My People November 1987
T. G. I. F.
by Mike Halm
   "It began just like the other Fridays had," said Mrs. Bea Graetfuhl, "with Amos not wanting to get out of bed. I went downstairs and made some coffee without burning it or setting the kitchen on fire!"
   "That was enough to make me stop and think," Amos Graetfuhl admits. "I dared get out from under the covers and didn't fall on my face."
   "We ate breakfast together. We laughed a little about our worrying and then Amos left for work.
   "The catr started! It stopped at every stop sign and light! It made it safely though every intersection and Amos made it to work on time!
   "Then the Friday really began to be different," Mr. Graetfuhl told reporters, "I didn't get fired! My supervisor smiled at me! By the time lunch came I didn't know what to expect next."
   "I didn't get sick at lunch; I even got the correct change from the cashier!"
   "The same strange good luck was happening to me at home,"  Mrs. Graetfuhl confirms. "The cat didn't get electrocuted by the vaccuum cleaner and our mailman delivered our mail to our address! The baby din't drown in his bath!"
   "The kids got to the schoolbus okay; not one was kidnapped, molested or harassed on the way! THe school did not catch fire and not a single one of the students,or teachers was murdered or took their own life! I could hardly believe my ears when they told me!"
   "On my way home," Mr. Graetfuhl adds excitedly, "A large jet actually flew over my head witout crashing into the freeway. It landed at the airport with every passenger and crewmember uninjured!"
   "T. G. I. F. has taken on new meaning, "Thank God I'm Free.'"
   "From now on we're pronouncing our name as 'Grateful'; we're not 'Great fools' any longer!"

   "The Lord will guard you from all evil; He will guard your life.The Lord will guard your coming and going, both now and forever." (Ps. 121:7-8)