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 "All things are possible ..." (Mt 19:26)

Here's some weirdness from The Weird Wide Webby Erfert Fenton and David Pogue:  
The Klingon Language Institute (, a nonprofit corporation in Pennsylvania, offers a quarterly journal, dictionary, phrasebook, correspondence course, typeface, a translation of Hamlet and soon of the Bible. In the artificial language, Klingonese, you say such things as "qaStaH nuq?" (What's happening?"), "Hab SoSlI' Quch!" (Your mother had a smooth forehead!) Fenton and Pogue ask: "Are these folks nuts?" and answer "peDoghQo'!" (Don't be silly!)  

The "Bacon Game" ( and does sound even more like a joke by the Cosmic Joker. Who knows discovering the Bacon number, the number of movie links between an actor or actress and Kevin Baker, may mean something. For example, King Kong stared with Fay Wray who was also in "Adam Had Four Sons" with June Lockhart who was in "The Big Picture" with Kevin Baker. Mentioning the webpage-listing web page ( the authors suggest a new game "Six Degrees of 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon'". (How about a "Six Degrees of Charles Fort" game, linking anything to anything in six degrees or less?)  

Donna Kossy of The Kooks Museum and Kooks: A Guide to the Outer Limits of Human Belief ( defines "kook" as someone with "outlandish, extreme or socially unacceptable beliefs that underpin their entire existence" who usually "air them constantly or create lasting monuments to them", for example, Prof. Seagull who handwrote in hundreds of Big Chief notepads his Oral History of the Contemporary World, to wit, "The wildest ravings of any lunatic are no more incongruous than the creeds which are solemnly held by sober, unimaginative people."   

Jeff Harrington claims to be able to cause bloopers while watching television personalities via IdEAL ORDER Psychic TV. (Fenton and Pogue can't say why the "d" isn't capitalized, but we'd say it's to make more explicit the id connection (perhaps a reference to the chaos-causing id monster of "Forbidden Planet").   They do correctly describe debunker James Randi as a killjoy, a cereologist as not a scientist who studies Cheerios, Quisp, and Nut n'Honey, but crop circles or agrigylphs ( and  

Here's some neologisms from science fiction author Jack Vance.
anome: nameless traveller
babbet: knickknack
boodlesnatch: pilferer
calligynics: study of female beauty
catto: catatonic manic
chronoplex: time continuum
condaptery: science of information management
cryptorrhoid: metaphysically hidden
depilatorium: barber shop
finuscule: fine and miniscule
flibbet: flibbertigibbet
genefied: genetically identified
fiddity-didjet: lazy or careless worker
gregarize: fraternize for social advancement
gynodyne: powerful woman
ilkness: genealogy
intercongele: metaphysical bonding
pervulsion: repulsive perversion
pubescentarium: youth center
scurrilize: disparage
vistgeist: ideal self   

Here's some others from "Slang Shot" in Just Ask Mr. Wordwizard by David Grambs:
chompanzee: noisy eater
gray blade: reluctantly old man
help-your-selfish: selfish went helping oneself
jack-of-all-thumbs: inept fixer
no-showoff: chronically late person overachief: overachiever's parent
pyrosomniac: someone who smokes in bed
sentence crasher: chronic interrupter
study-duddy: unstudious    

For more neologisms see our own Dominissimo and neologisms.