, camera and purse straps, said to be young man thought delirious who didn't get last rites before he died
lizard man, 7 ft. tall with red eyes, greenish-black skin , Scape Ore Swamp, Lee Co., SC, nr. Bishopville, first seen June 1988 by Christopher Davis while changing a flat, webbed footprints
Luchusa or the Robstown bird, a gigantic whistling black bird with no feet, nr. Corpus Christi, TX, said to be seen and heard only by evil people
Martha Hills' portrait, left behind at Shirley Plantation on James R., nr. Charles City, VA, when she married and moved to England, shook violently whenever it was moved from the second-floor bedroom and even when on NBC news in 1974 while on display at Rockefeller Ctr.
Mills Commune dragon, Denton, TX, Ming dragon (white in daylight, blue at night) seen in clouds, campfire smoke (Ghost Stories of Texas by Ed Syers, 1991)
"Miss Indy", Indiana Fletcher Jones, founder of Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, PA, seen in 1901 nr. dining room and beside upstairs fireplaces at her Victorian mansion, Mt. San Angelo (The Ghosts of Charlottesville and Lynchburg by L. B. Taylor Jr., 1992) There really was an Indiana Jones!
Moaning man, Lake de Smet, WY, slimy creature that spooks dogs and horses, blamed for pulling people underwater (Indian Legends from the Northern Rockies by Ella Clark, 1966)
Mud monster, seen in June 1973 along bank of Big Muddy R., nr. Murphysboro, IL, by a couple in a parked car and at a carnival near its pony pen, 8 ft. tall ape-like with light brown, muddy, slimy fur, smelling of dead fish (Strange Stories, Amazing Facts, 1990)
Nain Rouge ("Red Dwarf"), Detroit, MI, seen in 1700s by Cadillac, again in 1763, 1805, 1813, ... until 1967, even chased in Mar. 1976 (Michigan Haunts and Hauntings by Marion Kuelo, 1992)
Nooksack R. monster, central Whatcom Co., Mt. Baker Nat. Forest, nr. Marietta, WA, 9 ft. tall, hairy, leaving 13+" prints with 45" stride, seen during salmon run in Sept. 1967
Nowata monster, Nowata Co., OK, between Sandstone Hills and Ozark plateau, seen in 1974 at Watova, nr. Noxie in 1975, 6 to 9 ft. tall with horrible odor, attacked hunter and pickup (Fate Dec. 1976, June 1984, A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies by George M. Eberhart, 1980)
Osspee Triangle, N.H., including most of Carrol Co., hundred million-year-old volcanoes, glacial lakes, deep ponds like Snake (or Mystery)
Pascagoula or "Singing R." nr. Biloxi, MS, mermaid seen Aug. to Oct., said to be responsible for Biloxi tribe's mass suicide 1569, seen by scuba driver 1988, associated with mysterious buzzing sound
Pond, the phantom horse of Raccoon Mt. Rd.Owyhee Mt. ID, 2' tall cannibalistic dwarves with tails accordin to Shoshoni and Bannock Indians (Indian Legends from the Northern Rockies by Ella Clark, 1966)
Puy, demon of Devil's Hole, Mt. Diablo Park, CA, a large black phantom cat reported by Bolgones Indians as helping them fight against the Spanish(Mysterious California by Mike Marinacci, 1988)
Pomola, the spirit of Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park, ME, with a bullmoose head, human torso and eagle wings (Sacred Places by James A. Swan, 1990)
Ridgeway phantom, Ridge Rd. between Mineral Pt. and Blue Mounds, WS, shapeshifter seen as headless woman, old or young woman, dog, pig, horse, fireball), seen since Ridgeway burned in 1910, remembered with Mineral Pt.'s annual Ghost Day
Robert, life-sized doll fetish, the effigy of 5-year-old Gene Otto, made in 1904, Artist House, Key West, FL, said to giggle and move (Ghosthunter's Guide to Haunted Public Places by Arthur Myer, 1993)
Sayre burial mound, Bradford Co., PA, where skeletons of 7 ft. tall horned humanoids were discovered in 1880s, buried c. 1200, some sent to American museums