[NOTE: Some of the following is conjectural, but we will never give up questing for answers, never surrender to ignorance, when we can extrapolate.]

Abraxas: quadrant where the Protector encounters a carbonizing cloud ["The Angel Dust of Abraxas"] under the jurisdiction of Abraxas of Sargacia ["Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe", Green Lantern series]

Abyrian sector: where Thermians were put into hibernation and Protector II collided with alternate Protector which had collided with neutron comet ["Jason, Nobody's Driving the Ship" by the Fishkeeper]

Adirof: city on Amexon for which spring is named ["Seventh Stone" by Cassia and Sibhan]

"Aftermath, The" In 2402 the Thermians need help when they attempt to resettle on Thermia, but when Mathesar‘s long-lost twin, Matinsar, saves the life of Sarris‘ not-so-evil twin, Tada Taika, and with a little historical documentation of his brother's death from Cmdr. Taggart, he makes peace with the Thermians ["Protector II" by Howard Gordon]

Aganguv: homeworld of pirates who attempt to invade Arggho [“The Pirates of Arrgho”]

Aladdin: system from which Protector escaped only somewhat damaged in battle [SubSpaceStatic 209:33]

Aldoria: noted for ale ["The Perfect Mate"], not for truffles ["With Special Guest"]

"Alien Lunch": Television Tropes and Idioms article that compares alien foods, particularly bloodticks favorably over some "steaks"

"Ambassador's Gambit, The" When Laredo innocently shakes the KQU-flux ambassador's hand, he is sentenced to fight to the death against the ambassador's chosen champion, Lt. Madison. Dr. Lazarus intervenes with a lengthy monologue on humanoid mortality and immortality, "Greb av khux khax greb av het av hen, tug khet av brut sa wak greb kes-khav trom kux shod fujshum greb lex grabtrom khax khav bog fujshum kux pef kes-khax khav khep khet." ("To be or not to be that is the question, whether it is better in oneself to endure the hammers and nails of outrageous fortune or to fight against many misfortunes and end them.") The KQU-flux rethink their policy of capital punishment and another step toward Pax Galactica is taken. [by Howard Gordon, inspired "Justice" by Ralph Wills and Worley Thorne]

Amexon: ["eternity"] where legendary healing Spring of Adirolf ["Seventh Stone" by Cassia and Sibhan] is said to be located ["Return to Planet Amexon"]

Angian: humanoid from Ang with enlarged chest for breathing rarefied air ["Gark'nor of Ang", "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

"Angel Dust of Abraxas, The" After the Protector passes through a strange dust cloud in the Abraxas quadrant the ship’s hull starts to carbonize. In a last attempt to stop the process, after all else has failed, Cmdr. Taggart orders Laredo to fly into the sun. ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke]

"Another Dollop of Apocalypse": Protector returns to deal with the Peytonians who, like the Vendikarians and Eminiarians, have become too used to ritualized hypocrisy, class conflict, incest, abortion, adultery, lust and murder [sequel to "Astro Quest: A Dollop of Apocalypse" by Naren Shankar, inspired "A Taste of Armageddon" and "Return to Peyton Place"]

appearance generator: personal holographic projector designed as Thermian training aid on the Protector II and in their relations with Humans, but re-programmable for deception

arachnipi: small insectoid ["The Sigournate Virus"]

Arcadia: starship on which Taggart and Joan Edith served together and on which she died ["Visions of Darkness" and "On the Edge of Forever City"]

aranar: Joytan anti-plague drug sought by Protector on Arrgho (“The Pirates of Arrgh”)

Archemelar III: failed colony of homeworldless Thermians in the Horsehead nebula ["Greatest Failure" in Quasi-Scientific Ponderings by David Sagus]

Arctinus: planet of Miletus system, from whose third moon comes the infamous snark cat [Arctinus of Miletus, "Attack of the Kreemorians" ,"Galaxy Busters" by Sheila Paulseon]

Arrgho: aka Evri I, black market planet which Protector visits [“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “Band from Arrgho” filksong]

"Artificial Devotion" Madison remembers her days at the Starseeker Academy, when she finally beat her Tyleenian martial arts trainer, only to be reassigned by Dean Yoo as computer interface specialist, when a Grenter AI imprinted on her [by Katie M]

"Assault on Volatrex 3" In 2384 Dr. Lazarus yet again says, "Trut av khep, Peter-ke." ("He's dead, Peter.") Thanks to Chen's holographic wall of fire no more lives are lost. Dr. Lazarus gives a memorable memorial, "Fet nul lep wak buz pan paf. Jack paf khep rad jux shag zef hot wak fros ses wak vod khav hos brul." ("Crewman Number Six, we hardly knew you. Seeing your death as the lava monster wobbled towards us will light our hearts forever.") [in Galaxy Quest 3 by Jesse James Blish, Crewman Number Six is called Gregarius Sextus; retro-seredipitiously inspired wall of fire in "Beneath the Planet of the Apes"]

Astro Questor: fan of "Astro Quest", starring Josh Coxx as Cmdr. Artemis Bishop, Bradford Tatum as Ensign Garth, Christine Scott Bennett as Yeoman Sally Malloy, the Vellikon ["A Space Oddity" by Naren Shankar]

atrayamylwide: drug used to treat the after effects of extreme T’rnding [“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

"Attack of the Kreemorians" Kreemorians manage to board the Protector using fangor beasts, but are fooled by the old Look-out-behind-you! ploy and a holographic snark cat

Avsnoyl: became desperately desirous of the Protector’s virrilium, presumably for the production of illegal weapons ["The Two Faces of Avsoyl"]

Azar: pseudonym of contributor to NSEA Bulletin

"Babes of Targath, The" The Protector comes to the rescue of every Targathian by leading a miraculous mass exodus from Empyrion to a new colony on Ganymede. Dr. Lazareth adds yet another verse, "Kock brul het wak nam Targath-ke nupvuz wob, la wak turrut." ("Every time that I hear a Targathian baby cry, verily I believe.") to “La Wak Turrut” ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon, "Ganymede or Bust" by Den Valdron, Galactica Con Forums, “La Wak Turrut”, “The Three Amigos”]

berithium: beryllium-lithium polymer used as a reactor coolant in the NSEA ships ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon], but sometimes with dangerous neutron radiation leakage [“The Icicles of Pentillium”, "A Vacation to the Past",]

Banned from Arrgho”: filksong referencing “Arrgho” episode [By “Francis X. Purgator”]

Bbudh: devolved Dhubb, played Funn Games (“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “Funn and Games”)

beryllium sphere: beryllium coated nodule of unstable bronzium [inspired beryllium sphere bomb in "The Shadow" (1994)]

Best of the Bulletin, The: collection of the best from The NSEA Bulletin, featuring such classic articles as “”Chicago Con: $100,000 Fan Ripoff?” by Janet Bozarth-Smith, “Shortcuts through Space in Galaxy Quest” by Marc and Drew Golding, “The Psychology of Dr. Lazarus’ Popularity” by Dr. Glorianna Rovelstad, “Galaxy Quest Time Travels” by Walter Houston (with rebuttal by James Irwin), “A Galaxy Quest How-to” by Stuart Kiel, “Taggart’s Little Black Book” by James Irwin (with rebuttal by MacBeth Carlson), “Banned from Arrgho” by Francis X. Purgator, “Galaxy Quest: The Movie – A Year Later” by D. Anna Rafferty, "Reconstructing Galaxy Quest: Backstory Ideas" by Dalton S. Spence, “Stranger Than ‘Stranger Than Fiction’” by Azar

Beyond Galaxy Quest: sequel to author's The Physics of Galaxy Quest on metaphysics [by M. Krauss Lawrence]

Beyond Tawny: Galaxy Quest and Other Memories: autobiography by Gwen DeMarco [Galaxy Quest fandom website]

Bff: Galactic Union diplomat Ttfn's daughter who befriends Tawny and Larado ["Bff"]

"Bff": In an apparent digital conveyor accident while picking up a Galactic Union diplomat Ttfn and his family, Tawny becomes Laredo's age and Laredo becomes Tawny's gender. They and the rest of the crew try to adjust, which is made easier when they bond with the diplomat's daughter Bff. The Protector however won't accept them in their new forms and by the time they reach their destination, Starf, still won't take any orders from either of them. Ttfn makes Bff return Tawny and Laredo back to their normal selves and her family shift from Human into their next shape, Starfish. [inspired "The Dauphine" by Scott Rubenstein and Leonard Mlodinow)

Binkley, Gregg: questarian, played himself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" and "C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud" (1989)

bivrakium: [from bivrak, aka honey buzzard, Pernis apivorus] one of the most profitable exports of Leopold VI, usually stabilized with a krevlite housing and used to fix a fused reactor ["The Bivrakium Element", "The Omega Mutiny", "Galaxy Quest" by Howard Gordon]

"Bivrakium Element, The" Cmdr. Taggart courageously took on the small alien army to save the fallen Dr. Lazarus. Dr. Lazarus’ impassioned defense peppered with Tev'meckianisms, such as "Pef trom grabthar trut hom poj shod wak." ("By the hammer of Grabthar, they would have nailed me."), "Trut dre fen-dan mak'tar fen-dan tas." ("He who saves the life of a Mak'tar saves the life of a friend.") and "Khax za thack. Khax gru'tock." ("Never give up, never surrender!" ), softened up the judges. Nevertheless, it took both Madison and Chen as well to explain to a court martial the necessity of seeking out -- and blowing up -- the illegal transmutation plant on Peraxis V. ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke]

Bluechild: small, primitive azurian on a beryllium sphere mining colony planet ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie"], who became much less of a problem after Chen removes Goriknak the rock giant ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"], or Kwan does ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie"]

Bozarth-Smith, Janet: questarian contributor to NSEA Bulletin

"Bridge Bunny": Television Tropes and Idioms article contrasting Tawny Madison to the stereotypical spaceship officer eye candy

bronzium: unstable copper-tin polymer [Robert Kosek], stablized by beryllium ["The Shadow" (1994)], because of its ability to store psychic energy, [Jacketed Obsession by Aurora Dvora], next only to true silver or mithril [The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien] and so important in the history of warfare in the mithril-poor Jedi and other galaxies

Cadia: Thermian medic on the Protector II ["Protector II"]

Cailen: Fatu-Krey lieutenant under Tada Taika ["The Wrath of Sarris", "Protector II"]

Callas: system visited by Protector ["Devotion", "Callas Forever", John Callas]

"Call for Help, The": Real Adventure version of "The Wrath of Sarris" chapter one [by Silent-Diamonds]

"Captain Obvious": Television Tropes and Idioms article calling Tawny Madison more useful to Protector than Deanna Troi to Enterprise

Capt. Steel: Ironman-like comic book hero, whose writer was one of the guests at GalCon XIX ["Galaxy Busters" by Sheila Paulson]

"Capt. Steel Saves the Day": Capt. Steel crosses the dimensional barrier, but so does his archenemy Dr. Destructo ["Galaxy Busters" by Sheila Paulson, "The Real Ghostbusters" episode by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry]

carbonizing cloud: metallovorous sooty mold adapted to space able break down metals leaving a sooty residue ["Angel Dust of Abraxas"]

Carlson, MacBeth: questarian contributor to NSEA Bulletin

Carpath: oppressed by treacherous Galatians ["Devotion"]

cavecat: cave-dwelling felinoid from Cthulaj used to guard Merseen’s slaves ["The Cthulian Craft"]

cerebrum: crystalline drug particularly addictive to Scithyans ["The Scythian Syndrome"]

Chase, Codelia: played Princess Mirabanna of Delphos in Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures: "Long Live Princess Mirabanna", “Witch-queen of Guk”, “Escalation”, "With Special Guest", "Guest Starring", and "Return to Delphos", and Shaneera on "Swine Trek" ["Actresses These Days"]

Chen: (played by Fred Kwan) engineer on Surpasser, nicknamed for Starbase Fred ["The Daedalus Factor"] by Trip LaTorr while under Cmdr. Tikaru Rulu [Fred Chen's MySpace website], discovered and rescued Lazarus, sole survivor of the Mak’tar genocide, ["Resurrection"], chief engineer of the Protector ["Galaxy Quest"] and romantically linked with humanoid ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon] and cephalopodan ["Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures"] Lailari

Chen, Alexandria: daughter of Chen in xover fanfic

Chen, Alexander: son of Chen in xover fanfic

Chen, Fredrica: daughter of Chen in fanfic

Chen, Gwen: wife of Chen in Chen/Gwen xover fanfic

Chen, Jane: wife of Chen in Chen/Jane xover fanfic

Chen, Jason: son of Chen in xover fanfic

Chen, Lailari: humanoid wife of Chen in Chen/Lailari in the New Adventures or cephalopodan wife in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" fanfic

Chen, Peter: son of Chen in Chen fanfic

Chen, Quellek: humanoid son of Chen in Chen/Lailari in the New Adventures or cephalopodan son in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" fanfic

Chen, Tawny: wife of Chen in Chen/Tawny fanfic

Chott, Bill: questarian, played Fred in "Third Rock from the Sun" (1998-99), himself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie", Agent Messie in "Invader ZIM" (2006)

"Classically Trained Extra": Television Tropes and Idioms article explaining why Alexander Dane can't play the protagonist, but still has a vitally important role in "Galaxy Quest", as does Krusty the Clown in "The Simpsons"

"Clean Up, The": Real Adventure sequel to "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by Dalton S. Spense revealing SGC's involvement, with its own sequel by Andrew Troy Keller, “A New Kind of Network"

Cloak: experimental cloaked NSEA starship Tawny Madison served on before the Protector [lt_madison MySpace website], destoyed by the Mank'nar ("The Cloak")

"Cloak, The": With Madison's classified knowledge Protector tries -- and barely succeeds -- with the help of Chen and a fellow engineers Pippin from the Hoopty Doopty ["Home Boys in Outer Space"] and Dogbody of the Dispensable ["Spacevets"] to salvage her old ship, the invisible Cloak, without the Meechans or Mank'nar discovering its secret.

Colbrook, Greg: questarian, played himself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie"

"Commander's Holiday": Cmdr. Taggart and the crew of the Protector try to relax and recreate on the pleasure planet of Tuaran, but comes to the rescue of beautiful lady xenarcheologist Louisiana Smith, pursued by Zatchzxy who desperately want their ydaalzy returned. He gets the gem, but not the girl, learning she‘s engaged to Yoo's clone, Yoo 2 [inspired "Captain's Holiday" by Steven Behr]

Concord: NSEA starship "Roc" Ingersol served on before the Protector ["Roc" Ingersol’s security_guy MySpace website] as did Tawny Madison [lt_madison MySpace website]

Coou’Eeeilo: ship stolen by escaped Thermian convicts ["Guest Starring"]

corbundrium: element found on Mirabanna's world, Delphos ["Long Live Princess Mirabanna", "Special Guest", "Guest Starring", "Return to Delphos"]

"Crack in the Mirror, A": Season cliff-hanger in which the Protector is stopped by an impenetrable, reflective magnetic shield, the Mirror, as Laredo dubs it. When there's a slight shift in magnetic alignment a spacesuited Madison falls through a crack in the time-space continuum and disappears. Taggart chooses not to blast any new cracks or waste time going around the Mirror. With all available personnel searching, it’s finally Crewman Zwölf who finds the crack and pushes Madison out just the crack closes. Taggart struggles with doubts over whether her made the right decision, risking all their lives for Tawny’s. Dr. Lazarus’ "Khep wus hos. Khax hos wus khep. Fet nul rug shom." ("Death faces all; not all face death. Crewman Number Twelve did.") helped. Still as he nursed his Martene-ne, he once again silently prayed he’d be able to give the right command again the next time. ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke, NOTE: It at the end of this two-parter that Madison discovers that her vox is now not only interstellar, but interdimesional like the portal on the Edge of Forever and Yoo]

Cremoria: Roden empire in the Tarian Isles that, over the years, has used up its resources and so raids the Calderian Empire and Tanglewood for resources [Roden Continuity Encyclopedia], misused by Jesse James Blish for Keemoria

Cthulaj: binary system in the Olian 11 galaxy, home to the Cthulians ["The Cthulian Craft"]

"Cthulian Craft, The": The Protector leaves the Milky Way to respond to an emergency beacon from Cthulaj in the Olian 11 galaxy. They find its two suns and five moons fascinating, but the natives surprisingly Human with a civilization uncannily similar to late 20th century Earth. Dr. Lazarus and Madison cringe as Cmdr. Taggart smiles and says, "Take me to your leader." The charming, friendly Cthulian leader, Merseen, denies any knowledge of the beacon, but Dr. Lazarus tracks it underground. He muses to himself: "La brarnep av sebnak muv. jod von av trut dros pog tud." ("These catacombs are surprisingly modern. But why are they full of feline fur?") and learns it is because of the Cthulian cavecats who guard this uncharming, unfriendly and underground labor camp for presumed dead Galactic Union scientists and artists. When Taggart confronts Merseen with the truth he claims it was an attempt to rekindle curiosity and creativity in the Cthulians. A few elders agree to stay on Cthula to live with its people willingly to keep the peace. The Protector returns the rest to rejoicing relatives, as the computer, apparently to better charm and befriend Madison, adopts Merseen’s voice. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Lakte, "Grabthar‘s Toolbox"], having to do with Cthulhu [The Cthulian Singularity by Carl Dershem, etc.]

Cullen, Katelyn: questarian played herself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by Robert Howard

"Cult Cargo": Television Tropes and Idioms article explaining Thermians' aptitude for reverse technology

Cvar: homeworld of Cvarians [allusion to Console Variable, used in many computer games and 3D simulations, including the "Warlord of Cvar" RPG]

Cvarians: peoples of Cvar star system, oppressed by a warlord ["Warlord of Cvar"], until freed by the brave fighting of Cmdr. Taggart ["Peacemaker of Cvar"]

Daedalus: SGC ship which was refitted using parts from Protector II's saucer

"Daedalus Factor, The": Madison is encouraged "to fly" by her father, E. Z. Madison III, when he is rescued from a Meechan attack at Starbase Fred [by David McCullough]

Dane, Jessica: born 1986, daughter of Alexander ["The Call for Help"]

Dane, Sir Alexander: aka "The Great Dane" born Feb. 21, 1951 in Hammersmith, Eng., grandson of Clemence Dane, graduated from Royal Luger Hagen-Daas School in London [rickmanistareview/galaxyquest.html], played Tybalt in "Romeo and Juliet" (1978), Richard III in "Richard III" (1979), Dr. Lazarus in "Galaxy Quest" (1981-1985) and "Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures" (2000-2005), voiced Galaxy Quest: Strategic Operations Simulator (1983), Alan Rickman in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" (1999), Marvin in "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" (2005), author of I Am Not Lazarus (1986), I Am Lazarus (2000), and many Galaxy Quest: The Real Adventures books, director of "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"

Dane, Clemence: (1888-1965) aka Winifred Ashton, author of The Arrogant History of White Ben (1939), editor of Novels of Tomorrow series (1955-6), paternal grandmother of Alexander Dane

Dane, Jason: son of Sir Alexander Dane in the Real Adventures series

Dane, Lady Gwen: wife of Sir Alexander Dane in Alexander/Gwen fanfic

Dane, Lady Jane: wife of Sir Alexander Dane in Alex/Jane xover fanfic

Dane, Lady Lailari: wife of Sir Alexander Dane in Alex/Lailari fanfic

Dane, Lady Tawny: wife of Sir Alexander Dane in Alex/Tawny fanfic

Dane, Peter: son of Sir Alexander Dane in xover fanfic

Dane, Quellek: wife of Sir Alexander Dane in Alex/Quellek fanfic, see "If Quellek Had Lived"

Darkanians: confronted by Taggart on the Arcania and later on the Protector ["Visions of Darkness", "On the Edge of Forever City"]

Dark Star: where "Roc" Ingersoll began carrying his weapon at all times ["Quest for the Stellar Nursery" by Mandy Marguerite]

Dazorfor: blackmarketeers from which the Protector got vital aranar to fight Joytan plague (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

"Deathwatch": The crew of the Protector get involved in strange goings-on on Altor after a meteor shower. Some Altorians are being mind controlled to reunite the parasitic seed, and so end all other life on the planet -- and if they get control of the Protector crew, the galaxy. [inspired a "Space Precinct" two-parter]

Dectroils: devolved Lectroids, lost in Funn Games (“Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension”, “Lazarus, Lazarus” alternative ending, “Funn and Games”)

Deemo: which Chen bested in drinking contest at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirate of Arggho”)

Defender: NSEA starship ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

Delos: planet of gentle but threatened planthropes ["Capt. Zep -- Space Detective: Death on Delos"]

Delos 5: fifth moon of Delos, noted for its feudalism and forests and passion-mist, where the Protector rescued the Trojan ["Mists of Delos 5"]

Delosian passionfruit tree: swamp-dwelling tree of Delos 5 that produces passion-mist when pollinating ["Mists of Delos 5"]

Delphos: homeworld of Princess Mirabanna, source of corbundium ["Long Live Princess Mirabanna"]

DeMarco, Susan Alexandra "Gwen": born Oct. 8, 1959, Harmony, Ind., played Medea in summerstock in the Hamptons, graduated summa cum lauda from Brown University on a high diver scholarship, starred as Stephanie in Broadway hit "SPENT", Naomi in "Love and Share" soap opera, then Spy Angel in "Silent, But Deadly" with Jason Nesmith; and starred in spin-off "Spy Angel", " 'Ellin' Ellen" Ripley in "Star Beast" (1979), "Star Beast II" (1986), "Star Beast III" (1992), and "Star Beast IV" (1997), as Danna Barrett in "S. O. S. Fantômes" (1984), and "River of Slime" (1989), turned down role of Ariel in "A Midsummer's Night Sex Comedy" to play Tawny Madison in "Galaxy Quest" (1981-85) and "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues" (2000-2005), as Sigourney Weaver in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" (1999), voice of Bulgarian Lioness automobiles, [Starfest 2003], author of Beyond Tawny (1986) and many "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues" episodes and Galaxy Quest: The Real Adventures books, has sister Elaine and niece Melissa ["Guest Starring"], sisters Grace Annabelle DeMarco Augustine and Ellen DeMarco Ripley (Gwen DeMarco facebook page), cousin Tom

DeMarco, Tom: cousin of “Gwen” DeMarco, winner of Warnier Prize for lifetime contribution to the field of computing (1986)

Democracy: NSEA starship Tawny Madison and Peter Quincy Taggart served on together before the Protector [lt_madison MySpace website]

de Paul, Brandon Michael: questarian, played himself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie", Frankie Carter in "The Day the World Ended" (2001), Josh in "K-PAX" (2001)

Desing’s world: where Thermian ship, Galaxy Quest, in 2409 discovered the Historical Record Guide and Desing fell through the inter-dimensional portal connecting creation and sub-creation in which the Minnow survivors weren’t stranded ["Return to Gilligan’s Island"] and the Protector never launched ["Those Poor People, or The Island on the Edge of Forever" by G. L. Peabody]

Desing’s World”: filksong based on "Those Poor People, or The Island on the Edge of Forever" by G. L. Peabody

"Destiny Be Mine": pilot for "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"

"Device, The": "Protector II" episode in which Mathe discovers [Questarian Forums, retro-serendiptiously inspired "The Slaver Weapon" by Larry Niven]

"Devotion": Laredo saves Cmdr. Taggart's life on Callas when Galatians are attacked by Carpathians [by Setcheti]

Dezap: energy-damping planet ["The Nixvowls Uprising"]

Dhubb: noted for bheer which Chen had too much of at the Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arggho”)

Diphernt: empire from which the Nirs and ‘Sects come (“The Pirates of Arggho”)

digital conveyor: matter transmitter that digitizes transported object into qubits and then reassembles them, considered safer by the NSEA than the accident-prone UFP transporter [Galaxy Quest Technical Manual], 24th century upgrade of Control Systems Engineering, Inc.'s trademarked Digital Conveyors

Digitize Me, Lailari: sequel to Digitize Me, Chen

Digitize Me, Chen: autobiography of Fred Kwan

Dilirium: nebula visited by the Protector ["The Two Worlds of Dilirium"]

Dispensable: engineer Dogbody's ship ["The Cloak", "Spacevets"]

Divi: [sing. Divus] devolved Vidi, lost in Funn Games [“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “”Funn and Games”]

Djam: devolved Madj, lost in Funn Games [“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “Funn and Games”}

Doe, Jane: played Missi Pyle in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie", and Lailani and Lord Ksari in "Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures" ["Habitation"]

Dogbody: engineer on Dispensable ["The Cloak", "Spacevets"]

Dominionite: member of the Dominion, includes the Fatu-Krey ["Guest Starring"] and later the Gem'Hadar ["Deep Space 9"]

Doras: star in Mirad'llah constellation, near Tev'Mek

"Double Star": Cmdr. Taggart impersonates prince consort of Delphos [by Robert Heinlein, inspired The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope]

Double Yoo: Real Adventure in which Gwen’s friend Egon Spengler tinkers with her vox and gets it to work inter-dimensionally like Tawny’s after "A Crack in the Mirror", and she's able to get advice from Yoo too. Confusion ensues when everyone thinks she's having an affair with the actor who plays Yoo on the show, Martin O'Hara

"Down the Short Shoot": The Protector helps a pro-family agricultural colony defeat cloner invasion [inspired "Up the Long Ladder" by Melody M. Snodgrass]

Dzhallish: from Dzhalli, use very valuable orleev for currency (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

Earth Space Exploration Agency: (ESEA) computer analysts associated with SETI program

Earth Space Probe Agency (ESPA) associated with Starfleet and United Federation of Planets ["Tomorrow Is Yesterday"]

Edge of Forever: where Thermians found interdimensional portal ["Those Poor People, or The Island on the Edge of Forever"]

Eelani: Thermian nurse on Protector II ["Guest Starring"]

Elizabetha: retro colony world on which Cmdr. Taggart and Dr. Lazarus attempt to digitize to ["Today is the Tomorrow of Our Yesterdays"]

enok: drink with rum, raspberry, and orange liqueur []

Enok beast: beast that Cmdr. Taggart "downed" to win drinking contest ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

Eodins: devolved Eonids, played Funn Games (“A Taste for Nothing”, “Funn and Games”)

Eonids: humanoids without eyes, ears, noses, mouths or hands, mindcontrolled by Pladvog until freed by Cmdr. Taggart ["A Taste for Nothing"]

Eonid’s Lament, An”: filksong based upon “A Taste for Nothing”

"Escalation": Orici, Dr. Doom and Galactus (fka Ouranous) attack Earth at same time, during GalCon XXV, Mirabanna’s handmaid (Willow Rosenberg) counters omegahedron [by Vitruvuian]

"Escape from Kesh": the Protector is ordered to recapture Dragos. The Protector narrowly escapes from Kesh herself. [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "Jason of Star Command" episode]

"Escape from Tev'Meck": Dr. Lazarus is tortured by nightmares of his harrowing escape from the planet Tev'Meck as a child. They become worse as the Protector approaches the Mirad'llah constellation. The nearness of his archenemies, the evil Meechans, on a base on one of Doras’ moons turns out to be the cause. He swears an extra-strong oath, "Pef trom grabthar pef nof warvan paf mal av’phum." ("By the hammer of Grabthar, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be avenged.") and prepares a last meal. "Mok av freb pob fev roj kep-mok frutwux." ("Revenge is a dish best served with Kep-Mok bloodticks.") he explains. After getting his attention with a stress-relieving food fight, Cmdr. Taggart reminds the doctor of the Galactic Peace Accord, and together they arrest the Meechans for biochemical weapons manufacture, who proceed to curse the the Commander, the doctor, the Protector and the Galactic Union, in vulgar Meechanese. Dr. Lazarus proposes an alternative, "Tug hos dred hom buj bug beck kuj mat tev'meckmat jog shoj fujshum jevrut hom drod. wak hom poj zos sa wak brul brusdrov." ("If all aliens would learn to speak the logical language of Tev'Meckian, then such unfortunate misunderstandings would cease. We would have peace in our time continuum.") ["Grabthar's Hammer" by Jeffrey Henning]

ESEA: Earth Space Exploration Agency, founded in 1999, that explored Earth as much, if not more than, Space; not to be confused with the Space Exploration Agency

eshor: bat-winged rabbitoid steed from Tev'meck ["Return to Tev'meck"]

ESPA: Earth Space Probe Agency, not to be confused with the Earth Space Exploration Agency

"Every Crewman Loves His Ship": Through a digital conveyor malfunction Madison finds herself no longer a computer interface specialist, but the Protector computer's AI. As she tries to find her way back out through the digital conveyor and so back to her own reality, she has to also deal with hundreds of android admirers. [remade as a children‘s story for "Love and Spaceship".]

Evri: system where Arrgho is located (“The Pirates of Arggho”, “Banned from Arrgho”)

"Eye Got Yoo, Babe": Madison gets hit on the head and suddenly can not only hear Yoo, but see him as well, making Dr. Lazarus put her under observation, but another bump on the head gets Madison back to abnormal

Falcon: name of all the ships in Sarris' fleet, differentiated by number ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

fangor beast: pony-sized sabre-toothed tiger-like predator with claws and fangs and non-poisonous scorpion’s tail used as weapons by the Kreemorians ["Attack of the Kreemorians", "Long Live Princess Mirabanna", "The Sigournate Virus"], destroyed NX-01 [starship modeler website]

Fatu-Krey: saurians with characteristic clawed crest and back display quills, mercenaries for the Dominion until replaced by the Gem-Hadar ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

Fellieny: colonists on Thermians new home world ["Quest for the Stellar nursery" by Mandy Marguerite]

Feyer, Jonathan "Hollister": questarian, played himself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie"

fizzbin: game in which Cmdr. Taggart briefly lost the Protector ["Never Bet on Sunday"]

Fleegman, Guy: played Crewman Number Six in "Attack on Velatrek III", Sam Rockwell in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" (1999), "Roc" Ingersol in "Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures" (2000-2005)

Fleegman, Gwen: wife of Guy Fleegman in Guy/Gwen fanfic

Fleegman, Jane: wife of Guy Fleegman in Guy/Jane xover fanfic

Fleegman, Lailari: wife of Guy Fleegman in Guy/Lailari fanfic

Fleegman, Tawny: wife of Guy Fleegman in Guy/Tawny fanfic

Fleegmania: obsessive questarianism like Guy Fleegman, which in his case fortuitously landed him a minor role in "Galaxy Quest" and a major role in both "Galaxy Quest: The Movie", and "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"

"Flirting Is Dangerous": "Protector II" episode [Questarian Forums]

Fred: planet on which Starbase Fred is located, where Trip La Torr gave Chen his nickname while on the Surpasser, from which the Protector rescued Ezekiel Zachariah Madison II ["The Daedalus Factor"]

"Friends Never Forget": Dr. Lazarus submits his resignation from NSEA to Cmdr. Taggart, explaining that "Bag wak av-wak’rovmeck’tazmoj." ("Yes, I am my brother's keeper.") He explains that his unborn sibling, seems to have started growing within him. After an anguishing going-away party, recounting all the times his friends had saved his life and he theirs, he discovers it was only stomach cramps from bad bloodticks. As usual he turns philosophical, commenting "Sheck vuk mek pebmeck sek poj has mak'tar wan brev woj. sheck bax mek dof wur hom poj bok wak thuv wej." ("On the one hand, a sister might have meant the Mak'tar race could continue. On the other hand, the volvac sac would have made me look bloated.") ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke]

"From Self Centered to Other Centered": "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" review by Pat and Jerry Westfall pointing out connection between Phil. 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me." and "Never give up. Never surrender."

"Front-line Finale": A war breaks out before Dr. Lazarus can finish performing his rendition of "I Am a Pirate King" in Tev‘Meckian.

Fümf: [Ger. Five] crewman who sacrificed himself to save Protector crew in Mirad'llah civil war ["Stardust"]

"Funn and Games": Cmdr. Taggart and Dr. Lazarus are matched in a series of battles for the timelines of their homeworlds by extra-dimensionals. If Dr. Lazarus wins the Mak’Tar will be saved but all Human history will be erased and replaced by the Namuhs’. If Taggart wins the will be replaced by the Rak’Tam. When Taggart seems to be losing, Dr. Lazarus declares Earth his adopted home and the match is declared forfeit. When Taggart questions him, he answers, "But I didn't give up or surrender, sir. I changed sides.", see Bhubd, Dectroils, Divi, Eodins, Hargatts, Jadm, Kdongs, Kek’tja, Laenph’p, Limp’ses, Meedo, Opdohr, Parzizo, Ratu-Kfey, Rem’Hadag, Rins, Sautoosh, Tsazzbats [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "Outer Limits: Fun and Games”]

Funn: extradimensionals from the Funn dimension who play for timelines (“Funnan Games”)

Future Questarians: fans of "FutureQuest"

Galactic Peace Accord: (GPA) document under which "each world and system operates independently under its own government (and is defended by its own military), using the protocols of the Accord as rules to deal with the other signatories" ["Reconstructing Galaxy Quest: Backstory Ideas" by Dalton S. Spence]

Galactic Union: (GU) private organization of scientists, philosophers and artists ["The Cthulian Craft"] including the data-gathering NSEA and the data-storing Galactic Union Archives (GUA), both adhering to the Galactic Peace Accord (GPA) [Terrain -- Ch. 1] or a League for heroes on the PC version of DC Universe Online

Galactic Union Archives: (GUA) branch of the Galactic Union storing the sum total of all data collected in NSEA explorations [Terrain -- Ch. 1]

"Galaktitkos Küldetés": Hungarian version of "Galaxy Quest"

Galatians: from Galatia, nearly killed Taggart on Callas ["Devotion"]

Galaxies Quest”: intergalactic “Galaxy Quest” spin-off, with cameos by Jason Nesmith, Gwen DeMarco, and Alexander Dare, which didn’t make it past the pilot [retro-seredipitiously inspired “StarGate: Universe”]

"Galaxy Busters": Real Adventure The Protector crew again fights the Fatu-Krey, now lead by the vengeful widow of Sarris, Hath-Sarris, with help of Gwen's co-star in "S. O. S. Fantômes" (1984), and "River of Slime" (1989), ex-boyfriend, Peter Venkman, and his friends, Ray Stanz, and Egon Spengler. [by Sheila Paulson, published in Compadres 20]

Galaxy Quest: Thermian starship that discovered the Keeper of the Historical Records on Desing’s world ["Those Poor People or the Island on the Edge of Forever"]; also novelized version of “Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by Terry Bisson

Galaxy Quest 1: first in series of paperback collections of "Galaxy Quest: The Original Series" adaptations by Jesse James Blish, with much backstory added, considered by purists as apocryphal and not "Historical Record"

"Galaxy Quest": aka “Galaxy Quest: The Movie”, Real Adventure version of "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues" [based on "The Adventures of Capt. Zoom in Outer Space" by Brian Levant, Rick Copp and David A. Goodman]

"Galaxy Quest": aka "Galaxy Quest: The Original Show" (GQ:TOS), science fictional TV series 1981-85, chronicling the adventures of the NSEA starship Protector 300 years in the future

Galaxy Quest cards: collectable card set including: "Cmdr. Peter Quincy Taggart", "Lt. Tawny Madison", "Dr. Lazarus", "The Crew of The NSEA Protector", but noted for the rare first edition’s "Episode 41: The Bivrakium Element" and "Episode 52: Today Is The Tomorrow of Our Yesterdays" left out of later editions

Galaxy Quest comics: confusingly set in the Jedi galaxy by Stew Sparkey

Galaxy Quest comics: Real Adventures stories by Scott Lobdell, such as the pilot series, "Global Warming"

Galaxy Quest Episode Guide: guide to "Galaxy Quest: The Original Series" episodes [by Travis Lakte] later updated to include volume 2, Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues Episode Guide

Galaxy Quest Fun Trivia: questions and answers about the minor facts of "Galaxy Quest" []

Galaxy Quest Game, The: simplified (1991) version of Galaxy Quest: Strategic Operations Simulator, rock-dodging, jewel-gathering astrogation simulation [VGA Planets]

Galaxy Quest Memories: autobiographical book by Jason Nesmith with Bob Gordon and David Howard [Galaxy Quest fandom website]

Galaxy Quest Monopoly: GQ themed Monopoly which substituted planets for streets, starships for railroads, Omega 13 for Get-out-of-blackhole free card, etc., and like “Space Alert” included a "How to Become a Space Explorer" handbook [by Cris Dippel at]

Galaxy Quest Movie Corrections: corrects common misunderstandings of views of "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" at

Galaxy Quest: Strategic Operations Simulator: 1983 video game voiced by Fred Kwan and Alexander Dane

"Galaxy Quest": aka "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" (Christmas 1999), "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues" pilot expanded into movie length by adding the conspiracy theories about GalCon XVIII's saucer crash and resetting it in an alternative universe, won Hugo, Saturn, Silver Raven and Nebula awards, [by David Howard and Robert Gordon]. As the first full-length movie ever made in Thermian, the original Thermian version easily won the Hochi Film Award for best foreign language film, called by George Takei "a chillingly realistic documentary" and "a powerful piece of documentary filmmaking", by Patrick Stewart "brilliant", by Brannon Braga "well-done", [retro-seredipitiously inspired "Visit to a Weird Planet" by Jean Lorrah and Willard F. Hunt, "Visit to a Weird Planet, Revisited" by Ruth Berman, and "The Adventures of Capt. Zoom"]

"Galaxy Quest, The Journey Continues": revival of original "Galaxy Quest" with most of the original cast and introducing the humanoid Thermian Lailari and Security Chief "Roc" Ingersol, shown on XSCI-FI channel ["A New Type of Network" by Andrew Troy Keller]

Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures: revival of original “Galaxy Quest” and novelizations, including Lord Ksari and the Jen'tka Brigade

Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures Technical Manual: revised version of original Galaxy Quest Technical Manual including Falcon blueprints [by Matt Sweeney and Linda DeScenna with introduction by Frank Ross, Galaxy Quest fandom website]

"Galaxy Quest: The Next Generation": yet another spinoff leaked at 30th anniversary Wondercon by Ashley Miller (DarenDoc's blog)

Galaxy Quest: The Real Adventures: Galaxy Quest paperback novel series by Jesse James Blish based on "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" with cephalopodan Lailari and set in 21st, not 24th, century

Galcon: multi-player game Galaxy Conquest, not to be confused with GalCon

GalCon I: (1982) disenfranchised by rumors of Spock's death in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan", the first Galaxy Quest Convention was organized by fan club president Guy Fleegman with the theme, "Spock is dead; Lazarus lives!" (Spock-ke av khep lazzarrus phock!")

GalCon II: (1983) London, thanks to questarians' letters and Jason Nesmith's success in his latest 006 film, "Dr. Nyet", "Galaxy Quest" is not cancelled

GalCon IV: (1985) questarians try to stop the cancellation of “Galaxy Quest”

GalCon V: (1986) St. Louis, all the efforts of the questarians fail and the series is still not revived, but they "never give up, never surrender." Travis Latke interviews Gwen DeMarco

GalCon VIII: (May 1989) in Glasgow, Scotland

GalCon XVIII: (Aug. 1999) in Los Angeles, noted for impressive saucer crash finale promoting "Galaxy Quest: The Movie (2000)", but interpreted by conspiracy theorists as the crash of a real flying saucer and not the fake that ended up at Paramount's theme park [Sky and Telescope, Galaxy Quest fandom website], cannibalized to help rebuild Prometheus, Daedalus, Odyssey and Korolev at Area 51 ("SG-1")

GalCon XIX: (2000) in New York City, featured Ghostbusters, Bruce Boxleitner from "Babylon 5", scriptwriter from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", Len Wolfman of Capt. Steel comics ["Galaxy Busters" by Sheila Paulson]

GalCon XX: (2001) in Oxford, Miss., with Jason Nesmith, Alexander Dane and Jane Doe [Charles Lunkinbill, III's website]

GalCon XXII: (2003) in St. Louis, Grudge Match: "Galaxy Quest" vs. "Spaceballs" miscalled by the judges [WWWF]

GalCon XXV: (2006) in Los Angeles, noted for brawl that broke out between villains and heroes, Alex Dane transmogrified into Tev'meckian, Thermians join war against Ori, Odysseus saves Protector II, Mirabanna’s handmaid Willow Rosenberg disables omegahedron ["Escalation" by Vitruvian]

gallium arsenide: ore vital to Dominion technology (”Galaxy Quest: The Movie”]

Gath’gor: outlaw in Ngh’f of Nixvowls’ gang ("The Nixvowls Uprising")

Gar: Fatu-Kret guard Madison tries to seduce, by acting like a Terrakian slave girl [deleted scene in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

Gark'nor: Angian ["Gark'nor of Ang", Galaxy Quest by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

"Gark'nor of Ang": ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon, "Galaxy Quest: The Original Series"]

gat: source of gat extract, particularly addictive to Scithyans ["The Scithyan Syndrome"]

Gdonks: galactic empire at war with the Ssazzbatt empire until peace talks on Medusa, pig-lizard-like [Travis Latke photo archive, “The Two Lovers of Medusa”]

Gem'Hadar: reptilian cyborgs who replaced the Dominion's Jent'ka, who had replaced the Fatu-Frey ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie", "Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures", "Star Trek: Deep Space 9"]

Giebehain, Todd: questarian, played himself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie"

"Global Warming": IDW Publishing's Real Adventure comic book miniseries by Scott Lobdell in which the crew of the Protector II (fixed by Maj. Carter, etal. formerly of SG-1) saves world from Judgement ship, while Col. Stetson tries to cover it up, amid rumors of killing off Lazarus on "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"

"Golden Orbit": The Protector rescues a stranded spaceship. [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "Salvage-1" episode]

Golding, Marc: questarian contributor to NSEA Bulletin

Golding, Drew: questarian contributor to NSEA Bulletin

goppa: fruit whose juice paralyses ["The Scithyan Syndrome"]

Gordon, Howard: writer of many of original “Galaxy Quest” episodes

Gorignak: rock giant that disrupted operations on the beryllium sphere mine, but found peace and quiet again when Chen returned him back into space ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"], similar to Spragg the Living Mountain animated by rock-encrusted spores [Strange Tales by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee] which in turn are very like Yog aka Gezora ["Space Amoeba" aka "Yog -- Monster from Space" by Ei Ogawa]

Goriknakless: re-named bronzium mining colony after Chen removed the rock giant Gorignak ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

GPA: Galactic Peace Accord

GQ: Gentleman’s Quarterly, not to be confused with Galaxy Quest magazine

GQ:SOS: Galaxy Quest: Strategic Operations Simulator (1983) video game complete with Commander’s chair

GQ:TNA: sequel to original "Galaxy Quest", beginning with pilot “Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues” and the spin-off novelizations

GQ:TRA: Galaxy Quest: The Real Adventures book series

GQ:TOS: "Galaxy Quest", the original series

Grabthar: [Tev'meckian "king of the gods" or "Creator-God"] ancient Mak'tar god who forged the universe with his hammer, mightier than all demigods born from his union with a Mak'tar ["Tales of the Mak'tar" by Stefanie Fleck], on the Last Day (Zar-nof) he will use his hammer as a gavel to judge those who have followed the Code of the Mak'tar and those who have not

"Grabthar's Hammer": In 2381 Dr. Lazarus learns new clues to destroyers of his planet near Mulu-izi. Prof Yoo, leads the Protector to "minorly successful" explorations of Vilmor I, Indri II, Ruah III, Loren IV, Kea V, and Atalia VI. In appreciation Dr. Lazarus treats all his friends, old and new, to "Grabthar’s Silver Hammer" on his Tev’meckian dulcimer [by Steve MacDonald, inspired "The Chase" by Ronald D. Moore and Joe Menosky]

Grabthar's Toolbox: annotated version of "Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke [by Jeffrey Henning]

Gretner AI: Stage 5 AI developed by Aidel Grenter used on all NSEA ships, partial to beautiful, intelligent, gentle, patient female computer interface specialists, the kind Aidel Grenter aspired to be and wanted to see in NSEA ["Artificial Devotion"]

Grentner, Aidel: developer of the Gretner AI, ranked with Richard Daystrom and Noonien Soong ["Artificial Devotion"]

GUA: Galactic Union Archives

Guardians of the Universe: title of the Oans [Green Lantern series]

"Guest Starring": Real Adventure version of "Return to Delphos" with "Buffy" xover

"Guilty Pleasures": conspiracy theories threaten to break up LAQ, Los Angeles Questarians

Guk: homeworld of Zellda, visited by the Protector ["The Witch-queen of Guk", inspired Zelda of Hyrule RPG]

h’Ors: equinoids whose fondness for ryoat got Dr. Lazarus arrested at Arrgho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

"Habitation": Real Adventure episode in which Fred and Lailani’s relationship develops, she takes on the role of Lord Ksari as well as Crewman Lailari [by Li]

"Hair Shirt, The": After the Protector chases a Zatchzxy battle barge through a polluted worm hole, the crew finds themselves plagued with accelerated hair growth. Although Dr. Lazarus longs for Cthulan technology, "Tug wak-sok on brarnep mam Cthulaj-ke." ("If we only had the catacombs of planet Cthulaj..."), he nevertheless finds the antidote, but not before their hirsute disguises help them infiltrate and capture the Zatchzxy. ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke]

Hal'Pern: magician, poet, thief wanted by the Zarzipo empire ["Hal'Pern, the Magnificent"]

"Hal'Pern, the Magnificent": The Protector brings Hal'Pern back alive and well to the emperor of Zarzipo, thanks to the even more magnificent crew of the Protector

Hath-Sarris: widow of Rak’h’ar Sarris who seeks revenge (“Galaxy Busters” by Sheila Paulson)

Hautooss: noted for unique software programming (“The Pirates of Arggh”)

Heinlein, Robert: wrote two episodes of original "Galaxy Quest" [German Galaxy Quest website] based on his Hugo-winning "Double Star" and "Mistress Is A Harsh Moon", the popular parody of his "The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress"

"Héroes Fuera de Órbita": ["Heroes outside of orbit" ] Argentinian/Spanish version of "Galaxy Quest" [Leonardo D'Espósito]

Heróis Fora de Órbita: Brazilian/Portuguese version of "Galaxy Quest"

Historical Records Guide: (HRG) Thermian "Bible" found by Desing on the Edge of Forever, along with the inter-dimensional portal guarded by the Keeper of the Historical Records ["Those Poor People or, The Island on the Edge of Forever"]

Hollander, Katelyn: wife of Hollander in Hollander/Katelyn fanfic

"Hollow God, The": The Protector comes across a space-faring biosphere, its technology failing. The computer that runs the world is breaking down. It believes the legends that its inhabitants have told for hundreds of years -- believes it is a god. And now the god is dying. It scans the Protector's databank and kidnaps Chen, hoping beyond hope for repair. Chen has to convince Princess Miranee to become a heretic. ["Habitation", retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky" by Rik Vollaerts, and "The Starlost" by Harlan Ellison]

"Homeward Voyage": The Protector crew think themselves fortunate to get themselves back alive and reasonably well, despite a detour in time, while attempting to return the last pair of breeding ponyhoppers to the Thermians, until the Protector’s surrounded by time knots and the Commander has to order activation of the Omega 13.

Hoopty Doopty: engineer Pippin's ship ["The Cloak", "Home Boys from Outer Space"]

Houston, Walter: questarian contributor to NSEA Bulletin

hospi-tali: sensation-enhancing tea, usually contraband (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

Howard, Jeremy "Kyle": questarian, played himself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" (1999), postal sorter in "Men in Black II" (2002), Tartutic #1 in "Lady in the Water" (2006)

HRG: Historical Records Guide, Thermian “Bible”

"How to Become a Space Explorer": rulebook included with Galaxy Quest boardgame

I Am Not Lazarus: autobiographical book by Alexander Dane, prequel to post-revival I Am Lazarus [the one with Dr. Lazarus on the cover, Galaxy Quest fandom website]

I Am Lazarus: autobiographical book by Sir Alexander Dane, sequel to pre-revival I Am Not Lazarus, with introduction by Frank Ross [the one with Sir Alexander Dane on the cover, Galaxy Quest fandom website]

Iathenans: pencil-thin humanoids who identify Dr. Lazarus as prophesied Maeninol ("Quest for the Stellar Nursary" by Mandy Marguerite]

"I Cannot Tell A Lie": Television Tropes and Idioms article which like "Innocent Aliens" holds Thermians up as prime example of honesty

"Icicles of Pentillium, The": The Protector is sent to Pentillium after an unannounced thermal-neutron blast sends ripples through the Milky Way. The galaxy’s fragile peace is threatened by bad vibrations from the frigid wasteland. Cmdr. Taggart and his crew discover that a hidden holo-plant actually faked the blast. With accusations and counter-accusations flooding all communications, they manage to gain control of the plant and send out a pangalactic holographic smiley-face. ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke]

"If Quellek Had Lived": Alex/Quellek fanfic by missfae in which Thermians are incredibly bisexual with dupicate organs

"I Love Yoo 2": Yoo 2's and Louisiana Smith's wedding is running into problems, not the least of which are Yoo 3 through 12 (inspired "Second Chances" by Mike Medlock

Ingersol, Gwen: wife of "Roc" Ingersol in Roc/Gwen fanfic

Ingersol, Jane: wife of "Roc" Ingersol in Roc/Jane fanfic

Ingersol, Lailari: wife of "Roc" Ingersol in Roc/Lailari fanfic

Ingersol, Tawny: wife of "Roc" Ingersol in Roc/Tawny fanfic

Ingersol, Victor Rockwell "the Roc": (Guy Fleegman) security chief of the Protector III, ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"] who previously served on the Concord, Kennedy, Rebellious, Starsearcher, Traveler, Ulysses, Venture, Xavier, [Guy’s website,] and on the ill-fated ship Trojan under Lazarus' father, Lt. Cmdr. Trip LaTorr

"Innocent Aliens": Television Tropes and Idioms article giving Thermians as example of ultimate innocent aliens, see "I Cannot Tell A Lie"

"Inventional Wisdom": Television Tropes and Idioms article explaining the necessity for the Choppers in the Protector as a running-the-gauntlet rite-of-passage, comparing it to "Return to Witch Mountain", see "Smashing Hallways Traps of Death"

Ipthar: ["spouse of God"] Nike-like goddess whom Quellek thanks when he thinks he has survived, in the last moments of his life ["Galaxy Quest" by David Howard and Robert Gordon, "Tales of the Mak'Tar"], see Mary, Our Lady of Victory

Irwin, James: questarian contributor to NSEA Bulletin

Jannakia: Thermian bit by vampire ["Guest Starring"]

Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency: (JAXA) Japan's 2003 answer to US's Space Exploration Agency

"Jason, Nobody's Flying the Ship": Protector II collides with alternate Protector

that collided with neutron comet in Abyrian sector [by the Fishkeeper]

JAXA: Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency

Jen'tka: slimy cephalopodan mercenaries who replaced the reptilian Fatu-Krey and were replaced by the cyborg Gem-Hadar ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues", "Habitation" "Galaxy Quest: The Movie", "Deep Space 9"]

Jesus: to Whom Crewman Number Six ["Attack on Volatrex 3", aka Numerus Sextus] and Crewman Zwölf ["A Crack in the Mirror"], and Guy Feegleman ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie"] call to for help, see Mary

Jonbar junction: point at which two alternative timelines branch, such as when reality become unreality or vice versa

"Journey Continues, The": Cmdr. Taggart comes out of semi-retirement as a part-time lecturer at Starseacher Academy to negotiate a peace treaty for some harassed Thermian scientists. When that goes badly, he recruits his old shipmates with the Thermians’ new Protector II. After winning one battle against the Fatu-Krey warlord Sarris in the Tothian mind field, the crew has to find a replacement beryllium sphere. Chen rescues the Commander from a pig-lizard and a rock giant, so he can stop the Protector’s self-destruct, save the deck crew with the Omega 13, and survive a crash landing on Earth, before finally shooting Sarris with a plasma pistol. ["The New Adventures of Galaxy Quest"]

Joytan plague: unpleasant disease from pleasure plant Joyta, cured only by aranar (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

Joytans: light-brown-skinned and friendly bar owners of Arggho spaceport (“Arrgho”, “Banned from Arrgho”)

"Just in Time": Television Tropes and Idioms article explaining the necessity of saving the day at the last second as in virtually every episode of "Galaxy Quest"

Kairless the Unforgiven”: New Adventure in which Lord Kairless, fka Kairless the Undefeated, leader of the Jen’tka, loses a battle to the Protector and his tentacles and is succeeded by Lord Ksari (retro-seredipitiously inspired Kahless the Unforgotten)

Kairless the Unforgiving”: New Adventure in which regenerated Kairless seeks revenge on both Ksari and Taggart, who incredibly and temporarily work together (“retro-serendipitiously inspired “Day of the Dove” by Jerome Bixby)

Kanrie: Fatu-Frey messenger for Tada Taika ["The Wrath of Sarris", "Protector II"]

Karinkma, Mathesar: (voiced by Mathesar) Mathesar's twin brother, Thermian Cmdr. of Protector II and leader of colonization of Thermia ("Protector II")

Katiana: (voiced by Teck) Thermia colonist ["Protector II"]

Keeper of the Historical Records: found on Desing’s world along with the inter-dimensional portal connecting the Creator’s creation and the creature’s sub-creations [“Those Poor People, or The Island on the Edge of Forever”]

Kelairi: Thermian political opportunist ["Guest Starring"]

Kennedy: NSEA starship "Roc" Ingersol served on ["Roc" Ingersol’s security_guy MySpace website]

kep-mok: [Tev'Meckian "devouring-mother"] mother bloodtick, Mak'tar food animal

Kersithon: Thermian injured when pirates boarded Protector II ["Guest Starring"]

"Khax za thack; khax gru'tock.": Tev'meckian for "Never give up. Never surrender!" which replaced "Klatu barada nikto." as the most famous alien language quotation ["The Bivrakium Element" in Galaxy Quest 3]

Kiel, Stuart: questarian contributor to NSEA Bulletin

Klatu nebula: nebula formed by nova 12,000,000 BC, in which Termians former homeworld Theramin was [alien of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951), "Galaxy Quest: The Movie", "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

"Klatu barada nikto.": most famous alien language quotation until replaced by "Khax za thack khax gru tock." ["The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951)]

Klive serpent: serpentoid enemy of galactic peace from Klive, yet that bleeds blood-red ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

Korolev: Russian spaceship which was refitted using parts from Protector I's saucer

Kratu-Fey: beings from which Fatu-Krey devolved, lost in Funn Games [“Funn and Games”]

Kreemorian: see Cremorian, empire that uses fangor beasts as weapons ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

krevlite: coating material used to stabilize bivrakium [kevlon lite portmanteau, "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

KQU-flux: ["The Ambassador's Gambit"] humanoids who learned the foolishness of the death penalty

Ksari, Lord: (Jane Doe) Commander of the cephalopodan Jen'tka Brigade which replaced Sarris’ Fatu-Key mercenaries ["Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures", "Habitation"]

Kubiak, Paul J.: questarian, played himself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie", stand-in on "Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines" (2003)

Kwan, Gwen: wife of Fred Kwan in Fred/Gwen in Real Advertures fanfic

Kwan, Fred: born al-Phared Enuman, Oct. 9, 1953, adopted by Taiwanese stepfather, played Chen in "Galaxy Quest" (1981-85) and "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues" (2000-2005), voiced Galaxy Quest: Strategic Operations Simulator (1983), Tony Shalhoub in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" (1999), Alexander Minion in "Spy Kids I" (2001), "Spy Kids II" (2002), "Spy Kids III" (2003), Jack Jeeps in "Men in Black I" (1997) and "Men in Black II" (2002), Adrian in “Adrian, Monk” (2005-2010), author of Digitize Me, Chen (1986) and Digitize Me, Lailari (2001)

Kwan, Jane: wife of Fred Kwan in Fred/Jane The Real Adventures fanfic

Kwan, Lailari: wife of Fred Kwan in Fred/Lailari in The New Adventures fanfic

Kwan, Tawny: wife of Fred Kwan in Fred/Tawny xover fanfic

L’Riss: Elder of Tev’Meck, friend of Lazarus’s family, wife of T’Noseen, died with Tev’meck ["Return to Planet Amexon", "Return to Tev’meck", "Resurrection"]

L’Tisha: niece of Mak’tar Elders T’Noseen and L’Riss, friend of Lazarus‘s family ["Return to Tev’meck"], died with Tev’meck ["Resurrection"]

Laenph’p: devolved Paenph’l, lost in Funn Games (“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “Funn and Games”)

Lailari: (played by Jane Doe) second non-Human member of the Protector III crew ["Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures"]

Larilai of Theramin: played Missi Pyle in "Galaxy Quest: Movie", voiced Stacy Waxman in "The Tick: Arthur Needs Space" (2001), played Windy Sommers in "Roswell: Control", Hope in "Heroes" (2006)

Lank: Thermian ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie"]

"Larak Tarath!": Mak'tar strength chant, actually swear words as indicated by the taboo final -th ["Mystery Science Theater Presents 'Galaxy Quest'"], meaning "Damned weakness!", from "Tharat karal!" ("Blessed strength!") chanted backwards, though sounding like the prayer, “La Wak Turrut” (“Verily I Believe”)

Laredo: (played by Tommy Webber) He had been born in a climate-controlled dome city and raised on constant stimulation ["Devotion"], youngest helmsman in the NSEA on the Protector 2382-85 ["Galaxy Quest", inspired Wesley Crusher of "Star Trek: The Next Generation"]

Laredo, Gwen: wife of Laredo in Laredo/Gwen fanfic

Laredo, Jane: wife of Laredo in Laredo/Jane fanfic

Laredo, Lailari: wife of Laredo in Laredo/Lailari fanfic

Laredo, Tawny: wife of Laredo in Laredo/Tawny fanfic

Lareth: [Theral backward] Dr. Lazareth’s younger brother, son of Luchien and Lazienne, twin of Lethe ["Return to Tev’meck"], his maternal uncle, son of Luchien and Lazienne, twin of Lethe, who died with Tev’meck ["Resurrection"]

Largos: dissenter against the Treeb sect of Thermian theologians [“Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues”]

Last First One, The”: last First One uses GQRPG to recruit the Protector V crew to carry on (retro-seredipitiously inspiring “The Last Starfighter”, “StarGate: Univese”)

Last Son of Tev'Meck: highly creative biography of Dr. Lazarus [retro-seredipitiously inspired Last Son of Krypton]

Lathe, Rak: lieutenant in the Fatu-Krey army under Sarris ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie"]

LaTorr, Trip: served with Chen on Surpasser [Fred Chen’s MySpace website], father of Lazarus of Traveller, captured by the Meechans in the destruction of Tev'meck ["Resurrection"]

La Wak Turrut”: [Verily, I Believe”] Mak’Tar song sung by Dr. Lazarus frequently

"Lazarus, Come Forth": [John 11:43] New Adventure episode in which Lazarus finds the Meechans, but he is killed and Taggart unconscious, until they are revived by acting Commander Madison's activation of the Omega 13 [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record’s "Star Trek: The Search for Spock"]

Lazarus, Dr.: [Tev'Meckian Lazzarrus "very last offspring"] (played by Alexander Dare) born 2345 to Lt. Cmdr. Tripp LaTorr and Lazienne of Mak'tar, brother of Lareth and Lethe, earned doctorate at Mak'tar Science Academy before Meeshans’ attempted genocide of the Mak'tar [or in the alternative ending of "Lazarus, Lazarus" the successful genocide, after which he is revived by the Leptoids, much as was "Penny Priddy" (Peggy Simpson Banzai, in the alternative ending of "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension" by Earl Mac Rauch (1984)], warrior-diplomat of the Galactic Union, on the Protector under Cmdr. May and science office with Lt. Leonard Neboy, under Cmdr. Trout and with Lt. Com. Peter Quincy Taggart [dr_lazarus MySpace website], 2381-2405 under Peter Quincy Taggart [dr_lazarus MySpace website]

Lazarus, Gwen-ke ip: wife of Lazarus in Lazarus/Gwen fanfic

Lazarus, Jane-ke ip: wife of Lazarus in Lazarus/Jane fanfic

Lazarus, Lailari-ke ip: wife of Lazarus in Lazarus/Lailari fanfic

"Lazarus, Lazarus": On December 17, 2383, the feast of St. Lazarus, Dr. Lazarus finally shares with his friends how his parents prophetically named him Lazarus, meaning "very last progeny" in his mother’s native Tev’Meckian and "whom God helps" in his father’s traditional Hebrew [by Lewin Hurley, incorporated into "On the Edge of Forever City"], in the alternative ending it is revealed that God helped via Red Lectroids, who had done nothing to prevent the genocide, who raised him from the dead. Chen on the Surpasser found the young Mak'tar with the ancestral memories of his whole race's civilization and the accelerated growth of their enemy. He grew to adulthood in less than two years at the Starseacher Academy, obtaining several doctorates, before joining Chen and classmate Laredo on the Protector. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke, inspired "Silicon Avatar" by Lawrence V. Conley, and "Sins of the Father" by Ronald D. Moore and W. Reed Morgan and "Family" by Ronald D. Moore].

Lazareth, Tawny-ke ip: wife of Lazarus in Lazarus/Tawny fanfic [“Return to Tev’Meck”]

Lazarus typology: proposed by Dr. Lazarus in "Lazarus, Lazarus" and further explained in I Am Lazarus by Sir Alexander Dane, in opposition to coincidence hypothesis promoted in his earlier book, I Am Not Lazarus. It proposes that Lazarus is a quantum superposition of many different states of existence and that what is perceived as real depends on the point of view of the observer as in J. W. Dunn's Serial Universe Theory. Since they ultimately all have the same Origin in God, His Creation and Man’s sub-creations (“On Fairy-Stories” by J. R. R. Tolkien) are all interconnected as precognitive dreams, as confirmed in "Honor the Dreamers" by Heather Alexander. Although the sequence can vary, it typically goes: a story experienced, told of, written of, read about, acted out, viewed, re-told, re-written, re-viewed, re-enacted, re-lived. Some questarians even include the prophetic: pre-telling, pre-writing, pre-viewing, pre-enacting, pre-living. Each step in the series requires at least a new dream, if not a new dreamer.

Lazienne: lifemate of Luchien, mother of Lazareth, and twins Lareth and Lethe, ["Return to Tev'meck"], wife of Lt. Cmdr. Trip LaTorr, who both died with Tev'meck ["Resurrection"]

Lectroids: Red and Black hairless humanoids from Planet Ten. The Red Lectroids mock-threatened Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers into defeating the evil Red Lectroids, and bring back to life his beloved "Penny Priddy" ["The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension" by Earl Mac Rauch], revealed to be Buckaroo's presumed dead bride Peggy Simpson, hypnotized by Fu Manchu alias Hanoi Xan, into thinking she was her identical twin ["Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League"], resurrected Dr. Lazarus [“Lazarus, Lazarus” alternative ending,]

Leitren: enemy race in "Protector II"

Lethe: Dr. Lazareth’s sister, daughter of Lazienne and Luchien, twin of Lareth, ["Return to Tev’meck"], died with Tev’meck ["Resurrection"]

"LFA Quest": "Galaxy Quest" parody by Charles Roberts with Cmdr. Alexander Anthors Storms, Dr. Quack, Fifi Tyers, Tech Sergeant Ben, and Soredo in Lightning Force Agency

Liamoto: Elder of Tev’meck, friend of Lazarus’s family, husband of M’ianne ["Return to Planet Amexon", "Return to Tev’meck", "Resurrection"]

Liliamesa: Thermian mutineer ["Guest Starring"]

Liltian "Lilt" Kaplan: Thermia Thermian, twin of Lithian Kaplan ["Protector II"]

Limp’ses: devolved Simp’ls, lost in Funn Games (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

Lishians: Deemo colonists on Lish which Chen bested in drinking contest at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arggho”)

Lithian "Lith" Kaplan: Thermia Thermian, twin of Liltian Kaplan ["Protector II"]

Loff: Chen-look-alikes, allies of Thermians against Takonian Empire ["A New Adventure" by Tony Lee Healey]

Lon: ensign on the Protector I ["Devotion"]

Long, Brandon: (played by Brandon Whatton) questarian ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie"]

Long, Katlyn: wife of Brandon Long in Brandon/Katlyn fanfic

"Long Live Princess Mirabanna": The Protector is forced to stop for supplies at Princess Mirabanna's world, but she refuses Taggart's offer of protection, demonstrating by her and her handmaid killing a fangor beast with sword and hand blast ["With Special Guest"]

Lost Planet, The”: Sarris' twin brother Tada Taiki seeks to avenge his brother's murder [inspired "Voyager II: The Lost Planet"]

"Lost Outpost, The": while pursuing Phibian pirates the Protector discovers a long-lost outpost of the ancient T'kalandon empire. Both pursuers and pursued are threated by its beautiful, but deadly, sentinel. [inspired "That Which Survives" by Michael Richards, inspired "The Last Outpost" by Richard Krzemien]

Love and Spaceship": remake of "Every Crewman Loves His Ship" in which DeMarco was the voice of the ship computer ["Futurama"]

"Love Reflector, The": The Protector visits the planet Herekos, which Cmdr. Taggart soon pleasantly discovers seems to be populated entirely with beautiful women. He does not heed Ingersol‘s warnings, and finds himself shrunk like the other men of the planet down to six inches. The Queen Bee thinks he’s "just a living doll" and wants to keep him forever. Chen says the digital conveyor is on the blink -- literally -- so Tawny leads a rescue plan involving reprogrammed appearance generators to rescue their impulsive Cmdr.. [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record’s "The Adventures of Don Quick" episode by Keith Miles]

Luann of Bajor: wife of Richard Taggart, mother of Flynn Taggart

Luchien: lifemate of Lazienne, father of Lazarus, Lareth and Lethe, ["Return to Tev’meck"], Mak’tar suitor

Lazienne: rejected for Commander Trip LaTorr ["Resurrection"]

M’ianne: Elder of the Tev’meck, friend of Lazarus’s family, wife of Liamoto ["Return to Planet Amexon", "Return to Tev’meck", "Resurrection"], died with Tev’meck ["Resurrection"]

M'Yurg 47: refueling depot ["A Taste for Nothing"]

Madison, Sr., Ezekiel Zebediah: great grandfather of Tawny, founder of EZ Cybernetics ["Artificial Devotion"]

Madison, Jr., Ezekiel Zebediah: grandfather of Tawny ["Artificial Devotion"]

Madison, III, Ezekiel Zebediah: father of Tawny, heir of EZ Cybernetics ["Artificial Devotion"]

Madison, Tawny: (played by Gwen DeMarco) daughter of computer interface specialist on the Protector, although she studied to be security at Starsearcher Academy ["Artificial Devotion"]

Madj: rivals of Ordohp at bazaar at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

magneto-pistol: preferred weapon of the NSEA

Magna Roma: imperial Romanesque civilization that learned than it’s more profitable to export android security personnel than live ones [“Bread and Circuses” by Gene Roddenberry and Gene L. Coon]

Mak’tar: purplish saurians with head ridges (which became status symbol among non-Galactic Union saurians, such as the Klingons, after the destruction of Tev'Meck), a complex waste elimination system ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon], with males carrying an undeveloped back-up twin of undetermined sex in his volvac sac ["Friends Never Forget"], whose homeworld, Tev’meck was destroyed by the Meechans, with Lazarus the sole survivor

Mak’tarmat: language of the Mak’tar of Tev’meck, of which Tev’meckian is a pidgin form

Mak’tar Code: Mosaic code of justice that includes revenge, but equitably, eye-for-an-eye, a death-for-a-death ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

Mak’tar stealth: ninja-like technique for becoming nearly undetectable, clinging to walls, etc. ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

Manley, Jennifer: questarian, played herself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie"

mapper: device used by NSEA to collect and record information on the planets it explores

Marte: noted for women ("Parallax Premonition")

Martenne-ni: [Fren. "Martean woman or ..."] non-alcoholic fruit drink, NOT a martini, said to be the only thing better than a woman from Marte, that Dr. Lazarus introduced to Chen ("Parallax Premonition")

Mary: identified by several titles, mother of Jesus [Mokthar], spouse of the Holy Spirit [Ipthar], daughter of the Father [Fonkom], Our Lady of Victory

Mathesar: (voiced by Erico Colantoni) Thermian Cmdr. of the Protector II

May: Cmdr. of the Protector before Cmdr. Trout [dr_lazarus MySpace website, retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's Capt. April in "Star Trek"]

Medusa: site of intergalactic peace talks between the Gdonk and Ssazzbatt empires ["The Two Lovers of Medusa"], matriarchal planet ruled by Fulvia ["Space Maidens"]

Meecha: with Tev the two suns of the Warvan binary system or the two sons of the god Warvan ["Tales of the Mak’tar" by Stefanie Fleck]

Meechanese: language of the Meechans, generally considered even more illogical than English, in which their most heard phrase, "Give up! Surrender!", is "Zaripo Pto! Mogifta Pto!" ["Return to Tev'Meck"]

Meechans: aka Rat’kam, warrior-thieves who reproduce clones of themselves or in whomever they implant a volvac sac, who destroyed the Mak'tar homeworld of Tev'meck after stealing Lazarus’ father’s ship, the Trojan ["Resurrection"], later also temporarily stole the Protector ["Time Spirals of the Pryll'a Nebula"]

Meedo: devolved Deemo playing Funn Games [“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “Funn and Games”]

Mee'Kan: planet with two moons ["mee kan" means "is possible" in Dutch, "The Two Moons of Mee'Kan"]

Megabuckle: metal-rich irregular asteroid belt in the ATV-54 nebula

Merseen: (Vito Austin, who also voiced the Protector computer) leader of Cthulaj, Olian 11-galaxy empire ["The Cthulian Craft"]

Miletus: system in which planet Arctinus is located [Arctinus of Miletus, "Attack of the Kreemorians","Galaxy Busters" by Sheila Paulson]

Mirabanna, Princess: (played by Cordelia Chase) ruler of Delphos ["Long Live Princess Mirabanna", "Special Guest", "Guest Starring", "Return to Delphos"]

Mirabanna's Handmaiden: (played by Willow Rosenberg) quantum manipulator who helped save Taggart from fangor beast ["Long Live Mirabanna", "Special Guest", "Guest Starring", "Return to Delphos"] and Earth from omegatron [“Escalation”]

Mirad'llah: constellation visible from Tev'Mek

"Mist of Delos 5": In 2381 the Protector attempts to rescue the Trojan moored on Delos 5, but like them succumbs to its passion-mist. Stranded in the Misty Swamp Cmdr. Taggart fights to protect the never more ravishing Madison from himself and saves both ships. [by Russell Behr] Dr. Lazarus also succumbs, but that’s another story. The Meechans trying to plunder the Trojan are forced to give up. "Zaripo Pto." ("Back down."), the Meechan Commander orders. "Mogifta Pto.” Dr. Lazarus responds, “Met tula te." ("Stand down: let the Humans go!") ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke, adaptation by Jesse James Blish of "Mist of Delos V", "Return to Tev’meck"]

"Mistress Is a Harsh Moon": The Protector stops an AI-led revolution on the moon colony called Mistress [by Robert Heinlein, parodying his The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress]

Mottera: where Madison and Dr. Lazarus bonded to save her life ["The Sigournate Virus"]

"Muppet Quest": parody of "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by Doozersticks, in which Cmdr. Timothy James Ribbit (Kermit the Frog) and Dr. Samus (Sam the Eagle) of Protector VI help save the Teethazar and the Physcodelicans from Carris

"Mystery of Stasis, The": With Stasis on a collision course for the Ugonian asteroid belt, the Protector is disabled in a meteor shower and forced to land on the planet for repairs, but the planet’s aura compels them to tell the panicked, xenophobic natives only the truth, "Never give up." ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke]

"Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents 'Galaxy Quest'": which reveals the clue to the meaning of “Larak Tarath” [by Varakorn Unovichian and Ben Greenwood]

N’kaladots: devolved T’kaladons, lost in Funn Games (“The Pirates of Argho”, The Time War)

National Space Exploration: publication of the Galactic Union, retro-serediptiously inspired the model of the planetary National Geographic

National Space Exploration Administration: retronym for the United States-based Space Exploration Agency, to distinguish it from the Earth Space Exploration Agency (ESEA), Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)  and Earth Space Probe Agency (ESPA) with the mission of exploring all planets not already in the Galactic Union's Archives [Terrain: Chap. 1] for the Thermians and promoting peace through its educational publication, National Space Exploration [Calbeck at Questarians Forums]

National Space Exporation Administration’s Xoological Encyclopedia: inspired by National Geographic Society’s Animal Encyclopedia, aka The Xoo Book

Na’triss: Thermian supporter of the Fatu-Krey ["Guest Starring"]

"Natural Rejection": side effects of gengineering experiment threaten to exterminate not only adult colonists but children, and Protector crew as well [retro-seredipitiously inspired "Miri" by Adrian Spies, inspired "Unnatural Selection" by John Mason and Mike Gray]

Neboy, Leonard: science officer Dr. Lazarus served under with Cmdr. May on Protector 2382 to 2387 (dr_lazarus MySpace website)

nebulizer, faux: toy produced by Zion MFG, Exotic Replicas

Neerists: practioners of Neerism, over-familiarity with aliens, as in xenologist Neer’s game T’rnd (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

Neru: Thermian, acquisitions officer of the Protector II ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

Nesmith, Jason: born June 13, 1953 as Jason Nesmith Dick, played Peter Quincy Taggart in  "Galaxy Quest" (1981-85) and "Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures" (2000-2005), Julian in "Our Man Julian" (1982), "God's Thugs" (1988), “The Man Who Saw Yesterday” (1991), "Bullets Are Forever" (1993), Tim Allen in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" (1999), Delmar Prime in "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius" (2004),  David Douglas in "The Shaggy Dog" (2006), Johnny "Capt. Zoom" Shephard in "Zoom" (2006)], author of Galaxy Quest Memories (1986) and co-author of many "Galaxy Quest: The New Series" episodes and Galaxy Quest: The Real Adventures books, rumored to have auditioned for "Magnum PI", "A-Team", and "Miami Vice"

Nesmith, Lailari: wife of Jason Nesmith in Jason/Lailari fanfic

Nesmith, Tawny: wife of Jason Nesmith in Jason/Tawny fanfic

Never, Never, Never”: filksong to “Galaxy Quest: The Original Series” theme

"Never Bet on Sundays": While coming out of thrust drive a bit sluggishly Laredo collides the Protector with a small space junket. The space gypsies are evacuated and treated as guests. On the way to the nearest spaceport, Cmdr. Taggart looses the Protector to the gypsy leader in a game of fizzbin. Laredo redeems himself by noting that by the calendar of the Sunnyside spaceport on a tide-locked planet every day is Sunday and so all bets are off. " Lazarus sings "Paf jud no los; wak tad on los; los av greb graz khav paf." ("You Don’t Want Her; We Still Have Her, She‘s Too Good for You.") ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke]

"New Adventure, A": Dr. Lazarus is rescued from his Takonian kidnappers, with the help of new Loff allies, despite the Protector III being captured by Volax pirates [by Tony Lee Healey] (first in the Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures series)

Ngh’f: leader of the Nixvowls Uprising after an apparently successful introduction of Tev'meckian, who fell into a parallel universe during his last battle with the Protector ["The Nixvowls Uprising"] and became a regular comic villain in "Protector II"

Nigh Delta: triangular region of the Klatu nebula, site of negotiations with the Sarris Dominion [“Galaxy Quest: The Movie”]

Niph: planet noted for telepathic and empathic firelizard-like orms (“The Pirates of Arggho”)

Nirs: five-gestalt aliens at Arggho spaceport from the Diphernt empire (“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “Banned from Arrgh”, retro-serendipitiously inspired Binars,)

Nixvowls: xenophobic planet opposed to the Galactic Peace Accord, so called because of the difficulty of other species of even pronouncing the native language (see Ngh'f). Once the Tev'meckian edition of “How to Be a Space Explorer” caught on, their peace has been trend-setting than uprising ["The Nixvowls Uprising"]

"Nixvowls Uprising, The": In 2381 The Protector battles three ships commanded by Gath'gor, Saris and Ngh'f, outlaws from Nixvowls in the Megabuckle asteroid belt in the ATV-54 nebula. When Cmdr. Taggart orders a Mark 11 evasive maneuver the ship's plasma emitters are seriously damaged. Ngh’f however is thrown into a mirror universe and his law-abiding alter ego, F’hgn, thrown out. Split-second maneuvering between passing comets by Laredo succeeds in forcing Saris through a time knot. To recover from their space sickness, Cmdr. Taggart and Dr. Lazarus land on the ir-dampening planet of Dezap. They are cornered by Gath'gor and some of his men in a cave near what had been an idyllic waterfall. Gath'gor and Cmdr. Taggart wage an epic hand-to-hand combat, while the doctor easily dispatches the rest of the gang. Cmdr. Taggart eventually emerges from the waterfall alone. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke]

Nkodgs: devolved Gdonks, allies with Ttabzzasses in Funn Games (“The Two Lovers of Medusa”, “Funn and Games”)

Nodd: planet noted for small ear-leech and deer symbiot at bazaar at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

"No Place Like Home": Other Thermians besides Lailari attempt to make Earth their new home, but encounter trouble from the curious and the Press. [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "The Stranger" by G. K. Saunders]

NSEA: see National Space Exploration Administration

NSEA Bulletin: considered the best of the "Galaxy Quest" fanzines

NSEA Fight Song”: filksong

"NSEA Protector/Crewman 6": filksong by Joel Polowin to "Bonny Ship the Diamond"

NSEA ranks: Commander, Lieutenant Commander., Lieutenant, Ensign, Technical Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal, Private (Crewman Guy's site)

NSEA starships: Protector, Defender ["Galaxy Quest"], Arcadia ["Visions of Darkness",  "On the Edge of Forever City"], Concord, Kennedy, Rebellious, Starsearcher, Traveler, Trojan, Ulysses, Venture, Xavier (Crewman Guy's site), Surpasser on which Chen and Trip LaTorr served [Chen's MySpace website], Ramses [], Democracy, Cloak, Starwatcher [lt_madison MySpace website]

NTE: [New Terra Engineering] letters used on NSEA ships, facetiously said to stand for “not the Enterprise”, referring to the basic difference between their purpose and the UFP’s only sometimes explorational military flagship, the USS Enterprise

Numahs: devolved Humans which were saved because Dr. Lazarus forfeited the Games [“Funn and Games”, The Time War]

Octavius: android crewman from Nova Roma who sacrificed himself to save Protector crew in Mirad'llah civil war ["Stardust"]

Odgreans: from Odgrea, noted for potions like at bazaar at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

Odysseus: SGC starship that saved Protector II during GalCon XXV ["Escalation"]

"Old and the Beautiful, The": Cmdr. Taggart has a rendezvous with Princess Karma, but has suddenly aged [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's a "Quark" episode by Bruce Kane]

Olian guava: guava from Olian empire ["Star Trek: Voyager"]

Olians: intergalactic empire including a dozen galaxies ["The Cthulian Craft", Olian Okamie the Jedi galaxy pirate]

Omachiva: duke and would-be suitor of Princess Mirabanna, defeated by Cmdr. Taggart ["Guest Starring", "Return to Delphos"]

"Omega Mutiny, The": In 2381 a mutiny takes place among the crew of the Volax pirate ship, the Omega, over their booty, even though they not only killed their captain, but all of the archeological expedition who knew what it does. They are squabbling among themselves when the Protector shows up in search of krevlite-housed Leopoldian bivrakium to fix their fused reactor and after the 13 surviving mutineers are captured Chen installs what he dubs the Omega 13, just to see if he could, which as always, he could. ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke, "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

Omega 13: deus-ex-machina matter re-arranger that in effect restores the ship and everything in it, except the person pushing the "reset button", to the state they wish it to be, since it also restores itself, activating it recharges it ["The Omega Mutiny", "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"], the same principle was used by Frank Parker (“Seven Days”) but covered up by SGC [“Guilty Pleasures” by Dalton S. Spense”)

"On the Edge of Forever City": The Protector encounters a crystalline space city which reflects the most emotional moment from each crewmember’s past. Madison sees her father, Ezekiel Zebediah Madison III, as she left EZ Cybernetics for Starseeker Academy. Dr. Lazarus sees his own parents, one Human, one Mak’Tev, together for the last time. Cmdr. Taggart sees his beloved Joan Edith die during the Darkanians’ attack on the Arcadia and remembers her last words, "Never give up! Never surrender!", Chen meets Lailari [Galaxy Quest Thanksgiving special by Arlan Hellison]

"ORAC": The Protector answers a distress call but not quite quickly enough. Dr. Lazarus finds that the crew is all dead, except for one fatally wounded survivor, Ensor, who tells of his father‘s greatest invention, ORAC, a super-computer able to accurately predict the future. To reach the hidden scientist Cmdr. Taggart and Ingersol have to evade the Phibian pirates the Ensors had been trying to flee. The dying scientist makes them promise not to let ORAC fall into their evil tentacles. ORAC predicts the destruction of an NSEA starship! They digitize up to the ship with ORAC and the chase begins. They’re being pursued by the security chief’s old ship, the Traveller! With the help of ORAC’s predictions the Protector wins, but the Traveller is lost, for good this time. [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record of classic first season cliff-hanger of "Blake’s 7"]

Ordohp: rivals of Madj at bazaar at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

orleev: very valuable currency used by the Dzallish (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

Paellin particles: may leak from broken starship engine ["Guest Starring", from Finnish-to-Estonian translator Kristi Paellin]

Paenph’l: noted for highly prized Wall-king’s whey at bazaar at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

pain-inducer: preferred weapon of the Fatu-Krey ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

Pan-Galactic Neutron-Blaster Blues, The”: filksong inspired by “The Icicles of Pentillium” (retro-seredipitiously inspired “The Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster Blues”)

"Parallax Premonition": After re-upgrading the molecular conveyor, Chen notices Cmdr. Taggart and Madison strangely changed after their return from Z'tara. Cmdr. Taggart is unable to command, being obsessed with the Protector's "tools" and refers all questions to "his friend the monkey". Madison meanwhile keeps falling asleep when not mumbling incoherently about "leaky hominids" and the sixth dimension. Dr. Lazarus declares a medical emergency, assumes command and heads for Z'tara. There he discovers ancient-looking duplicates of rest of the Protector crew about to be activated and substituted as were Cmdr. Taggart and Madison. Cloaking himself with a magneto-reflective shield, he rescues the real Cmdr. Taggart and Madison, who battle and eventually destroy their dull-witted, nonsense-spouting duplicates. "Truz Taggart-ke av brut drex thub," ("Half a Taggart was better than two.") is Dr. Lazarus’ commentary to Chen over Martenne-nis, a reference to the battle of Zarnon. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke, "Grabthar's Toolbox" by Jeffrey Henning]

Parzizo: devolved Zarzipo, lost at Funn Games [“Funn and Games”, “Al’Pern, the Magnificent”]

passion-mist: mist given off by pollinating Delosian passionfruit trees that enflames passions ["The Mists of Delos 5"]

Pax-Galactica: broad-view space opera strategy game [Andrew Kelman]

Pax Galactica: idealistic goal of the Galactic Union, based on the idea that peace is built on mutual understanding

"Peacemaker of Cvar": The Protector's final encounter with the Cvarian warlord in which Taggart bravely faces him in individual combat and just barely defeats him [confusingly shown before "Warlord of Cvar" in Britain according to Feff's UK Jason Nesmith fanclub]

Pentillium: frigid, seemingly uninhabitable bronzium mining colony in Rexillum system ["The Icicles of Pentillium", beryllium dental alloy aka Rexillium III]

Peraxis V: planet manufacturing black-market bivrakium ["The Bivirakium Element"]

Peytonians: amphibians who like the Iotians have based their society on a book left by the Horizon, namely Peyton Place, adding the zest of hypocrisy, class conflict, incest, abortion, adultery, lust and murder to their otherwise dull lives ["Astro Quest: A Dollop of Apocalypse" by Naren Shankar, inspired "A Piece of the Action" by David P. Harmon]

Phibians: from Phibia, some of who are pirates [“The Pirates of Arggho"]

Ohpord: devolved Ordohp, lost in Funn Games [“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “Funn and Games”]

Phuss, the: Band from Arrgho, led by Reqqajjan Thry Yitz who were playing at the Neerist bar when the Protector visited [“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “Band from Arrgho”]

Physics of Galaxy Quest: noted for explaining what Mark speeds mean, how the digital conveyor works, plasma shields, voxes, etc. [by Lawrence M. Krauss with foreword by Steven Hawkings, Galaxy Quest fandom website]

pig-lizard: bipedal porco-reptilian from Gorignakless turned inside out by digital conveyor ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie", "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

Pippin: engineer on Hoopty Doopty ["The Cloak", "Home Boys in Outer Space"]

Pirates of Arrgho, The”: When Dr. Lazarus discovers the Joytan plague spreading through the crew, the Protector Arrgho to get vital aranar drug and find it is not so easy {retro-seredipitiously inspired “The Pirates of Orion”, cantina scene of “Star Wars”] see see Aganuv, atraylamylwide, Awmos Taw, Bbudh, Dazorfor, Deemo, Dhubb, Diphert empire, Divi, Djam, Dzhallish, Evri, h’Ors, Hautooss, hospi-tali tea, Joyntans, Laenph’p, Lishians, Madj, Meedo, Odgreans, Ohpord, Ordohp, orleev, Neerist, Niph, Nodd, Paenph’l, Pheeta Yardap, Phibians, Phuss, Qese, Qomm Pleqq, Reans, Remnans, Reqqajjans, roats ‘Sects, Seqans, Shautoosh, SHORP, Shutt River, Simp’ls, Spaesmans, thinggrene, Thingzob, Thry Yitz, Tirnd, toobisene, Tsuvi, Tuans, Tussans, Vidi, z’pon

Pladvog: rogue telepath who mindcontrolled the Eonids ["A Taste for Nothing"]

"Plan, The": "Protector II" episode

"Planet of Dr. Garbanian, The": The Protector discovers a small planet hidden behind double stars within a nebula -- and Dr. Garbanian. He seems an amiable enough host, until they learn all the inhabitants of his world are exact duplicates, androgynous, multiracial hybrids and that he is aiming his Gamma-Microcoagulant Ray at the diverse population of the binary’s colony. ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke]

"Planet of NightMares": The crew has to work together to fight off a nocturnal monster, whose only vulnerable spots are its eyes, but it has many, many eyes. Dr. Lazarus prays, "Pef trom grabthar pef nof warvan mun sheck nofthack." "By the hammer of Grabthar, and the suns of Wavran, come on sunrise!")

"Planet of the Titans": The Protector encounters and turns off a huge threatening AI [inspired "Star Trek: The Movie" (1982)]

"Planlos durchs Weitall": German version of "Galaxy Quest", literally "Plan-less through Outer Space", quickly and foolishly replaced by "Robin von Sherwood" [German Galaxy Quest website]

plasma emitter: used on NSEA ships for generating a plasma shield

plasma shield: used to protect NSEA ships or personnel, protects from energy weapons, but not projectiles, and so revived hand-to-hand combat [Global Operations Network Variation Force Arms]

"Pleasures of Tuaran, The": In 2382 the Protector crew visits the pleasure planet of Tuaran for some much needed R-and-R, but finds more pleasure in uncovering and thwarting the Z'tarans' new improved plot to replace them, this time via a VR program in which they are actors in a space opera [by Susan Bronson]

Plemming Problem, A”: [retro-seredipitiously inspiredThe Trouble with Tribbles”]

Pleqq, Qomm: see Qom Pleq

"Pod People of Amarna, The": On Amarna Dr. Lazarus disintegrates the pod people by adapting his medical tranquilizers [retro-seredipitiously inspired "Invasion of the Body-snatchers", Galaxy Busters by Sheila Paulson]

Poniya: Thermian commander [Lost Questarians website]

"Price of Peace, The": When a Gdonk peace talk delegate seeks asylum the Protector is immediately surounded by an armada of Gdonk heavy cruisers and given 24 hours to surender. Cmdr. Taggart replaces the Gdonk with a not-yet-perfected mime simulife prototype and manages to escape with the original just as the substitution is discovered. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke]

"Princess of Tara": New Adventure episode in which Kraspo and Fedor mistake Lailani for a lost princess. She rather likes all the attention, but not so Chen. He tries to work out a way to remotely disable her appearance generator. [retro-seredipitiously inspired "Lost in Space" episode.] When they reach Tara, they find other princesses -- a holographic imposter [inspired "Dr. Who: The King's Demons" by Terrence Dudley], an android one and the real, but imprisoned one, [inspired "Dr. Who: The Androids of Tara" by David Fisher] Chen's disrupter works just in time to expose the imposer as an imposter just as she's about to marry the prince.

plemming: lemming-like pest (“A Plemming Problem”, retro-serendipitiously inspired “The Trouble with Tribbles”)

plemmer: plemming predator (“A Plemming Problem”, retro-serendipitiously inspired ““More Tribbles, More Troubles”)

Plemming Problem, A”: the Protector is plagued with plemmings in their plumbing until the plummers prove to be a worse problem [retro-serendipitiously inspired “The Trouble with Tribbles”, “More Tribbles, More Troubles”]

Prometheus: SGC ship which refitted using parts from Protector II's saucer [“SG-1”]

Protector: (Vito Austin, or Joe Frank in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" and "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues") NSEA starship imprinted to Tawny Madison, commanded by May, then Trout [dr_lazarus MySpace website], and then Peter Quincy Taggart, with whom she had served on the Democracy, helmed by Laredo, maintained by Chen, and protected by "Roc" Ingersol

"Protector II": spinoff children's series with Cmdr. Mathesar of Galaxy Quest, nurse Teck and Dr. Teirell and new Leitren enemies [by Lil Prancer, in both Human and Thermian versions, see "The Wrath of Sarris", "The Plan", "The Device", "Flirting with Danger"]

Protector III: fled flight in Aladdin system [SubSpaceStatic 209:33]

Protector IV: returned to fight in Aladdin system

Protector V: manned by recruits of the last First One (“The Last First One”)

Protector VI: ship commanded by Timothy James Ribbit (“Muppet Quest”)

"Psirens": With the whole male crew of the Protector is lured away by deadly telepaths, it's up to Madison to save the day. [inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, as was a "Red Dwarf" episode, and the animated Star Trek, "The Loralei Signal"]

"Pupae Farm, The": A megawasp queen captures the Protector and flies it to its homeworld nest, where it buries the ship and lays myriads of eggs on the hull. Dr. Lazarus creates mass quantities of eau d’kep-mok as a mega-insecticide. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke]

Purgator, Francis X.”: pseudonym of contributor to NSEA Bulletin

Pryll'a: nebula noted for its cheese ["Time Spirals of the Pryll'a Nebula"]

Qese: from agricultural colony, Qa, jailed with Dr. Lazarus at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

Qomm Pleqq: highly respected philosopher among the Simpl (“Arrgho”, “Banned from Arrgho”)

"Quasar Dilemma, The": In 2381 the crew must retake control of the Protector [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke]

questar: "Star Quest" fan, not to be confused with quester, questie, questoid, or questor

questarian: "Galaxy Quest" (1982), "The New Adventures of Galaxy Quest" (2000), or "The Real Adventures of Galaxy Quest" fan, not to be confused with questar, quester, questie, questoid, or questor

Questarian Society: society for the philosophical exploration of living and life's meaning, and so tangentially related to "Galaxy Quest"

quester: "Future Quest" fan, not to be confused with questar, questarian, questie, questoid, questor

"Quest for the Stellar Nursery": Brandon on repaired Protector II, Dr. Lazarus identified as prophesied Meaninol of the Iathenans, Fellieny colonist freed from Thermian nursery [by Mandy Marguerite]

questie: "SeaQuest DSV" (1975) fan, not to be confused with questar, questarian, quester, questoid or questor

"Questing For": Kwan and Lailari visit Caritas [by Lucinda]

questoid: fan of "Jonny Quest" (1964), and "The New Adventures of Jonny Quest" (1980), not to be confused with questar, questarian, quester, questoid or questor

questor: fan of "Astro Quest", not to be confused with questar, questarisan, quester, questie, or questoid

"Quête d'une Galaxie, En": ["A Quest of a Galaxy"] French-Canadian version of "Galaxy Quest" on Halifax network [Starfest 2003]

Quellek: Thermian killed by the Fatu-Krey ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"] or not [“If Quellek Had Lived”]

Quincy, Peter: maternal grandfather of Peter Quincy Taggart

Rak Lathe: Sarris’ lieutenant ["Galaxy Quest"]

Rafferty, D. Anna: questarian and contributor to NSEA Bulletin

Rak’Tam: aka Meechans, devolved Mak’Tar not erased because Dr, Lazarus forfeited the Funn Games [“Funn and Games”]

Ramses: NSEA starship []

"Reality Check": Mathesar reflects on becoming Commander of the Protector II [by Dalton S. Spense]

Reans: from homeplanet Rea and colony Spaesma which Chen bested in drinking contest at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arggho”)

Rebellious: NSEA starship "Roc" Ingersol served on ["Roc" Ingersol’s security_guy MySpace website]

Rem’Hadag: beings from which Gem’Hadar devolved, lost in Funn Games [“Funn and Games”]

Remnans: from Remna, like the tailor from whom Taggart got Tirnd pants while at Arrgho spaceport [“The Pirates of Arggho”]

Reneran: enemy leader ["Protector II"]

Reqqajjans: from Reqqajja, like Thry Yitz, leader of the band the Phuss were playing at the Neerist bar at Arrgho spaceport when the Protector visited (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

"Resurrection": Dr. Lazarus shares his dream with Madison and together they convince Cmdr. Taggart to risk taking the Protector back in time to try to prevent the massacre of the Mak’Tar. They find that the past cannot be changed much, but the Thermian Teck dies valiantly fighting alongside Lazarus‘ parents, Lazienne and Lt. Cmdr.Trip LaTorr of the Traveller. When Meechans demand surrender, they cry out as one, "Khox!" After the Lectoids revive Lazarus he is discovered by the Xavier. [part three of three-parter with “The Sigournate Virus” and cliffhanger "Return to Tev’meck", and retro-seredipitiously inspired "First Contact" by Rick Berman, "Yesterday‘s Enterprise" by Rick Berman, Ira Steven Behr, Ronald Manning, Hans Beimler and Ronald D. Moore]

retro-serendipity: co-incidental connection between future and the past [Wikipedia "Galaxy Quest" entry] for example, Enterprise/Protector, Phlox/Lazarus, Archer/Taggart, Trip/Chen, Malcolm/Ingersol, Hoshi/Tawny, Travis/Laredo, T’Pol/Lailari parallels ["Stranger Than Fiction" by Azar]

"Return of Chen, The": The Protector returns to Miranee's world and now her god is dead and her people are dying. Chen saved the computer, but Dr. Lazarus cannot save Miranee, who gives Chen and Lailari her blessing. [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "The Starlost: The Return of Oro"]

Return of Sarris, The: New Adventure novel in which Sarris’ ghost haunts the Protector bridge, re-triggering the Omega 13 to repeat his last acts over and over, until calmed by Tada Taika [retro-seredipitiously inspired "Voyager II: The Lost Planet", and "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan"]

"Return to Delphos": Princess Mirabanna calls Taggart for help after all. She needs him to fight the unwanted suitor, duke Omachiva. ["Guest Starring"]

"Return to Planet Amexon": Dr. Lazarus and the Protector are both simultaneously stricken by mysterious viruses. Madison, unneeded in her usual duties, tends to doctoring the doctor. She claims to have translated his mumbling into Tev'Meckian and English,. "Zar wak hov shef fros khax zar trot ped. Roj hos wak pot wab thack khet av paf dre ban wab bug wak khav trut lox." ("The last of our disciples will not last much longer. With all our people preyed upon, it is you who must pray to us for his recovery.") Cmdr. Taggart however convinces her that it was mere delirium, until they tell her in a dream, "Sok paf gub zog lazarus voz. trut drar fros grum trut. paf ban gun trut sa bog Adirolf-ke sheck mam Amexon-ke. nug kux sol." ("Only you can prevent Lazarus' fire. His fever will consume him. You must wash him in the spring of Adirolf on the planet Amexon. Rinse and repeat.")  Madison puts all the rest of the crew in stasis and takes solo command of the Protector , but almost too late she realizes that she's fallen into a trap set by Rulfian separatists. She manages to revived Dr. Lazarus and together they overcome the Rulfians, albeit revealingly ripping her body suit. He returns the ship, then she revives the rest of the crew. The Protector's good doctor mercifully keeps secret her mutiny and allows Madison to cheerfully return to her routine duties as computer interface specialist. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke, cut from the episode was a planned appearance of Grabthar himself according to Grabthar's Toolbox]

"Return to Sirenodon": Chen commandeers the Protector to return his former Commander Artemis Bishop to the planet Sirenodon [sequel to "Astro Quest: The Slavers of Sirenodon" by Naren Shankar]

"Return to Tev’Meck": Dr. Lazarus returns with his new bride, Tawny nad-vor Lazarus, to his homeworld [second part of three-parter with "The Sigournate Virus" and "Resurrection"]

Rexillium III: see Pentillium

Ribbit, Timothy James: (played by Kermit T. Frog) captain of Protector VI (“Muppet Quest”)

Rins: devolved Nirs, lost in Funn Games (“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “Funna and Games”)

Rosenberg, Willow: played Princess Mirabanna's handmaiden ["Long Live Mirabanna" "Return to Delphos"], fights fangor ["With Special Guest",], protects from vampires ["Guest Starring"], counters omegahedron [ "Escalation"]

Rovelstad, Dr. Glorianna: questarian contributor to NSEA Bulletin

"Rubber Forehead Aliens": Television Tropes and Idioms article on Alexander Dane's overcoming the limits of his low-budget prosthetic make-up

Rulfians: bestial humanoids from Rulf, most vicious opponents of the Galactic Peace Accord ["Return to Planet Amexon"]

Rusler, Morgan: questarian, played himself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie", Mac in "The Tomorrow Man" (2001), DBA Emissary #2 in "Solaris" (2002), Barker in "Firefly" (2003)

ryoat: [rye-oat portmanteau] grain to which h’Ors are too fond of (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

Sacnod: warrior [Pollo Doncas ananym from The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce, "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

Sargacia: capital planet of the Abraxas quadrant ["Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe"] whose inhabitants tortured, enslaved and stole technology from the innocent Thermians, killed by Cmdr. Taggart ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie", "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

Sarris, Roth’har: leader of the saurian Fatu-Rey, mercenaries for the Dominion, defeated by crew of Protector I, mate of Hath-Sarris [“Galaxy Busters”], brother of Tada Taika [“The Wrath of Sarris”]

Scithya: homeworld of the Scithyans ["The Sithyan Syndrome"]

Scithyans: sometimes supporters of the Galactic Peace Accord, when not under the influence ["The Sithyan Syndrome"]

"Scithyan Syndrome, The": Dr. Lazarus saves the Protector from a trap set by their treacherous "allies”, the Scithyans. Two Scithyans, high on Cerebrum crystals and gat extract, kidnap Madison. Cmdr. Taggart and a security team are squirted with paralyzing goppa juice. Single-handedly Dr. Lazarus outwits and out-hits his drug-enhanced foes. He celebrates his victory with kep-mok, but his "Kep-mok frutwux av rox for frutzox shev." ("Kep-mok bloodticks are part of this nutritious breakfast.") however is greeted with laughter. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke, "Grabthar's Toolbox" by Jeffrey Henning]

SEA: Space Exploration Agency, see National Space Exploration Agency

Sects: [Insects contraction] insectoids from Diphernt empire associated with Nirs from Diphernt empire (“The Pirates of Arggho”)

Seqans: noted for invisibility chants (“The Pirates of Arggho”)

Serial Universe Theory: Theory that the universe consists as a nested series of observers, observers of observers, and their observers and so on, that past, present and future are in fact simultaneous, that a dreamer, even a daydreamer, is able to perceive past and future as easily as the present. [by John William Dunn (1934)]

Sextus, Gregarius: aka Crewman Number Six killed before Chen activated the holographic wall of fire against the lava monster ["Attack on Volatek III"] from Magna Roma ["Attack on Voltrex 3" in Galaxy Quest 3]

SGC: Star Gate Command, covered up crash of Protector II at GalCon XXV ("Star Gate", "Wormhole X-Treme")

"Shape Shifter of Textorian 3, The": When the Protector up-loads core fuel from the penal mining station on Textorian III’s far ring, six escaped convicts sneak on board, shapeshifters mutated by exposure to toxins. They capture and impersonate the Protector's officers one by one, only to "boil from the inside out", as the doctor diagnosed it, from the stress of shapeshifting. When asked to explain why he was the last to fall victim, he replied: "Shaz sheg Mak'tar av khax khal trak." ("The furrowed forehead of a Mak'tar is not easily forged.")

She’s Too Good for You”: song improvised by Dr. Lazarus (“Never Bet on Sundays”)

SHORP: [SHort-Order Rental Police] androids-for-hire security provider (“The Pirates of Arggho”)

Shutt river: river on Arrgho noted for river-rafting migratory elk (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

"Sigournate Virus, The": Madison and Dr. Lazarus are affected by a strange virus and fall passionately in love [first part of three-parter with "Return to Tev’Meck" and "Resurrection"]

Simpls: aliens at Arggho spaceport with same tastes as Commander Taggart for Iowa steak (“The Pirates of Arrgh”)

Singularites: dangerous nomadic lifeform adapted to living near singularity ["Time Escape"]

Sirenodon: planet of the Supervisors ["The Slavers of Sirenodon" by Naren Shankar], replaced by Artemis Bishop ["Return to Sirenodon" by Naren Shankar]

"Slave Queen": The Protector searches for the missing heiress to the throne of Celex, princess Estella, captured as a child by the Meechans. [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "Phoenix Five" episode by John Walters]

"Smashing Hallways Traps of Death": Television Tropes and Idioms article on necessity for Choppers on Protector, see "Inventional Wisdom"

Smith, Louisiana: xenologist who married Yoo 2 ["Commander's Holiday", “I Love Yoo 2”]

snark cat: 2.4-meter felinoid from third moon of Arctinus, used by Cmdr. Taggart in a holographic bluff against both the Kreemorians ["Attack of the Kreemorians"] and Hath-Sarris ["Galaxy Blasters"]

"Soft as a Scream": the Protector transports Lazarus to xenophobic Zambrano after a Meechan attack and he has to deal with his own horrific memories as well as those of the Zambranonians [by Jacqueline Zambrano, rewritten as "Soft as a Whisper"]

Space Exploration Agency: inspiration, with the National Geographical Society, for the National Space Exploration Agency, founded in 2006 as a private-sector alternative to NASA

"Space Questarians": fans of "Space Quest" by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy (including “The Sarien Encounter” Roger Wilco and stolen star generator, “(sludge) Vohaul Strikes Back” with Beatrice Wankmeister on Rommanticon 7, “The Pirates of Pestulon” referencing Ortega, Xenon, Phleebhut and Achoron, “Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers” Aluminum Mallard and time-pod, “Roger Wilco and the Voyage Home”, “The Next Mutation” on Klorox II vs. pukoids, “Incinrations” vs. Gen. Havoc, “The Spiral Frontier” on Deepship-86, saves Stellar on Polysorate 60, “Latex Babes of Estros”)

Space Questicon: convention celebrating the revival of “Space Quest” by Paragon in 1979 with Maj. Mitchell and Capt. Ferguson (“Spaced Out”)

Spaesmans: Rean colonists from Spaesma which Chen bested in drinking contest at Arggho spaceport [“The Pirates of Arggho”]

"Split Decision": During a seemingly routine mission in the Zarnon constellation a molecular plasma ray accidentally splits Cmdr. Taggart's body vertically in half. Dr. Lazarus ingeniously manages to keep the two halves alive so the half-cyborg commanders can battle Zarnonian rebels. "Pock trun mek jud pan hen nuv mek av jal." Dr. Lazarus comments ("Verily, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.") as the two half-commanders confuse each other, the crew -- and providentially also the enemy, and marveling that "Thub truz Taggart-ke av brut drex one -- for brul," ("Two halves of a Taggart was better than one -- this time.") [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide, Grabthar's Toolbox by Jeffry Henning]

"Squink": Television Tropes and Idioms article on Human-Non-human relations, particularly Chen and Lailani, and the border between universal love between sentients and seeming beastiality [Guy Fleegleman’s “That’s just not right!”]

Ssautooh: devolved Hautooss, losers in Funn Games [“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “Funn and Games”]

Ssazzbatts: at war with Gdonks until peace talks on Medusa (“The Two Lovers of Medusa”)

Starbase Fred: starbase on the planet Fred where Madison’s father, E. Z. Madison III, was protected from a Meechan attack by an already wounded Protector ["The Daedalus Factor"]

"Stardust": also known as "Galaxy Quest II", Alexander Dane as Lazarus and the restored Protector II try to negotiate peace in Mirad'llah sector, but narrowly escape with their lives, Crewmen Fümf and Octavius and Crewwoman Treinta do not [by Meyer Flinn, inspired "Undiscovered Country" (1991) and "Nemesis" (2002)], not as well received as prequel "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" [Ben, forum moderator at Animated News and Views]

Starf: destination to which the Protector takes Bff and her Galactic Union diplomat father Ttfn ["Bff"]

Starfest 2001: attended by Gwen DeMarco

Star Gate Command: secret US government agency maintaining a stargate and a small fleet of starships, the Daedalus, Odyssey, Prometheus and with the Russians Korolev which covered up and benefited from the crash of the Protector II at GalCon XVIII

Star Quest: Galaxy Quest-like series by James Roddenberry about starship Endevour with Jonathan Hunter as Capt. Alexander R. Pike, Robert Delgado as Sybok, DeForrest Kelley as Dr. Leonard McCoy, and Lola Albright as Chief Engineer Jennifer Rookwood

Starsearcher: NSEA starship "Roc" Ingersol served on before the Protector ["Roc" Ingersol’s security_guy MySpace website]

Starseacher Academy: educational branch of the Galactic Union ["Artificial Devotion"]

Starwatcher: NSEA starship Tawny Madison served on before the Protector [lt_madison MySpace website]

Stasis: populated planet in the Ugon system which dangerously changes orbit toward the asteroid belt, but is saved by the Protector ["The Mystery of Stasis"]

stealth haze: Mak'tar mindblocking technique ["Galaxy Quest"]

"Stranger Than Fiction": crew of Enterprise discuss "Galaxy Quest" and retro-serendipity [by Azar]

Stranger than ‘Stranger Than Fiction’”: article on retro-serendipity in NSEA Bulletin [by Azar]

SubSpace Static: less well-known Galaxy Quest fanzine than NSEA Bulletin

"Subterrain Subterfuge": The Protector destroys a planetomic smartbomb aimed at Earth, but traces its trajectory back to a previously unknown planet. Cmdr. Taggart and Madison are captured by the underground-dwelling natives. Madison's life support is now connected to a second bomb's guidance system. Meanwhile Cmdr. Taggart escapes, but has been poisoned by a robotic bird. Dr. Lazarus saves his life and together they save Madison and Earth. [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "Fireball FX5" episodes, "Planet 46" and "Wings of Danger"]

"Suddenly Inhuman": Lazarus saves the life of young Zambranonian mutagen victim, but Taggart has to return him to his xenophobic home planet [by Ralph Phillips, rewritten as "Suddenly Human"]

Summers, Rachel: played Rigellian computer interface specialist in "Galaxy Quest" pilot, "Visions of Darkness": ["Star Trek: The Miranda Episode Logs: The 19th Nervous Breakdown"]

"Sunprobe": The Protector rescues a research ship studying a star a bit too close, but falls into it herself. Chen and Laredo literally pull them through. [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "Thunderbird" episode by Alan Fennell, inspired "Suspicions" by Joe Menosky and Naren Shankar]

supplemental technical documents: especially Galaxy Quest Technical Manual by Matt Sweeney and Linda DeScenna, The Physics of Galaxy Quest by Lawrence M. Krass

Surpasser: NSEA starship on which Chen served with Lazarus' father, Trip LaTorr, under Cmdr. Tikaru Rulu [Chen’s MySpace website]

"Sweet Insparation": Madison "meets" her girlhood heroines, Nyota Uhura and Janice Rand when the Protector visits the Amusement planet spa [guest appearances by Nichelle Nichols and Grace Lee Whitney]

"Swordsmen of Lyra, The": While the Feral Empire plans galactic war, the Protector visits the forbidden planet of Lyra, recently discovered to be a rich source of dynamonium. The Commander and Ingersol infiltrate Lyra in disguise, but their disguises are not good enough. The false King Mergo releases the still-disguised Ingersol, but Duke Philips and Tilist try to kill him. The Commander manages to save both himself and Ingersol and together they free the true king. Mergo challenges the Commander to a personal plasma shield fencing duel, with low-energy weaponry, but now the genuine king saves the Commander. [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "Capt. Video" episode.]

T'kalandon empire: ancient empire of which the Protector finds the last remnant while pursuing Phibian pirates. Its beautiful but deadly sentinel threatens them both ["The Lost Outpost"]

T’Noseen: Elder of the Mak’tar, friend of Lazarus’s family, husband of L’Riss, uncle of L’Tisha ["Return to the Planet Amexon", "Return to Tev’meck"], died with Tev’meck ["Resurrection"]

T’rnd: Twister-like icebreaking game invented by xenologist Neer which drove off Aganguv pirates from Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

Tada Taika: (voiced by Robin Sachs) twin of Sarris who sought revenge against his twin brother's killer ["The Wrath of Sarris", "Protector II", “The Return of Sarris”]

Taggart, Ariel: granddaughter of Peter Quincy Taggart, sister of Richard Taggart, also captain of Repulse (Vendetta)

Taggart, Chuck: commander of space station Odyssey 5 ("Odyssey 5")

Taggart, Flynn: half-Bajoran, rose to Vice Admiral in Starfleet, son of Capt. Richard Taggart

Taggart, Gwen: wife of  Peter Quincy Taggart in Peter/Gwen fanfic

Taggart, James "Paladin": half-Pilgrim ["Wing Commander"]

Taggart, Jane: wife of Peter Quincy Taggart in Peter/Jane fanfic

Taggart, Lailari: wife of  Peter Quincy Taggart in Peter/Lailari fanfic

Taggart, Peter Quincy: (played by Jason Nesmith) from Iowa, served with Joan Edith on Arcadia ["Visions of Darkness" and "On the Edge of Forever City"], Tawny Madison on Democracy [lt_madison MySpace website], Commander of the Protector 2381-2384, the Protector II in 2399 and the Protector III 2400-2405, ["Galaxy Quest: The Voyage Continues"]

Taggart, Richard: (played by J. Patrick McNamara) captain of Repulse, grandson of Cmdr. Peter Quincy Taggart, husband of Luann of Bajor, father of Flynn Taggart (“Unnatural Selection” by John Mason and Mike Gray)

Taggart, Tawny: wife of Peter Quincy Taggart in Peter/Tawny fanfic

Takonians: imperialistic enemies of Thermians and Loff ["A New Adventure" by Tony Lee Healey]

Targathian: referring to Targath mountains on Empyrion which became a refuge to those fleeing the Talon [Galactica Con Forums]

Targathian Gratitude Festival Carol”: filksong sung on the anniversary of the original airing of “The Babes of Targath” or whenever “The Babes of Targath” is re-aired, ttto “Good Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

Targaths: feral survivors of post-war Targath, Ganymede (Jupiter III), four armed, bipedal, humanoid, golden furred, apelike beings ["Ganymede or Bust" by Den Valdron, "The Babies of Targath"], once noted for strike cruiser used by Dilgar, etal.  [Babylon 5 Wars RPG]

"Taste for Nothing, A ": While refueling on M'Yurg 47, the local Eonids kidnap Laredo and two other Protector crew members, as ordered by Pladvog‘s mindcontrol. Stored in half-cocoons they are offered in trade for the Galactic Union’s fuel codes. When that doesn’t work he threatens to complete the cocoons and suffocate them one by one.Cmdr. Taggart notices that the cocoon material is blocking Pladvog’s telepathy to Laredo and uses it to jam the telepathic kill signal to the Eonids just in time. The freed mindslaves turn against Pladvog and complete his cocoon-turban. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke]

Taw. Awmos: participant in bheer drinking contest beaten by Laredo at Arrgho spaceport who had to put the elk raft back on the roof of city hall (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

"Tawny: Brainy and Brawny": article on Madison's computer translating of Tev'Meckian in "Return To Planet Amexon": [NSEA Bulletin #43 by Jeffrey Henning]

"Tawny, Tawny, We Hardly Knew Ye": part two of two-parter with "The Crack in the Mirror" in which Lazarus contemplates the possibility of losing Tawny forever, composing "Tawny-ke, Tawny-ke, wuk buz pan paf." [Starfest 2001]

Tawny Madison Institute for Computer Research: Thermian institution dedicated to Tawny Madison, with Dean Yoo as president ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

Teb: Thermian ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

Teck: (played by Susan Egan) Thermian female on Protector II and III [uncut "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon], died in "Resurrection"

Teivennil: merchant ship that helped track pirates' shuttle ["Guest Starring"]

Teirell: Thermian doctor on Protector II ["Guest Starring"]

"Ten Reasons Why Taggart Is Better Than Picard": by Jon Chalmers [Guy's site]

Terrakians: noted for enslaving humanoid females ["The Slave Girls of Terrakia"]

Textorian: system with third planet ring penal mining colony ["The Shape Shifter of Textorian III"]

Tev: sun of Tev'Meck, Warvan system, or legendary progenitor of the Mak'tar who colonized Tev'Meck ["Tales of the Mak’tar" by Stefanie Fleck]

Tev'meck: Mak'tar homeworld, Warvan system, destroyed by the Meechans

Tev'meckian: pidgin Mak’tarmat that Dr. Lazarus’ parents, Luchien and Trip LaTorr, constructed that brought unity and peace between the native Mak‘tar and the Trojan’s crew -- but not between the Mak’tar and the Meechans [Tev'meckian by Jeffrey Henning, Numbers in Pidgins, Creoles, and Constructed Languages at]

Thargats: devolved Targaths, lost in Funn Games (“Funn and Games”, “Ganymede or Bust”, “The Babes of Targath”)

Thelianar: Thermian mutineer ["Guest Starring"]

Theramin: Thermian homeworld destroyed by Sarris ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

Thermia: possible colony for homeworldless Thermians ["Protector II"]

Thermian mosquito: mosquitoid that managed to survive the destruction of Theramin and re-colonized elsewhere only to be accidentally exterminated [Quasi-Scientific Ponderings by David Sagis]

Thermians: marsupial land cephalopodans, with involuntary chromopores ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon, "Reality Check"] or pale humanoids ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"] from the Klatu nebula, threatened with genocide by Roth'h'ar Sarris of the Fatu-Krey, but saved by the Protector I crew ["Island on the Edge of Forever" by G. L. Peabody], discoverers of the Historical Records Guide and the Keeper of the Historical Records on Desing’s world, saviors of many other threatened peoples in the name of the Galactic Union ["Between Innings"]

thinggrene: hallucinogen with which Dr. Lazareth was drugged while at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arggh”)

Thingzob: night demon from Mak’Tar mythology hallucinated by Dr. Lazareth when at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arggho”)

"Those Poor People, or The Island on the Edge of Forever": 2009 "Protector II" episode in which Cmdr. Mathesar on Galaxy Quest discovers Keeper of the Historical Records on Desing’s world

Tikaru Rulu: Cmdr. over Chen on the Surpasser [Fred Chen’s MySpace website]

"Time Cubed": digital converter malfunction rematerializes Cmdr. Taggart from three hours in the future, after the Protector has been destroyed [inspired "Time Squared" by Kurt Michael Bensmiller]

"Time Escape": Protector becomes trapped in the event horizon of the Singularites, a nomadic life-form that travels with their own quantum singularity [by Brannon Braga re-written into "Timescape"]

"Time Knots": episode commentary by Adam Kooyer

"Time Spirals of the Pryll'a Nebula": The crew gets stuck in a 12-hour time loop in the Pryll’a nebula, while the Meechans use the stolen Protector to attack neighboring allied colonies. Laredo and Chen build a Time-Extractor Pod in time to free the crew and prevent the theft. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke]

Tkek’ja: beings from which Jek’tka devolved, lost in Funn Games [“Funn and Games”]

TMICR: Tawny Madison Institute for Computer Research

"Today Is the Tomorrow of Our Yesterdays": Upon digitizing down to Elizabetha, Cmdr. Taggart and Dr. Lazarus are timewarped to 1601 Earth. Taggart becomes involved with Lady Jane Hathaway [Feff's UK Jason Nesmith fanclub website] and Dr. Lazarus is forced to disguise himself by playing an actor playing in the premier of "Hamlet". They are taken back to their own time in Emmett and Clara Brown's steam-powered timemachine [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke, "A Friend in Need", inspired "Yesterday's Tomorrow" by Jean Lisette Aroeste]

"Tomorrow's Protector": The whole crew of the Protector awakes with 24-hour amnesia, but evidence of a hard-fought battle. Cmdr. Taggart orders them to find out who they fought, why, and whether they won. When all clues lead to dead-ends, Dr. Lazarus advices, paraphrasing Matthew 6:34, " Jud av'zef eb nof av-khev. hur nof av-khav av'zef eb nof av-khav." ("Do not worry about yesterday. Let yesterday worry about itself.") [retro-seredipitiously inspired "Yesterday's Enterprise"]

toobisene: wear-resistant synthetic clothing material (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

"To the Stars ... and Right Back Down Again": Sirius, Lily, Melina, Remus, Peter and James from Hogwort's are mistakenly transported up to the Protector II [Harry Potter/Galaxy Quest xover fanfic by Candy and Bells, with introduction by Melina Sorino]

Tothian mine field: all that remains of the Tothian Empire, which Cmdr. Taggart used as a weapon against Sarris ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

Traveller: [Travell backformation] NSEA starship "Roc" Ingersol served on before it was lost in Beta sector testing the newly acquired Travell hyperdrive ["Roc" Ingersol’s security_guy  MySpace website], captured by the Meechans in the destruction of Tev'meck, on which served Lazarus' father, LaTorr ["Resurrection"], rediscovered only to be destroyed in the battle with Meechans for ORAC. ["ORAC"]

Treebs: members of the religious sect that differed in theology with the Largoss with regard to intercession to Ipthar, resulting in disunity exploited by Sar (“Galaxy Quest: The Movie”)

Treinta: crewwoman who sacrificed herself to save Protector crew in Mirad'llah civil war ["Stardust"]

Trout: Cmdr. of the Protector after May and before Taggart, played by Lloyd Bridges in "Return to Tev'Mek" [dr_lazarus MySpace website]

Trojan: starship rescued from Delos 5 by the Protector ["Mists of Delos 5"]

"True Yoo": [inspired "Star Trek: The Next Generation: True Q"] Yoo returns to the Protector to share his gift of invisibility with Madison just when it’s about to be taken over by female-hating Gdonk drones. She is greatly instrumental in repelling the attack, but she gives back the gift because none of her crewmates even noticed

Tsuvi: Remnan tailor who made Tirnd pants for Cmd. Taggart while in Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arggho”)

Ttazzbasses: devolved Ssazzbatts, allies with Kdongs in Funn Games (“Funn and Games”, “The Two Loves of Medusa”)

Ttfn: Galactic Union diplomat that the Protector transports to Starf ["Bff"]

Tuans: aliens in Tuan ghetto in Arggho spaceport where Dr. Lazarus was drugged with thinggrene and hallucinated Thingzob (“The Pirates of Arggho”)

Tuaran: pleasure planet [named for town on Borneo] visited by Cmdr. Taggart at least twice in 2382 ("Cmdr.'s Holiday", "The Pleasures of Tuaran")

Tussans: used ymor as currency until their economy collapsed (“The Pirates of Arrgh”)

"Two Faces of Avsnoyl, The": On Avsnoyl, the crew encounters a friendly race, but soon discover that they only want virilium, that they desperately, insanely want virilium. Cmdr. Taggart at first refuses, and counters every attempt by the Avsnoylians, but to save his crew he eventually gives them the virilium. Their stockpile reaches critical mass, obliterating the Avsnoylians. ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke]

"Two Lovers of Medusa, The": While acting as peacemaker between the warring Gdonks and Ssazzbatts, Cmdr. Taggart inadvertently becomes the object of affection for both matriarchs, Fulvia and Octavia. If that wasn’t bad enough, both races dismember their mates upon mating. Cmdr. Taggart manages to make both females lose interest in him, by claiming he is Madison‘s mate -- and it's verified by the sexometer -- and she demonstrates to them the long-term advantages of a living husband. With the abolition of the death threat they are both pleasantly overwhelmed by suitors. ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke]

"Two Moons of Mee'Kan, The": Mee’Kan’s two moons’ magma fields produce a unique violence-inducing radiation that severely affects Laredo. Dr. Lazarus sedates and restrains him, but he escapes and the sickness is spreading. While defending himself from his crewmates and them from each other, he manages to develop and administer an antidote just before he is overwhelmed and the Protector is able to leave Mee’Kan far behind. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke]

"Two Worlds of Dilirium, The": While recording for history the birth of a new black hole in the Dilirium nebula Laredo gets the Protector too close and it spawns a time-delayed echo Protector and crew. Both Cmdr. Taggarts eventually conclude that they have to plot synchronized courses around the Dilirium hole to merge their timelines again. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke]

Ugon: system of the planet Stasis ["The Mystery of Stasis"]

Ulysses: NSEA starship "Roc" Ingersol served on before the Protector ["Roc" Ingersol’s security_guy MySpace website]

"Valentine for Tawny, A": after his "Return to Tev'meck" dream, Dr. Lazarus asks Madison to be his lifemate [by Rose]

Venture: NSEA starship "Roc" Ingersol served on before the Protector ["Roc" Ingersol’s security_guy MySpace website]

Vidi: [sing. Vidus] bovinoids jailed with Dr. Lazarus at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

virrilium: deadly gas ["The Two Faces of Avsnoyl", Road Rovers: Chaos Computer by Gerhard Naudé]

"V Is for Visitants": The Protector visits what seems to be a lost Thermian colony, but things, as usual, are not as they seem. Rogue Fatu-Frey are using appearance generators to impersonate the Thermians they've enslaved or killed [inspired "V" by Kenneth Johnson]

"Visions of Darkness": When once again confronting the Darkanians, Cmdr. Taggart remembers his first time on the Arcadia, when Joan Edith died with "Never give up! Never surrender!" her last words. [pilot, with Rachel Summers playing Rigillian computer interface specialist, incorporated into "On the Edge of Forever City"]

Volatrek: system in which Chen saved the mission by projecting a holographic wall of fire, but not before losing a shipmate ["Assault on Volatrek III"], see Voltrex

Voltrex: ["Assault on Volatrex 3" in Galaxy Quest 3] aka Volatrek ["Assault on Volatrek III"]

volvac sac: organ in Mak'tar which holds sibling until a later time enabling them to reproduce asexually ["Friends Never Forget"]

vox: NSEA’s interstellar communicator/translator [Company Intergalactic Trading]

"Voyagers II: The Lost Planet": mentions "Galaxy Quest" movies, T'Pol's Enterprise discovers Cylon debris [unsuccessful pilot of "Star Trek: Voyager"-like spin-off of "Star Trek: Enterprise" by Jack Daniel Higgins]

Wagneria: homeworld of Crewmen Zwölf ["Crack in the Mirror"] and Fümf ["Stardust"]

"Warlord of Cvar": The Protector first enters Cvarian space and is attacked by the warlord of Cvar [shown after "Peacemaker of Cvar" in Great Britain, Feff"s UK Jason Nesmith fanclub website]

Warvan: binary system with two suns or the god of wisdom, king of all the gods, who sired two sons from a savage Mak’tar woman, from which both savage and civilized Mak'tar come ["Tales of the Mak’tar" by Stefanie Fleck] The two suns/sons are Meecha and Tev. The savage Meechans destroyed Tev'meck, Tev's habitable planet.

Webber, Gwen: wife of Tommy Weber in Tommy/Gwen fanfic

Webber, Jane: wife of Tommy Webber in Tommy/Jane fanfic

Webber, Lailari: wife of Tommy Weber in Tommy/Lailari fanfic

Webber, Tawny: wife of Tommy Webber in Tommy/Tawny fanfic

Webber, Tommy: played Laredo in "Galaxy Quest" (1982-85), worked as busboy after high school, Daryl Mitchell in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" (1999), author of autobiography, To the Stars (1986), detective L. T. Dicky in "L. T. Dicky" (2000) [A New Adventure by Tony Lee Healey]

Whatifitcon: "Astro Quest" convention, not to be confused with a GalCon

Whatton, Brandon: (played by Brandon Long) in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon], in "Planet 51" (2008)

Whatton, Katlyn: wife of Brandon Whatton in Brandon/Katlyn fanfic

What Would You Do for a Plemming Problem”: filksong inspired by “A Plemming Problem”

White, John Patrick: questarian, played A. J. Malloy in "A. J.'s Time Travellers" (1995), Victor in "Third Rock from the Sun" (1996), himself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" and De'Tox in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" (1999)

"Who Needs Einstein's Theory of Relativity when you've got a Chakram?": Real Adventure/Xena xover fanfic by Sandy Fiebranz

"Witch-queen of Guk": Princess Mirabanna and her Handmaiden are called to help Cmdr. Taggart out when he lets the Protector fall into the hands of Zellda, the witch-queen of Guk and her zeroid robots [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "Terrahawks" by Tony Barwick, Zelda of Hyrule RPG]

"With Special Guest": Real Adventure version of "Long Live Princess Mirabanna" [by Lucinda]

"Wormhole in Time": The Protector becomes trapped in a wormhole time bump in which the crew witness their own deaths. While Chen gets all systems back online, Cmdr. Taggart cunningly gets help from their ghosts to save the ship before the time bump collapses. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke, inspired Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: “Visionary" by John Shirley]

Wrath of Sarris, The”: Tada Takai assumes the leadership of the Fatu-Rey from his twin Sarris, but with much different results

Xactor Minor: headquarters of the Fatu-Krey in Gamma quadrant ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"]

Xavier: NSEA starship "Roc" Ingersol served on ["Roc" Ingersol’s securiry_guy MySpace website] which found Lazarus on devastated Tev'meck ["Resurrection"]

Xoo Book, The: unofficial nickname for National Space Exploration’s Encycopedia of Xoology

xover: crossover between two different franchises

Xux: would-be insectoidal invaders of Earth ["The Xux Invasion"]

"Xux Invasion, The": The Protector uncovers a plot by the insectoidal Xux to replace humans with androids [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "Kinvig"]

Yardap, Pheeta: 4-D artist whose artwork could be found at bazaar at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

ydaalzy: [Zatchzxy "idol's eye"] precious stone sacred to the Zatchzxy said to stimulate postcognition ["Commander's Holiday"]

Yitz, Thry: leader of the band the Phuss, from Reqqajja, playing at the Neerist bar at Arrgho spaceport when the Protector visited (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

ymor: used by Ussans until their economy collapsed (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

Yoo, Dean: (played by Martin O'Hara) ex-NSEA Commander, dean of computer department at Starsearcher Academy, and later president of the Tawny Madison Institute for Computer Research, advisor to both Madison in their universe and (in Real Adventures) DeMarco in hers via vox ["Double Yoo", "Yoo and Eye", "Yoo Turn", "Yooth", "Yoo Who?", "Eye Got Yoo, Babe", "Artificial Devotion", inspired Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Q]

"Yoo Have the Comm": When a Holgonian assumes control of the Commander's chair, Madison has to ask advice from Yoo. When a second shape-shifting bountyhunter arrives things really get confusing. [inspired "Helping Henry" by Jeremy Hardy and John Henderson and "Watt on Earth" by Pip and Jane Baker]

"Yoo Turn": While on a rescue mission to a planet endangered by its exploding sun, Laredo loses all control of the Protector's guidance system. Chen discovers that the problem lies with the computer, but then the computer stops talking and Madison begins to talk to herself. She avoids Dr. Lazarus’ and Cmdr. Taggart’s attempts to help. Spiraling toward the imminent nova, Yoo returns Madison’s vox call just in time.

"Yooth": After seeing Dr. Lazarus’ little sister playing with Lailari and Chen’s adopted children, Madison is feeling her biological clock alarm. A call from Yoo comes to her rescue with his news on all her children at the TMICR.

Yoo 2: clone of Yoo, husband of Louisiana Smith ["Commander's Holiday"]

"Yoo Who?": Soon after her vox was rescued with her from the crack in the Mirror, Madison discovers that it can now communicate with the alternative timeline where she's Mrs. Yoo

z’pon: cute but rare pet on Arggho (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

Z'tarans: non-urinating non-primates from Z’tara who substitute duplicates for Cmdr. Taggart and Madison ("Parallax Premonition")

Zambranonians: natives of Zambrano, devastated by Meechan attack, to which Lazarus seeks to bring peace [“Soft as a Scream"]

"Zargathon Menace, The": Protector helps Elyons in Elyon-Zargathon war [remake of lost first "Prof. X" episode]

Zarnonians: rebels from Zarnon constellation ["Parallax Premonition"]

Zarzipo Empire: Empire from which Hal’Pern came ["Hal'Pern, the Magnificent"]

Zatchzxy: hairy, superstitious humanoid threat to the Galactic Union ["The Hair Shirt", "Commander's Holiday"]

Zellda: evil ruler of Guk ["The Witch-queen of Guk", retro-serendipitously inspired “Zelda of Hyrule”]

Zwölf: aka Crewman Twelve from Wagneria presumably killed rescuing Madison from the Mirror ["The Crack in the Mirror"]


[expanded from “Tevmekian” by Jeffrey Henning, condensed from the 300-page Tev’Meckian/English Dictionary. The language has been compared to Barzoomian, Esperanto and contrasted with Klingonese by Langmaker.]

"Tug hos dred hom buj bug beck kuj mat tev'meckmat jog shoj fujshum jevrut hom drod."

("If all aliens would learn to speak the logical language of Tev'Meckian, then such unfortunate misunderstandings would cease.")

BABEL TEXT (Genesis 11:1-9)

Kux hos faj on vuk mat kux vuk wom.

("And all the earth had one language and one tongue.")

Kux khet ham eb het sa trut trav hav khef trut ham bug grep zob neck sa fren Shinar-ke kux man trut bok trut phock bruj.

("And it came about that in their wandering from the east, they came to a stretch of flat country in the land of Shinar, and there they made their living-place.")

Kux trut phaz vuk bug e mun hur wak goj fur nek trut leck.

("And they said one to another, Come, let us make bricks, burning them well.")

Kux trut on fur khav kur suz trut drap roj pham faj.

("And they had bricks for stone, putting them together with sticky earth.")

Kux trut phaz mun hurwak goj rev kux map brock frep fros kes thack rad lul rad bet.

("And they said, Come, let us make a town, and a tower whose top will go up as high as heaven.")

Kux hur wak goj graz voj khav wak trem het wak tad khax av travmoj phuj wus faj.

("And let us make a great name for ourselves, so that we may not be wanderers over the face of the earth.")

Kux fez ham pab bug pex rev kux map jut vuz fef av grur.

("And the Lord came down to see the town and the tower which the children of men were building.")

Kux fez phaz pex trut av hos vuk pot kux poj hos vuk mat.

("And the Lord said, See, they are all one people and have all one language.")

Kux for av sok sal hen trut tad shom.

("And this is only the start of what they may do.")

Kux hap khet fros khax av khad bug taz trut hav shun khock trut.

("And now it will not be possible to keep them from any purpose of theirs.")

Mun hur wak kes pab kux lex leb ruck trut mat trem het trut fros khax av zom bug goj trut jen bug vuk e.

("Come, let us go down and take away the sense of their language, so that they will not be able to make themselves clear to one another.")

Trem fez nad un trut leb sa kock rox faj.

("So the Lord God sent them away into every part of the earth.")

Kux trut za thack grur trut rev.

("And they gave up building their town.")

Trem khet av voj Babel-ke rem man fez lol leb ruck hos mat.

("So it was named Babel, because there the Lord took away the sense of all languages.")

Kux hav man fez un trut leb phuj hos wus faj.

(A"nd from there the Lord sent them away over all the face of the earth.")


("Our Father who is in Heaven, godly is Your name.")

Wuk kom dre av sa bet, thardi av paf voj.

("Your kingdom come.")

Paf lulfezbruj mun.

("Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.")

Paf fros av shom sheck faj rad khet av sa bet.

("Give us this day our food of the day.")

Za wuk for nof wuk zox nof.

("And forgive us as we forgive our enemies.")

Kux muf wuk rad wuk muf wuk sat.

("And take us not toward what is ungodly.")

Kux lol wuk khax hot hen av khax thardi.

("But take us from what is ungodly.")

Khuk lol wuk hav hen av khaz thardi.




al: [not la] not very av: be, bee, been, am, are, is, was, were

avkav: before

avkhav: [khax avkav] after

ban: must(y)

bax: other

be: [not eb] within, interior(ly)

bep: [not peb] male

bepmeck: [male sibling] brother

bel: [not leb] near

bet: heaven(ly)

bev: most. majority

bok: make(s), made, maid(en)

bog: spring of water

bot: oneself

brag: ceasefire

brar: treasure(s)

brarnep: (treasure-cave) catacomb(s)

bras: nine(th)

bref: drink

brev: could

brock: whose, who's

bruj: place(s)

brul: time

brus: whole, hole

brusdrov: be made, created, creature, creation

brut: improve(ment)

bug: to

buj: learn(ing)

buz: hardly

dan: [not dan] neglect

dep: [not ped] shorter

di: like

dock: [not khad] impossible

dran: [dra(p shan haj sh)an] gross

drap: hundred(th)

drar: fever(ish)

dre: who

dred: alien(ate), strange(r)

drod: stop

e: another

eshor: bat-winged rabbitoid steed

eb: about

-ek: (foreign borowing)

faj: earth(ly)

fef: man(ly)

fefi: humanoid

fen-dan: save life of

fep: hello, greetings

fet: (crew)mate

fev: [not vef] serve(r(s))

fez: lord(s), Lord

fon: daughter

for: this

freb: [not bref] dish, food

fren: land

frep: top

frer: fall, Fall

frez: -times

fros: will

frut: blood

frutwux: bloodtick

frutzox: (blood-feeding) food

fuj: star

fukdi: [star-like] asteroid

fujshum: (star-crossed), unfortunate

fur: brick

gas: (time)knot

gob: drain

goj: make

goz: [not zog] cause

grab: fire

graz: great, grate

greb: to

gred: [(haj)gre(b)d(rap)] googol(th)

greg: [(haj)gre(b)g(rez)] great googol(th)

grel: [(haj)gre(b)lep)] million(th)

grep: stretch

grez: [(haj)gre(b)z(em)] thousand(th)

gru: said, say(s)

gru'tock: [say uncle] surrender

grum: consume

grur: build(ing)

gru’tock: surrender

gub: can

guck: through, finished, end

gun: wash, baptize, baptism

hab: dozen

haj: ten(th)

ham: came

hap: now

has: mean(t)

hav: from

hen: what

het: that

hom: would, wood

hos: all

hot: toward

hov: train(ing)

hovsheph: apostle

hovshef: disciple

hur: let

huv: [not vuh] left

id: fission

idzom: fissionable

ip: spouse

ip'thun: matrimonial

ipthun: [spouse-union] marriage

ip-thun: marry

jack: vision

jaf: [not faj] sky

jal: action, doing

-jef: fraction, reciprocal

jen: clear

jev: [not vej] false(hood)

jevrut: [false-thinking] mistake, error

jog: then

jor: [not roj] without

jot: [jor tob, "without another"] lone, loan jub: [not buj] forget

juck: [not kuj, not juk] emotion(al)

juf: [not fuj] blackhole

juk: [not kuj] intuition(al)

jut: which, witch

jux: lava

kaj: [not jack] blindness

karal: strength

kax: knot

kef: west

kel: [not leck] ill

kem: [not mek] foot, feet

ken: [not neck] soak

kep: devour

kep-mok: (devouring mother) bloodtick queen

kes: go

kesh: [not sheck] off

ket: nothing

khad: possible

khak: [not kock] some

khal: easily

khat: ant, aunt

khax: not

khaz: eight(h)

khef: [not west] east

khel: [not leck, or lek] khep: death, dead

kheppot: [dead person] corpse

khes: [khox kes] remain

khet: it

khock: purpose

khom: [khox kom] celibate

khox: never

khux: soul

kob: destroy

kob'zom: destroyable

kock: every

kom: [not mok] father

kuj: logic(al)

kur: stone(d)

kuv: [not vuk] lost, loss, lose

kux: and

la: very

laj: [not jal] avoid(ance), inaction

laj'zom: avoidable

larak: weak(ness)

las: finish, stop

las'zom: finishable, stoppable

leb: away, distant

leck: well

lep: sick, six

lex: take away

lock: [not easy] difficult

lol: took

los: she

lox: recovery

lul: hi, high

lun: letter, spell

mak: world, whirled

mal: shall

mam: planet

man: their, there

map: tower, mountain

mat: language

meck: sibling

mek: hand(s)

-moj: -er

mok: mother

moz: [not zom] unable

muf: [not phum] fogive(ness)

mun: come, arrive

nab: [not ban] fresh

nad: love, Love

nam: hear, here

nap: [not pan] old neck: country

nej: [not jen] unclear, fog(gy), confusion

nek: burn

nek'zom: burnable

nep: cave

ni: out

no: want

nof: sun, day

-noz: collective

nug: rinse

nul: number

num: [not mun] depart

nup: gnu, new

on: have

pab: down

paf: second person

pam: valley

pan: know, knew, gnu, new

pan'zom: knowable, knowledgable

peb: female

pebmeck: [female sibling] sister

ped: longer

pef: buy, by, bye, goodbye

pen: [not nep] mount(ain(s))

pex: sea, see

pex'zom: visible

pham: stick(y)

phaz: say(s), said

phej: five, fifth

phep: [not pef] sell

phep-fef: salesman(ship)

pi: spend, spent

pock: verily, amen

poj: has, have

pot: people, person

phock: life, live

phockzom: habitable

phuj: over

phum: revenge

pref: [not frep] bottom

preg: [not grep] contract

rad: as

rem: because

rev: town

roj: with

rov: male, mail

rox: part

ruck: sense

ruck'zom: sensable

rug: seven(th)

rus: offspring

rut: think, thought

sa: in

sag: wormhole

sal: start

sat: [not tas] enemy

sek: might

ses: light

shag: monster, monstrous, mutant(s)

shan: four(th)

shaz: furrow

sheck: on

shef: follow(er)

sheg: (fore)head

shev: breakfast

shod: nail(ed)

shom: dew, do

shuj: such

shum: see fujshum

shun: any

sok: only

sol: repeat

suz: put

tarath: [taboo] damn(ed)

tas: friend

taz: keep

teb: hell

tebzom: damnable

tef: [not fet] officer

tev: world, whirled, whirl

thack: raise up, rise(n) up, up(on)

thar: god

tharat: bless(ed)

theral: see Lareth

thub: two, second, twoth, tooth, teeth

thubvuz: grandchild

thubzuv: grandparent

thuj: [thub-haj] score

thun: union

thun fujnoz: Galactic Union

thuv: look

tob: another(s)

tock: [not khat] uncle

top: [not pot] animal(s)

trak: forge(d)

trav: wander

travmoj: traveler

trem: sew, so

trom: hammer

trot: much

trub: worse(n)

truf: [not frut] water

truffrer: waterfall

trun: right, rite

trun'zom: rightable

trut: he

truz: half

tug: if

tuj: [not tuj] saint

tur: dream, imagine

turrut: [imagine-think] believe un: sent

va: [not av] saw

veb: least, minority

vef: master(s)

vej: truth, Truth

vet: [not tev] nebula

vod: heart, hart

voj: name

vor: female

voz: fire

vuk: one, won, win, first

vuz: child

wab: prey, pray

wak: I

wan: race

wej: bloated, swollen, inflated, enlarge(d)

woj: continue

wom: tongue

wur: sack, ransack

wus: face

za: gift, give

zack: [not khaz, zock] slow

zar: last, lasting

zef: common(er)

zem: three, third, Trinity, triple

zob: flat

zock: fast

zog: prevent

zom: able, ability

zos: peace(ful), piece

zos'zom: peaceable

zox: feed, food

zub: certain(ly)

zuv: [not vuz] parent


ability: zom

able: zom

about: eb

action: jal

after: avkhav

alien: dred

all: hos

and: kux

amen: pock

animal: top

ant: khat

any: shun

arrive: mun

as: rad

asteroid: fujdi

ate: khaz

aunt: khat

avenge: phum

avoid: laj

away: leb

away from: toh

baby: [new-child] nupvuz

baptism/baptize: gun

be: av

because: rem

become: av mun bee: av

before: avkav

blackhole: juf

bless(ed): tharat

blood: frut

bloodtick: frutwux

borrow: [not pef] phep

bottom: pref

breakfast: shev

brother: rov'meck

burn: nek

burnable: nek'zom

brick: fur

build: grur

but: khuk

buy: pef

by: pef

bye: pef

came: ham

can: gub

capable: phoz

catacomb: brarnep

cause: goz

cave: nep

cease: dred

ceasefire: brag

certain(ly): zub

child: vuz

city: ver

civilization: ver

clear: jen

collective: -noz

come: mun

common(er): zef

confusion: nej

consume: grum

continue: woj

contract: [not grep] preg

corpse: kheppot

could: brev

country: neck

crewmate: fet

cross: shum

damn(ed): [taboo] tarath

daughter: fon

day: nof

death: khep

depart: num

destroy: kob

dew: shom

difficult: lock

disciple: hovshef

dish: freb

do(er): shom

doing: jal

down: pab

dozen: [haj-thub] hab

drain: gob

dream(y): tur

drink: bref

drinkable: bref'zom

earth: faj

easily: khal

east: khef

eat: khaz

eight(h): khaz

emotion(al): juck

enemy: sat

enlarge(d): wej

error: jevrut

ever: kox

every: kock

eye: wak

face: wus

fall(s): frer

falsehood(s): jev

fast: zock

father: kom

feed(s): zox

feet: kem

female: peb

fever(s): drar

fever(ish): drar

fifth: phej

finish: las

fire(s): voz

1st person: wak

fission: id

fissionable: id'zom

five(s): phej

flat: zob

fog: nej

follow(er(s)): shef

food(s): zox

foot: mek

for: khav

forbid: ruh

forehead(s): sheg

forge: trak

forget: jub

forgettable: jub'zom

forgive(ness): muf

four(th): shan

fraction: -jef

fresh: nab

friend: tas

from: hav

furrow(s): shaz

fuse: di

gift: za

give: za

gnu: pan

go: kes

god(ly): thar

grate: graz

great: graz

greetings: fep

gross: dran

habitable: phockzom

half: truz

hammer: trom

hand(s): mek

hardly: buz

hart: vod

has: poj

have: on

he: trut

head: sheg

heart(s): vod

hearty: vod

hear: nam

heaven: bet

hell: teb

hello: fep

here: nam

hero: ip-shom

hi: lul

high: lul

hole: brus

humanoid: fefi

hundred(th): drap

I: wuk

if: tug

in: sa

inflate(d): wej

intuition(al): juk


keep(s): taz

knot: kax

know(s): pan

knowledgeable: pan'zom

land: fren

language: mat

lava: jux

learn(ing): buj

least: veb

leave: num

left: huv

last: zar

let: hur

letter: lun

life: phock

like: light: ses

livable: phock'zom

live(d): phock

longer: ped

look(s): thuv

lord: fez

lose(r): kuv

loss: kuv

lost: kuv

love(ly): nad

lovable: nad'zom:

maid(en): bok

mail: rov

made: bok

majority: bev

make(r): goj

male: rov

man(ly): fef

marriage: ipthun

marry: ip-thun

master(s): vef

matrimonial: ip'thun

may: tad

mean(t): gas

merge: di

might: sek

minority: veb

misunderstanding: jevrut

mite: sek

monster(s): shag

monstrous: shag

more: bruj

most: bev

mother: mok

mountain: map

much: trot

must(y): ban

mutant(s): shag

name(s): voj

nebula: vet

neglect: dan

never: khox

new: nup

nine(th): brom

net: [not haj] jah

new: pan

not: khax

nothing: ket

now: hap

number: nul

officer: tef

offspring: rus

old: nap

on: sheck

oneself: bras

one: vuk

only: sok

other: bax

out: ni

over: phuj

part: rox

peace: zos

peaceable: zos'zom

people(s): pot

piece: zos

place(s): bruj

planet(s): mam

possible: khad

pray: wab

preditor: baw

prevent: zog

prey: wab

protect: ip

purpose: khock

race: wan

raise up: thack

ransack: wur

recover(y): lox

remain: khes

revenge: phum

right: trun

rightable: trun'zom

rinse: nug

rise(n) up: thack

rite: trun

sack: wur

safe: ip

saint: tuj

salesman(ship): phep-fef

say: phaz

score: thuj

sea: pex

2nd: thub

see: pex

sell: [not fep] phep

sense: ruck

sent: un

serve: fev

seven(th): rug

sew: trem

shall: mal

she: los

shorter: dep

sick: lep

sister: pebmeck

six(th): lep

sky: jaf

slow: zack

so: trem

soak: ken

some: khak

space: drov

spell: lun

spouse: ip

spring of water: bog

star(ry): fuj

start: sal

stick(y): pham

stone(d): kur

stop: las

strange(r): dred

strength: karal

stretch: grep

strong: karal

such: shoj

sun: nof

sunrise: [sun-up] nofkhef

sunset: [sun-down] nofpab

surrender: gu’tock

swollen: wej

take (away): lex

talent: [biological ability] phock-zom

talented: [biologically able] phockzom

teeth: thub

ten(th): haj,

that: het

then: jog

thence: goj

there: man

think: rut

thinkable: rutzom

this: for

3(rd): zem

thought: rut

thousand(th): [(haj)gre(b)z(em)] grez

through: guck

time: brul

timeknot: gas

times: -frez

training: hov

treasure: brar

truth: vej

to: greb

tongue: wom

took: lol

tooth: thub

top: frep

toward: hot

tower: map

town: rev

two: thub

uncle: tak

unclear: nej

unfortunate: fujshum

union: thun

unstable: zef

up(on): thack

valley: pam

verily: pock

very: la

visible: pex'zom

vision: jack

wander: trav

wander(er(s)): travmoj

want: no

war: grab

wash: gun

water: truf

waterfall: truffrer

we: wuk

weak(ness): larak

well: leck

west: kef

what: hen

which: jut

whirl(ed): tev

who: dre

whole: brus

whose: brock

will: fros

witch: jut

with: roj

within: be

without: jor

wood: hom

wormhole(s): sag

world: tev

worse: trub

would: hom

write: trun

written: trun

wrote: trun

you: paf

The Sounds of Tev'Meckian

10 Initials = br, dr, fr, gr, kh, ph, sh, th, tr, w; 5 Vowels: a, e, i, o, u, 2 Finals = ck, x; 15 Others = b, d, f. g, j, k, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, v, z; for a total of (10 + 15)5(15 + 2) = 2125 CVC root syllables, another (10 + 15)5 = 125 CV and 5(10 + 2) = 60 VC root syllables, for a total of 2310 possibilities.  


apostrophed compound as in verb-noun verb gru’tak (say uncle, surrender), or noun-noun modifier tev'meck (world sibling) or noun-modifier modifier frut'truph (blood-thirsty, vampiric) or noun-noun modifier map'frep (mountain-top)

hyphenated compound as in verb-noun noun kep-mok (devouring mother) or any non-verb-root verb

spaceless compound as in noun-noun noun brarnep (treasure-cave, catacomb) or frutwux (bloodtick), modifier-noun noun brusdrov (whole space, continuum) or travmoj (wandering-doer, wanderer), noun-verb noun frutzox (blood-feeding, nourishment), noun-verb modifier fujshum (star-crossed, unfortunate), noun-modifier noun hovshef (goer-behind, follower, disciple), modifier-verb noun jevrut (wrong-thinking/thought, misunderstanding)



[ttto “Supercalifragilistic-Expialidotious”, inspired by “A Taste for Nothing”]

When I started thinking, when I was just a tot,

I learned to think of thinking and not to think of not.

Many of the thoughts I’ve thought I think that I’ve forgot,

But there’s a certain thought I’ve thought I think that I cannot:

I thought I thought I thought a thought, but only thought I did.

That thought that I thought I thought was not the one I did.

That thought I thought was not the thought I thought I thought I did;

Twas a thought I never thought and yet I think I did!”

When I’m thinking I’ve thought that thought more than I think I ought

I try thinking no thought rather than think that thought,

But then that thought I over-think, I thought I would think not,

Proves it’s one I cannot not think and in my thoughts I’ve got:

I thought I thought I thought a thought, but only thought I did.

That thought that I thought I thought was not the one I did.

That thought I thought was not the thought I thought I thought I did;

Twas a thought I never thought and yet I think I did!”


[transcribed by Francis X. Purgator, inspired by “The Pirates of Arrgho”]

When we pulled into Arrgoport in need of aranar,

The crew set out investigating every Joytan bar.

We had high expectations of their hospi-tali tea,

But found too late it wasn’t cleared for plague-carriers such as we

And we’re banned from Arrgho, Evri I,

Banned from Arrgho just for have a little Funn.

We spent a Dzhallish orleev there for just three Dazorfor,

But Arrgho doesn’t want Tussan ymor.

The Commander’s tastes were Simpl, but his methods were Qomm Pleqq’s.

We found him with five-part Nirs, each of a Diphrnt world and ‘Sects.

The SHORP police were on their whey; we had no Seqan chants.

We digitized him up in the nick of thyme in the Remnan Tsuvi’s pants.

Our engineer would yield to none at putting down Dhubb brew.

Chen out-drank seven Spaesma Rheans and a Deemo-Lishian crew.

The navigator didn’t win, but Laredo out-drank Awmos Taw

And now they have a Shutt elk-raft on the roof of city hall.

Our Mak’Tar first officer was drugged with some thinggrene

And halled in Tuan Alley where he suffered Thingzob seen.

He sobered up in sickbay and he’s none the worse for wear,

Except Lazarus taught the bridge computer Hautoosware.

The head nurse disappeared a while in the Madj-Orohp bazaar,

Buying an Odgrean potion guarteed to call z’pon far.

She returned with know-you Niph orm and a Nodd leech-earful hart

And a Paenph’l whey of Wall-king with her Pheeta Yardap art.

Our lady of communications won a ship-wide bet

By getting into the planet’s main communication’s net.

Now every time someone calls up an Arrgho telescreen

The flesh is there but the clothes they wear

Are no-wear toobisene.

Our doctor loves humanity. His private life is quiet.

The SHORP police arrested Laz for in-sighting Horrs to ryoat.

We found Laz in the city jail, and digititized him free,

Intact except for hick Qese and six kines of Vidi.

Aganuv pirates landed and nobody seemed to care.

They stomped into the Neerist bar to announce that they were there.

Half the crew was busy inside and invited them to play,

But the pirates only looked at us and Tirnd and ran away.

Our crew’s NSEA’s best and our reputation is our pride,

But when we play we tend to leave atrayamylwide.

We’re sorry about the Raqqajjan Thray Yitz and the Phuss.

At least we’re sure that planet won’t be quick forgetting us.


[tto “Gilligan’s Island” theme,

inspired by "Those Poor People, or The Island on the Edge of Forever" by G. L. Peabody]

This is a tale of Mathesar and his Thermian crew,

Who started back to Earth once again as they were want to do.

They came upon a most strange world whose Keeper of Records

Could take them out of Desing’s world and stranger dream worlds t’wards.

Desing was not at all bravest, but very curious.

Her nearness to the 4-D screen proved quite injurious.

The portal sent her to an isle not named Gilligan’s

And this is how our horror tale of Desing’s world begins.

Beyond the Edge of Forever things are not as you know;

There’s an island that’s deserted where the Minnow didn’t go.

There’s no Protector over there, no Commander, no crew,

No NSEA, no Mak’Tar. What would poor Desing do?!

Could she give up or surrender? Of course that wouldn’t do,

For Desing was still a part of Mathesar’s brave crew.

Her appearance generator made her appear Human,

So she took on the appearance of crewman Gilligan.

Mathesar and five of his crew followed through the portal.

Their generators making them actors professional.

For many years they tried to leave, remaining always friends,

Knowing that enduring such trials will lead to happy ends.

Eventually they were found on that Gilligan’s Isle

Which lead to a reality show and many a Human smile.

As soon as the show had been aired, they were back once again,

Back in their own familiar world just watching “Gilligan”.


[ttto “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” inspired by “The Mists of Delos 5”]

Don’t go into the swamp today and don’t dare go there at night.

The mists will make you wish that you weren’t there,

Doing things you never thought you’d do,

Thinking you’ve done what you didn’t too.

Don’t go into the swamp today no matter how brave you are

Because no one can resist the spores carried both near and far.

Today’s the day the passionfruit tree attempts to reproduce

And everyone within its spray it will certainly seduce.


[ttto “The Lighthouse”]

If it wasn’t for Protector where would the GU be?

We’d not have peace. We would have war and it unceasingly.

We’d have an ununited galaxy, where no one would be free.

Cause of space exploring heroes we have our liberty.



[ttto “Amazing Grace” aka “New Britain”]

Our commander never gives up though Darkanians swarm,

Not when the lively Joan Edith went to stone cold from warm.

He held her until her last breath, and wiped away a tear,

As she whispered, “Never give up; never surrender, dear.”

He did not stop pursuing Smith when she’d always him flee,

Got her her valuable gem, but in bad with Zatchzxy.

He didn’t give up exactly, just returned her booty,

But when she said, “I love Yoo 2.”, she added “He loves me.”

Fair Mirabanna of Delphos.and her redheaded maid

Were both most attractive ladies and he’d like to have stayed,

But on this awkward occasion a fangor came between.

He did his famous fall-and-roll, but the two stole the scene.

Princess Karma was just too young and Tara’s a machine.

Herekos’ queen was much too short. Zellda was a witch-queen,

Fulvia and Octavia nearly lost him his head,

But Tawny Madison’s the one Taggart would like to wed.


[ttto “Dunderbeck”]

The NSEA’s heroes love every Galactic race,

Exploring diversity and unity everyplace

That their ships’ trajectories may just happen to grace

In the present, the future and throughout all outer space.

NSEA! NSEA! We’re all that we can be

In the National Space Exploration Agency!

NSEA! NSEA! Explore all space do we

In the National Space Exploration Agency!


[ttto “I Want to Be with Jesus When I Die”,

inspired by “The Sigourate Virus”, “Return to Tev’Meck” and “Resurrection” trilogy]

I’ll go back to Tev’Meck when I dream.

I ‘m often back in Tev’Meck, dear old Tev’Meck when I dream.

I’ll go back to Tev’Meck when I dream.

I’ll see Lazienne and LaTorr when I dream.

I’ll hear my brother Lareth and his sister Lethe scream.

I’ll see them all be killed when I dream.

I’ll not go back to Tev’Meck without you.

I’ll not go back, Madison. I can’t go back, Madison,

Til I go back to Tev’Meck with you.

We’ll see Lazienne and LaTorr when we’re there.

We’ll hear brother Lareth and his sister Lethe when we’re there.

And see them all be killed when we there.



[ttto “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” inspired by “The Babes of Targath”]

Wherever there are fugitives, wherever there is war,

The heroes of NSEA will come and will explore

The possibilities of peace and waging war no more.

Space explorers, we thank you! Yes, we do! Yes, we do!

Space explorers, we thank you! Yes we do!


Ylahufah vededafux’hi, ylahufah ox roh,

Gre liwaij ep Inixie low xafi’n’low ojmloh

Gre vuxamowadoix ep föji’n’rodend roh nu moh.

Xmeji ojmwawahx, ho gront wua! Hux, ho ki! Hux, ho ki!

Xmeji ojmwawahx, ho gront wua! Hux, ho ki!]


[ttto “Onward Christian Soldiers”]

We are Sarris’ soldiers, blasting off to war,

Warring on our neighbors as we’d done before.

This time is no diff’rent, just like in the past.

Our opposition fleeing, their weapons are outclassed.

We are Sarris’ soldiers! Fear the Fatu’Krey!

We war on our neighbors, making them all pay,

By destroying planets, making them our slaves,

Cringing, cowering in the dark, digging in our caves.

Those we do not torture, those we do not kill,

Still are living in fear, and will do our will.

We fear not our neighbors, nor would-be allies.

Futile are their efforts and no great surprise.

Lying’s our winning move, because others can’t.

We can take advantage, though they be gallant,

Though they be courageous, though they’re very brave,

Because believing us help us them to enslave.


[ttto “The Drunken Sailor”, inspired by “A Plemming Problem”]

What would you do for a plemming problem?

What would you do for a plemming problem?

What would you do for a plemming problem?

If you’d problem plemmings?

Get a plemmer? Don’t you do it!

Get a plemmer? Don’t you do it!

Get a plemmer? Don’t you do it!

Cause they’re worse than plemmings.

A plemming squeals, but a plemmer’s louder.

A plemming squeals, but a plemmer’s louder.

A plemming squeals, but a plemmer’s louder,

Louder than the plemmings.

A plemming’s a pest, a plemmer a monster.

A plemming’s a pest, a plemmer a monster.

A plemming’s a pest, a plemmer a monster,

Monstrous to the plemmings.

A plemming steals food, but a plemmer steals more.

A plemming steals food, but a plemmer steals more.

A plemming steals food, but a plemmer steals more,

Far more than the plemmings.

A plemming smells bad, but a plemmer’s horrid.

A plemming smells bad, but a plemmer’s horrid.

A plemming smells bad, but a plemmer’s horrid,

Much worse than the plemmings.

A plemming is small, but a plemmer’s bigger.

A plemming is small, but a plemmer’s bigger.

A plemming is small, but a plemmer’s bigger,

Bigger than twelve plemmings.

A plemming’s cuddly, but a plummer is not.

A plemming’s cuddly, but a plummer is not.

A plemming’s cuddly, but a plummer is not,

Nothing like the plemmings.