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 "All things are possible ..." (Mt 19:26)

  In Metamathematical Themas by Douglas R. Hofstadter (author of the previously
mentioned Goedel, Escher, Bach: The Eternal Braid), he mentions, among many other interesting things the indefinately long sentence of Dr. J. K. Aronson: "'T' is the
first, fourth, eleventh, sixteenth, twenty-fourth, twenty-nineth ... twelfth from last and fifth from last letter of this sentence." We could call the series, 1, 4, 11, 16, 24, 29, 33, 35, 45, 47, 51, 57, 59, 63 ..., the Aronson numbers, the model "T-series".
  By an analogous construction [the book has much to say about analogies too.] we
thought we could also get a series from: "'I' is the first, second, eighth, nineteenth,
twenty-fifth, forty-first, fifty-first, ... tenth from last letter of this sentence." This gives the "I-ises": 1, 2, 8, 19, 25, 41, 51, 56, 61, 66, 71, 83, 88, 95, ...
  We have also the easily determined to be terminating H, R, and S series, but there are also many others, such as the "A-ain'ts" from "'A' ain't the third, fourth, fifth, ... one thousandth, ... seventeen thousand six hundred seventy-second, seventeen
thousand six hundred seventy-fourth, ...or last letter in this sentence.", the very
similar "A-isn'ts" or "A's-nots" and "A-is-nots". We have the "B-ain'ts" with the
second missing integer at about 20 billion, the "C-ain'ts" with a second missing integer at over 20 centillion, [That's larger than the number of Rubik's cube
variations that Hofstadter gives: 43.252003274489856 quintillion.] to the
relatively normal "S-ain'ts": 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, ... 35, 37, ...
40, 42, ...
  Now, what about the F-is generating sentence, "'F' is the first, seventh and letter of this sentence." How many solutions can you find? [The first person to
send in the complete solution will get an extra issue added to their subscription.]

  We also have more on the wondrous numbers. In his second book, he calls this operation HOTPO, short for Half-Or-Triple-Plus-One. We can define a whole new number system by ranking numbers by their "hotpoicity", 0 and 2 rank first, both yeilding 1, i.e., 3(0)+1 and 2/2.  
The second is surprisingly -1/3 and 1/3,
the third: -2/3, -4/9, -2/9, 2/3 and 8,
the fourth: -4/3, -8/9, -5/9, -11/27, -1/9, 4/3, 7/3 and 16,
the fifth: -8/3 -22/27, -7/9, -14/27, -38/27, -10/27, 1/9, 4/9, 8/3, 13/3, 5 and 32,
the sixth: -16/3, -44/27, -14/9, -11/9, -28/27, -76/81, -20/27, -49/81, -16/27, -41/81, -119/243, -37/81, -8/27, -5/27, 2/9, 5/9, 8/9, 10/9, 16/3, 26/3, 10, 31/3 and 64, etc.
It seems to reorder the rational number system.
  We don't know if hotpoicity will yeild any new insights like "earliness/lateness" of Martin Kruskal. (His system represents numbers as series of up- or down-arrow
marks. By extrapolation we could also designate with a double right cornered
superscript, omega, is the first "extravagance" and, iota, is the first "intravagance", a number neither "early" nor "late". It's not limited to rational
numbers, or for that matter irrational, finite or transfinite ones.) But who knows?

  We've been reading (actually re-reading) James Churchward's The Lost Continent of Mu and began thinking (These apparently are thought-provoking books.) is he correct about his translation of Greek into Cara Maya?
  He transcribes the record surviving in the Greek alphabet as:
  "Al pa  ha be ta. Kam ma tel ta, ep zil onom ze ta et ha. Thethaha ha io ta ka pa  lam be ta Mu ni xi om ik le on pi la ho zi ik ma. Ta u u pa zi. Le on pe hi. Chi. Pe zi o mec ka."
  As a "free reading" he gives: "Heavily break the waters extending over the plains. They cover the lands in low places, where there are obstructions, shores form and whirlpools strike the earth with water. The waters spread on all that lives and moves obstructions give way and submerged is the land of Mu. Peaks only appear above the waters whirlwinds blow around and little by little until there comes cold
air. Before, where valleys existed, are now abysses, cold depths. In circular places mud formed. A mouth opens. Vapors come forth and volcanic sediments."
  Our Mayan, Cara or otherwise, is not up to questioning him, but using his technique
with both the Greek and Hebrew texts (alphabets) we first get:
  "'A le pha, Beth Gami me La. Da le tha ze tayi'n, heth. Theth  yi hayodh kappha. Lambe dha me mu nun 'ay mikaron. Pie risho, "Sing Ma ta wu."
  This we translate into a much more universal and familiar message: Genesis 1:1-3

  "In the far (time), Always-was made (place)s beyond Life and a place of Life. It
was the form without form, a dark-like form-to-be. Not-made dark moved to
over-cover far-down's face. Always-was' Spirit of Life moved and continues yet over waters' face. He is saying: 'Let Light form take.'"
 From these roots we can form many other titles similar to Be  (Always-was):
'Aynun'a (Transcendental yet intimate),
Lettmetmi (The One),
Masayi (Light thus not dark),
Mebhe (Eternal),
Mubhtha (Sustainer),
Otch (Revealer),
Pesho (Supreme Being),
Phatmeg (Most High),  
Pimime (Trinity),
Pith da (Creator),
Seb (Omnipresent),
Shopdha (Prime Mover),
Tha (Life-maker)
Th tsantth  (Uncreated thus not like created)
and Tsingyi (Enemy of dark),
and perhaps the origin of "Atlantis" --
'Atlantish: ("not-land-of-life-ness, not-do-now")

  Some of our other readings have yeilded new words for the Fortean Unabridgable
abb: (from "abnormal")
chickmate: winning position in 3-D chiss
chockmate: winning position in 4-D choss
chuckmate: winning position in 5-D chuss
crufty: poorly or clumsily programmed
dumbth: mass categorical ignorance
interjunction: logical operation which yeilds "truth" from "truths" and "falsehood" from "falsehoods" and uncertainty in every other case (symbolized by "XX")
joots: (from "Jump Out Of The System") technique for answering the unanswerable, like "What is the square   root of -1?" or an example of it, like "In
this sentence the last two words, 'are missing', ..." or "Every word in this sentence is a gross misspelling of 'towmatow'."
mousemilking: minimally profitable project
transplication: logical operation which yeilds "truth" for "truths or truth and falsehood" and uncertainty in every other case (symbolized by "/")

   We have received  from Peter E. Eklund a review copy of his book entitled as above, so here's a review, since in it he wrote: "People who honestly disagree
with me, I respect."
  "Because of conflicts and problems in my life," he writes, "I became an atheist",
conflicts and problems which we would guess connected to his unprovable statement,
"I knew the Church's ideas of hell and damnation were not true." In 1961 he
experienced a "bright being" or "being of light" while "searching for the most realistic view of (himself) and the reality of the world and cosmos both spiritual and material." He put his daughter in a Roman Catholic orphanage, not because he thought it was most in touch with spiritual reality, but to balance out her mother's opposite extremism. Then he found The Secret Science Behind Miracles by Max Freedom Long.
  He identified the being with Aumakua, the god-self, guardian angel, Father-Mother; hell as from Zoroastrians' fire; sin as against own spiritual self, not
God, Who "cannot be omnipotent and omniscient"; eternal bliss as boring.
  Prayer became the technique for contacting the "spiritual self" (or is it selves?) or when used by the fundamentalist church members he'd left "hostile psychic action with the intent of coercing a person into believing as they did."
He prays and teaches others to pray: "I love money!", "Money is good!", "I deserve to be rich!", "There is no sin, just error!" and yet also "I am forgiven all!" and "I am a good person!", "I am truth!", "I am love!"
  If you ask us, and you did, you disprove  your "I am cursed or blessed with an
obsession for total logic." If you're good or in (inculpable) error, you have nothing
to be forgiven of. If you needed to be forgiven, you are not truth or love. We find
it more logical to believe in  omnipotent Love and omniscient Truth, a transendental
yet intimate God both outside and within.
  We won't go into your confusion of magic and miracles (contracted from Larson's The Origins of Christian Belief) except to reprint Christina Larner's   categorization of witchcrafts from Mpossibilities 38:
A1: simple supernatural power manipulations
A2: illegal use of such powers
a1: limited used of legalized powers
a2: limited use of illegal powers
B   : Faustian compact by individual
C1: sabbat witchcraft, Satanic cultism
C2: demonophany, appearance of demon
C3: fully ritualized Black Mass
  We might also try classifying by Jim McKeever's Closest Encounters of the  
Highest Kind:
CE1K sighting
CE2K physical evidence
CE3K contact
CE4K communication
CE5K commitment
CE6K transformation
CE7K union
  According to Mysteries of the Mind, Space & Time 7% of CEs're 1K, 2.5% each 2K
and 3K. [NOTE: More will be coming from our free A volume next issue: acupuncture, Adamski, alchemy, aliens, Alkemade, alternative healing, American 'roos, lake monsters and serpents, Anastasia. There's a coupon for your own
free sample volume A to the first one who writes in.]
The Hana Ha Rite seems to be C1 and CE5K.

  On a recent "NOVA" Bud Hopkins' and John E. Mack's abductee support groups were criticized. Hypnotic memory regression sessions shown did seem like the Clever Hans Effect (named for the horse who apparently did complex calculations, but who was just sensitive to cues given by those who knew what the answer should be).
  A case particularly interesting was Donna Basset's hoaxed tale of meeting JFK,
Khrushchev, etal. on a saucer at the time of the Cuban missile crisis printed by Time.
Believers say she's in denial when she claims it never happened.
  Carl Sagan called such unobjective belief, blind faith a "pathway to a dark

  That's what Preston B. Nichols calls the devices used in the Rainbow Project (a.k.a.
The Philadelphia Experiment (1943), Phoenix Project (1950s), Phoenix II or The Montauk Project (1970-81), Phoenix III (1981-83)) including the original
invisibility field generator as well as mindcontrol radar, death rays, Sirian
mindreader, matter tranmitter, time travel via Orionian Delta T antenna. This partly UFO, partly Tesla (Martian?) technology, if existant, could explain many mysteries:
WWI (1914-17), Mars signals (1926), WWII (1942-45), Nazi gold, the USS Eldridge crew's fate (1943), increase in UFO reports (1947-96), increase in
Conn., N.J. and N.Y. crime (1972-73), time glitches (1975), the Alternative 3 story,
missing NYC street people and children (1981-83), "reincarnation".
   He gives us however:
a Martian colony (123,000 BC), the new identities of Tesla (1943) and von Neumann
(1958), stranded timetravellers' paradoxes (1961 and 1991), the Beast of Montauk (1983), a lost city (AD 6037)!

  In his book Hoffstadter, as does Nickols in his, shows how just about anything can be explained with enough ingenuity.
  He asks the deceptively simple question, "ABC is to ABD as PQRS is to what?"
  The most common response, he claims, is PQRT, formed by replacing the last letter by its successor. We thought of five others first:
[Who wants to be normal anyway?]
PQDS (3rd by D),
PQDD (all after 1st 2 by D),
ABD (all by ABD),
PQSS (3rd by its successor),
OQRT (alternate pairs with mate).
  Then we tried to think of others:
ABDD (1st 2 by AB, rest by Ds),
ABSS (1st 2 by AB & 3rd by its successor),
ABST (1st 2 by AB & rest by successors),
Then there's (C by D, P by M, Q by I, R by K, S by E), MIKE!
   So which would Occham's razor shave off?