our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
# 1
"What does 'hierogamous' mean?!"
    That it is our most frequently asked question is the reason why we chose the hopefully more easily remembered "" domain name. "Hierogamous" comes from the Greek roots "hiero-" and "-gamous", "hiero-" as in "hieroglyphics" meaning "holy or sacred" and "-gamous" as in "monogamous" meaning "marriage or union". Together they mean the union of two opposites into a synergistic new something better than either.          
      Examples would be Heaven and Earth combining to make the Cosmos, the H and the E from Hierogamous and Enterprises combining to make the cross in our logo,
a man and a woman uniting to make a married couple, God and man uniting in the God-man, Jesus.

   "What are the other divisions of Hierogamous Enterprises?
  Another division of Hierogamous Enterprises is HE Helps Temporary Services. HE here, of course, refers to our CEO, Jesus. It includes just about all the non publishing enterprises of Hierogamous Enterprises.

  "What do the crossed "words" atop the column to the left, AMDG and JMJ mean, if anything?"
   They refer to the motto of the Jesuits, "Ad Majorem Dei Gloria" (Latin for "For the greater glory of God") and to the Holy Family -- Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The whole makes a cross, the sign of the Christian faith. Thus the web site is dedicated, whatever strange areas into which it might delve, to the mind-boggling hierogamies of us glorifying God, holy families and redemptive suffering!