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On this page we will list the books we have reviewed (or would like to have reviewed) in our newsletter. We will rate the one we can from HOT to WARM to COOL to COLD and invite your opinions on the unrated ones.
  The essential library is, of course, the major fictional works of the three Inklings, J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis and Charles Williams:
The Hobbit
The Book of Lost Tales
The Chronicles of Narnia
Decent into Hel
The Great Divorce
The Greater Trumps
The Lord of the Rings
Many Dimensions
The Place of the Lion
Shadows of Ecstacy
The Silmarillion
The Space Trilogy
The Tolkien Reader
Til We Have Faces
War in Heaven

Atlas of Middle Earth
A Canticle for Lebowitz
The Complete Hans Christian Anderson
The Complete Brothers Grimm
The High Crusade
The Lion of Judah in Never-never Land
People of Middle Earth
Quest of the Three Worlds
Tales of the Arabian Nights