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Krypton is said to have been first colonized by Tonn and Kryp, Eridani and Capellan explorers.
Kryptonian calendar

Based upon the two of the most well established dates of the Kryptonian calendar, the date of Clark Kal-El Kent's birthday, February 29, 1952, 35 Eorx 9998, and the explosion of Krypton, June 16, 1954, 39 Ogtal 10000, the Kryptonian year or zetyar must be 1.369 Earth years, very nearly 500 days. The zero date would have been 11,742 BC.
A sixth of a zetyar is a lorax (namely Belyth, Ogtal, Ullhah, Eorx, Hefralt and Norzec), 83.34 days.
A seventy-third of a year is a fanff, 6.85 days, "a week" .
A sixth of a fanff is a zetyar, 27.4 hours, "a day".
A tenth of a zetyar is a wolu, 2.74 hours.
A hundredth of a wolu is a dendar, 1.644 minutes.
A hundredth of a dendar is a thrib, 0.9864 seconds.
   If the calendar were still used we would have the equivalents:
May 28, 2006 = 1 Belyuth 10,038
Aug. 18, 2006 = 1 Ogtal 10,038
Nov. 5, 2006 =  1 Ullhah 10,038