Psionics 101

   Trying to understand and/or control the inherently incomprehensible and uncontrollable paranormal powers of the mind, known more simply as psi, has become quite highly developed by telepaths and telekinetics as both art and science, though naturally poorly understood among non-teleps and non-teleks. Telepathy fulfills the entry requirement into the Inter-Galactic Council.


The states of consciousness attempt to describe the linkage between the mind and the body, particularly the body's sensorium. It varies from no consciousness at all as during total possession or sense deprivation to the higher and higher consciousness of God Himself.

0. unconsciousness, no sensory perception, chod, Ganzfeld (NSP)

I. subconsciousness, dreaming, subliminal perception (SLP)

II. subnormal consciousness, trance (SNP)

III. normal consciousness, in-body experience (IBE)

IV. supernormal consciousness, supersensory perception (SSP)

V. paranormal consciousness, extrasensory perception (ESP)

VI. out-of-body experiences (OOBE)

VII. out-of-spirit-body, metatime (5D) experiences (OOSBE, T2E)

VIII. out-of-spirit, patatime (6D) experiences (OOSE, T3E)

IX. out-of-mind, mepatime (7D) experiences (OOME, T4E)

X. papatime (8D) experiences (T5E)

XI. time-six (9D) experiences (T6E)

etc. ad infinitum


This so-called heroes test is much simplified from those of Drs. Chandra Suresh and Charles Xavier, based on self-knowledge rather than biological or parapsychological analysis.

Do you possess:

1. mysterious guidance to create what isn't or re-create what was (a faithful hero's soul)?

2. longing for the extraordinary, dissatisfaction with ordinary (a hopeful hero's spirit)?

3. attunement to humanity's collective unconscious with longing to more deeply belong (a loving hero's heart)?

SUPERHERO TEST (Who Needs A Superhero? by H. Michael Brewer)

If one tests positive for the three requirements of the heroes test, one can further determine what type and subtype of hero or superhero one is (or will become) in comparison to other classic superhero types. Are you:

4. more like Daredevil (D) or Prof. X (X)?

5. more like Batman (B) or Wonder Woman (W)?

6. more like Green Lantern (G) or Plastic Man (P);

7. more like Invisible Girl (I) or Dazzler (V)?

type BX (phlegmatic), subtypes Mastermind (GI), Fieldmarshal (GV), Architect (PI), Inventor (XBPV)

type DG (melancholic), subtypes Inspector (BI), Supervisor (BV), Protector (WI), Provider (WV)

type DP (sanguine) subtypes Crafter (BI), Promoter (BV), Composer (WI), Performer (WV)

type WX (choleric) subtypes Counselor (GI), Teacher (GV), Healer (PI), Champion (PV)


(5-7 Jim McKeever)

CE0K imagining (possibly telepathic or crosstime contact, 5D)

CE1K: sighting (eye contact or line-of-sight)

CE2K: physical evidence (proximity)

CE3K: touching (hand/body) contact

CE4K: communication (mind/ear contact, within hiershot)

CE5K: commitment (heart contact)

CE6K: transformation (heart-changing)

CE7K: union (one-heartedness)

CE8K: Communion (One-heartedness)

CE9K: hierogamy (two-as-one-heartedness)

CE10K: Triunity (Three-as-One-heartedness)

[NOTE: not-so-close encounters can be once, twice, or more times removed (1R, 2R, etc.)  as in 3rd or lower class relics, relay telepathy as in foafs.]


(logarithm of baud/kg, Dr. Robert A. Freitas, Jr.)

SQ -2 non-carnivorous plants

SQ 1 carnivorous plants

SQ 6 early computers

SQ 9 later computers

SQ 13 birds and mammals

SQ 23 superconducting Josephson junction gateways

SQ 50 quantum mechanical limit


(interpolated from William Sleator)

IRSC 0: unteachable foolishness lover

IRSC 10: self-deceiving foolishness believer

IRSC 50: foolishness teacher

IRSC 75: teachable (docile) fool

IRSC 100: half-wise

IRSC 125 truthseeker

IRSC 150: truthteller

IRSC: 200 Truthlover


aB: B is reiding/wreiting A but A is not rieding/wreiting B

AB: A is rieding/wreiting B rieding/wreiting A

ABc: A is rieding/wreiting B rieding/wreiting A but C is not rieding/wreiting A or B

Ab: A is rieding/wreiting B but B is not rieding/wreiting A

AbC: A is rieding/wreiting B while C is rieding/wreiting A rieding/wreiting B but B is not

ABA: A is reiding/wreiting B rieding/wreiting A

ABAB: A is rieding/wreiting B reiding/wreiting A reiding/wreiting B

ABAb: A is rieding/wreiting B reiding/wreiting A reiding/wreiting B but B is only rieding/wreiting A reiding/wreiting B


(Mentor of Arisia)

1. Y+Y > Y (more minds of same consciousness level can overpower fewer)

2. YY > Y+...+Y (greater-ply minds can overpower lesser or fewer)

3. YY > Y...Y (higher-consciousness minds can overpower lower, lesser or fewer)


(interpolated from Christina Larner)

a1: limited manipulation of simple psi powers (incantation, hypnotic suggestion)

a2: dangerous but limited use of simple psi powers (fetishism, transvestism, masturbation, vouyerism)

A1: simple manipulation of psi powers (love charms, talismans)

A2: dangerous manipulation of simple psi powers (voodoo, porn)

b1: limited ritualized individual manipulation of psi powers (positive thinking)

b2: dangerous, but limited, ritualized individual manipulation of psi powers (cursing)

B1: ritualized individual manipulation of psi powers (auto-suggestion)

B2: dangerous ritualized individual manipulation of psi powers (conjuring)

B3: fully ritualized individual manipulation of psi powers (chod, channeling)

c1: limited ritualized individual manipulation of psi powers (positive thinking)

c2: dangerous, but limited, ritualized individual manipulation of psi powers (cursing)

C1: limited ritualized group manipulation of psi powers (tarot, ouija, seance, orgy, animal sacrifice)

C2: dangerous ritualized group manipulation of psi powers (CE2K) (demonophany, sabbat, blood-drinking)

C3: fully ritualized group manipulation of psi powers (CE3K-CE7K) (Black Mass, sabat, Human sacrifice, cannibalism, robonomization, zombiism, vampirism)


(at least 2x7x4 = 56 extrapolated from Taco Magnon)

sub and super refer to the metaphysical probability states, either moving toward (super) or away (sub) from Truth, Beauty, and Goodness (Godliness)

back, central, down, front, left, right and up refer to the chronological probability states -- back meaning contrafactual, up or ana meaning futureward, right meaning moving conservatively or slowly like "sheepishly", left meaning moving liberally or fast, "goatishly", central meaning not moving at all or very little, down or kata meaning pastward, front meaning factual

formal, informal, resolved, unresolved refer to the metachronological probability states -- formal meaning unchangeable (observed), informal meaning semi-changeable (partially observed), resolved means unobserved and changed and unresolved means unobserved and changeable





(9-1 Task Force Games)

Although psi powers are essentially ultradimensional, both minds and bodies can be trained to be better disciplined to make better use of them. By learning from one who has greater self-mastery, the disciple can grow to better master his/her own mind and body while in-body (IB) and then advance to mastery out-of-body (OOB), out-of-spirit-body (OOSB), or beyond. (1 Th 4:3-8) No one can learn without a teacher and no one can teach without a student. (Acts 8:31) One learns both by being discipled and by discipling, so that both teacher and student advance in discipline together.

9: general amateur discipline

8: discipline devoted to acquisition and manipulation of raw data, or factual knowledge

7: discipline devoted to the perfection of one's own physical form and world

6: offshoot of ellusion, discipline which instead of avoiding the enemy, dominates their minds rendering them incapable of committing any hostile acts

5: discipline devoted to the development of pure intellect, abstract philosophy, meditation

4: discipline devoted to healing, especially mental illnesses, psiatry

3: discipline devoted to misdirection and obscuration without outright dishonesty, ellusion

2: discipline devoted to Travelers, dedicated to perception (space-time (4D) and reality (5D)) and learning in art, science, philosophy

1: discipline devoted to telepathy and mindmelding

0: narrowest, least teachable discipline of pure receptivity


by Pvt. Joe Zilch, etal.

fubah: fouled up beyond all hope

fubar: fouled up beyond all reason/repair

fubb: fouled up beyond belief

fubi: fouled up beyond imagining

fufaraw major foul-up over triviality

fulery jocular foul-up

fultu: fouled up less than usual

fumanchu Oriental or mustache foul-up

fummtu: fouled up much more than usual

fumtu: fouled up more than usual

funnaa: fouled up nearly not at all

futhark alphabetical foul-up

futon bedding foul-up

fuzle foul-up because of clumsiness or bungling

jaaffu: joint army-air force foul-up

janaffu: joint army-navy-air force foul-up

jafanfu: joint air force and navy foul-up

janfu: joint army-navy foul-up

kungfu martial arts foul-up

nasafu: NASA foul-up

pofu: penultimate of foul-ups

sapfu: surpassing all previous foul-ups

sattfu: situation a third time fouled up

scemfu: situation changed, even more fouled up

scinfu: situation changed, it's now fouled up

smapfu: surpassing most all previous foul-ups

snufu: situation not usually fouled up

snafu: situation normal, all fouled up

snyfu: situation not yet fouled up

snyrfu: situation not yet really fouled up

stufu: surpassing the ultimate foul-up

susfu: situation unchanged, still fouled up

syafu: situation yet again fouled up

tarfu: things are really fouled-up

tarrfu: things are really, really fouled up

tasfu: things are surreally fouled up

tutfu: the umpteenth foul-up

tuifu: the ultimate in foul-ups

[portmanteaux of the -fu and the fu- words are also possible, such as, snufubh -- situation not usually fouled up, fouled up beyond hope]

farmisht: [Yiddish] confused, fouled up

forpotshket: [Yiddish] something fouled up after attempt to fix

Scheissenbedauern: disappointment in better than expected foul-up

Schlimmbesserung: [Germ.] so-called improvement that fouls things up worse


(Philip van Doren Stern)

M1K: invisible

M2K: shapeless

M3K: small, nasty, swarmy

M4K: large, powerful, dangerous, old

M5K: ordinary turned dangerous

M6K: man turned against man


ablexxive: overwhelmingly confusing

acathisa: [Lat.] infatigability, power to continue in motion indefinitely, "perpetual motion"

acedia: [Lat.] spiritual slothfulness

achor: [Heb.] misery, affliction

adharma: lawlessness, vice, cosmic disorder

adhesion: PK2K power to cling

aerokinesis: PK power limited to air

agape: psychic power turned wholly outward, anti-libido

agility: power of soul over body to move extremely rapidly, though not instantaneously, jaunt, teleport

agitron: [Mort Walker] indication of shakiness or instability

agnosia: power to selectively not recognize something familiar

AI: [artificial "intelligence"] any mimic of intelligence, including MI, person-mimicking mind-clones, and other vitological pseudo-life

ainimal: animal with artificially enhanced "intelligence"

akilo: [Jap.] tranquility/knowledge

alamoth: [Heb. sopranos, female choir] femininity, yang

allize: [allo-, realize backformation] falsify by pastward timetraveling

allohistory: false memory of Gyronchi tangent, path-not-taken

alyo: [baseball] person not easily disconcerted

amaurosis: selective blindness, power to not see

amnesia: power to ignore one's own past

ana: [Grk.] futureward

anachronokinesis: psi power to dilate or contract time (4D) wrt metatime (5D)

anachronophobia: [Jonathan Morris] fear of anachronisms

analgesia: power to ignore pain (1 and 2 Mac.)

ananda: [Sanskrit] life, sensation, pleasure of the body

ancestral memory: familial telepathy responsible for collective unconsciousness, some postcognition, misidentified as (p)re-incarnation, hauntings

Anderplatz: [Germ. "other place"] teleportation

andgasm: [orgasm backformation] non-sexual pleasure rush

anesthesia: diminished powers of perception

animation: power to make inanimate animate (Gen. 2:7)

animo aegis: [Lat.] heartsickness

animofractus: [Lat.] brokenheartedness

animimicry: power to mimic animal powers

animorphing: shape-shifting into (and back from) an animal form

anatta: Buddhistic misidentification of body, soul and spirit as not Real

anpsi: animal psi power (Num. 22:23-30)

appel: [Fren.] movement of spirit-soul analogous to foot-stamping-like false attack

apportation: psychokinetic power to bring distant objects near (Ps 78:19, 2 Kg 4:2-7, Mt 14:19, 15:32, etc.,)

archetype: universal common ancestral memory

arrational: superposition of rational and irrational, related to triple-thought mind block

askashic record: record of all past accessible via N-ray vision, postconition

assaut: [Fren.] friendly combat

assumption: supposition of truth, for the sake of logical argument

astral projection: OOBESPK, power to act or sense out-of-body, see double

atman: [Sanskrit] pantheistic misidentification of body and soul as not Real

attaque: [Fren.] initial offensive

audiokinesis: PK limited to sound (Klaw, Fiddler), see sonic screaming

aura: bodily radiation varying according to state of body-soul, see aureola

aureole: full-body halo

autistic thinking: power to use daydream (delusions, hallucinations, fantasies, imaginary companions, superego) to arouse ambition, deal with emotions, escape pressures

autoscopy: power to see one's self as others see you

autosuggestion: power of conscious self to influence own subconscious

avatar: any unreal identity, demonophany or tulpa or hyper-dimensional, VR

axel: [Axel Paulsen] graceful leap with 3/2 turn

ayu: [as yet unknown] not presently known but knowable in the future

baatir: [Somali] mature, barren camel

bait: [Hofstadter] reward symmeme that encourages the spread of the scheme

balestra: [Fren.] forward/futureward hop or jump

ballon: [Fren.] "floating" leap

bamfing: disintegration/teleportation/reintegration often in puff of smoke

barani roll: [Robert Barani] 3/2 rotation twist leap

bathos: [Alexander Pope] sudden descent from exalted to ridiculous

BAT-itude: [Douglas R. Hofstadter] qualitity of being a be-able thing (BAT)

battlement: [Fren.] turning aside an offensive

battu: [Fren.] leap with leg-beating

be-ee: [Thomas Nagel] being who becomes another being in VR, metempsychosis or telepresence

be-er: [Douglas R. Hofstadter] being who another being becomes in metempsychosis, VR, or telepresence

beluthahatchee: [Bantu] blissful state of forgetfulness and forgiveness

belief: state or habit of trustfulness in uncertainty

belle indifference: power to accept with calm other powers

beraka: [Heb.] blessing, God’s favor

Bettschwere: [Germ.] not-wanting-to-get-out-of-bed feeling

biffits: indication of very fast movement as by a speedster or jaunter

binding: power to immobilize (Jn 20:23), see geas

bilking: changing the past, only possible by unobserved metatime (5D) travelers

bilocation: seeming to be in two places at once by maintaining consciousness in-body and out-of-body simultaneously (Martin de Porres, Padre Pio), see tulpa

binah: understanding

bios: [Grk.] body-life, contrasted with spirit-life

blarg: beond terrible

bleshing: [Theodore Sturgeon] forming a gestalt or multi-ply mind, see ext

Blinovitch limit: point at which the paradoxes of a time (4D) traveler meeting his past selves grow exponentially until Gordian time-knot is formed

blurgit: [Mort Walker] indication of slight movement, nudge or shrug

blurk: popular wisdom so popular it ceases tobe wisdom

Bodhisattva paradox: one gets enlightenment (or love) because one is unselfish enough not to seek it

body-freedom: disassociation of soul from the body in paranormal states

body-soul: [anima, psyche] soul with consciousness focused in-body and not out-of-body

bootstrapping: impossible act of bringing intelligence out of non-intelligent or life out of non-living, impossible, that is, except for God

bourrée: [Fren.] small tiptoe step

braingrip: initial step in brainscrub

brainscrubbing: hypnotically suggested amnesia more thorough than brainwashing

bright: with higher ESPK powers from telepathy to space-time (4D) and metatime (5D) travel

brisé: [Fren.] leap from one leg with leg-beating

broadbander: [Norstilian] powerful but erratic telepath

buddhi: [Sanskrit] intuitive direct knowledge

btfsplk: ["Li'l Abner", Joe Btfsplk] black clouded jinx

calenture: obsession with thought of acting upon hallucination

Capgras syndrome: power to recognize doppelgangers

capriole: [Fren.] leap with a mid-air leg-beating

capriccioso: [Ital.] free and lively

carnal: with focus completely on body-soul and not on spirit-soul

Cassandra syndrome: unbelievably true prophesying

catachresis: deliberate paradox

catalepsy: power to continue immobile indefinitely

catalyst: power to stimulate other's powers

cesistialistic: exemplifying creature's relationship to Creator as if inanimate misbehaves

charm: object with paranormal or hypnotic suggestive power

chassé: [Fren.] sliding step

chesed: mercy, goodness

chit: [Sanskrit] love, wisdom, joy of the spirit life,

chod: [Tibetan] possession by voluntary, ritualized NSP

chokmah: wisdom

choleric: (XW, Prof. X/Wonder Woman) decisive type mind (high-dopamine/high-endorphin) but needing CE8K security (Prv 30:13), includes subtypes: counselors (IXWG),  healers (IXWP), teachers (VXWG) and champions (VXWP)

chromesthesia: power to experience other sensations as color (e. g., pitch = brightness, volume = size), see synaethesia

chronokinesis: psi power to move in metatime (5D), see apportation

chronopathy: [Cordwainer Smith] involuntary crisis-triggered chronokinesis

chronoplasty: power to reshape time (5D)

chronoportation: power to move self in time (4D), see kairoportation

chronosynclastic: [Kurt Vonnegut] describing broken and rearranged subjective time (5D) of a chronic time (4D) traveler

ciseaux: [Fren.] leap with legs wide apart

cisfiguration: partial transfiguration

cismogrification: partial transmogrification

clairaudience: super-hearing, power to hear what is not present to hearing

claircognizance: power to know the otherwise unknowable

clairgustance: power to taste what is otherwise untastable

clairvoyance: power to see in mind's eye what is distant in space-time (4D) and inaccessible by telepathy

Clang association: what homonyms have connecting them

clarity: power of soul to see and be seen as God sees (Mt 17:2)

clarketech: [Arthur C. Clarke] technology so advanced that it appears to the uninitiated as magic or psi

collective unconscious: [Carl Jung] thoughts and feelings shared unconsciously by all consciousnesses

compulsion: power to do work with meticulous care until goal is reached

con brio: [Ital.] vigorously

conception: generic idea conceived by "imagineering" or fruition of Love as in parents, Immaculate Conception or Incarnation

concupiscence: excessive desiring, overcome with self-mastery

confabrication: replacing memory with false memory, fact with fiction, see virtualization

conmoción: [Span.] deep but fleeting group emotion

connatural: not perfectly natural, like disembodied or body-free soul

Connaught technique: [Dr. Laurence Connaught] simply described technique for producing

con sordino: [Ital.] muted

con spirito: [Ital.] spirited

contemplation: mystical activity opening one to visions, voices, revelations; opposite of meditation (zen)

contre-attaque: [Fren.] response to initial offensive

cor: [Lat.] heart, seat of soul's deepest or core emotions

Coueism: [Coue] overcoming rationation and doubt by hypnogogic autosuggestion

crescendo: [Ital.] rising in volume and intensity

cross-over: superpositioning of real and imaginary (tulpa), enreal or emaginary

cryptaesthesia: power to know hidden things (Mt 17:27)

cryokinesis: PK power to extract heat energy

cryptaesthesia: power to perceive what is hidden

cryptoscopy: spatial clairvoyance, see cryptaesthesia, telescopic vision

Cumberlandism: [Cumberland] pseudo-telepathic reading of muscle movements

cyberkinesis: PK limited to cybernetic devices

cyberpathy: power to communicate pseudo-telepathically with cybernetic devices

daath: ["knowledge"] combination of chokmah ["wisdom"] and binah ["understanding"]

damned: those who have suffered or will inevitably suffer the second death of their spirit-body and lose all psi powers but immortality

darkthy: in the state of being in-the-dark

darna: persistence

dasoku: [Jap.] superfluous like snake legs

davka: [Hebrew] for no other known reason than just because God allows it

déjà éproúve: [Fren.] experiencing the unfamiliar as familiar, possibly precognitively, opposite of jamais éproúve, includes déjà vû (seeing), déjà entendu (hearing), déjà lû (reading), see promnesia

debana: [Jap.] opportune moment, see Jonbar point, kairos

decrescendo: [Ital.] falling in volume and intensity

delusion: false belief or opinion strongly held despite invalidating evidence, includes reincarnation and pre-incarnation

demon: infra-dimensional intelligence categorized by their focus against goodness -- aerial (wind, sound), aqueous (unholy water), heliophobic (darkness, shadows), igneous (fire), subterrestrial, terrestrial (animals, men)

demoniality: intercourse with demons or demonically possessed (and so including the worst bestiality and necrophilia) as before Deluge

demonolepsy: possession by demon(s)

demonomania: obsession with demons, evil UDI

demonophany: appearance of a malevolent UDI in visible form (CE1K), see avatar

depersonalization syndrome: power to think and act like ghost, robot, undead, zombi

denial: power to ignore unreal despite all evidence to the contrary

dereistic thinking: power to go beyond reality, experience or logic

dermo-optic perception: power to see with skin, especially finger tips

discernment: power to discern true nature of spirits

disintegration: power to loosen molecular bonds

dérobement: [Fren.] deception to thwart attempted offensive

dharma: [Sansk.] duties, rights, laws, conduct, virtues, cosmic order

dichromat: with two cones able to distinguish only 104 hues, less than trichromat (106) and many less than tetrachromat (108)

dironic: not ironic at all

dites: [Mort Walker] indication of diagonal movement, air turbulance

dixit: unconfirmed, sometimes dogmatic, statement

dobgat: [Myrinese] irresistable tendency to laugh at unfunny

domination: power to command inanimate (Gn 3:16) or living creatures (Wis 9:1-3), prerequisite to mesmerism

doppelganger: [Ger.] ghostly double of living person, future self seen in present

doppelgangster: "evil twin" double

dormition: "falling asleep", dying but destined to rise from the dead

dorthy: [Oz's Dorothy Gale] interdimensionally "thin" like Kansas-Oz portal

doxastic: pertaining to mere opinion

doxic: worse than worst possble scenario

dreamtime: [Aranda altjiranga mitjina, "ancestor-was"] time (5D) of ancestral memory

dryware: AI software and/or hardware, as opposed to wetware

duf: doubt, uncertainty, fear, fud with doubt predominating and producing uncertainty and fear

dybbuk: [Heb.] spirit-soul or spirit that takes control of another body while the owner is unconsciousness or dead, see walk-in

dypsomania: obsession with alcohol

dyspsychia: inability to use psi powers

écarté: with arm and leg extended on one side

echolocation: SSP to locate via sound

ecstasy: union of soul and God just short of heavenly bliss

ectenic force: [M. Thury] hypothetical force that causes PK phenomena

ectoplasm: [Charles Ricket] materialized substance gelatinous, viscous, and usually white

EDI: extra-dimensional intelligence

ego boundary: boundary between one mind and others' or mindlessness

eidetic imaging: power to remember everything seen, photographic memory

eidolon: ghost

electrokinesis: power limited to electrons and electricity

electroportation: teleportation limited to an electrical current

elasticity: power to shapeshift while retaining humanoid form

ellogical: ['llogical] superposition of logical and illogical, see Clang association, cluttering, dysgrammatism, dyslexia, spoonerism, Ganser syndrome, jargonaphasia, metonymy, neologisms, portmanteaux, parapraxis, strephosymbolia, verbigeration, word salad

ellusion: ['llusion] superposition of illusion and lusion

emanata: [Mort Walker] indicaton of shock or surprize

embosk: superposition of hiding and revealing

emago: superposition of real and unreal image of person

emkinesis: power to control electromagnetic forces

emmaterial: ['mmaterial] superposition of material and immaterial as when in process of materializing or dematerializing

emmobilization: ['mmobilization] superposition of mobilization and immobilization

emmortal: ['mmortal] superposition of mortal and immortal

empathy: non-verbal, non-visual telepathy limited to perceiving feelings

empossible: ['mpossible] superposition of possible and impossible

encraty: senses mastery, self-control, abstinence, continence

encredible: ['ncredible] superposition of credible and incredible

endeath: ['ndeath] superposition of death and undeath

enderstanding: ['nderstanding] superposition of understanding and non-understanding

endeterminant: ['ndeterminant] superposition of determinant and indeterminant

endiablee: put the devil into someone

energumen: demonically possessed person

enknown: ['nknown] borderline between the known and the unknown

ennatural: ['nnatural] superposition of natural and unnatural

enreal: ['nreal] superposition of real and unreal

ensanity: [Tibetan bardo] superposition of sanity and insanity

enspiration: ['nspiration] superposition of inspiration and non-inspiration

entanglement: quantum connection between any two things which come into contact, basic principle of relics, psychometry

entelligence: ['ntelligence] superposition of intelligence and telligence

entrechat: vertical jump with leg position change

entruth: ['ntruth] superposition of truth and untruth

entuitive: ['ntutive] superposition of intuitive and non-intuitive or observational

envisiblity: ['nvisible] superposition of visibility and invisibility, transparency

envulnerabilty: ['nvulnerability] superposition of vulnerability and invulnerability

epignostics: study of otherwise unknowable revealed knowledge (Col 1:9)

ergoplasty: power to convert one form of energy into another

EPR effect: [Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen] "spooky" action at a distance, supposed basis of Law of Sympathy

E-rays: [Ger. Erdstrahlen] produced by Earth, detectable by dowsers

esek: [Heb.] challenge

eshaku: slight bow

esoteric: non-exoteric, occult, secretive, available only to an elite

ESP: [extrasensory perception] metagnomy, knowledge acquired with mind alone, without senses

ESPK: combined ESP and PK powers

esper: person with more than five senses, such as a "sixth sense", clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. as distinguished from empath or telepath

ESPionage: use of psychic powers to spy

esquive: [Fren.] dodging

euhererism: theory that all myths have factual basis

evil eye: diabolic ESPK1K, line-of-sight power to jinx

eviternity: [Summa] state of everlastingness between time (4D) and eternity (D) in which spirits exist, with beginning but without ending, changing but without limitation

exoteric: non-esoteric, available to all, like Revelation

exotoxic: poisonous to others but not carrier

ext: [Winslow Otto Notsniw] chaotic emotions including relationship-killing fear that lead to bleshing or insanity

extranormal: beyond ordinary normal to extraordinary normal

fac: [flip a coin]

faith: belief even without sufficient evidence

fakirism: mass hypnosis as practiced by fakirs such as basket stabbing, India rope trick

fam: [flip a marble] leave choice indeterminate, see com

fancy: caprious or delusive imaginings

fantasy: free, unrealistic, improbable imaginings with clarkeware explanation

fastasization: [Dirdir] mind control and projective telepathy

fausse attaque: [Fren.] attack intended to fail to produce predictable counter-attack

feinte: [Fren.] attack with switch

Feynman diagram: graphic representation of quantum mechanical interactions including Y-forks, lambda-forks, timeloops, metatimebubbles

femme: [Fren.] female-impersonating male or assexual such as an incubus

fideism: dependence on faith rather than reason

fieling: [speak:spiek::feel:?] mindtouching, empathy, initial stage of mindmeld

fittle: [Ken MacLeod] faster than light

fjact: contrafactual or unverifiable "fact"

fléche: short, running attack

flense: strip covering off of

flight: usually omnidirectional auto-levitation

First Adam's Law: everything is subject to corruption because of Adam's sin, see Second Adam’s Law

flexanimosity: mental flexibility

foa: focus of attention, where disembodied are

foaf: [friend of a friend] second-or-higher-hand source of information as in hearing or reading of someone else's experience, CE4K6K or CE1K6K

fouetté: movement of spirit-soul analogous to spin on one foot with other leg thrown out and in

folie à deux: [Fren. folly of two] hallucination shared by two minds

folie à beaucoup: [Fren. folly of many] hallucination shared by many minds

foltergeist: [Germ. torture ghost] tortuous spirit particularly of the damned or possessed

foppelganger: [Ger. foppel] hoax double as in illusionary holo

force beam: PK1K, line-of-sight psychokinesis

forgettery: [Joseph T. Shipley] function of mind which allows it to seem to forget while merely burying a memory

forlostwenna: sudden, compulsive wunderlust

forte: [Ital.] loudly

fourk: [3:4::threek:?] four-future or four-past Y-fork or Lambda-fork

frelling: [Nebari] forbidden thoughts

friarism: teleogical pov that, for example, sees rivers as providentially near cities rather than vice versa

fugue: amnesia and creation of new identity (persona) via confabrication and paramnesia

fud: fear, uncertainty, doubt, usually found together, though in varying proportions, see duf

fudoshin: [Jap.] immovable spirit

fulgurkinesis: power to generate lightning

fumetti: [Fren. "bubbles"] where unheard words or thoughts can be read in many varieties, electronic, cumulous, frigid, serrated, etc.

fünf: [between vier and secht] between fear and sex

fünffachganger: [Ger.] fifth "double"

furfle: [Grotian] self-resurrect

Gamaliel principle: good survives, evil self-destructs

Ganser syndrome: giving slightly off answers

Ganzfeld: sensory deprivation to achieve NSP

geas: [Gaelic] implanted compulsion, see binding and loosening

geburah: strength, divine power

gedanken: [Germ. thinking] purely mental, often intuitive, hypotheticalizing and inference

Geisterseher: person with power to sie spirit-souls, so-called "second sight", but not to metatime (5D) travel

gellering: [Geller] aka PKMB, psychokinetic metal-bending

gestalt: minds united into a single multi-ply mind, "with one mind and one heart", see bleshing

ghu: demon seeking worship due only to God, false god or goddess (femme ghu)

gigo: [garbage in, garbage out] observation that output is only as good as input

glamourization: illusionary glorification

glarnk: [Strellon] long-term joy/pleasure for days or weeks

gleep: manipulate people or objects in space-time (5D)

glisk: slight touch of deep pleasure or passing pain

glissade: slow, slide with bent knees and feet coming together between steps

glorification: making more visible the supernatural brightness or radiance (Mt 16:27)

glossalia: power to speak in languages unknown to speaker, telepathy with perception of words but not meaning

gmira: [Aramaic] complete, perfect, finished, true

godd syndrome: implantation compulsion that eventually leads to clarketech with greater and greater loss of identity, including cyborgs and AI-dependant bionts

golk: [Folmalhaultian] joyless prayerlessness, see acedia

Grafenberg spot: [Ernst Grafenberg] place where there is most change, see Hawthorn effect

grandiosity: power to (mis)recognize one's self as powerful, wealthy, important world-saver, see imago

grave: [Ital.] gravely

gravitokinesis: power to control gravitational forces

grawlixes: [Mort Walker] unreidable thoughts

graydation: [gradation mondegreen] turning clear black-and-white thinking into confused non-thinking

grazioso: [Ital.] gracefully

grokking: [Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein] power to form so strong an empathic or telepathic bond as to nearly blesh

gurgurshaa: [Somali] docile pack camel

gyromagnetism: [Count Szápáry] table-tipping, spontaneous repetitious touch-psychokinesis, SRPK3K

Gyronchi tangent: [Jack Williamson] "dead branch" timeline truncated by pastward time traveler

haecceity: that which makes something or someone unique

halo: perceivable radiance of inner glory from head (Moses)

hallucination: sense the imagined or planted as in hypnogogic or hypnopompic states (auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory, tactile, kinesthetic)

hangry: angry because of underlying hunger

hart ducha: [Polish "hard spirit"] courageous self-mastery, grit

hasid: [Heb.] pious

Hawthorn effect: [Stanley Milgrm Hawthorn] observation causes change

heat vision: line-of-sight pyrolysis PK1K

hedonic reversal: when pleasureful becomes painful or v. v.

heiligen Geist: [Germ. Holy Ghost] opposing spirit to zeitgeist, foltergeist and poltergeist

hierogamy: superposition or “marriage” of ying and yang, harmony of alamoth and sheminith

henshin: [Jap.] change, transformation or metamorphosis

heptip: trip through seven dimensions

herem: [Heb.] doomed

heterosuggestion: power of conscious to influence another's subconscious, opposite of autosuggestion

hexip: trip through six dimensions

hier: [Nostrilian] perceive verbal thoughts telepathically

hiershot: [earshot backformation] within telepathic range, dependant on ability to filter thoughts

hinterganger: [vorganger antonym] stalking or following spirit

hites: [Mort Walker] indications of fast movement, trailing air turbulence

hod: splendor

holarchical: [Arthur Koestler] organized into nested hierarchies

homeopathy: "There is a paranormal connection between the whole and each of its parts.", basic principle of fractal mathematics

hook: [Hofstadter] addictive symmeme of a scheme

hozh'q: [Navaho] beauty not only in eye but also heart of beholder and spreading to rest of creation

huh: confusion

hydrokinesis: PK power limited to water

hydropnea: power to breathe water like fish

hyperaemia: power to direct blood and bodily fluids to diseased or injured part of one's body

hyperdimensional: from higher dimension

hyperesthesia: overly heightened powers of perception

hypermnesia: extreme power of remembrance, total recall

hyperportation: hyper-dimensional teleportation

hypnogogic: related to the state between wakefulness and sleep, hypnosis or trance

hypnopompic: related to the state between sleep or trance and wakefulness

hypnoidal: pretrance, eye closing, relaxation

hypnosis: see mesmerism

hypodimensional: from lower dimension

hypoprenia: feeblemindedness

hysteria: psychogenic power to create disease symptoms in body

iant: [Serb.] pride, tending to pridefulness

IBE: [in-body experience] experience with consciousness in body-soul

idea: transcendental reality pattern

identification: sharing of knowledge and power to extent that ego boundary collapses and sharers become indistinguishable

IDI: infra-dimensional intelligence, fallen or demonized ultradimensional, classified by habitat (fiery, aerial, terrestrial, aqueous, subterrestrial, or heliophobic), or by powers (fates, polts, incubi, succubi, marching hosts, familiars, nightmares, deceivers, attackers), as opposed to UDI

igneopnea: power to breathe fire

illogical: not according to the laws of logic

illumination: aka noopneustia, soul-to-soul communication, immediate and direct intra-spiritual influence without use of imagination or suggestion, between sensation and beatific vision, as existed in patriarchs from Fall to Flood

illusionist: person who by power of suggestion spreads erroneous concept or belief

image: common conception symbolizing a basic attitude

imago: idealized, unreal, image of person

imagineering: image-engineering as for hallucination-planting

imbosk: hide or conceal

immobilization: power to telepathically suggest paralysis

immortality: inability of soul to die, even among the second dead

impassibility: ability to resist any bodily evil, such as hunger, thirst, weariness, illness, injury, sadness, pain, death or corruption (Rev 21:4)

impression: externally stimulated, vague idea

incantation: ritual recitation of spell to summon demonic spirit

indotherm: [Mort Walker] indication of radiant heat

infoo: superposition of information and misinformation, especially that begins as former and ends as latter

infra-dimensional: referring to lowerarchical, demonized ultradimensionals between non-being (zero-dimensional) and artificial intelligence (one-dimensional), see IDI

inspiration: influence or action upon intellect or emotions by another

integrity: power of soul to completely control body, self-healing, doing without food or water or sleep

inter-dimensional: referring to compound infinities as in holarchy ("hefty")

interpenetration: power of body to pass spirit-like through doors or walls

interpretation: power to understand meaning of words if heard

intra-dimensionality: power to bridge dimensions

intuition: immediate asensual illumination

invisibility: telepathic power to suggest others not see you (Lk 4:30) or PK power to bend light

invulnerability: power of soul to counter bodily injury

I-rays: [Di Brazza] produced by concentrated thinking, similar aura

IR ray vision: seeing in infrared frequencies

istiqâra: [Arabic] prayerful art of solving problems while dreaming

ITF: instantaneous transference at the speed of thought

jamais éproúve: [Fren.] experiencing the familiar as unfamiliar, opposite of déjà éproúve, includes jamais vû (seeing), jamais entendu (hearing), jamais lû (reading), as with the mooreeffoc effect

jargonaphasia: power to speak jargon, useful for telepaths

jaunting: [Alfred Bester] self-teleporting

jeito: [Brazilian] find way no matter what

Jesus factor: [Edwin Corley] Power that prevents Humans from self-destructing

jeté: leap from one leg to other

jinx: [The "Buzz Flewheart"] someone with power to cause probability interference

jinn: timeloop-bound, without beginning or end, like Melchizedek (Heb. 7:3)

Jonbar point: [John Barr] critical turning point of a eutopic/dystopic dicotomy Y-fork (or threek, or fourk)

jootsy: [Jump-Out-Of-The-System acronym, Dzu-tse] outside "the box"

ka: [Egyptian] doppelganger, double, out-of-body spirit-soul as perceived by own or other mind

kadesh: [Heb.] sanctified, made nazar by will power

kaifuku: [Kamaklian] psychic healing power

kairos: point where time (4D) and timeless (5D) intersect, see debana, Jonbar point

kairokinesis: psi power to move through metatime (5D), see jinn

kairopathy: involuntary crisis-triggered kairokinesis

kairoplasty: power to reshape metatime (6D)

kairoportation: power to move self through metatime (5D)

kaloogian: [Howard Kaloogian] false image accompanying truthful idea

kalokagathia: that which is both good and beautiful

kaloogian: [Howard Kaloogian] with false or misleading image accompanying truthful idea

kangáe judo: [thought judo] use of unbalancing surprise and other's momentum (reductio ad absurdum) against untruth, with analogous techniques from ballet, chess, fencing, singing

kata: [Grk.] downtime, past

Keinplatzing: [Germ. "noplace", Arthur Conan Doyle] mesmeric oobing, see dybbukism (metempsychosis)

keirei: [Japanese] full bow

kenobe: expert

kercha'an: [Trullionese] superhuman effort

khu: [Egyptian] spirit-soul, soul with consciousness focused OOB

kiai: [Jap.] spirit-focusing shout

kibbitz: [Yiddish] offer unwanted advise

Kirlian photography: [Seymon Kirlian] photography of bioelectrical field, possibly aura

knowledge: fact known familiarly, experienced, gives power over self and not-self

knowt: know and also note (know you know)

koan: mind shocker attempting to reach satori

koppelganger: [Ger. koppel "couple"] double doppelgangers

koyaanisqatsi: [Hopi] life so out of balance that a new way of life is called for

Krasnikov paradox exclusion principle: according to general relativity no true time paradoxes are possible (indeterminants can become determined, the unobserved observed or misunderstood, but what is determined by observation cannot become otherwise), time paradoxes are always temporal illusions

kut: [Korean] dressing and undressing in trance state

kuzushi: [Jap.] unbalancing

kvell: [Yiddish] beam with pride

kvetch: [Yiddish] complain, whine

kyaa: [Jap.] see squee

lambda-fork: [L] two-past Jonbar point (see threek, fourk)

largo: [Ital.] slowly, solemnly

legato: [Ital.] smoothly and evenly

levitation: psychokinetic anti-grav power (2 Kgs 6:6, Acts 1:9)

liberation: freeing from possession or oppression

libido: psychic power but particularly when turned inward rather than outward as in agape

líhzílika: [proto-Tibetan] weakness, Achilles' heel, kryptonite

limen: awareness borderline, between hypnogogy and wakefulness

ling: win over by vergal skill

liquification: power to become liquid (and back to solid)

litost: [Czech] sudden awareness of misery

lo-ammi: [Heb.] not-My-people, unbelievers, infidels

locution: power to hear paranormally, ESP4K

logic: laws of reason

logical: according to the laws of logic

logology: study of the power of words, especially the spoken word

logotherapy: [Frankl] method of making subconscious conscious by verbalization

loosening: power to unbind (Jn 20:23), see geas

los: line-of-sight, CE1K

lottle: [lot-little portmanteau] little trying to seem like a lot, like all numbers below omega

lowerarchy: [hierarchy backformation] ranking of the demonic powers, divided into 3 orders of 3 choirs each, see infra-dimensional

LPSM: [logopsychosomatic medicine] holistic healing that includes the Word that affects the mind and body (Wis 16:12)

lusionist: [illusionist backformation] person with power to turn minds to the Reality and away from illusion

macropsy: ESP power to see irrespective of distance, like SSP Q-ray vision, also called telescopic vision. but not through obstacles like nauscopy or X-ray vision

macroscopic: on a large scale, opposite of microscopic

maestoso: [Ital.] majestically

magnanimous: [“big-souled”] high- or heavenly-minded

mal: [Myrinese] telepathee's feeling of being watched from within

mâle: [Fren.] male-impersonating female or asexual like an incubus or ghu

magnetokinesis: power to control magnetic forces

mandala: labyrinthine pattern allegedly useful in traversing deeper inner paths

manimal: man-animal hybrid with dignity of man no matter how animal

march: [Fren.] movement forward

masochism: power to find pain pleasurable

massa: [Heb.] oracle, usually of woe

massah: [Heb.] test, trial

matergoplasty: power to convert matter into energy

materialization: manifesting of immaterial as matter, see teleplasty

mathesis: mental discipline

mattergy: superposition of matter and energy

maurosis: second sight, power to see what would otherwise be invisible

maya: [Sanskrit] immaterialism, suffering-producing misidentification of body as not Real

mecrocosmic: [macrocosmic:?:: ?:microcosmic] superposition of macrocosmic and microcosmic

mecroscopic: [macroscopic:?::?:microscopic] on an intermediate scale, between macroscopic and microscopic, or a superposition of both

meditation: non-verbal prayer more easily opening one to revelation

meeble: efficiently meander without cross one's path

melancholic: (Daredevil/Green Lantern, DG) thoughtful, contemplative type mind (high-dopamine/low-endorphin) but needing CE8K purification (Prv 30:12), includes inspectors (IDBG), protectors (IDWG), supervisors (VDBG) and providers (VDWG)

melding: linking telepathically, CE3K mesmerism or physically

membot: robonomic meme addict

meme: [memory gene, Richard Dawkins] mind-shaping thought, fashion, innovation, inspiration

meme allergy: [Glenn Grant] hypersensitivity to a particular meme

memetics: study of memes

meni: [Heb.] destiny, plan of God

mental gymnastics: includes elements from dance, martial arts, gamesmanship, music

mepaphysical: [me(ta)pa(ta)physics] beyond the pataphysical

mepatime: [me(ta) + pa(ta)time] aka time-4, 7-D, subjective time of the patatime (6D) traveler

meraki: soul/creativity/love

meribah: [Heb.] contention, quarreling

merochronic: in "true" subjective time of hyperdimensional observer wrt the hypodymensional observed's

mesmeric: [Franz Mesmer] aka hypnotic, CE1K spieking with domination and usually with eye contact

metagnomy: trance-induced clairvoyance

metaphysical: beyond the physical

metatime: aka time-2, 5-D, subjective time dimension of the out-of-body (OOB) or time (4D) traveler

metempiric: beyond explaining, fortean

metempsychosis: involuntary mindswapping, usually with amnesia

metonymy: power to speak in euphemisms, very difficult for possessed

MI: [machine intelligence] machine designed to mimic intelligence

microscopic vision: clairvoyance at microscopic level

mimicry, power: power to mimic another's power

mind-bending: producing hallucinatory or emotional effects

mind-blindness: inability to see Truth (2 Cor 4:4)

mind block: detecting and blocking of a telepathic assault

mind-blowing: producing dangerous hallucinatory or intensely emotional effects

mind-boggling: producing overwhelming intellectual or emotional effects

mind-clone: aka stemeid, replication of memories and personality of person as in android body, but without soul, as with body-clone, not the same as the original

mind control: overpowering telepathic heterosuggestion

mind detector: telepath specializing in detecting other minds

mindjacking: forcibly taking control of another's mind

mindlink: point at which contact between two (or more) minds is made

mindnumbing: weak mindcontrol limited to slowing or blocking thought

mindscape: scene seen by mind's eye

mindset: fixed mental state that predetermines responses to and interpretation of perceptions

mind shield: blocking of undetected telepathic assault

mindsight: seeing with mind's eye

mindswapping: double dybbukism, each spirit-soul controlling the other's body, see metempsychosis

mindsweeper: telepath specializing in sweeping surface thoughts of many minds

mismeme: [Richard Bergland] misshaping thought, fashion, innovation or inspiration

mitty: [Walter Mitty] simultaneously real and imaginary, twi

mocroscopic: [macroscopic:microscopic::microscopic:?] below both macroscopic and microscopic, submicroscopic

mojo: power to impose own will on others'

mo kita: [Kiriwana, New Guinea] unspoken truth

mooreeffooc effect: [G. K. Chesterton, coffeeroom ananym] experiencing the familiar as unfamiliar, jamais vu

morphing: changing shape paranormally or with transmogrifier

morphogenic field: [Rupert Sheldon] immaterial memory of self-organizing life-forms and crystals, similar to akashic record

moxie: courage, daring, spirit or drink boosting same

mu: [Jap.] answer to question revealing total misunderstanding

mucroscopic: superposition of mocroscopic and mycroscopic

mukzib: [Persian] lie-encourager

mulct: take away by trickery

multiplication: apportation with seed-material

multipresence: power including bilocation, trilocation, or more, but less than divine omnipresence

mund: [Bigsby O'Deere] dim mind

musar: [Heb.] discipline, removal, withdrawal

mwah: non-physical kiss

mycroscopic: below even mucroscopic, impossible to see physically, below Heisenberg uncertainty limit

nadi: [Balinese] be temporally in unreality

naisuka: [Beaujolais] unreasonable reason

narcolepsy: power to instantly fall asleep

nazar: [Heb.] sacred, consecrated, dedicated to God by a vow

nauscopy: power to see irrespective of distance or obstacles, line-of-sight clairvoyance, probably ESP1K plus X-ray SSP

negentropy: [negative entropy] measure of order, information

neoflect: [Mort Walker] indication of newness

neologism: newly coined word made by portmanteauing, punning, spoonerizing

netzach: victory, firmness

nglayap: [Indon.] wander purposely

noemics: study of understanding

noology: study of intuition

noopneustia: see illumination

noosphere: all human thought on a planet as a whole, see philotic web

normalization: power to make a super person normal

notion: vague, tentative or chance idea

noumena: intuitive evidence as opposed to phenomena

N-ray vision: [René Prosper Blondlot] postcognitive clairvoyance, ability to see what no longer is, see askashic record

NSP: non-sensory perception as in trance or sensory deprivation

Novikov principle: time paradoxes are impossible because any attempt to change the past causes the same future just perhaps with a differently observed present between

numinosity: astonishing, stupefying other-worldliness where inaccessible transcendence and beatific presence meet

nying-tul: [Tibetan] tertiary tulpa, like Geordi LaForge's James Moriarty's "Regina Barthalomew Moriarty" or Noonian Soong's Data's Lal, Iron Ager wrt Golden Age

obsession: mind influencing, between suggestion and possession

Oedipus effect: [Brian M. Stableford] paradoxical effect that with or without precognition proves "Que sera sera."

oeyeo: [Aols] concentrate

ojigi: [Japanese] respectful bow

olam: [Heb.] eternal or The Eternal

omnipresence: divine power to be in all locations at once

ont'a: [Hainish] love/hate

OOBE: [out-of-body or extra-corporeal experience] experience with consciousness in spirit-soul, not body-soul via illusion or lusion (Reality)

OOBSE: out-of-body-soul experience

ooby: fifth dimensional, like OOBE

OOC: [out of character] not behaving as usual

OOOBE: [out-of-own-body experience acronym] mindswaping, metempsychosis

oopo: [out-of-place-object] object not in its proper place-time, timetravel evidence

OOSE: [out-of-spirit or extra-spiritual experience] experience with consciousness focused both out-of-body and out-of-spirit-soul as when in metatime (5D)

oosy: sixth dimensional, like OOSE

opinion: view, judgment or appraisal

OQ: [outelligence quotient] measure of outelligence

ostranenie: [Rus.] familiar made strange, see mooreeffooc effect

o-teel: see OTL

OTL: [our timeline] home timeline of timetravellers

outcantation: [incantation backformation] ritual recitation of exorcism prayer to banish spirit

outelligence: [intelligence backformation] "intelligence" planted from outside as in demon-possessed fetish or talisman or AI or MI

outspiration: [inspiration backformation] "inspiration" from unholy spirits, opposite of true intuition from the Holy Spirit

oxplo: [occult exploitation] ignorant promotion of occultism to the ignorant

pain insensitivity: standard test for OOB state

pandemonium: state in which all demonic activity is unrestrained

papatime: [pata- + patatime] aka time-5, 8-D, subjective time of the mepatime (7D) traveler

paralipsis: [Greek] apparently insufficient information

paralogic thinking illogically, llogically or jootsically

parapsychology: study of the paranormal mind

parapsychophysics: study of psychokinetics, apportation, levitation

parapsychophysiology: study of stigmata

parapsychosis: severe mental disorder characterized by loss of contact with reality caused by abuse of psi powers

paresthesia: misinterpreted powers of perception

parry: defensive action

pasrah: [Indon.] leave problem to God

patabolism: beyond body's metabolism

pataphysical: beyond the metaphysical

patatime: [epi metatime] aka time-3, [Cordwainer Smith], 6D, subjective time of the out-of-spirit-body or metatime (5D) traveler

pathos: [Grk. "suffering"] tender pity, compassion, sadness

pekopeko: [japanese] repeasted groveling

pentip: trip through five dimensions

perkatory: [purgatory backformation] state between death and eternal damnation in which unsaved souls work off the effects of their good deeds

petrification: power to make animate inanimate

pfolt: combination foltergeist and poltergeist, both tortuous and noisy

phantom: materialized spirit

pheph: ["post hoc, ergo propter hoc" acronym] illogically assuming that causality is chronological

philotic web: all non-human thought, see gestalt, noosphere

phlegmatic: (Prof. X/Batman, XB) calm, unemotional type mind (low-dopamine/low-endorphin) but needing CE8K dependence (Prv 30:11), includes subtypes: masterminds (IXBG), architects (IXBP), field marshals (VXBG) and inventors (VXBP)

prophet: person speaking God's message

photokinesis: power limited to light

photophobic: morbidly afraid of the Light (vampires, night demons)

phrontistery: place for study and contemplation

piano: [Ital.] softly

pilpul: ingenious, hair-splitting, penetrating argument

piodi: see POD

pirouette: movement of spirit-soul analogous to spinning on one foot with other raised

pistology: study of faith

plane: see pok, pot

plewd: [Mort Walker] indication of weariness or stress

ploggly: hypotetical construct, however improbable, that furthers investigation of phenomena

po: [posthuman] someone misthinking him/herself, no longer connected to his/her humble origins

POD: [point of departure] point where visited timeline departs from that of timetraveller's

poiesis: creativity

pok: plane of knowledge, see pot, noosphere

polt: [Germ. poltergeist "noisy spirit" contraction] teleacoustic agent whether RSPK or not

possession: control of body-soul by another spirit, heterosuggestion beyond obsession

posternateral: [preternatural backformation] referring to paranormal powers which will be normal after glorification

postcognition: power to know past events, sometimes mistaken for inherited memory or reincarnation evidence

posthypnotic: resulting from suggestion of hypnotized by hypnotist

pot: plane of tranquility, outside or disconnected from noosphere, see pok

poultrygeist: polt that makes clucking and scratching noises

pov: point of view

PPO: [permanently paranormal object] object which is the focus of miraculous power, relics; as opposed to a temporarily paranormal object (TPO) which is the focus of magical power, talismans, charms

pneuma: [Heb.] spirit, wind, breathe

prayer: includes ever more spiritual, less corporal, levels of verbal prayer, meditative prayer, affective prayer, prayer of simplicity, prayer of quiet, (night of the soul), prayer of union (ecstasy) to spiritual marriage (CE8K)

precog: [Philip K. Dick] person with precognitive power

precognition:  foresight, non-prophetic power to know the future

preincarnation: delusion that a soul will live more than once, based on misinterpreted precognition or postcognition misidentified as precognition

premonition: unfocused sensation of future event, hunch

preternatural: referring to once normal powers, now paranormal, e. g., original tardemah of Adam and Eve (Gen)

primary: of the first kind, line-of-sight

probabilities: whatever is as yet unobserved, below the Hiesenberg limit

prognostics: science linking exeligmology with pronetics

promnesia: future memory, see déjà éproúve

prophesy: true precognition that comes only from God

propinquity: physical or metaphysical nearness, CE4K

prosopopoeia: [Greek] lending speech to inanimate

psensor: person with power to sense others with powers

pseudo-mysticism: [Aftermystik] imitation of true mysticism, usually while in trance state (Acts 16:16-19) or voodoo

psi: [psyche initial] paranormal powers of ESP or PK or both ESPK

psibernetics: [psi cybernetics] cybernetics as applied to enhance psi powers

psi-borg: cyborg with psibernetic implants, too often involuntarily

psi-chiatrist [Daniel Danjean] psychic psychiatrist

psichopath: [Darrell T. Langhart] psi-powered psychopath

psience: pseudoscience attempting to reproduce irreproducible psi phenomena

psilent: with unreadable mind

psiolist: [psi sciolist] someone with superficial knowledge of psi powers

psionics: [Joseph Campbell, electron:electronics::psi:?] study and use of psi

psionophobia: morbid fear of psi powers or those with them

psiontist: [Dr. E. E. Smith] student trained in psionics

psiology: study of psi powers, including psionics, psychokinetics, and telepathology

psiospher: someone with pretended knowledge of psi powers

psi powers: [Robert Thouless and W. P. Weisner] remnant preternatural abilities

psitopathy: [psychic cytopathy] cell destruction by psi power

psychalgia: mental pain

psychasthenic: characterized by phobia, obsession, compulsion

psychiasis: soul healing

psychodelic: generating hallucinations, delusions or altered states of perception

psychography: writing while under the influence of another mind

psychometry: [J. R. Buchanan] touch clairvoyance (ESP3K), usually postcognitive but also precognitive (Adrienne Frost, Abe "Icthyo" Sapien)

psychophonics: phone ring precognition

psychotronics: aka energetics, study of bioenergy or aura SSP

psychotropic: having an altering effect on perception or behavior

psycho-valency: [Charles Fort] measure of mind's receptivity to new ideas

psyjacking mind-abduction

psytocracy: society artificially stabilized by mind control technology

psywar: psionic warfare

pufwack: [acronym] all the gifts of the Holy Spirit: piety, understanding, fortitude, wisdom, and counsil, knowledge

pukkukkta: [Kifish] revenge

purgatory: state between death and eternal life in which saved souls work off the effects of their misdeeds

pusillanimous: weak-souled, cowardly, immature

puta: [Jap.] not ta, not understanding and so too serious

pyrokinesis: PK power limited to randomly move (heat) molecules and so start fires

pysmatics: question asking without answer finding

q'zhoh: [proto-Tibetan hozh’q] ugliness in eye and heart trying to spread chaos

QD effect: [quarterly distribution] consequence of the truism that the paranormal is not normal and so normally is a transient and wild talent

qoorqab: [Somali] uncastrated camel

Q-ray vision: SSP telescopic vision, see macroscopy

quaffle: [Grotian] revive

quantum Zeno effect: observation inhibits quantum (or paranormal) event, basis of Fetridge's Law

quyma: [acronym] questions you might ask

rapport: harmonious, mutual confidence-building connection between two minds to, possibly, the point of mindcontrol

raskh: [Pers.] plant possession

raumgeist: [Germ. spirit of the space] haunt, space-bound spirit

regeneration: ability to re-grow injured body parts

reiding: [speak:speik::read:?] mindreading

reincarnation: delusion that a soul has lived more than once, misinterpreted postcognition or ancestral memory

reintegration: power to reverse disintegration

relevance, law of: "The most relevant paranormal connection is that most pertaining to the matter at hand."

relic, first class: see PPO, whole or part of saint's body as focus for prayer power; second class: aka brandea, what saint touched as focus for prayer power ; third class: what brandea has touched as focus for prayer power; fourth class: non-relic; zeroth relic: [Johannes Bremer] Holy Eucharist

reliquary: relic container

rem: rapid eye movement indicating dream state

remise: [Fren] immediate replacement of missed attack

replication: see multipresence

reprise: [Fren.] restart of attack

residuals: paranormal powers still retained but uncontrolled by fallen soul

resurrection: supernatural rejoining of disembodied soul with body

retconning: rewriting the past

rêve à beaucoup: [Fren.] dream shared by many

rêve à deux: [Fren.] dream shared by two

revelation: knowledge otherwise unknowable given by knowledgeable to ignorant

revivification: unnatural rejoining of disembodied soul with body as with undead

riposte: attack followed by successful parry

ritardando: [Ital.] gradual slowing in tempo

robonomic: made robot-like as in cyborg or brainwashing or meme addiction

rope-a-dope: letting opponent wear self out

RSPK: [repetitive spontaneous PK] paranormal rather than supernatural polt

rubato: [Ital.] with varying tempo

sabbat: aka witches' sabbat, ritual group gathering in or OOB

sabsung: [Thai] quenching an inexpressible emotional or spiritual thirst

sacramental: object empowered by prayer and/or ritual with paranormal power

saikeirei: [Japanese] fuller-than-full bow

sainoo: [Japanese] special power beyond siddhi

saligia: [Lat. acronym, superbia (pride), avartia (avarice), luxuria (excess), invidia (envy), gula (gluttony), ira (wrath), acedia (sloth)] that which can prevent spiritual progress, the seven deadly vices combined, associated respectively with Lucifer, Mammon, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Satan, and Belphegor, anglicized to WASPLEG (wrath, avarice, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony)

salut: [Fren.] formal beginning of contest

sanctity: holiness that can be smelled (Catherine of Ricci)

sanguine: (DP, Daredevil/Plastic Man) enthusiastic, strongly feeling type mind (low-dopamine/high-endorphin) but needing CE8K fulfillment (Prv 30:14), includes subtypes: crafters (IDBP), composers (IDWP), promoters (VDBP) and performers (VDWP)

sapernt: with some empathic powers, like pets

saramanda: [Jap.] lifeforce

sat: [Sanskrit] light, logos, knowledge, happiness of soul

satori: flash of insight

satyagraha: [Hindi "truth force", Gandhi "grasping for truth"] power of loving submission, longsuffering non-violence

scheme: [Hofstadter] symmeme complex

schlep: [Yiddish] lug, carry, transport

scintilla: [Lat. "spark"] that which reaches out when the spirit-soul acts OOB, super-consciousness

scotography: superposition of infrared and ultraviolet to produce pseudovisible light images

scotoplasty: shadow animation as by photophobic IDIs

scrying: using fire, water, ink, blood, mirror, crystal, etc. for sieing

secondary: of the second kind, with limited range

Second Adam's Law: all can be saved from the First Adam's Law because of the Second Adam, see First Adam’s Law

second death: soul-dead, with only dead thoughts and feelings, afterlife of the damned without clarity or integrity, and eventually even without agility, yet with immortality

second sight: paranormal power to see spirits as in seers

seer: one with power of second sight, sieing

self-detonation: power to explosively disassemble body

self-mastery: mastering of passions particularly by strengthening will power and practicing discernment

sensitative: referring to midlevel functions of animal soul

seriality: [Kammerer] coincidence clumping

shalom: [Heb.] inner peace, tranquility, see pot

shaloham: [shalom, aloha portmanteau] peace, love, hello, goodbye

shapeshifting: power to change bodily shape by morphing, telepathic suggestion or moving hyperdimensionally

shared dreaming: unconscious telepathy, subliminal extrasensory perception, SLESP

shekinah: glory

sheminith: [Heb. basses, male choir] masculinity, ying

shielding: blocking of ESPK as if by a force field

shiqqus shomem: [Heb.] horrible abomination, desolating sin

shooples: [Berke Breathed] hites indicating downward movement

siddhi: [Sanskrit "perfections"] attainable superhuman powers such as superstrength, resistance to heat or cold, clairvoyance, levitation

sieing: [speak:spiek:: see:?] seeing with mind's eye aka "remote view"

silver cord: vital umbilical-like connection between body and soul-body

sim: [Lat. simulacrum] false image or re-presentation

similarity, law of: "There is a paranormal connection between any two similar things.", operating principle of voodoo dolls

sirind: [Persian] entangle to trip up

sitnah: [Heb] opposition

skepsipol: thought hiccough caused by distress of attempted doublethink

skriff [E. R. Jones, M. Joseph Young] self-survival sliding energy

sliding: ["Sliders"] sideward timetravel in 5D

somopsychotic: [pychosomatic antonym] unsound body producing an unsound mind

sonar: SSP aka echolocation

sonic scream: power to amplify one's scream

sorcery: tapping into residual psi powers via diabolic mediation, tending to damage natural powers

sostento: [Ital.] sustained or prolonged

soul: [Lat. anima, animus] animating essence of person, in only two kinds, masculine and feminine even in androgens or hermaphrodites

spell: ritualistic CE4K to try to manipulate psi power

sphalm: erroreous or mistaken belief or doctrine

spieking: [Nostrilian] power to transmit telepathically

Spirit: Holy Spirit, Third Person of Trinity

spirit: non-corporeal or disembodied intelligence

spirit-soul: [spiritus, pneuma] with soul consciousness focused out-of-body much more than in-body

spiritual: with focus on spirit-soul, immaterial, much more than on body-soul, material

spiritual marriage: CE8K

spirituelle: [Fren.] with refined mind and wit

spizorinkum: tireless energy, right stuff

splits: drop with legs in opposite directions

splurge: [Monty Python's Flying Circus] yes yet technically also possibly no

sprezzatura: effortless technique

spur: [spurious contraction] spurious reception

spurl: [Mort Walker] indication of dizziness or intoxication

SQ: [Sentience Quotient] log of information processing efficiency in bits/second/kilogram

squeans: [Mort Walker] indications of drunkenness or sickness

squee: [Jap. kyaa] pleasurable desire for that desired

squick(y): (with) negative, disgusting or disturbing emotional response

SSP: [super-sensory perception] above normal, but not paranormal, perception, 4th level (YIV) consciousness, e. g., X-ray, infrared, ultraviolet vision, infrasound, ultrasound, radio wave hearing

staccato: crisply and sharply

stam: [Hebrew] just because that's the way God made it

starhopping: interstellar line-of-sight traveling clairvoyance or teleportation (ESPK1K)

stigmatist: person with stigmata

strephosymbolia: letter reversal

stuporstition: false belief that induces stupification

sua: [Aols] remember, postcognate

subconscious: subliminal knowledge in soul much greater than conscious knowledge, such as surfaces during sleep

sublimation: power to becomes gaseous (and back to solid)

subliminal: below conscious, but not subconscious, awareness

substantiation: power to give substance to insubstantial

subtility: power of soul to "spiritualize" the body (1 Cor 15:44)

suggestion: mind influencing less powerful than obsession, as in mesmerism, auto- or hetero-

superbreath: collumnated air PK

superliminal: knowledge unknowable except by transference from higher to lower soul

superpositioning: when quantum states both are and are not simultaneously (Earth-Prime, the tulpa-like Silver Age Earth-1, Golden Age Earth-2, Capt. Marvel's Earth-S, Crime Syndicate of America's Earth-3)

superspeed: power to alter subjective time wrt others'

superstrength: PK3K, power to overpower gravitational or material binding forces

surreal: more real than real, really Real

sutemi: [Jap.] sacrifice for greater good

swir vision: shortwave infrared SSP

symmeme: meme in mutually assisting scheme

synaesthesia: power to translate one sensation is into another

synchronism: linkage that appears to be mere coincidence

synecdoche, law of: "The part, specific or material, is equivalent to the whole, general or object."

synteresis: power to intuit supreme principles of being, thought, morality

ta: [Jap.] understand so well as to take lightly

Taji's syndrome: radiation-triggered psi powers

talisman: artifact with transferred paranormal power, see relic

tangri: [Gundran] mental self-defense

tao: [pronounced dow] superposition of ying and yang, hierogamy

tangst: [teen angst portmanteau] angst felt during adolescence, manifesting as polt

tardemah: [Hebrew] body and/or mindmelding like the state of Adam before Eve's "birth" when they literally were "one flesh", CE9K

tassifoduma: [Pistach] neighborliness

tawil: [Ismali] reading on several levels simultaneously and even the silences between words

technopathy: PK limited to machines, see cyberkinesis

teleacoustic: having to do with rappings, see polt

teleathesia: power to perceive from a distance

telek: ["telekinetic" contraction] person with telekinetic powers

telekinesis: aka TK, power to move something from a distance, "mind over matter"

telekinetics: study of telekinesis

teleklutzism: klutzy telekinesis

telempathy: power to sense feelings at a distance

teleology: study of purposefulness ("Der Herr Gott wuerfelt nicht." -- Einstein)

telepathee: someone whose mind is reidable

telepathist: telepathic psychiatrist

telepathology: study of telepathy

telepathy: [Frederick W. H. Myers] mind-to-mind communication, perhaps I-ray SSP

teleplasty: paranormal action upon natural to change its shape or make invisible visible, see transmogrification

teleportation: aka 'porting, transporting one's self to another location in space-time (4D), see bampfing, jaunting, whiffling

telepresence: being "present" at a distance in a robot or holograph via remote control

telescopic vision: ESP1K, line-of-sight distance clairvoyance

telligence: [intelligence backformation] power to forget, misunderstand or ignore new ideas

termangu-mangu: [Indon.] sad and not sure what to do

tertiary: of the third kind, only when in physical contact

tetrachromat: colorblindness carrier with SSP cone able to distinguish 108 hues, many more than trichromat (106) or dichromat (104)

tetrip: trip through four dimensions

thermokinesis: power to control temperature

thermoneurosis: power to control own body temperature

thfif-tul: [Proto-Tibetan] 5th degree tulpa

thflewt-tul: [Proto-Tibetan] 12th degree tulpa

thnain-tul: [Proto-Tibetan] 9th degree tulpa

thneveli-tul: [Proto-Tibetan] 11th degree tulpa

thnet-tul: [Proto-Tibetan] 10th degree tulpa

thneves-tul: [Proto-Tibetan] 7th degree tulpa

thought: result of meditation, reflection or ratiocination

threat: [Hofstadter] symmeme that discourages scheme rejection

threek: [4:3::fork:?] three-branch Y- or Lambda-fork

throf-tul: [Proto-Tibetan] 4th degree tulpa

thskis-tul: [Proto-Tibetan] 6th degree tulpa

thtie-tul: [Proto-Tibetan] 8th degree tulpa

time-knot: [Cordwainer Smith] convoluted multiple time-looping

time-loop: aka closed forward/pastward worldline

time-stopping: perpendicular metatime (5D) travel

tiphereth: beauty

tla: [temporal lobe activity] brain activity associated with time distortion, chronoportation

tohu-bohu: [Heb. Gen 1:2] emptiness, despair, confusion, chaos

torb: [Musæan] criminal/foolish/helpless

touch telepathy: ESP3K, limited to when in physical contact like psychometry, Vulcan mindmeld

TPO: object possessing paranormal powers only until the possessing demon is exorcised or the curse on it broken, talismans or charms, as opposed to a PPO

trance: state beyond sleep or hypnogogy, opposite of ecstasy

transfiguration: mere shadow of final bodily glorification

transmigration: power of disembodied soul to control an embodied one and so psychosomatically changing the host body, not the same as metempsychosis

transmogrification: teleplastia especially into fantastic or bizarre shapes, as in pantropy or mutation

transmutation: power to change on the nuclear level as lead to gold

transubstantiation: power to change a substance without changing its appearance

T-ray vision: terahertz frequency SSP between visible and radio

trichromat: three cones able to distinguish 106 hues, many less than tetrachromat (108) or dichromat (104)

trilby: [Svengali's mind-slave Trilby O'Ferrell] mind-controlled

trilocation: power to focus consciousness in-body (4D), out-of-body and out-of-spirit-body in metatime (5D) at the same 6D "time"

trip: movement through three dimensions, usually latitude, longitude and into future

trompe l'oeil: [Fren. trick of the eye] 2-D seen as 3-D, CE1K interdimensionalization

truc: [Fren. "trick"] artistic and acrobatic operation

true-dreaming: having a precognitive dream of an actual possible future (John)

trumor: [true rumor portmanteau] rumor mistakenly take as true

tukuan: [Jap.] understanding that opposition or obscurity or poverty are temporary

tulpa: manifestation of subcreation or paranormal power as in bilocation, fakirism, imaginary friendship, e.g., Noonien Soong's "Juliana Tainer Soong", the Binar's "Minuet", Golden Age JSA (1939-1955) wrt Silver Age JLA (1956-69) wrt Bronze Age (1970-79) wrt Iron Age (1980-2000), see yang-tul, nying-tul

tulpoid: [Thomas Bearden] tulpa-like materialization of thoughtform

tutti: [Ital.] all together

tulud: [Somali] lone camel

tween: [between elision] with intermediate ESPK powers between dormant and fully activated

twi: [Twilight Zone backformation] weightiness of mundanity ("shadow"), see dorthy, mitty

uchikomi: [Jap.] unfinished practice

UDI: ultra-dimensional intelligence, see IDU, fka angel

uh-oh: worry

uh-uh: disagreement

ulf vision: ultra-low frequency SSP

ultradimensional: from beyond dimension rather than from higher (hyper-dimensional) or between (inter-dimensional) them, like angels, demons or metatime (5D) travelers

ultrasonic scream: higher-than-audible sonic scream

um: indecision

undeath: unnatural forced union of soul and body after natural death, as in vampires, zombis, temporary postponement of second death

understanding: (yahimpaj) grasp, comprehension of general relations of the particular

un-huh: agreement

unreal: what is only imagined to be real, CE0K

unronic: misidentified as ironic, see dironic

uptious: with knowledge gained by continual contact

uttori: [Jap.] enraptured by loveliness

uv vision: ultraviolet SSP

vaccime: [Glenn Grant] meta-meme that converse immunity to other memes, e. g., faith

vampire: variety of undead, soul-less body unnaturally kept from second death by demonic mediation and someone else's life-giving blood, like rootless plant

vegetative: referring to lower functions of plant soul

verbigeration: power to repeat seemingly meaningless phrases

vicaria: form without matter as in disembodied spirits

vierfachganger: [Ger.] fourth "double"

vigoroso: [Ital.] vigorously

vilb: [Denebian] non-joy

virtualization: replacement of reality with virtual "reality"

visionary: one who has visions (Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17)

vites: [Mort Walker] indication of vertical movement, air turbulance, see see zipple and shooples

vitological: pseudo-life studied by vitology, including purely software Etherates (Colossus, HAL), person-like mind-clones, or soft/hardware hybrid Nanoids

vivace: [Ital.] briskly

volition: free will

volt: sudden movement to dodge opponents thrust

voltergeist: [Germ. electrifying ghost] spirit with power to generate electricity

vorganger: [Germ.] usually invisible but audible harbinger or premonition

vu: [virtual unreality] virtual "reality" so turned in on itself as to have no effect on outside reality

wabi: [Jap.] flaw that produces more beautiful, unique whole

wafteron: [Mort Walker] indication of air-borne odor

walk-in: New Age for dybbuk

ware-withall: awareness of both inside and out, software, hardware and wetware

watchedfulness: SSP or ESP awareness of being watched

waterwalking: touch levitation over water, PK3K

wei-wu-wei: [Chin.] conscious inaction, doing nothing at the proper time and for the proper reason

Weltschmerz: [Germ.] romantic but gloomy world-weariness

wetware: non-AI intelligence

whammie: ["Evil Eye" Fleegle] evil eye, CE1PK; double whammie: two evil eyes 2CE1PK

whiffle: [Grotian] teleport

wibble: render speechless by overwhelming emotion

witchcraft: use of spells, incantations and potions (wolf's bane, nightshade, henbane, devil's milk, devil's claw, wormwood, marijuana, peyote) to unnaturally trigger paranormal powers

wreiting: [speak:spiek::write:?] thought-planting, telepathy limited to transmitting thoughts to another

X-ray vision: X-ray frequency SSP or cryptoscopic ESP

yang-tul: [Tibetan] secondary tulpa, imaginary friend's imaginary friend, e. g., Noonien Soong's "Lal", Geordi LaForge's "Countess Regina Bartholomew", Bronze Ager wrt Golden Age or Iron Ager wrt Silver Ager, see nying-tul

yarva: [Grimalkinese] mind talk, speiking

Y-fork: two-future Jonbar point (see threek and fourk)

ymmir: [Your mind makes it real.] mind-over-matter principle

yoin: [Jap.] experience that continues to work interiorly long after initial stimuli, linking past and present, experience and experiencer

yugen: [Jap.] awareness of creation so intense as to trigger feelings too deep and mysterious for words

zanshin: [Jap.] relaxed yet alert even when in danger

zazen: [Jap.] silent, seated meditation

Zeitgeist: [Germ. spirit of the time] prevailing noospheric climate of a space-time (4D) era

Zeitlosgeist: [Germ. spirit of timeless] prevailing noospheric climate of an area of metatime (5D), analogous to Zeitgeist

zeitschmerz: [Germ.] weariness with time, nostalgia for hometime

zen: [Jap.] meditation, as opposed to contemplation

zipples: [Berke Breathed] hites indicating upward movement

zoë: [Grk.] spirit-life, contrasted with bios

zombi: soul-less body unnaturally kept from dying by power of sorcery or mind-controlled living

zuberous: overenthusiastic

zygophrenia: "Siamese-twin" mental state near loss of ego boundary, ESP9K