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Additions to Holmes Chronology

I came across some new additions to my on-going Holmes chronology (before my move to Hot Springs, AR, for my “Irene Adler”, as new member Arden Cookie put it). The Chronicle should be more timely once I get re-organized. Contributions are always welcome! Learning Holmes’ -- and Watson’s – involvement in WWI, for example, or meeting Adrian Monk or Miss Marple filled in a gap I didn’t miss until it was filled.


AD 1871 Holmes plays Mercutio in "Romeo and Juliet" in Chicago, Iago in "Othello" in Phildelphia, Horatio in "Hamlet" in NY, ("Sherlock Holmes: The Actor")

AD 1875 Holmes and Reginald Musgrave held captive by Fu Manchu, voyage on Nautilius, meeting with Dr. Moreau ("The Musgrave Version")

AD 1877 Meiklejohn and Clark of Yard arrested!, new CID replaces Detective Div.        

AD 1881 Sherlock Holmes fakes drug addiction to cover time-traveling in next 3000 years ("The Greatest Detective of All Time")

AD 1882 Holmeses solve Watson's problems of alleged illegitimate son and Marchant's disease ("The Adventure of the Dying Doctor"), Sir Charles Cary of Torquay's ghost problem, Fr. John Norton (The Haunting of Torre Abbey)

AD 1883 Holmes investigated Hyde (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes), Holmes not erased ("Erasing Sherlock Holmes"), escape from Krakatoa ("Crack of Doom"), Moriarty kills 36,000

AD 1884 disappearance of Roland and Abraham Chastelnau ("The Case of the King's Evil")

AD 1885 Holmes meets Edgar Allan Poe, Eugene Vidocq (Sherlock Holmes's Secret History), Watson solves Sir Harry Fairfax murder ("The Darkwater Hall Mystery"), Sir Oswald Wigmere death ("The Affair of the Aluminium Crutch")

AD 1887 robbery of St. John the Beheaded, Holmes and Watson visit 2010 (All-Consuming Fire), Holmes befriends Wiggins (Wiggins & Sherlock vs. Napoleon), ("Holmes Umpires Baseball"), Col. Oliver Pendleton-Smythe's secret society ("The Adventure of the Amateur Mendicant Society"), Holmes tells of adventure with Victor Trevor in Ceylon, disappearance of William and Bruce Atkinson, kidnapping of Anya's son ("The Vanishing of the Atkinsons")

AD 1888 Holmes and Wells aid Princess Wilhelmina of Holland against shuggoth ("A Case of Blood Royal"), Holmes disguises as woman to try to catch Ripper ("Jack El Destripador")

AD 1890 George's secret marriage to Daisy or Laura Culme-Seymour in Malta, blackmailed Augustus Howell's throat slit ("The Case of the Portuguese Sonnet"), Anna Tontriva dies, Holmes impersonates John Merrick ("The Adventure of Zolnay the Aerialist")

AD 1891 Holmes returns from 2096 to "die" ("You See But You Do Not Observe"), "Vilhjalmr Sigurdsen" in Shang Ri, Thibet; (Sherlock Holmes On the Roof of the World), The Great Game, The Canary Trainer, Holmes in Bulgaria ("Diamond Smoke"), Moriarty steals H. G. Wells' time machine to kill in 1911, 1940, 1948, 1951, 1963, 1981, 2014, 2019, 2042, 2071, 2170 (Sherlock Holmes Through Space and Time), Moriarty returns to hell after 1st failure in 5000 years ("The Adventure of the Brimstone Chalice")

AD 1894 Holmes and Charles Fort meet, ("Sherlock Holmes and the Boulevard Assassin"), Spock finds Holmes in Khartoum and McCoy finds Watson in London ("The Adventure of the Khartoum Affair"), Holmes and Moriarty survive in world with Queen Victoria killed ("The Adventure of the Missing Detective"), Ralph Brimicombe death ("The Adventure of the Inertial Adjustor"), Jenard and Capt. James McGuinness of Matilda Briggs murdered, Alice Allister kidnapped (The Giant Rat of Sumatra), Necronomicon vs. 3 years without eating ("The Curious Case of Miss Violet Stone"), Edwin Drood disappearance (Sherlock Holmes and the Drood Mystery)

AD 1895 Oscar Wilde ignores Holmes’ advice ("The Two 'Failures' of Sherlock Holmes")

AD 1896 "Prof. Scott Holmes" joined Hermetic Order of the Golden Light ("The Case of the Ghosts at Bly"), Mary Esther Jacob accused of murder of Walter Carew ("The Case of the Yokohama Club"), Ralph Brimicombe death ("The Case of the Inertial Adjustor"), Comte Esterhazy not Dreyfus traitor ("Cabaret Aux Assassins", Prisoner of the Devil -- Dreyfus)

AD 1897 Capt. Beresford Tottenham "accidentally" shot ("The Case of the Sporting Major"), Holmes solves murder of Althor Benn for Drimba ("The Case of the Second Scarf"), Doctor and Fayette Calonne rescue kidnapped Mhryrragth of Vgithh, Eridani 2, Dupin, Phillip Marlow, Dr. Fell, Archie Goodwin, Peter Wimsey, Nero Wolfe, Jules Maigret, Penny Cooperman, Fr, Brown, Br. Cadfael, Charlotte Pitt, Jane Tennant, V. I. Warshawski, Nancy Drew, Ellery Queen, Sherlock Holmes and Watson kidnapped by Stan Babbage (“The Adventure of the Captive Sleuths”)

AD 1898 Hereward Douglas seeks help for Victoria Temple accused of killing Miles and Flora Mordaunt ("The Case of the Ghosts at Bly”), Alice Liddel visits Holmes ("The Case of the Detective's Smile")

AD 1899 Félix Faure's Secret History ("The Case of the Unseen Hand"), Holmes and Watson abducted to 2096 ("You See But You Do Not Observe"), Holmes meets Tesla (The Dreaming Detective)

AD 1901 Lady Clementina Beauchamp not poisoned, Archdeacon Josephus Percy not killed by clock-bomb, blackmailer Septimus Podgers probably put in Thames by Arthur "Elivas Ruhta" Savile ("The Case of the Tell-tale Hands")

AD 1902 Holmes meets Fr. Brown (Nightwatch)

AD 1903 Shotland Yard get telephones

AD 1906 Holmes in Norway (Den Rote Lygte), at San Francisco Earthquake (All-Consuming Fire, The Tomorrow Connection), umpires Knockers vs. Pickle-eaters in Iowa ("Holmes Umpires Baseball")

AD 1907 Robert Wood accused of murder of Emily "Phyllis Shaw" Dimmock, "Capt. O'Malley" refutes witness William Westcott, lack of alibi by Ruby Young proves innocence ("The Camden Town Murders"), signals from Altair disbelieved rather than that Holmes is dead ("You See But You Do Not Observe"), Holmes in U. S. ("The Secret of S. H.", "S. Ol-mes and the Poisoners of Chicago", "S. Ol-mes and the Stranglers of Pittsburg"), Alice 'Boomer' LaGraine joins Holmes in America  on stole plates and radium thefts (The Secret of Holmes)

AD 1908 Nadya Filipovna Dolgoruky nearly leads Holmes and Watson to death by Tunguska asteroid ("The Adventure of the Russian Grave"),

AD 1909 Marguerite Steinheil acquitted of killing her husband ("The Case of the Unseen Hand"), Holmes assists Sultan Abdul Hamid II ("Abdul Hamid and Sherloc Holmes"),

AD 1910 Hawley Crippen executed protecting Ethel LeNeve, neither guilty ("The Two 'Failures' of Sherlock Holmes")

AD 1911 letters to Daisy Laura, countess of Warwick threaten King Edward VII, Poloski "George Gardstein" Morountzeff accidentally shot in shootout, Holmes impersonates "Peter (Piatkoff) the Painter", Moriarty responsible for assassination of Pyotr Stolypin (Sherlock Holmes Through Space and Time), Holmes in Istanbul ("Señor Jackson vs. Sherlock Holmes"),

AD 1913 Patrick Riley in St. Vincent School scandal ("The Case of a Boy's Honour")

AD 1914 Irene Adler dies in Nice, survived by daughter Niege ("Cabaret Aux Assassins"), Holmes as "Ex-intelligence Officer" writes The German Spy System from Within ("Ex-bibliotheca Holmesiana")

AD 1915 Holmes in secret service ("Secret Wars"),

AD 1916 Watson as "William Greville" courier ("The Zimmerman Telegraph"), Holmes rescues Houdini (Auf den Spuren Houdinis)

AD 1917 Holmes codebreaker at St. James Library, Obidiah Jones' secret message ("The Zimmerman Telegraph"), Holmes discovers traitor and U-boat ("The Adventure of the Eyrie Cliff"), Holmes finds German spy at Sir Eldritch and Lady Miranda Masters' ("The Adventure of the Mooning Sentry")

AD 1919 mysterious death of Annie Bella White ("The Case of the Missing Rifleman")

AD 1922 Holmes meets Jane Marple ("The Adventure of Hillerman Hall"), Holmes meets Peter Blakeney and Rosemary Fowker ("Sherlock Holmes and the Houdini Birthright"), Holmes solves the William Desmond Taylor and Crabapple murder cases (Sherlock Holmes: The Time Machine Game),


Messages from Members

S tanley Wyllie writes: “Was a member many years ago. I belong to Agra Treasurers. We had meeting last Sunday and had test on one of the cases, this time came in fourth place, past two times was first place and won books. I also subscribe to Strand Magazine also belong to Old Time Detection SIG.

Everyone else seems to be talking about the latest “Sherlock”. I guess I missed out by not having a television, eh?