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issue 54 A comparison of the book and the new movie version of "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe", more on spacewarps and an article on Edda and Pfuthark scripts (which alas cannot be repoduced on the webpage)
53 SIG News, Star Wars (Gungan Frontier), Scripts (Old Vulcan, Tengwar, Angerthas), Space Travel
52 SIG News, On Eucatastrophe, collectables, Moiddle Earth Project, on epics, videos("Inside LOTR", "J. R. R. Tolkien", books (Tolkien, Return of the Shadow, Morgith's Ring), glossopoeia
Issue 51 Super Mythos, Superwoman, time travel, Two Towers DVD

issue 50 June 2002
 Ringmania (FOTR film), "Star Wars: Episode 2" and the New Age, Xoo Book

issue 49  49 -- Nov. 2001
 LOTR boom, "Smallville", Nojokan (Vulcan linguistics)

48 -- June 2001
fonts collected off the internet including Atlantean, Hieroglyphics, Cuneiform, Runes, Ogham, Utopian, Tengwar; brief reviews of new Till We Have Faces and Michael O'Brian's A Landscape of Dragons; heropoeia (Stan Lee's superhero generator), Jeffrey Henning's Intermythic language

47 -- Feb. 2001
 "Andromeda", the Basilean tale -- "The Last Ogre", "X-Men" (from Apocalypse to Wolfsbane)

46 -- Oct. 2000
 The Basilean tale -- "The Legend of Roaringford" and "Harry Potter Is No Magician's Nephew"

45 -- Apr. 2000
we had SIG news, a letter, Dracs (The Enemy Papers by Barry B. Longyear), Script (Gatecrasher), videos (Our Sunday Visitor's Family Guide to Movies and Videos), Arthuriad, In the Catalogs, Hispanic Menace (Sergio Aragones Stomps Star Wars)

scripts (Alzetjan, Jirit, Kazat?akkorou, Kazavarad, Kelwathi, Klathnarni, Nikta, Niskloz, Olaetyan, Rozhxh, Rynnan, Srkai, Telarasso, Thelwik, Uqoi, Verdurian, Zarkhand, Zireen), conlangs (Axxod, GiokC, GoadcS, Hayeyge, Iyvexhum, Maquyez, Ojnayvem, Ozlamwe, UCmoyt, UCnoq, UkmaX), Roverdom by J. R. R. Tolkien

43 -- March 1999
scripts ("The Torment of Tantalus" by Robert C. Cooper, "The Twin Dilemma" by Anthony Steven and Eric Saward, Sheshak), Millenia (Top 100 Books, Mythopoeic Chronology 16000 BC to 17000 AD), "Let's Pretend"

42 -- Oct. 1998
Aieopohtym, books, etc, myth quiz

41 -- Jan. 1998
Xena, etal., Thanks, Old and New, Hyperpoeia, Hercules

We had our first email inquiry from Cindy Smith. Praise the Lord, someone out there is reading this!