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"Accept this holy sword as a gift from God; with it you shall crush your adversaries."
(2 Maccabees 15:16)
[heroes (and villains) have been culled from many lists: X-Men, Ibis' meteor freaks, FBI's X-Files, Lives of the Saints, etc. ] There are, of course, only one superpower, ESPK. There can however be infinitely many limitations to absolute mind-over-mind and/or mind-over-matter power. This guide should come in especially handy if you find yourself among the superhero collectors of Thrann and/or in possession of an H-Dial.

Accera, Felipe from Tapei (phasing) killed
Adams, Kip "Flame" (superstrength)
Agnes of Montepulciano (leviation)
Acricola (commanded stork)
Adam, Nathaniel Christopher "Capt. Atom" (atomic power) Adams, Kip "Flame" (superstrength)
Adams, Shirley "Mysterious Marauder" (prana power)
Aegeus, Nikos (commands thunderbolts, rides Pegasus) Agrippa, Marcus "Dexter Fisk" (superstrength, waterPK, long-lived
Ah, Stig "Refecto" from Rimbor
Akharin aka "Methuselah", "King Solomon", "Lazarus of Bethany", "Merlin", "Leonardo da Vinci", "Johannes Brahms", "Brack", "Flint" (longevity, superhealing)
Aldain, Ben
Alexandros, Helena "Silver Swan" (flight, superstrength, "swan song") Allen, Barry "Flash" (superspeed)
Allen, Bart "Impulse" (superspeed)
Allen, Phillip "Mindset"
Altus, Robert, Jr. "Pulsar"
Amalfitano, Andrew (precog, telep) (probably killed by Sylar)
Aman, John "Amazing Man", "Green Mist" (superstrength, invulnerability, disappearing in green mist)
"Anders, Kory" fka Konand'r aka "Starfire" (glossalia)
Anderson, Kenneth "Annihilator" (PK, teleportation, energy absorption)
Andrews, Charlyn from Midland, TX (eidetic memory), loved by Hiro Nakimura, killed by Sylar
Angela of Brescia (levitation)
"Anson, Phil" Phantasmo (astral projection)
Anthony of Padua (bilocation, teleportation, glossalia, Bible memorized, rainstopping) Antaeas, Jr., Adam "Bouncer" (superstrength for leaping and digging)
Antoinette of Florence (leviation)
Apelles the Blacksmith (invulnerability)
Aquinas, Thomas (eidetic memory, levitation)
Ardeen, Irma "Saturn Girl" (telepathy)
Arden, Grant "Gnome" (earth power)
Ariol, Joseph (levitation)
Arkin, Greg "Bugboy" (insect-control, metamorphosis)
Arlik, Condo "Chemical King" from Phlon (chemokinesis)
Arnold, "Hothead" Walt (pyrokinesis) Smallville High coach
Arrah, "Elemental Lad" Jan, son of Arn and Valla from Trom
Aswan, Abu from Cairo, Egypt (levitation)
Atherton, Matthew "Feedback"
Atkins, Desiree (superseduction) Smallville High biology teacher
Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill (trimorph: Human Andolite, housefly)
Bahn, Lukas  from Washington, DC (gifthunter)
Bailey, Bridget from London (clairsentience) dead
Baily, Penelope aka "The Prophet", "The Soothsayer" or "The Oracle" (precognition)
Baker, Alicia (teleport) briefly married to Clark Kent
Baker, Bernard "Animal Man" (animal mimicry)
"Baker, Tom" Dik-Rey "Power Lad"
Barnett, Lola Hall (crisis telepath)
Benedict (lightened stone)
Banner, Bruce "Hulk" (bimorph, superstrength, invulnerability)
Bannin, Brek "Polar Boy" (cold tolerance)
Barlow, Ace (flight)
Barr, Jim "Bullet Man" (superstrong, superintelligent) Barton, Peter "Dynamic") Bashford, Bash "Superbash", "Glowman" (superbananas) Berkowitz, Rachel "Blackstarr" (UFT)
Bernard of Clairvaux (rainstopping, commanding flies to die)
Barrett, Richard "Champion" (siddhu)
Bashur, Garabed "Black Box" (cyberpathy)
Benizi, Philip (glossalia)
Bennet, Claire "Indestructible Girl" from Odessa, TX (born 1989, super-regeneration), daughter of Meredith Gordon and Nathan Petrelli, "adopted" daughter of Sandra and Noah Bennet
Benson, Andrew (shapeshifter)
Benton, Bob "Black Terror" (superstrength, invulnerability)
Benton, Tim "Twin Terror" (superstrength, invulnerability)
Berman, David from New York, NY
Bernardine of Siena (glossalia)
Bertrand, Louis (glossalia)
Bessette, Andre (precognition)
Bevington, Byron from Marshfield, VT (precogition)
Biachi, Francis Xavier (stopped volcano)
Biron "Bronco Bill" "Comet" (trimorph -- centaur, Human, horse)
Bishop, Bob (deceased)  (transmutation)
Bishop, Elle  (lightning)
Bixby, Beatrice "Lady Redundant Woman" (self-replication)
Bizarro "Stupor-Man"
Bizarro-Lois "Stupor-Girl"
Black, Danton "Multiplex" (duplication)
Blackwell, Urania "Element Girl" (transmutation)
Blake, Isabel "Lightning Girl"
Blake, Lois (lightning power)
Blare, Alison "Dazzler" (sound-to-light transmutation) wife of Longshot of Mojoworld
Blase (commands wolf)
Bliss, Robert, Jr. "Super-Baby" Bolton, Brad "Super-Brat"
Bonner, Barney "Bug" (electrified)
Bonner, Blythe "Byte" (electrified)
Borkowski, Victor "Anole" (adhesion)
Bosco, John (bilocation, sin-smelling, heart-reading, precognition, rainmaking)
Bounce, Billy (superstrength)
Bowen, Tandy "Dagger" (enlightening/paralysing light projection)
Braddock, Brian "Capt. Britain" (superstrength, flight) husband of Meggan Braddock
Bradford, Mary (very long-lived)
Bradley, Jack "Fearless Flint" (temporary superstrength, invulnerability)
Brady, Peter "Invisible Man" (invisibility)
Bragan, Nick "Green Glob" (shapeshifting)
"Brawn, John" fka Joh'n Braw'n (superstrength)
Brendan, Bruce "Menta" (superintelligent)
Brentwood "Green Giant" (sizeshifter, invulnerability, superstrength)
Brimba, Irn "Super-Male" (from Sooma)
Brooks, Felicia (deceased)  (disintegration touch)  Hartsdale, NY
Brown, Leonard "Dynamo" (thunderbelt)
Brusilof, Basil "Blackout" (black fur, blackout gas, nightvision, superstrength)
Btfsplk, "Joe" (jinx)
Buoni, Bentivolio (levitation)
Burns, William "Atomic Thunderbolt"
Burroughs, Drake "Wildfire" (energy-being in containment suit)
Burton, Penkala from Albert Lea, MN
Butler, Brian "Mr. Scarlet" (flight)
Buzzetti, Daniel from Greely, CO
Callasantos, Maria "Feral" (cat-like powers)
Candy, Etta "Wonder Etta"
Canfield, Stephan  (gravity manipulation) dead
Cantor, Priscilla "Starwoman" aka Pr'slla of K'ntar
Cardell, Ray "Master Key" (X-ray vision, heat and paralyzing beams)
Carlysle, Vanessa "Copycat" (shapeshifting)
Carosella, Guido "Strong Guy" (superstrength)
Carr, Dr. "Ultraman" (telepathy, teleportation)
Casey, Sam "Gemini Man" (temporary invisibility)
Cassidy, Sean "Banshee" (supervoice)
Cassidy, Tom (energy bolts from shillelagh)
Catherine of Siena (levitation, sin-smelling, heart-reading)
Cavanaugh, Frank (probably killed by Sylar)
Celestine, Peter (levitation)
Ceslas (waterwalking)
Chase, Ryan "Human Cannonball"
Chambers, John "Johnny Quick" (superspeed)
Chambers, Steel "Dark or Iron Enforcer"
Chobham, Tracy from Frostburg, MD (teleportation)
Chuda, Dr. (long-lived, telepathic)
Clara of Rimini (levitation)
Claret, Anthony (levitation, sin-smelling, superspeed)
Clark, Crystal "Braid"
Clark, Ken "Marvel Man" Clement, Rudi "Gravitron" (gravikinesis) Cobb, Bob "Mon-El aka Lar Gand
"Cockroach, Dr." (invulnerability)
Colby, Tony "Mask" (supernightvision)
Colby, Val (PK)
Collette (levitation)
Collins, Cindy "Princess" (superstrength)
Colt, Denny "Spirit" (invisibility)
Conners, Rob "The Comet"
Connington, Leonardo (telepathic, superintelligent in utero)
Conroy, Sara (shared dreaming)
Conroy, Tom "Ghost" (immateriality)
Corben, John "Metallo"
Corbet, Tom "Neon" (energy bolts, flight)
Cord, Remington Percival "Proteus" "Rip" (faceshifter)
"Cox, Chuck" fka CH'kk Kk'xx aka "Mr. Martian" (superstrength, telepathy)
Corbin, Myrtle (four-legged)
Cottlengo, Joseph Benedict (commanded geese)
Courtney, Jim "Flag"
Cousin, Germaine (hydrokinesis, commanded sheep)
Cramer, Howie (superspeed)
Crandall, David "Nature Boy" (elemental PK)
Crane, "Robotman" Bob aka "Paul Dennis" (invulnerability, superstrength)
Crank, "Eat-Man" Bolt (weapon-eating)
Cranston, "Shadow" Lamont (invisibility)
Creed, "Sabertooth" Victor (cat SSP, regeneration)
Crippen, "Defuser" Jarrett
Crogi, Passitea (levitation)
Cross, Jordan (death-seer)
Culpepper, "Mighty Mulch" Positron (superstrength, planthrope)
Curruthers, Neil "Mr. Midnite" (time and light control)Cushing, Leonard (acid ecretion) dead
Cuthbert (commanded crows)
Czierniewski, Max (PK)
Dagan, "Duffy the Great" Duffy
d'Ageda, Mary (superintelligent)
Dale, "Atoman" Barry
Dale, "Flame Girl" Linda (pyrokinesis, water-vulnerable)
Dalton, "Ferret" Calvin (flight, superstrength)
Dalton, Tom "Magno" (magnetokinesis)
Dane, "Doll Man" Darrel (superstrength though foot tall)
Danvers, "Binary" Carol (spaceflight, power of white dwarf star)
Danvers, "Supergirl" Linda Lee, aka Kara Zor-El,  daughter of Zor-El and Allura, cousin of Clark Kent
Darcy, Abel "Skywalker" (destroys steel) Darga, Solon "Phantom Lad" "Darnell, Camille (or Debbie) " Remoni-Notra "Star Sapphire"
Datre, Nicholas (probably killed by Sylar)
Davis, Brian from New York, NY (killed by Sylar, telekinesis)
Davis, Tommy "Boy Who Lost Touch with the World" (invisibility, intangibility)
Dawson, Jack "Red Blazer" (slow aging, fire power)
Dawson, Monica "Copycat" from New Orleans,  (muscle memory on sight), granddaughter of Nana Dawson, neice of D.L. Hawkins, cousin of Micah Sanders
Dean, "Whisperer" Nathan (superscream)
Delmar, Fred "Goldenrod" (deadly allergenic)
de Bufalo, Gasper (rainstopping)
de Coudreaux, Aja
dei Ricci, Catherine (bilocation)
de la Rocha, "Empath" Manuel Alfonso Rodrigo (empathy)
DeMille, "Echo" from Los Angeles, CA (sound manipulation)
Dempsey, Pat "Man o'Metal" (flammable, underwater breathing, bulletproof)
de Pazzi, Mary Magdalene (commanded hare)
de Peccador, Pedro "Super-Señor"
de Porres, Martin (bilocation, levitation, proximity teleportation and invisibility, glossalia, banished mice)
Derek "Super-Menace" fka "Super-Brat, Super-Bully"
Desilets, Luk (ice bridge)
Devareau, Charles (prophetic dreaming) father of Simone Devereau
Dibny, Ralph "Elongated Man" (superelasticity and "Molder" (touch elasticity)
Dillon, Roscoe Nayle "Top" (superspinning)
Dirac, P. A. M. (experiment jinx)
Dobbs, "Blob" Fred C. (superstrength, near-invulnerability)
Dole, "Pinapple Pokopo" Robert aka Chin Ho, Kam Fong (superstrength)
Dominic (levitation, glossalia)
Dominic of Jesu Maria (levitation, interpenetration)
Donaldson, "Capt. Power" Dickie
Dowland, Arthur
Doyle, Eric from Costa Verde, CA (puppet mastery)
Drake, David "Typhoon" (human typhoon)
"Drake, Tom" aka Oaxaca man (proximity sense, pyrokinesis)
Drew, Jonathan "Assassin" (telekinesis)
Drew, Nelson "Liberator" (superstrength, superspeed)
Drogo (bilocation)
Drucker, Richard (electronic communication) dead
DuMont, Jethro "Green Lama" (Tibetian training)
Dumont, Julien from Hartsdale, NY (cloning) dead
Dunbar, Daniel "Dyna-Mite" (atomic power)
Dunlap, Donna Baltimore, MD and Hartsdale, NY (telescopuc vision) dead
Dunn, David "Unbeakable" (psychometric evil-sense, superstrength, invulnerability) husband of Audrey Dunn and father of Joseph Dunn
Durgo, "Duo Damsel" Luomu fka Triplicate Girl (bilocation)
Eck, Johnny (half-man)
Elijah (lightning command, prophesy)
Elisha (water purification, prophesy, multiplication, psychokinesis, blinding)
Elison, "Sentinel" Jim (SSP)
Elliot, "Capt. Truth" Ken (superstrength, invulnerability, flight)
Ellis,  Sarah "Eden McCain"(killed by Sylar, persuasve TP)
Elrod, Luke "Man-Missle" (shapeshifter)
Emerson, "Damage" Grant Albert (self-detonation)
Emerson, Neal "Dr. Polaris" (magnetokinesis)
Ephrem (commanded insects)
Equila "Judy" Essad, Mike "Soljer" ("imaginary" weapons)
Ethelwald (stormcalming)
Eulogius (reiding)
Eutychus (called lightning on serpents)
Evart (PK but immobile)
Everett, Todd "Powerball" (ergokinesis, flight)
Everett, Will "Amazing Man" (touch self-transmutation)
Everywhere, Jenny (shifter)
Ezaak, Asa "Momentus (liquid, gravitokinesis)
Farrel, Grant "Thor" (flight, lightning and storm control)
Faulkner, "Rampage" Dr. Kitty (superstrong)
Fawcett, Willie "Capt. Thunder"
Ferguson, Robert from Alexandria, LA (sizeshifting)
Ferrer, Vincent (loudspeaking)
Ficus, "Rubber Ducky" Ficus (elasticity)
Finder, Rebecca
Fisher, Otto "Aerialist" (flight)
Fishladder, Jeffrey M. "Running Guy" fka "The Very Fast, Vicious Little Man" (superspeed)
Fitzgerald, Michael (superstrength)
Fletcher, Harry dead
Flora of Beaulieu (levitation)
Fortright,"Disc Man" Lance (with disc symbiots)
Francis of Assisi (levitation, talked to wolf)
Francis of Paola (bilocation, levitation, mantle-staff sailing, invisibility, banished commanded grasshoppers, boulders)
Francis of Posadas (levitation)
Franklin, Benjamin (electro-invulnerability)
Frediano (commanded river to follow)
Freman, Freddie "Capt. Marvel, Jr."
Freud, Sigmund "Psyche Man" (mind control)
Friard (commanded wasps)
Fries, "Dr. Freeze" Victor (cold tolerance)
Frost, Crystal "Killer" (touch freezing)
Frost, Dr. (icebeams, cold resistance)
Fudo, "Devilman" Akira (demonoid bimorph)
Furst, Natalie (bimorph) adopted daughter of Dr. Furst
Furst, Nickie (yellow-orange plasma from hands) son of Dr. Furst, husband of Darcy Conroy
Gale, Jeanine "Sylph" (air power)
Galgani, Gemma (levitation, sin-smelling)
Gallant, Lance "Capt. Triumph"
Gallio, Selene (animation)
Gan, "Life Lass" Somi
Garcia, Manuel from Levittown, NY (teleportation) dead
Garret, Curt
Garrett, "Blue Beetle" Dan
Garrick, "Flash" Jay from Keystone City (superspeed)
Gem, Jane "Magician from Mars" QX3/6EM35 (apportation, superstrength, superspeed, telekinesis, gravity control)
Geremia, Peter (commanded fish)
Gilbert, Guy "Lightning" (THUNDER suit)
Gilbny, "Overzealous Man" Ralph (streachable neck, gift of gab) married to Coo
Glike, "Jumo the Magnificent" Glen (invulnerable almost)
Gitelman, Hana from Missoula, MT (radio-sense and PK)
Godric (precognition)
Gordon, Jr.,  Flint (pyrokinesis)
Gordon, Meredith from Kermit, TX (pyrokinesis), mother of Claire Bennet
Gosseyn, Gilbert aka Lavoisseur (teleport, clone metempsychosis, aura-reading)
Grady, Kevin (mindwiping)
Graeme "Monocle" (distorts senses) Grahm, David "Super-Scavenger"
Gramble, Paula from Monteith, IA
Grayle, Gardner "Atomic Knight"
Grayton, Dianne "Spider Widow" (spider control)
Gray, Gabriel "Sylar" (microscopic vision, telekinesis from Brian Davis, saw finger, electrical disruption from James Walker, freezing PK, superspeed, superstrength, eiditic memory from Charlyn Andrews, metal liquification from Zane Taylor, super-hearing from Dale Smither, prophetic painting from Isaac Mendez, atomic PK from Ted Spague, lie detection from Sue Landers) son of Angela Pettrelli but not Arthur Pettrelli, killed his foster mother, Candice Wilmer, Derek for his car, Arthur Pettrelli, Nathan Petrelli
Grayson, "Royal Payne" Gwen (technopathy)
Green, Johnny "Green Mask" (superstrength, flight, vulnerable to sleep)
Green, "Pam" Pamela
Green, Walter "Green Mask" (superstrength, flight)
Greer, Tina (impersonation)
Grey, "Marvel Girl" Rachel Ann (OOBing)
Greywolf, "Battle-Cry" Jonathan (sonic yell)
Grezz, Kort "Magno Lad" (magnetokinesis)
Griffin, "Invisible Man" Jack (invisibility) father of Robert
Griffin "Invisible Man" Robert (invisibility) son of Jack
Griffiths, Gwyllm (telekinesis)
Griggs, Molly (e-mail hypnosis)
Grigsby, Howard from Peach Pit, GA (luminescence)
Gunthrie, "Cannonball" Samuel (superfast flight, protective forcefield)
Hagen, "Clayface" Matthew (shapeshifting) dissolved in river
Hale, Lance (immortal)
Halebi, Amid from Los Angeles, CA (induced radioactivity)
Hall, Howard "Nightshade" (shadow tulpa control)
Hall, Mark (crisis telepath) Hall, Shiera aka Shayera Hol "Hawkgirl" Hamilton, Edmond "Col. Future" (prophetic)
Hamilton, Ross "Maj. Triumph" (superstrength)
Hamilton, Victoria "Victory Girl" (superstrength, supersonic flight, invulnerability, encouragement)
Hammond, Hector (PK but immobile)
Handerson, Tommy "Amazing Kid" (superstrength, invulnerability, disappearing in green mist)
Harding, Paul from Washington, DC (hair manipulation) dead
Hardwich, Auro (hi-gee Jupiterian)
Harley, Vince "Yellowjacket" (bee control)
Harris, Berta "Nightwind"
Hawkins, D.L. from Las Vegas, NV (matter penetration), husband of Niki Sanders, father of Micah Sanders (killed by Linderman), uncle of Monica Dawson
Hawkins, Paulette from Las Vegas, NV (powerboosting) mother of D. L., dead
Henhouse, III "SuperChicken" Henry Cabot (superstrength, superspeed)
Heribert (rainmaker)
Herrera, Alejandro from Dominican Republic, wanted for murder, twin of Maya, able to undo what Maya does
Herrera, Maya: from Dominican Republic, wanted for murder, twin of Alejandro, (remote poisoning)
Hewitt, Henry "Tokamak" (nuclear powered)
Hilarion (rainmaker)
Holland, "Swampthing" Alex (planthrope)
Holloway, Marsha
Hoo, Adam Soo from Keilua, HI
Horton (PK but immobile)
Howlett, "Wolverine" James (regeneration)
Hovsepian, Curtis from Grant Pass, OR
Hunt, "Capt. Amazing" Lance from Champion City, killed by Cassanova Frankenstein
Hunter, "Nitro" Robert (self-detonation)
Hyacinth (waterwalking)
Ihorul, Lena (telepath)
Ironheart, Jason (telepath, nanokinesis)
Iyer, Sanjog from Chennai, India (dream manipulation)
Jacobs, Iris "Diamondeth" (crystalline evil)
James of Nisibis (insect-control)
James, Ryan (reiding)
Jax-Ur "Super-Father"
Jablonski, Paul (persuasive TP) (probably killed by Sylar)
Janus, John "Menthor" (cybernetic helmet)
Jesus of Nazareth (omniscience, omnipotency)
Jath, "Night Girl" Lydda (nocturnal powers)
Jensen, Maxwell "Parasite"
John the Elder (precognition, interdimentional)
John Joseph of the Cross (levitation, interpenetration)
John of Lycopolis (shared dreaming, reiding)
John of St. Facond (levitation)
Johnson, "Cloak" Tyrone
Jones, Angelica "Firestar" (firebolt projection, flight)
"Jones, John" fka J'onn J'onzz (chameleon, PK, invisibility, immaterization, precognition, telepathy, flight, heat vision, super-hearing, X-ray vision, enlargement, penetrability, but vulnerable to fire)
Jones, Pvt. "Super-Private"
Jones, Simon "Psimon" (telekinesis)
Jones, Summer "Wonder" (sees into people and machines)
Jordan, Hal "Air Wave" (telepathy)
Joseph of Cupertino (levitation, bilocation, sin-smelling, stormcalming, commanded songbirds, melon worms, sheep)
Joshua (time-stopping)
Kafka, Franz "Bug-Man" (bimorphism)
Kakyoin, "Hierophant Green" Noriaki (bimorph with green exoskeleton)
Kant, "Stuporman" Clerk from Clucksville
Kant, "Stuporman" Klark from Krapton (intermittent superstrength) son of Jor-ill and Laurel-Wreath
Kanton K-73 "Superman VII"
Karina, Bianca from Hartsdale, NY (superlung) dead
Karr, "Speed" (superslow)
Kavak, Omar "Sparkman" (electrical invulnerability)
Keenan, Wes (supersoldier)
Keith "Zarl "Mighty Boy" Zazzan" Keller, Karl "Annihilator" Keller, Pete "Annihilator, Jr."
Kelly, Kitty "Yankee Girl" (crisis strength)
Kelp, Frido "Sparx" (electrokinesis)
Kelvin, "Cool" Sean (heat-vampire)
Ken, Klar "Superman XX"
Kenny, "Tornado Tom" (superstrength, superspeed)
Kent, Clara "Superwoman"
"Kent, Clark" "Superman" aka Kar-El Jor-El from Krypton, aka Clark Kent, son of Jor-El and Lara (superstrength, supersenses, superbreath, X-ray vision, microscopic vision, telescopic vision, invulnerablity, flight)
Kent, Dave "Superman IV" Kent, Jonathan "Strongman" (superstrength) Kent, Jorel "Superman II"
Kent, Susan "Bullet Girl" (superdrug)
Kern, "Matter-Eating Lad" Tenzil (mattergoplasty)
Khufu from Egypt (PK) dead
Kimball, Ethan (probably killed by Sylar)
Ki-Lan "Silver Slasher" King, Craig "Superman"
King, Henry "Brain Wave" (tulpation)
Kirk, Jimmy "Superman, Jr." Klar-Don "Skyman" Klarz "Magnaman"
Kleinstock bros. (Harlen, Sven, and Erik) (body-melding)
Kling, Billy (dream-visitor)
Klutz, Wilbur "Lt. Hercules" (superstrength, superspeed, wisdom, indestructibility, flight)
Kohan, Bobb "Crystal Kid"
Kon, Doralla (speedster)
Knapp, "Blue Fire" Jack (living flame, walking through walls)
Krinn, Pol "Magnetic Kid" (magnetokinesis)
Krinn, Rokk "Cosmic Boy" (magnetokinesis)
Krullen, Ben "Reactron" (radioactivity sponge)
Labré, Benedict (leviation)
LaCarte, Elena
Ladislaus of Gielniov (stormsummoning)
Lagrand, Marc "Redwood" (large, tree-like)
Lake, "Hydro" Linda (liquification), gossip columnist at Daily Planet
Lamy, John Edward (bilocation)
Lance, "Black Canary" Dinah (ultrasonic scream)
Landers, "Joe" Joseph dead
Landers, "Sue" Susan (lie detection) killed by Sylar
Lane, Lois "Super-Lois", "Elastic Lass", "Hydro-Girl" Lane, Lucy "Super Lucy Lane", (red kryptonite), "Bug-Belle" (insect ring)
Laneige, Bianca (telekinesis)
Lang, Dan "Voice" (superstrong, superagility, voice mind control)
Lang, Lana "Sky-Girl" (super-power pills), "Insect Girl" (biogenetic ring), "Gravity Girl" (anti-grav belt), "Girl Atlas", "Super-Lana" (superstrength, invulnerablity), "Super-Lana"
Langstrom, "Man-Bat" Robert Kirkland (echolocation)
Larter, Lance "Lancer" (superstrength)
Lasst (mindswapping with Natalie and Nickie Furst)
Lavon, Chaim "Seraph"
LeBeau, "Gambit" Remy (energizing)
Lee, Mary "Lady Playfair" (superspeed, superstrength, Prof. Amazo)
Leeds, Ellie (X-Kryptonite exposure)
Legion, "Riot" Frederick (multilocation)
Lehnsherr, "Magneto" Eric Magnus (magnetokinesis) father of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver
Lehnsherr, "Magneta" Erica (magnetokinesis)
Lentini, Francesco (three-legged)
Leufredus (commanded flies)
Lewis, Brendan from Silver River, WV (plant mimicry) dead
Liguori, Alphonus (bilocation, levitation, volcano control)
Lincoln, Elvin (stress-triggered temporary sizeshifting)
Lincoln, Roy "Human Bomb" (invulnerability, explosive touch)
Linderman, Daniel from Las Vegas, NV (healing) killed by D. L. Hawkins
Lintens, Toog "Chameleon Kid" Lindy, Lea "Marvel Maid"
Logan, Connie from Hartsdale, NY (faceshifting) dead
Lok, Korakar (speedster)
Londo, "Timber Wolf" Brin (wolf SSP)
Longago, George "Yankee" (unconscious time travel)
Longstocking, Pippi (superstrength)
Lord, "Black King" Maxwell (mind control)
Loy, Taryn "Calorie Queen"
Loyola, Ignatius (leviation)
"Lune, Clare" "Moon Girl" from Samarkund (superstrength, invincibility, limited telepathy)
Lutgard of Aywiere (levitation)
Luther, Lex "Kryptonite Man"
Lydwine (bilocation, heart-reading)
Lynai, "Staryl" Luma
Mack, Alex (electric beam from fingers, attractive magnetic field, liquification)
Macready, "Champion" Sharron (siddhu)
Madrox, "Multiple Man" James Arthur (multilocation)
Majella, Gerard (bilocation, levitation, mantle-boating, sizeshifting, rainstopping, moved tree)
Makhlouf, Charbel (burned water)
Malray, Brennan (ball lightning generation)
Mane, Murray "Jaguar Man" (animal telepathy)
Mann, "Building Man" Bill (giant, superstrong)
Manners, Jill (danger sense)
Manning, Glen "Amazing Colossal Man" (giant)
Manning, Toby "Terra-Man" (alien fostering)
Margaret of Hungary (levitation)
Margaret of Metola (leviation)
Maria of the Passion (levitation)
Marigold, April (telepathy) Marigold, May (telepathy) Mark "Immortal Man" (bodyswapping)
Marlo (danger sense)
Marr, Crystal "Undine" (water power)
Marsh, Eric (superstrength)
Marsh, Gayle "Psi" (psychic, teleport)
Martin, "Samaritan" Asa (superstrength, flight, superspeed)
Martin, Carol Vance"Wildfire" (pyrokinesis, flight)
Martin, Dick "Pyroman" (supercharged)
Martin, "Atomic Skull" Joe (flesh-invisibility, superstrength, radioactive energy blasts)
Martin, "Blue Lady" Lucille (limited invulnerability, superstrength, faster reflexes)
Mary of Agreda (bilocation, levitation)
Mary of Egypt (levitation)
Mary of Jesus Crucified (levitation)
Masahashi, Ando from Tokyo, Japan
Mason, Rex "Metamorpho" (transmutation)
Matthews, Aspen (liquification)
Maurus (waterwalking)
Maxwell, Michael Payson "B'wana Beast"
McCoy, "Beast" Henry P. (superstrength, superagile, superintelligent)
McDaniel, L. (worked for South Pacific Airlines, killed by Sylar)
McKenna, Gilbert "Hideous Sun Demon" (superstrength, agility, invulnerability)
McKenzie, "Sub-Mariner" Namor (hydropnea)
McQuade, Bert "Dynamic Man" (Dr. Stahl's treatments)
McQuade, Ricky "Dynamic Boy" (Dr. Stahl's treatments)
McTaggart Kevin "Proteus" (dematerialization)
Mellouk, Samir from Paris, France (phasing)
Melville, Jodi from Smallville, KS (fat-vampire)
Mendez, Isaac from New York, NY (prophetic painting, killed by Sylar)
Menzies, Noel dead
Merrill, Fred "Super-Youth" (Brozz air) <
Menenius, Gaius Titus aka W. M. Schuyler IV, Sam Spielman, Leslie MacGregor, Phil Carlson (very long-lived)
Merrywether, David "Cat-Man" (tigerboy with nine lives)
Michaelson, Edward (super-voice, killed by Sylar)
"Midas" Bob recruited Dr. Suresh into The Company
"Mighty Man" (sizeshifter)
Miklos "Sponge Man" (human sponge)
Millbrook, Daphne (speedster) stole formula from Hiro
Mondragon, "Lemuria" Tonatzin
Monroe, "Kensei Takezo" Adam fl 1671, the best samurai (superregeneration)
Mooney, "Hygena" Melody
Moore, "Nocturne" Bruce (solar power)
Moran, "Marvelman" Mickey (bimorph)
Morgan, Ann "Purple Tigress" (night vision)
Morgan, Bob "Spectro" (telepathy)
Morgan, Robert "Lash Lightning" (superstrength, superspeed, flight, lightning, electricity-powered)
Morgna, "Sun Boy" Dirk
Morley, Johnny "King Cong"
Morphy, Polly (shapeshifter)
Morris, Martha "Armless Wonder"
Moses (touch hydrokinesis, postcognition, animal and weather command)
Murphy, Jess
Murphy, Susan "Ginormica" (quantonium superstrength and size)
Musashi, Miyamoto "Kensei Takezo" (1584-1645, the best samurai, superspeed, flying)
Munroe, Gardner "Flashback" (chronoport)
Munroe, Ororo "Storm" (aerokinesis)
Murdock, Matthew Michael"Daredevil" (agility, echolocation)
Murphy, Alex "Robocop" (superstrength, invulnerability)
Murphy, Jess (probably killed by Sylar)
Murphy, Jesse from New York, NY (sound manipulation)
Mxytptlk, Mikhail "Jinx" (probability manipulation) fka Mikhail Kltpzyxm
Mystico (mummy super-revived with Dr. Slade's vita-ray)
Nah, Jo "Ultra Boy or Gary Crane" from Rimbor, son of Crav and Mytra Nah (non-simultaneous superstrength, invulnerability, heatvision, X-ray vision)
Nagy, Gregor "Changling" (zoomorphism)
Nahii, Tal "Gas Girl"
Nakimura, Hiro from Tokyo, Japan (chronokinesis, bilocation), son of Kaito Nakimura of Yamagato Industries, brother of Kimiko, friend of Ando Masahashi, Charlie Andrews, future self warns him to "Save the cheerleader.", visits 1671 and 1992, finds sword of Takezo
Nal, Nara "Dream Girl" from Naltor (precognition)
Nash, Brendan (touch-petrification)
Nax from Naxo (giant rockeater, argon-breathing)
Nedd, Neville "Tick" aka Blue Rider, Scarab King (Superstrength, invulnewrability)
Nelson, Lia "Flash" (photokinesis, sol-hol (solid-holographic projection), lightspeed)
Nelson, Linda Strauss "Inza" (merged with stepson Eric) stepmother of Eric Strauss, wife of Kent Nelson
Nelson, Kent "Dr. Fate" (negentropy field generation) husband of Inza
Nelson, Scott "4-D Man" (interpenetration)
Nelson, Seth (magnetokinesis)
Nelson, Tommy "Invisible Man" (invisibility)
Neri, Phillip (levitation, sin-smelling)
Neuenberg, Matt from St. Louis, MO (eidetic memory) dead
Newton, Guy "Voltron" (em control)
Nor, Iishu "Beast Boy" (animal morphing)
Norg, Lyle "Invisible Kid" (invisibility)
Norris, Mickey (telepathy)
Nur, En Sabah "Apocalypse" (shapeshifting, longevity)
O'Brian, Eel "Plastic Man" (flexibility)
O'Light, Ray "Firebrand" (electricity PK)
O'Malley, Mike "Fire-Eater" (fire PK)
O'Neil, Scarlet (invisibility)
O'Shea, Ginger "Salamander" (fire power) O'Toole, Mickey "Meteor" and "Mercury" (superspeed, flight) Olsen, Jimmy "Wonder Lad", "Super Youth", "Elastic Lad", "Human Flame Thrower", "Super-Lad", "Giant Turtle Man", "Aqua-Jimmy", "Human Porcupine", "Flamebird", "Human Metal-Eater", "The Kid With the Golden Touch", "Colossal Boy", "Flame Hair", "Steel-Man", "Ultra-Olsen" of Mapleton Opril, Gnill "Kid Psycho" (PK, force fields, 1 yr./use)
Pacomius (glossalia)
Padgett, Lewis "Microwave Man"
Pallotti, Vincent (bilocation, precognition)
Palmer, Jeff (invisibility)
Palmetto "Roach" (insect powers)
Parrish, Fred "Blue Bolt" (lightning power)
Parker, Chrissy (rejuvination with 3 kills/12 years)
Parker, May "Spider-Girl" (spider-sense, agility) daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Parker
Parker, Peter Benjamin "Spiderman" (spider-sense, agility, adhesion) husband of Mary Jane, father of May
Parkman, Matthew from Los Angeles, CA (telepathy), divorced from adulterous Janice
Parkman, Maury from Philadelphia, PA (telepathy) father of Matt
Parkman "Nightmare Man" father of Matthew Parkman
Parr, Dashell Robert "Dash" (superspeed) son of Robert and Helen Parr
Parr, Helen "Elastigirl" (elasticity) wife of Robert, mother of Violet, Dashell and John
Parr, John "Jack-Jack" (shapeshifter) son of Robert and Helen
Parr, Robert "Mr. Incredible" (superstrength) husband of Helen, father of Violet, Dashell and John
Parr, Violet, daughter of Robert and Helen Parr (invisibility, forcefield)
Parrish, Fred "Blue Bolt" (electrokinesis)
Passarello, Darren "Nitro G"
Patermuthius (time-stopping)
Paul of Moll (bilocation, levitation, invisibility)
Paul of the Cross (bilocation, levitation, sin-smelling, glossalia, rainstopping)
Paulson )PK but immobile)
Paxton, Bob "Oracle" (unconscious prophesy)
Paytas, Trisha "Ms. Limelight"
Pease, Warren (pyrokinesis)
Pembrose "The Eye" (living eyeball)
Pendergast, Howard "Decay" (slimy psychic energy sponge)
Perkins, Neptune (aquatic)
Pervis, Xavier "Silver Shade"
Peter (waterwalking, resurrection, shadow-healing)
Peter of Tiferno (precognition)
Petrelli, Angela from New York, NY (prophetic dreamer) grandmother of Claire, mother of Nathan and Peter and Sylar, in league with Haitian against Linderman, confessed to murder of Kaito Nakimura
Petrelli, Arthur from Ft. Lee, NJ (power theft) poisoned by Angela, killed by Sylar
Petrelli, Nathan from New York, NY (levitation, flying), father of Claire Bennet, ex-husband of crippled Heidi, son of Angela Petrelli, father of Simon and Monty (killed by Sylar)
Petrelli, Peter from New York, NY (power mimicry, precognitive dreaming from Charles Devereau, prophetic painting from Isaac, flying from Nathan, super-regeneration from Claire, chronokinesis from Hiro, invisibility from "Claude", PK, persuasion, superspeed, superstrength, eiditic memory from Sylar), son of Arthur and Angela Petrelli
Petros, "Avalanche" Dominic (seismokinete)
Pham, Teresa Hue from Shreveport, LA
Phillips, Creed "Eradicator" (touch decellularization)
Pine, Danny from Austin, TX (metal mimicry)
Pinkman, Leonie (probably killed by Sylar)
Pius V (clairvoyance)
Plymo the Rubber Man (elasticity)
Popnecker, Herbie "Fat Fury" (heat vision, invisibility, flight, anpsi)
Power, Julie "Lightspeed" (lightspeed flight) sister to Katie
Power, Katie "Energizer" (energy storage and projection) sister to Julie
Powers, Derek "Blight" (glowing green skeleton, invisible flesh, energy ball throwing)
Preston, Gary "Flame" (flame control, water-vulnerable)
"Prince, Diana" Princess Diana, "Wonder Woman", "Wonder Girl", "Wonder Tot", "Human Lightning"
Projecta of Orando, "Sensor Girl" (SSP) daughter of King Voxv and Queen Hagga
Pryde, Kitty (interpenetration)
Pym, Henry "Ant-Man" (sizeshifting)
Quark "Invinsible Man"
Qualtz, M'rrgla "Vigilante from Venus" (telepathy, shapeshifting)
Quelu, Ord "Duplicate Boy" (bilocation)
Quentin, Kirk "Hyperboy"
Quinn, Dr. "Rainbow Raider" (color-coded powers)
Quinn, Peter "Peepers" (telescopic, microscopic, X-ray vision)
"Raines, Claude" from New York, NY (invisibility)
Radcliff, Geoffrey "Invisible Man" (invisibility)
Radior (superstrength, thought visualization, emPK)
Raleigh, Rick "Red Bee" (bee control)
Ralston, Danny (touch PK)
Ralston, Joey (touch PK)
Ramierez, Tina (chlorine gas emission)
Ramsey, "Cypher" Douglas Aaron (glossalia, merged with Warlock to become Douglock)
Randall, Ian (self-duplication)
Randall, Tyler "Reaper" (touch-pulverization)
Randian (limbless)
Rasputin, Piotr Nikolaievitch "Colossus" (steel-strength, anaerobic)
Raven, Ann Marie "Rogue" (flight, power mimicry)
Raymond, Frank "Invisible Man" (invisibility)
Raymond, Ronnie and Martin Stein "Firestorm" (nuclear powered)
Raymond of Pennyfort (interpenetration, mantle-staff sailing)
Realino, Bernadino (levitation)
Redhouse, Sparrow from Albuquerque, NM
Reed, Dan "Doppleganger" (Superman clone)
Regaldo, Peter (bilocation, waterwalking)
Reilly, Lorraine "Firehawk" (nuclear powered)
Remillard, Jack (disembodied)
Reuben, Jim "Fire-Man" (fire control, lighter-than-air glass)
Reuben, Reuben "Red Rube" (invulnerability)
Reyes, Dr. Cecilia (forcefield generation)
Rice, Tobias (blind locator)
Rice, Todd "Obsidian" (scotoplasty)
Richards, Reed "Mr. Fantastic" (flexibility) husband of Susan Storm Richards
Richards, Susan Storm "Invisible Girl" (invisibility) sister of Tom Storm, wife of Reed
Rickman, Bob (touch-persuasion)
Rikane, Jed "Power Boy"
Riktor "Rubberman" (Gummimann) (elasticity)
Rita of Cascia (levitation)
Robbins, "Red" (superspeed)
Roberts, Martha "Doll Girl" (superstrong though foot tall)
Roberts, &QuotElectro Man" "Red"
Rogers, Steve "Capt. America"
Rojas, Andrea "Angel of Vengence" (superstrength)
Roland, Tim "Terror Twin" (superstrength, invulnerability)
Ronald, Randy "Bronze Man" (superstrength, endurance)
Rook, Jim "Nightmaster"
Rory, Mick "Heat Wave" (heat power)
Roscoe, Rod "Human Octopus") (sea life powers from giant black pearl)
Rose, Lillian "Poison Ivy" (immune to poisons)
Rose of Viterbo (touch levitation)
Rosen, West (flight) Costa Verde, CA
Ross, Pete from Smallville, KS (elasticity)
Rossling, Albert from San Diego, CA (weather manipulation)
Rrara "Chameleon Girl" (shapeshifting, invisibility)
Samson Ben-Manoah (superstrength)
Sanders, Bob "Twister" (superstrength, superspeed, flight)
Sanders, Jessica (born 1968, "died" 1979, mirror Niki) hired killer for Daniel Linderman
Sanders, Micah from Las Vegas, NV (cyberkinesis), son of Niki Sander and D. L. Hawkins, cousin of Monica Dawson
Sanders, Niki (born 1968, superstrength) twin of Jessica, mother of Micah
Sanjog, Iyer from India (dreamwalker)
Sato, Takeo "Sunburst" Schlaus, Fredrik "X-Ray Man" (intangible)
Scholastica (stormsummoning)
Schwab, Irwin "Ambush Bug" (interdimensionality)
Scudder, Samuel Joseph "" (mirror powers)
Seiko, Tanaka (electromagnetic SSP)
Selby, Michael "Green Mask" (Prof. Lascombe's vita-ray)
Seraphim of Montegranaro (waterwalking)
Severinus (commanded locusts)
Shaw, Sebastian "Black Bishop" (ergoplasty)
Shell, Sebastian from Beijing, China (object displacement) dead
Shepherd, Connor "Concussion" (mindsight, concussive forcefields)
Shepherd, Jack "Capt. Zoom" (superspeed, invulnerability)
"Siegel, Craig David" aka Elkar-K4 (flight, dematerialization, superstrength) son of Cyber-X and Shirah-K
Silver, Joey "Astrolad") (dreams true)
Simpson "Thunderman" (limited aerokinesis)
Skott, Tayla "Lamprey"
Slatterus, Tryco "Champion of the Universe" (invulnerability)
Sloan, E. Quincy "Ty'Veculus"
Sloan, Terry "Mr. Terrific"
"Smith, John" aka "Red Tornado" fka "Tornado Champion" fka "Tornado Tyrant" from Rann (superstrength, aerokinesis)
Smith, Joseph "Joe"
Smither, Dale from Bozeman, MT (superhearing, killed by Sylar) auto mechanic
Solano, Francis (glossalia, commanded locusts)
Soo Hoo, Adam from Kailua, HI
Sousi, "Plastique" Bette Sans
Spear, Broken "Mighty Eagle"
Spenser, Brad "Wonderman" (invulnerability, superstrength)
Spencer, Keith "Capt. Flash" (controlled atomic power)
Sprague, Theodore "Ted" from Los Angeles, CA (radioactive), accidentally killed his wife, Karen Gallagher Sprague, captured and recaptured by "the Company" (killed by Sylar)
Star, Ann "World's Strongest Girl" (superstrength)
Star, Jackie "Red Star" (superserum) Star, Joey "White Star" (superserum) Star, Johnnie "Blue Star" (superserum)
Starrett "Neutro" (transmutation)
Starsmore, Jonathan "Chamber" (telepathy)
Steel, Jack (power elixir)
Stein, Martin and Ronnie Raymond "Firestorm" (nuclear powered)
Steven of Hungary (levitation)
Stevens, Bobby "Stampy" (flight-fluid)
Stevens, Kenneth "Airmale" (flight-fluid)
Stien, Franken "Nuclear Warhead" (merged with Ronnie Reckless, morphed into walking atomic plie)
Stirling, Craig "Champion" (siddhu)
Storm, Emilio "Whirlicane" (meteorokinesis)
Storm, Johnny "Human Torch" (invulnerability, pyrokinesis)
Storme, Kingsley "Storm King" (meteorokinesis)
Strange, Hugo (alosun serum)
Strauss, Eric "Dr. Fate" (merged with stepmother Linda)
Strauss, Tracy from Washington, DC (cryokinesis)
Stronghold, Steve "Commander" (superstrength, invulnerability) husband of Josie
Stronghold, Josie "Jetstream" (aerokinetic flight) wife of Steve
Sullivan, Chloe Olsen neé (healing, resurrection) daughter of Moira, cousin of Lois Lane
Sullivan, Moira ("freak"-control) but comatose
Summers, Christopher "Corsair" father of Scott
Summers, Jean Grey (ESPK) posessed by Phoenix, wife of Scott
Summers, Scott "Cyclops" (energy beams from eyes) son of Christopher Summers, husband of Jean Grey
Sung, Kim Il "Scrambler" (normalization)
Suresh, Mohinder (cured Molly Walker, superstrength, wall-climbing) son of Chandra, brother of Shanti
Suresh, Shanti, daughter of Chandra, sister of Mohinder
Sutri "Marsboy" (Muvian colonist on Mars)
Taigi, Anna Maria (sin-smelling)
Tain, Maertin "Gravity Lord" (gravikinesis)
Taine, Chuck "Bouncing Boy"
Tanner, Samuel "Blackrock"
Tarrant, Abel "Tattooed Man" (living tattoos)
Tates, Tim "Mighto"
Tavara, Linda (aura absorption) probably killed by Sylar
Taylor, Zane from Virginia Beach, VA (killed by Sylar, metal liquification PK)
Tcheru, Sev "Evolvo Lad"
Teal, Joan "Jun-Gal" (superspeed, superstrength, superagility)
Terrell, "Happy" "Ray" (ergokinesis)
Thayles, Leo "Metro-Monster" (sound power)
Thecla of Moriana (sparrow command)
Theresa of Avila (levitation)
Thomas, Lynn "Tygra the Tawny One"
Thomas of Cori (levitation)
Thomas, Paula "Whip-Snap"
Thumb, Thomas "Tom" (thumbling)
Thunderski "Capt. Thunder"
Thurston, Jan "Girl With the See-Through Mind" (empathy)
Tielli, Claudio "Pyrogen" (pyrokinesis)
Tilderbrook, Tim "Minute Man" (sizeshifter) brother of Ted
Tilderbrook, Emily "Ms. Indestructible" (invulnerable except for eyes) wife of Ted
Tilderbrook, Ted "the Strobe" (laser beam hands) husband of Emily, brother of Tim
Tirano, Baron (able to split super’s identities)
Tlaca "Princess of the Golden Sun" (magnetic-powered)
Tocci brothers (four arms, two heads)
Towbee (dreams true vocally)
Tracy, Don "Domino"
Traynor, Mark (ESP, mindmelding)
Trelaine, Christine "Synergy" (power catalyst)
Trent, Charles "Chuck" Trevor, Lyta "Fury" (daughter of Steve and Diane Prince Trevor) Trevor, Steve "Human Atomic Bomb" (touch explosive), "Patriot" (superpill) "Trix, John" Mxyzptlk
Trost, Tobias"Levity"
Troy, Donna "Wonder Girl" Tyler, Thomas N. "TNT" (atomic power) Tryon, Nat "Neutron" (nuclear power)
Tryp, Damien (chronoport)
Tuttle, Alexander Percy "Crumbler" (geokinesis)
Tyler, Rex "Hourman" (super with hour time limit)
Tyler, Ted "Fireball" (fire control, superleaping)
Ub’x "Polestar", "Truk", "Malignon" (shapeshifter)
Ulnoor, Meta "Esper Lass" Uoxon, Ren "Volar"
Upton, Reed (were-gorilla)
Usutu from Botswana (precognition) dead
Vaalor (mindswapping)
Vakk, "Color Kid" Ulu
Valcan, Michelle
Valcek, Michelle from Saginaw, MI, dead
Vale, Allen "Supremo"
Van Horn, Maddie (glass-breaking voice) "mute"
Van Horne, Paige "Mind-Bomber" (explosive PK) Varne, Karl "Power-Boy"
Vaxar "Oggar" (mutant mindcontrol)
Vela, Diego (probably killed by Sylar)
Ventris, Norman (probably killed by Sylar)
Vianney, John (levitation)
Viti, Mary Fortunata (commanded large snake)
Voght, Amelia (sublimation)
Volimek "Mr. Mek" (electromechanokinesis)
von Strucker, Andrea and Andreas "Fenris" (energy blasts when joining hands) daughter and son of Wolfgang
Votava, Mary "Monkey Woman"
Wagner, Kurt "Nightcrawler" (dematerialization, teleport (bampfing))
Wagner, Talia Josephine "Nocturne" (possession)
Waldecker, Will "Resplendant Man" (Superman powers)
Waker, Ida May (mediumship) dead
Walker, James from Los Angeles, CA (killed by Sylar, cryokinesis)
Walker, Molly from Los Angeles, CA (mind locator), cured by Mohinder Suresh
Wallace, Eugene "Crackerjack" (probability control)
Warren, Dan "&Son of Supermind" (superstrength, invulnerability, flight)
Watson, Jay "Rainbow Boy" (light control, lightspeed)
Watters, Chris "Maj. Victory"
Walters-Jameson, Jennifer "She-Hulk" (superstrength, invulnerability, interdimensionality)
Wayne, Joan "Miss Victory" (superstrength, invulnerability)
Wazzo, Tinya "Phantom Girl" (dematerialization, interpenetration)
Webber, Johnny "Dyna-Mind" (PK)
West, Dylan "Houdini" (mindsight, invisibility)
White Panther" (clairvoyance, superstrength, invulnerability, flight, albino)
White, Perry "Mastermind" (Zelmite possession), (super-cigar)
Williams, Tucker "Mega-Boy" (bodypart sizeshifting)
Wilmer, Candice (illusionist TP, killed by Sylar)
Wilson, Wade "Deadpool" (fast-healing)
"Winston, Amy" aka Princess Amethyst
Wizard, Richard "Warp Wizard"
Webber, Johnny "Dyna-Mind" (PK)
Weinberg, Cody (energy sponge)
Weld, Chelsea "Cell Phone Girl"
West, Wally"Kid Flash" (superspeed)
Westin, Daniel "Invisible Man" (invisibility)
Williams, Dan "Parthenon"
Williams, Max "Maximum" (energy bursts)
Willmer, Candice (deceased)  Illusion  Clayton, NY
Wilzig, "Mr. Mitzvah" Ivan
Woodman, Sasha (bee-control)
Woodrue, Jason "Floronic Man" (plant control)
Worth, "Ravage" Rose Wilson (precognition, OOBing)
Worthington, III, "Archangel" Warren (flies with wings) turned into planthrope
Xan-du, "Futuro"
Xavier, Francis (bilocation, levitation, commanded crab)
Zanzibar (superstrength, mind control, telekinesis)
Zar-El "Krypton Kid"
Zar-El "Krypton Kid"
Zarr, Zedabon "Breakaway Bandit" (body part separation)
Zechlin, Lori "Black Alice" (mimicry)
Zeitlan, Trevor dead
Zitlinger, John "Acme Jack" (rock-hard-skinned giant)
Zoro "Purple Zombie" (superstrong, invulnerable)

There are, of course, an infinite number of combinations here too. There are 136,080 combinations of just the 630 superheroes and 216 superheroines above.
In The Time War's alternative timelines Kirstin "Superwoman" Wells, for example, marries, not Barry Elkin, but, for example, Nathaniel Christopher "Capt. Atom" Adam and has a daughter, Kirstin &Superatom" Adam. In the next generation in an even more different timeline Kirstin Adam marries, for example, Kirstin Wells' alter ego, Barry Wells marries Kirstin Elkin and has a Daughter Kirstin Wells. They travel back in time and sacrifice their lives to restore the Kirstin Wells Elkin timeline. Thus these hundreds of thousands of superheroes have tens of billions of superchildren fighting in the Time War.
Kirstin Wells however avoided some matches, such as her ancestor in her own timeline, James Bartholomew Olsen aka "Action-Lad", "Aqua-Jimmy", "Collosal Boy", "Elastic Lad", "Flamebird", "Flamehair", "Giant Turtle Man", "Human Flame Thrower", "Human Metal-Eater", "Human Porcupine", "Kid with the Golden Touch", "Steel-Man", "Super-Lad", "Super Youth", "Ultra-Olsen", "Wonder Lad". Her mother, Kirstin Elkin, however, didn't marrying James Bartholomew "Barry" Wells.
From Stan Lee's Super-Hero Generator we add a sample of about five hundred more super-heroes whose secret identities may not be known until 2862 (according to "The Last Secret Identity" by Elliot S! Magin). A-ape: superstrength from demonic powers
Admiral Knight: instant language understanding from super-goobers
Admiral Panther: Flight from near-death experience
Admiral Spider: Enhanced common sense, Extra appendages, Perfect pitch from Meditation
Admiral Yak: Hold breath indefinitely from Spinach
Air Hammer: Probability alteration, Force blasts, Super strength from mutation
Air Person: Friction manipulation, Incredible balance from Chronal mutation
Albino Cavalier: Pyrokinesis
Albino Corona: Telescopic vision from evolved artificially
Albino Goliath: Microscopic vision, Radiation generation/control from training
Albino Nova: Ice generation, Speed reading, Hypnosis from Spinach
Albino Prodigy: Martial arts mastery, Omnidirectional sight from Chemical mutation
Albino Rider: Heat generation, Shape-shifting, Body duplication from Solar Power
Albino Shogun: Laser vision, Photographic memory, Elasticity from Psychic
Alien Lass: Super strength, Earth/rock control, Sharp shooting from undead
Alien Longshoreman: Plant control, Empathy, Hold breath indefinitely from ancient lore
Alien Walker: Telescopic vision, Body duplication
Alieniac: Microscopic vision, Force field generation from Symbiosis
Alpha Shogun: Radar sense from Ancient lore
Alpha Viking: Escape artist, Super-human throwing accuracy, Molecular control from Near-death experience
Ambush Angel: Magnetism, Poison resistance, Heat vision from mythological from ghu
Ambush Emperor: Hold breath indefinitely, Growth, Psychic from biotechnology
Ambush Man: Chemical control, Super ventriloquism from near-death experience
A-mutation: Body duplication, Prehensile tail from training
Android Dervish: Danger sense, Perfect pitch from Solar Power mutation
Android Hillbilly: Unaided outer space travel, Matter consumption, Direct computer interface from Near-death experience
Android Kid: "Omniscience" from vampirism
Animal Bulk: Extra appendages, Autonomic function control from biotechnology
Aquacomet: Clairvoyance, Empathy, Intangibility from Spiritual
Aqualantern: Earthquake generation, Super speed, Seventh sense from mathematics
Aquanova: Energy manipulation, Elasticity from mutation
Archfighter: Light generation/control, Heat generation from unknown
Archgirl: metamorphosis from Chemical
Archhurricane: metamorphosis from divine intervention
Archsailor: Weapon mastery, Reinforced skeleton from Evolved artificially
Archz: Super loud voice from Paranormal
Armadillo Girl: Smoke generation/control, Magic spell casting, Super-human weight-guessing accuracy from Divine intervention
Armadillo Rat: Escape artist, Enhanced agility, Telekinesis from symbiosis
A-squid: Matter consumption from Nanotechnology
Astrosavage: Sound generation/control, Super-human stamina from Curse
Astrostreak: Danger sense, Super loud voice, Time manipulation from vampirism
Atomic Knight: Superspeed from curse
Atomic Lass: Telekinesis
A-wing: divine Animal hacking, Computer Power
A-warlock: Solar Undead
B'Wana Demon: Perfect pitch, Water control from radiation
B'Wana Fly: Heat vision, Time manipulation, Amphibious from Paranormal
B'Wana Spider: Danger sense, Light generation/control, Weapon mastery from Near-death experience
B'Wana Wing: Odor generation, Juggling, Prehensile tail from Evolved artificially
B'Wana X: Extreme popularity, Empathy, Super strength from Mutagen
Capt. Sailor: Poison resistance from Nanotechnology
Capt. Specter: Cosmic awareness, Time manipulation from cybernetics
Capt. Torch: Enhanced senses
Cat Flare: Force field generation, Autonomic function control from metamorphosis
Cat Glider: Dark generation/control, Super-human stamina, Speed reading from Nanotechnology
Cat Knight: Sharp shooting from Vampirism
Cat Nimbus: Chemical control from nanotechnology
Cat Stalker: Force field generation, Gravity control from vampirism
Chimp Giant: Hold breath indefinitely from metamorphosis
Chimp Warlock: Water control, Super-human weight-guessing accuracy from curse
Cobalt Child: Telekinesis from metamorphosis
Cobalt Gal: Super-spelling
Composite Victory: Photographic memory, Hypnosis from Training
Composite Widow: Super intelligence from Abnormal brain function
Compudazzler: Extra-dimensional travel, Time travel, Pyrokinesis from Chronal
Compuhulk: Super-human stamina, Super-spelling from vampirism
Compuman: Super-human throwing accuracy, Luck from metamorphosis
Compuoid: Super spelling, Bullet-proof from Chemical mutation
Compuracer: Illusion casting from mythological from ghu
Compuwombat: Extra appendages, Telepathy from curse
Copper Android: Juggling from ancient lore
Copper Canary: Mind control, Adhesion, Odor generation from demonic powers
Copper Lad: Machine control, Extra appendages, Explodes from vampirism
Copper Mane: Time travel, Sound generation/control, Radar sense from Home study course
Copper Photon: Power mimicry, Force field generation from Home study course
Cosmic Android: Machine control from mythological from ghu
Cosmic Punisher: Superspeed from Nanotechnology
Crimson Flea: Weather prediction, Super breath from Supernatural mutation
Crimson Ion: Juggling, Energy absorption from cybernetics
Crimsonstreak: Empathy, Probability alteration, Density control from abnormal brain function
Cyberfox: Danger sense, Growth from metamorphosis
Cybergorilla: Superbreath, Growth from ancient lore
Cyberion: Cosmic awareness, Perfect pitch, Explodes from Nanotechnology
Cyberskier: Cosmic awareness from metamorphosis
Cybertiger: Weapon mastery, Unaided outer space travel from metamorphosis
Danger Flame: Flight, Invulnerability, Psychic from technology
Doctor Shogun: Plant control from Divine intervention
Dog Glory: Instant language understanding, Body transformation, Adhesion from mutation
Dog Rage: Electromagnetism, Flight from electrocution
Dragon Comet: Clairvoyance from genetic engineering
Dragon Man: Direct computer interface from metamorphosis
Dream America: Mind control, Energy blasts from Chronal
Dream Empress: Incredible balance, Hypnosis, Seventh sense from Evolved artificially
Duke Dervish: Adhesion, Super jumping from demonic powers
Duke Warlock: Intuition from Supernatural
Dynamo Avenger: Weapon mastery, Super-human hand-eye coordination from undead
Dynamo Tiger: Gravity control, Machine control from raised by animals
Earth Specter: Telekinesis from Symbiosis
Elasti-avenger: Explodes from Mystic
Elastiwarrior: Escape artist from Soul sold to Devil
Electrafreak: Explodes, Time travel from Spinach
Electralad: Smoke generation/control, Super strength from Supernatural
Element Detective: Enhanced senses, Empathy, Cold generation from abnormal brain function
Elementwave: Prehensile tail from Chemical mutation
Emerald Fang: Invulnerability, Poison resistance, Deus ex machina from Supernatural
Emerald Stalker: Invisibility, Telescopic vision from mathematics
Father A: Energy manipulation from ancient lore
Father Dude: Speed reading, Heat generation from Spiritual
Father Hurricane: Flight from genetic engineering
Father Lantern: Plant control, Energy absorption, Incredible balance from Metahuman
Father Lass: Shrinking from abnormal brain function
Father Lightning: Animal control, Sharp shooting from mutagen
Femme Canary: Probability alteration from mutation
Femme Person: Electrical generation/control, Computer hacking, Superbreath from radiation
Femme Racer: Animate/control the dead, Laser vision from Willpower
Femme Sidekick: Earth/rock control from demonic powers
Fighting Bat: Telekinesis, Glows in the dark, Intuition from curse
Fighting Corona: Insect control from mutagen
Fighting Detective: Precognition, Hypnosis, Energy absorption from Psychic
Fighting Lantern: Sound generation/control, Immortality, Juggling from Mystic
Fire Cyborg: Instant language understanding, Illusion casting from raised by animals
Fire Rider: Image projection, Invulnerability from metamorphosis
Flaming Angel: Pyrokinesis, Super-human hand-eye coordination from nanotechnology
Flaming Lady: Ice generation, Super spelling from Unknown
Flaming Spear: "Omniscience", Glows in the dark, Empathy from Super-goobers
Fly Enigma: Microscopic vision from Extra-dimensional
Fly Gal: Mind-numbing beauty/ugliness from spinach
Flying Cyborg: Invisibility, Extreme popularity, Microscopic vision from Technology
Flying Longshoreman: Psychic, Heat vision, Energy absorption from Solar Power
Flying Yak: Chemical control, Force blasts from willpower
Forgotten Frog: Incomprehensibility from gadgets
Freedom Sailor: Martial arts mastery, Machine control, Super breath from Unknown
Freedom Zombie: Telescopic vision, Reinforced skeleton, Extra appendages from Solar Power mutation
Frog Baby: Illusion casting, Adhesion, Flight from near-death experience
Frog Beast: Super-human weight-guessing accuracy, Juggling from electrocution
Frog Mistress: Friction manipulation from Supernatural
Frog Spear: Animal control Future Android: Magnetism from radiation
Future Cow: Instant language understanding, Perfect pitch, Shrinking from genetic engineering
Future Phantom: Energy blasts, Encyclopedic knowledge, Cosmic awareness from mythological from ghu
Gamma Alien: Invulnerability from soul sold to Devil
Gamma Cavalier: Animate/control the dead, Omnidirectional sight, Odor generation from Training
Gamma Dazzler: Super-strength, Invisibility from willpower
Gamma Gal: Force field generation from demonic powers
Gamma Quasar: Perfect pitch, Enhanced senses from metamorphosis
Gaseous Android: Electrical generation/control, Bullet-proof, Time travelfrom abnormal brain function
Gaseous Monkey: Plant control, Unaided outer space travel from symbiosis
Gaseous Racer: Omnidirectional sight from Chronal mutation
Gaseous Sorcerer: Precognition from Paranormal
Gaseous Wasp: Super-human stamina
Gen. Angel: Earthquake generation from electrocution
Gen. Avenger: Super jumping, Probability alteration, Autonomic function control from super-goobers
Gen. Goliath: Heat generation, Elasticity, Force field generation
Gen. Person: Intangibility from near-death experience
Gen. Valkyrie: Omnidirectional sight, Image projection, Intangibility from meditation
Ghost Engineer: Radar sense from biotechnology
Golden Rider: Telepathy, Energy manipulation from ancient lore
Golden Z: Earth/rock control, Invisibility from Home study course
Goldenion: Luck from electrocution
Gorilla Cavalier: Sharp shooting, Heat vision from Near-death experience
Gorilla Person: Superbreath from mathematics
Green Emperor: Clairvoyance, Omnidirectional sight from Solar Power
Green Ranger: Super-human hand-eye coordination from cybernetics
Green Rider: Illusion casting from cybernetics
Green Star: Telescopic vision, Bullet-proof from demonic powers
Green Surfer: Extra appendages, Super intelligence from electrocution
Green Torch: Unaided outer space travel from Supernatural
Grey Dude: Intangibility from Solar Power mutation
Grey Gal: Sharp shooting, Enhanced senses from demonic powers
Grey Jack: Energy blasts, Telepathy from mutation
Grey Wolf: Enhanced common sense, Friction manipulation, Illusion casting from mutation
Hawk Albino: Force field generation, Hypnosis from mathematics
Hawk Samurai: Light generation/control from Solar Power
Hawk Wasp: Ice generation, Earthquake generation, Mind-numbing beauty/ugliness from radiation
He-kid: Super hearing, Laser vision from abnormal brain function
Hour Boy: Elasticity, Incredible balance, Power mimicry from Supernatural
Hour Fury: Earthquake generation, Danger sense, Shape-shifting from gengineering
Hour Liberator: Earthquake generation, Computer hacking, Super hearing from Supernatural
Hour Phantom: Luck, Growth, Super-human hand-eye coordination from Supernatural
Human Engineer: Super loud voice, Light generation/control from Spinach
Human Fang: Intangibility, Chemical control from gadgets
Human Z: Radar sense, Direct computer interface from super-goobers
Hypertitan: Flight from Nanotechnology
Ice Centurion: X-ray vision, Light generation/control, Energy absorption
Ice Glider: Enhanced common sense, Adhesion from Electrocution
Insect Cyborg: Invulnerability, Direct computer interface from Divine intervention
Insect Hammer: Body transformation from Chronal
Invisible Bird: Prehensile tail, Body duplication, Super-human weight-guessing accuracy from spinac
Invisible Fox: Telescopic vision, Force blasts, Invisibility from Paranormal
Invisible Gorilla: Enhanced senses from Extra-dimensional
Invisible Sorcerer: Super-human weight-guessing accuracy from home study course
Iron Torpedo: Probability alteration, Energy manipulation, Weather prediction from Soul sold to Devil
Jade Dog: Magic spell casting, Sharp shooting, Smoke generation/control from spinach
Jade Freak: Matter consumption, Gadget creation from home study course
Jade Mane: Molecular control, Magic spell casting, Computer hacking from metamorphosis
Jet Bolt: Extra-dimensional travel from technology
Jet Enigma: Smoke generation/control from mythological from ghu
Jet Man: Incomprehensibility from Chronal
Karate Rage: Superspeed, Extra-dimensional travel from electrocution
Karate Warrior: Glows in the dark, Flight from mutagen
Laser Apostle: Flight, Magic spell casting from Genetic engineering
Laser Lady: Elasticity from spinach
Laser Titan: Teleportation from Mystic
Lt. Blade: Super-human stamina, Autonomic function control from nanotechnology
Lt. Storm: Adhesion, Time manipulation, Pyrokinesis from Paranormal
Lt. Wolf: Probability alteration from soul sold to Devil
Light Lantern: Animal control, Extreme popularity, Super ventriloquism from Electrocution
Light Mutant: Reinforced skeleton, Water control from Symbiosis
Lightning Bug: Regeneration, Super loud voice, Weapon mastery from Raised by animals
Lightning Flower: Super-human throwing accuracy, Invulnerability from Abnormal brain function
Lightning Lord: Martial arts mastery from super-goobers
Lightning Mistress: Super hearing, Hold breath indefinitely from Paranormal
Lightning Weirdo: Heat generation, Escape artist, Extreme popularity from gadgets
Lion Dancer: Telescopic vision, Super-human stamina from Ancient lore
Living Baby: Intuition from willpower
Living Glory: Flight from Nanotechnology
Machine Hornet: Mind-numbing beauty/ugliness, Light generation/control, Density control from Raised by animals
Machine Lantern: Unaided outer space travel from radiation
Mad Gorilla: Martial arts mastery from meditation
Mad Person: Encyclopedic knowledge, Invisibility from meditation
Mad Tornado: Deus ex machina, Body transformation from Raised by animals
Madame Girl: Intuition, Encyclopedic knowledge, Magnetism from Spiritual
Madame Hammer: Heat vision, Time travel, Elasticity from Curse
Madameette: Martial arts mastery, Laser vision from nanotechnology
Madamestroke: Energy blasts from Vampirism
Mademoiselle Beetle: Time manipulation from Gengineering
Mademoiselle Condor: Bullet-proof, Regeneration, Chemical control from Undead
Mademoiselle Dervish: Illusion casting, Enhanced common sense from Symbiosis
Mademoiselle Midget: Psychic from gengineering
Mademoiselle Sword: Mind control, Growth, Flight from divine intervention
Magnafighter: X-ray vision, Computer hacking, Telekinesis from Radiation
Magnafox: Immortality, Radiation generation/control, Magic spell casting from cybernetics
Magnafrog: Poison resistance, Force field generation from Home study course
Magnalantern: Flight from Chronal mutation
Magnetic Dervish: Flight from Cybernetics
Magnetic Hornet: Invulnerability, Water control from Magic
Magnetic Knight: Immortality, Speed reading from demonic powers
Magnetic Phantom: Growth, Machine control from Metahuman
Maj. Dusk: Magic spell casting, Glows in the dark from evolved artificially
Maj. Dwarf: Super-human hand-eye coordination from Spinach
Maj. Fly: Matter consumption from near-death experience
Maj. Phantom: Shape-shifting, Adhesion, Hypnosis from Raised by animals
Mammoth Aardvark: Electromagnetism, Animate/control the dead, Laser vision from symbiosis
Mammoth Condor: Animal control from Paranormal
Mammoth Dervish: Computer hacking, Instant language understanding from meditation
Mammoth Longshoreman: Invulnerability, Gadget creation from willpower
Mammoth Ricochet: Hold breath indefinitely from Mystic
Mammoth Woman: Light generation/control, Super-human stamina, Time manipulation from willpower
Martian Ant: Body transformation, Shrinking, Machine control from Electrocution
Martian Genie: Martial arts mastery, Energy manipulation from mutagen
Martian Valkyrie: Invulnerability, Seventh sense, Smoke generation/control from metamorphosis
Martian Victory: Molecular control, Elasticity from Extra-terrestrial
Masked Hammer: Super ventriloquism from metahuman
Masked Lightning: Animal control, Cold generation, Amphibious from Paranormal
Masked Torch: Invulnerability, Incredible balance, Deus ex machina from curse
Masked Wombat: Autonomic function control, Super strength, Extra-dimensional travel from Extra-dimensional
Megabull: Teleportation, Precognition, Cold generation from Chronal
Megadervish: Luck, Super-human stamina from Ancient lore
Megasorceress: Gravity control from cybernetics
Mega-yak: Direct computer interface, Probability alteration from Raised by animals
Metal Bolt: Sound generation/control, Enhanced common sense from undead
Metal Cavalier: Escape artist, Growth from Symbiosis
Metal Dragon: Force field generation, Weapon mastery from Super-goobers
Metal Shadow: "Omniscience", Electrical generation/control, Psychic from soul sold to Devil
Metalette: Force blasts, Glows in the dark, Instant language understanding from Mutagen
Meteor Wing: Illusion casting from Chronal
Meteor Wonder: Martial arts mastery from Supernatural
Meteorlock: Energy blasts, Ice generation from divine intervention
Microgirl: Magnetism, Mind control from Soul sold to Devil
Micromane: Hypnosis, Super strength, Martial arts mastery from Ancient lore
Micromaximus: Instant language understanding, Weapon mastery, Extra appendages from Chronal
Micromutation: Power mimicry, Chemical control, Microscopic vision from Vampirism
Microsoarer: Power mimicry, Light generation/control from Spinach
Mighty Cyborg: Flight from near-death experience
Mighty Guardian: Animal control, Extra-dimensional travel from mythological from ghu
Mighty Knight: Encyclopedic knowledge, Body transformation, Mind control from mutation
Millennium Bull: Hold breath indefinitely, Super-spelling from Mystic
Millennium Bullet: Super speed from Raised by animals
Millennium Justice: Microscopic vision, Clairvoyance, Laser vision from mathematics
Millennium Light: Juggling from Extra-terrestrial
Millennium Nimbus: Perfect pitch from Nanotechnology
Mind Sailor: Superstrength, Cosmic awareness from Psychic mutation
Mind Torpedo: Machine control from Chemical mutation
Miracle Knight: Mind control, Hold breath indefinitely from demonic powers
Miracle Specter: Heat vision, Sharp shooting, Weapon mastery from Extra-dimensional
Miracle Woman: Energy absorption from Willpower
Miss Samurai: Earthquake generation, Insect control, Martial arts mastery from Symbiosis
Miss Wonder: Pyrokinesis, Force blasts, Super-human throwing accuracy from Mystic
Mr. Genie: Energy blasts from mythological god
Mr. Torpedo: Telekinesis from willpower
Monsieur Atom: Image projection, Regeneration from demonic powers
Monsieur Fury: Insect control, Danger sense from Extra-dimensional
Monsieur Genie: Friction manipulation from Mystic
Monsieurette: Superbreath, Chemical control from mutation
Moon Girl: Energy manipulation, Probability alteration, Superjumping from Spinach
Moon Gorilla: Ice generation from Mathematics
Moon Guardian: Reinforced skeleton, Animal control, Energy blasts from undead
Moon Princess: Psychic, Radar sense from Paranormal
Moon Scout: Incredible balance, Electrical generation/control, Weather prediction from Ancient lore
Mother Fire: Enhanced common sense, Heat generation, Psychic from technology
Mother Guy: Computer hacking from mathematics
Mother Squirrel: Superspeed from Gadgets
Ms. Bullet: Incomprehensibility, Glows in the dark, Flight from genetic engineering
Night Chameleon: Super-human stamina, Intangibility, Weather control from nanotechnology
Night Dude: Omnipotence from Symbiosis
Night Fly: Super hearing, Probability alteration from Ancient lore
Night Person: Time manipulation, Weather control from mutagen
Nuclear Cavalier: Body transformation, Light generation/control, Super strengthfrom unknown
Nuclear Rat: Regeneration, Force blasts from gadgets
Nuclear Soarer: X-ray vision from soul sold to Devil
Nuclear Spider: Probability alteration from Chemical mutation
Omega Flash: Elasticity, Hypnosis, Sharp shooting from metamorphosis
Omega Glory: Molecular control from Magic
Onyx Lad: Density control from Gadgets
Onyx Punisher: Enhanced agility from mutation
Onyx Squid: Poison resistance, Heat vision from Extra-dimensional
Onyx Wolf: Superstrength from Spinach
Orange Gal: Super-human stamina from Electrocution
Orange Longshoreman: Electromagnetism, Force field generation from Super-goobers
Orange Mask: Invulnerability, Super spelling, Teleportation from mythological from ghu
Phantom Witch: Energy manipulation, Super hearing, Super intelligence from curse
Rocket Jet: Encyclopedic knowledge from metamorphosis
Ruby Dog: Deus ex machina from Spiritual
Ruby Dwarf: Force field generation, Super strength, Enhanced senses
Ruby Mane: Weather control from gengineering
Samurai Mouse: Elasticity, Super-human weight-guessing accuracy from training
Sand Centurion: Microscopic vision, Density control from gengineering
Sand Guy: Energy absorption, Deus ex machina, Clairvoyance from demonic power
Sand Lad: Poison resistance from metahuman
Sand Lion: Light generation/control, Cold generation from Evolved artificially
Sand Woman: Illusion casting, Magic spell casting from Chronal
Sarge Corona: Adhesion, Sound generation/control, Flight from mutagen
Sarge Hornet: metamorphosis from divine intervention
Sarge Platypus: Luck, Water control, Earth/rock control from Ancient lore
Sarge Racer: Molecular control from Nanotechnology
Scarab Blade: Extra appendages, Weather prediction from demonic powers
Scarab Centurion: Body duplication
Scarab Longshoreman: Enhanced common sense from Paranormal
Scarab Man: Plant control from Genetic engineering
Scarab Stalker: Light generation/control, Microscopic vision from cybernrtics
Scarlet Djinn: Time travel from Home study course
Scarlet Shogun: Immortality from abnormal brain function
Sea Jet: Flight from Mystic
Seagoing Rage: Seventh sense from mathematics
Seaiac: Flame generation/control from meditation
Secret Mariner: Unaided outer space travel from Abnormal brain function
Secret Marvel: Force field generation, Energy blasts from Spiritual mutation
Señor Fighter: Body duplication
Señor Girl: Psychic, Telepathy from undead
Señora Blur: Power mimicry from radiation
Señora Child: Clairvoyance, Seventh sense from Technology
Senora Cow: Photographic memory from Super-goobers
Señora Goliath: Telepathy from Chemical mutation
Señora Marvel: Gravity control from biotechnology
Señora Rage: Superspeed, Extra-dimensional travel from willpower
Señora Rider: Plant control from mythological ghu
Señora Wasp: Encyclopedic knowledge, Growth from undead
Señorita Bulk: Sharp shooting from home study course
Señorita Demon: Prehensile tail, Energy manipulation, Body transformation from metahuman
Señorita Jack: Unaided outer space travel, Invulnerability, Dark generation/control from Mathematics
Señorita Mask: Animal control, Force blasts, Pyrokinesis from undead
Señorita Master: Enhanced common sense, Precognition, Plant control from unknown
Señorita Person: Flight, Friction manipulation from Nanotechnology
Señorita Prodigy: Super-human stamina, Super strength from demonic powers
Señorita Wave: Growth, Electrical generation/control, Smoke generation/control from Soul sold to Devil
Sgt. Mouse:: Shrinking, Energy manipulation from magic
Sgt. Woman: Mind-numbing beauty/ugliness, Instant language understanding, Smoke generation/control from Extra-terrestrial
Sgt. X: Super strength, Super-human hand-eye coordination, Reinforced skeleton from mutagen
Shadow Djinn: Earthquake generation from Unknown
Shadow Harrier: Laser vision, Super breath, Mind-numbing beauty/ugliness from metahuman
Shadow Prodigy: Elasticity, Super loud voice from Extra-dimensional
Shadow Soarer: Instant language understanding, Speed reading from Chronal
Shadow Victory: Super loud voice from Symbiosis
Shadow Wave: Martial arts mastery, Image projection, Shrinking from Biotechnology
Shadowette: Super breath, Invulnerability, Power mimicry from soul sold to Devil
Shatter Atom: Instant language understanding, Water control from evolved artificially
Shatter Blade: Water control from radiation
Shatter Specter: Invisibility, Amphibious from Mathematics
Shatter Wave: Prehensile tail from Psychic
She-kid: Unaided outer space travel, Odor generation, Radar sense from Magic
She-machine: Molecular control, Time travel from raised by animals
She-virtuoso: Psychic, Radiation generation/control from Vampirism
Shrinking Guardsman: Telescopic vision, Flame generation/control from Mythological from ghu
Silent Centurion: Radiation generation/control, Instant language understanding from demonic powers
Silent Prodigy: Escape artist, Perfect pitch, Seventh sense from vampirism
Silent Wave: Ice generation, Gadget creation from Gadgets
Silver Brain: Luck, Matter consumption from divine intervention
Sir Armadillo: Sound generation/control, Weather control, Radiation generation/control from Genetic engineering
Sir Bee: Image projection, Telepathy from electrocution
Sir Surfer: Flight from Spiritual
Sir Wing: Force blasts, Weather control, Intangibility from demonic powers
Sirwing: Mind-numbing beauty/ugliness from curse
Sr. Flea: Water control, Telekinesis from Biotechnology
Sr. Prince: Intuition, Super-human weight-guessing accuracy from Gadgets
Sky Champion: Omnidirectional sight, Instant language understanding, Odor generation from Nanotechnology
Sky Strike: Dark generation/control, Flame generation/control, Super intelligence
Sky Yak: Gadget creation, Intuition, Superspeed from willpower
Skytech: Earthquake generation, Radar sense from electrocution
Snow Detective: Matter consumption from Spiritual
Snow Tiger: Cold generation from metamorphosis
Space Midget: Ice generation from abnormal brain function
Speed Dazzler: Probability alteration from gadgets
Speed Enigma: Magnetism, Weather control from Training
Speed Person: Super-intelligence, Magic spell casting from electrocution
Speedoid: Intangibility, Time travel, Empathy from super-goobers
Spider Hillbilly: Mind-numbing beauty/ugliness, Plant control from Chronal
Spider Widow: Weather prediction from Symbiosis
Spidertech: Earthquake generation, Heat vision, metamorphosis from Spiritual
Squirrel Hawk: Super-human hand-eye coordination from Supernatural
Squirrel Light: Sound generation/control from Metahuman
Squirrel Machine: Growth from Mystic
Squirrel Miracle: Molecular control, Super intelligence from Meditation
Squirrel Princess: Illusion casting from Mutagen
Squirrel Y: Machine control, Telepathy from evolved artificially
Star Alien: Intangibility, Enhanced senses from Divine intervention
Star Singer: Immortality, Mind-numbing beauty/ugliness, Super jumping from ancient lore
Steel Lady: Superhearing, Earthquake generation from Extra-terrestrial
Steel Stalker: Gadget creation, Enhanced senses, Electrical generation/control from electrocution
Stone Man: Juggling, Radiation generation/control, Poison resistance from radiation
Stone Marvel: Smoke generation/control, Photographic memory from Raised by animals
Stone Photon: Energy manipulation
Stone Scout: Empathy, Super strength, Telepathy from Spiritual mutation
Stone Speedster: Power mimicry, Psychic, Molecular control from Radiation
Suicide Bulk: Enhanced senses from demonic powers mutation
Suicide Goliath: Superspeed, Animal control, Smoke generation/control from Evolved artificially
Suicide Master: Time travel from Solar Power
Sun Blade: "Omniscience", Bullet-proof from training
Sun Shield: Pyrokinesis, Energy blasts from curse
Super Dervish: Incomprehensibility from abnormal brain function
Super Glider: Regeneration, Water control, Luck from vampirism
Super Jack: Speed reading, Energy blasts from metahuman
Super Light: Telescopic vision, Light generation/control from metahuman
Super Rage: Molecular control from Gadgets
Super Tiger: Unaided outer space travel
Vibro Wizard: Shrinking, Escape artist from metahuman
Violet Crusader: Elasticity from home study course
Violet Duke: Flight from radiation
Violet Gorilla: Incomprehensibility, Danger sense from Psychic
Violet Manhunter: Flame generation/control, Teleportation, Super hearing from unknown
Violet Rat: Incomprehensibility, Super-human throwing accuracy, Enhanced agility from symbiosis
Warrior Wolf: Speed reading from Chemical mutation
Warrior Yak: Super spelling from Super-goobers
Water Elf: Weather prediction, Sound generation/control from vampirism
White Demon: Heat vision, Direct computer interface from Biotechnology
White Wave: Regeneration, Bullet-proof from Paranormal
Whitejack: Super hearing, Invulnerability, Animate/control the dead from gengineering
Whitenoid: Invulnerability, Hypnosis, Super-human hand-eye coordination from training
Wild Zero: Enhanced agility from Electrocution
Wind Djinn: Machine control from meditation
Wing Djinn: Cold generation from unknown
Wing Punisher: Animate/control the dead from undead
Wing Tiger: Super strength, Incomprehensibility, Super breath from Extra-dimensional mutation
Wing Wave: Telepathy, "Omniscience" from Divine intervention
Winged Atom: Super loud voice, Super strength from electrocution
Winged Chameleon: Time travel, Explodes from Chronal
Winged Flare: Odor generation, Invisibility, Enhanced common sense from near-death experience
Winged Hornet: Photographic memory from near-death experience
Winged Shield: Extra appendages from training
Winged Vision: Enhanced senses, Weather control from soul sold to devil
Winged Vision: Incredible balance, Explodes, Regeneration
Wolf Person: Flight, Electrical generation/control from Mystic
Wolf Sword: Flame generation/control from Chronal
Wolf Viking: Time manipulation, Telescopic vision, Body duplication from Willpower
Wombat Frog: Super jumping, Martial arts mastery from radiation
Wombat Guy: Telekinesis, Danger sense from Radiation
Wonder Alien: Super strength, Magnetism from meditation
Wonder Detective: Telepathy, Martial arts mastery from Undead
Wonder Fang: Cold generation, Time manipulation, Image projection from metamorphosis
Wonder Hulk: Super-human weight-guessing accuracy from home study course
X-racoon: Earthquake generation from genetic engineering
X-walker: Weather control, Sound generation/control, Molecular control from gadgets
X-x: X-ray vision, Super hearing, Prehensile tail from Spiritual
Yak Crusader: Energy blasts from Undead
Yak Flea: Autonomic function control from Mathematics
Yak Fly: X-ray vision from Chronal
Yak Man: Molecular control, Machine control, Luck from biotechnology
Yak Y: Omnidirectional sight, Molecular control from Extra-terrestrial
Yakion: Laser vision from super-goobers
Y-avenger: Danger sense, Martial arts mastery, Super loud voice from Undead
Y-bug: Psychic
Yellow Dervish: Escape artist from cybernetics
Yellow Girl: Time travel from biotechnology
Yellow Harrier: Insect control, Juggling from cybernetics
Yellow Longshoreman: Heat generation from Curse
Yellow Mariner: Flight, Unaided outer space travel from super-goobers
Y-hawk: Extreme popularity, Precognition from mutagen
Y-slayer: Cold generation, Enhanced senses, Smoke generation/control from Unknown
Y-titan: Time travel, Sharp shooting from cybernetics
Z-defender: Ice generation from Magic
Z-dog: Light generation/control, Explodes from Chronal
Z-enigma: Super jumping, Photographic memory, Computer hacking from Paranormal
Z-light: Escape artist from raised by animals
Z-ricochet: Super-spelling, Extra appendages, Reinforced skeleton from willpower