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The Holmes, Grayson, Pink Panther Connection
by Michael Joseph Halm

My investigations began with the rumored connection between the Holmeses and the Graysons. The most famous Holmes is Sherlock Holmes [or more properly according to Baring-Gould, William Sherlock Scott Holmes [1]. Spock's quote, "An ancestor of mine maintained that whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be true." is an obvious reference to Sherlock Holmes. [2] He could not be descended from Holmes through his Vulcan father. The argument that Holmes was Vulcan [3] has been thoroughly disproved. [4] The even more ridiculous idea that neither Sherlock Holmes or Vulcan are real [5] is not worth the time refuting it. Who could live in a universe without Sherlock Holmes and Vulcan?

Spock can therefore only be so descended through his Human mother, Amanda Grayson. [6], back through Prof. Jeremy Grayson of Boston, likely her 4th great grandfather. [7] The Grayson who was cheif Inspector at Scotland Yard in 2103 [8] was likely a grandson of Prof. Jeremy, as indicated by his Americanized surname.

Eckert hypothesizes that the connection is through Spenser Holmes, Sherlock's grandson. [9] This cannot be if it is also true that the connection passes through the most famous Grayson, Richard "The Boy Wonder" Grayson. [10]

As a model Victorian gentleman and very public figure he is, Sherlock Holmes would not have had any illegitimate children. It's surprizing enough that he had one. He certainly however has been much imitated [11], but especially by his twin brother, Rutherford Sherlock Holmes. [12]. It's much more reasonable that "the other Sherlock Holmes" fathered the other children of Sherlock Holmes. He finally did settle down and marry  with the help of his twin brother and even became a detective himself
Descendants of Rutherford Sherlock Holmes
     1       Rutherford Sherlock Holmes
..          +Irene Adler Norton     
     2       Mycoft Adler Norton     
     3       Mycroft Adler Norton, Jr.     
..     4       James Norton     
...     5       Lillian "Silicon Lil" Norton     
     2       John Hamish "Nero Wolfe" Adler     1892 -
     3       Spenser Wolfe     
     3       Carla Luvchen (adopted)     
     2       Scott "Marko Vilcic" Adler     1892 -
...          +Leslie Goodwin     
     3       Archie Goodwin     
          *2nd Wife of Scott "Marko Vilcic" Adler:     
...          +Erica Russell Cannon     
     3       Frank Cannon     
          *3rd Wife of Scott "Marko Vilcic" Adler:     
...          +Michele Wiseman     
     3       Michael "Newman" Wiseman     
          *4th Wife of Scott "Marko Vilcic" Adler:     
...          +Emily Russell McCabe     
     3       J. L. McCabe     
     3       son Adler     
..     4       Diana Irene Adler     
          *2nd Wife of Rutherford Sherlock Holmes:     
..          +La Graine     
     2       Minerva La Graine     
     2       Alice "Boomer" La Graine Loquot     
...          +Loquot     
          *3rd Wife of Rutherford Sherlock Holmes:     
..          +Moth     
     2       Abraham Moth     
...          +Jane Sherlock Moth     
     3       Arthur Moth     
          *4th Wife of Rutherford Sherlock Holmes:     
..          +Falkland     
     2       Rutherford Sherlock "Mr. Hopkins" Holmes, Jr.     
     3       Richard Holmes     
....          +Esther Rothschild Holmes     
..     4       Ellery Queen nee Holmes     
..     4       Shelley Holmes     
     3       Rutherford Sherlock Holmes III     
     2       Shirley Holmes Robinson     
...          +Robinson     
     3       Robinson     
..     4       Dan Robinson     
That seems to leave only William's only certainly known child, Raffles Holmes [13], by his brief first marriage to Marjorie Raffles, and Creighton [14] his only certainly known grandchild.

Attacking this mystery from the other side, Amanda Stemple Grayson's ancestry also can be traced back to her 10th great grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Stemple of Seattle, Wash. [15] The link between the Graysons and the Stemples is Richard Grayson's first wife, Betty Stemple Kane, not the better known Barbara "Batgirl" Gordon. [16] She was the daughter of Aaron Stemple's grandson. Their son, Richard, Jr., married (or at least was engaged to) the Tamaran Koriand'r "Starfire" [17]. Their daughter Mar'i "Nightstar"  would have been contemporary with Jeremy, likely her cousin by uncle Bruce Wayne Grayson.

Other notable Graysons would be: Richard, Sr.'s cousins, Charles [18] and Tom [19], his great aunt Harriet, and their sons, Det. Cameron Grayson [20] and Carter Grayson [21]. It would be Harriet who would provide further clues to the lost Ruby.

Since three of Richard Grayson, Sr.'s grandparents are a Grayson, and Abner and Amelia Passepartout Ribble, the missing link to William Sherlock Holmes must be his paternal grandmother, a previously unsuspected sister of Raffles. Rutherford and William were twins. John and Scott were twins. If Raffles and his sister were twins, what happened to the sister.

Holmes fostered out his son after the sudden death of his new bride. He likely did the same for his daughter. She ended up marrying "Flying John" Grayson's father, so she too must have been in the Haley Circus, before it was bought up by Ringling Brothers, and taken to America. She was Ruby Holmes Grayson, "The Lugashi Ruby", with agile body of an exotic dancer -- or a cat.

Harriet was the proverbial maiden aunt, like Aunt Bea [22] and sister of John Grayson's father, but she was not a Grayson. This is because he was not either. "Grayson" was his stage name. Albert Haley, Jr. was given the nickname to distinguish him from his father, "Albino Al". To further obscure the trail Haley was the name given to him when he was unofficially adopted as a baby by the circus. Ruby was sent to the circus in America because that was where Marjorie's sister Ruth Raffles Haley was, and because she suffered from the same "family trait".

Ruth was "Feral Girl" and her cousin Blanche was "The White Panther".
Similar cases of theriomorphism have been noted in Mexico [23] and in the lost city of Kardigi, Nigeria [24]. The cases of parthers of unnatural colors is not unheard of. either. Besides white [25], brown [26], and the Black Panther dynasty [27], there are panthers of other colors, just as there are horses of other colors [28].
  There are several colored panther people among the Amerindians, Kowayhoommah the Red Panther [29], Yellow Panther, cheif of the Miamis, [30] and Indigo Panther, chief of the Wakanka [31]. There are many references to green panthers [32], blue panthers [33],  orange [34], violet [35], purple [36], even Bill the Lavender Panther [37] or Lily the Beige Panther [38] or a grey-green panther [39].

There are even the more exotic records of flying green panthers [40], two-headed green panthers [41], black and blue winged panthers [42] and the scaly amphibious green panther, the moru ngu [43]. The panther-were, the bestial offspring of a were-panther and a panther, subhumans which occationally take human form, like the green Orion animal women [44], are fortunately quite rare.

Inevitably the cousins Junior and Ruby were drawn together and married. Their son, John, inherited the family speed and agility and was at first billed as "Flying John, Grayson's Son" and which quickly became shortened to "Flying John Grayson". Blanche left the circus and married Pedro Lopez y Rojas, "The Red Wolf".

The clue to the origin of the rarest of panthers, the desert-camouflaged pink panther, was finally made public with the solving of the mystery of Ramses III's tomb. Officially the tomb of Ramses III was not discovered in 1886 and no curse effects were noted, therefore it must have fallen on an earier discoverer. [45] This we believe was Lady Natalie Clayton who went missing in 1856, and that as a were-panther she gave birth not only to the were-kittens who would be known as Marjorie Rose and Ruth Raffles, but also the scattered rest of the litter, Bullu, Esmeralda, and Violet. This would explain the cold case of the Missing Mrs. which reheated every time Marrying Bill re-married, but also the otherwise inexplicable age of A. J.'s daughter. She was an adopted foundling.

A daughter, Esmeralda "The Green Panther", made it to Morocco to marry a certain mysterious Al-Magharabi. [46] Their daughter, Esmeralda Oeste, traveled further northwest into Spain to marry Juan de la Sur. One of their sons, Ernesto, travelled west to America, with his uncle, also named Ernesto, to become known as "West Ern" and "Southwest Ern". Another son, Juanito,  travelled east to India as John "Katmandu" South.

Maria Lopez, daughter of Blanche and Pedro, had a troubled childhood, since her parents fought almost constantly [47] Until, that is, they finally shared their families secret theriomorphic tendencies after her cousin Pedro Rojas' tragic death in 1942.  Both were direct descendants of José Rojas, son of Rex Rufus, the 16th Century explorer, cursed as a berserker-werewolf during an encounter in 1567 with Aztec vampires, who in turn was descended from Eric the Red and Bodvar Bjarki. [48]
Maria and Diego "James Vega" de la Cruz y Quinones's daughter Juanita "Pinkie" Vega Tuscadero lamely claimed that her nickname came from a bad hair day. [49]

The Pink Panther diamond was found in South Africa by the family's Panther Diamond Mining Co.  [50] and sold to the king of Lugash. Anthony Hoskins Fleming's failure lead to his father, Alexander Charles Lytton Fleming alias "The Phantom", to attempt to steal back the Pink Panther diamond from Princess Dala of Lugash. [51] Claudia Litton Fleming, daughter-in-law and second cousin-once-removed of Alexander Charles Lytton Fleming, succeeded him as the Phantom and again attempted to take back the Pink Panther diamond. [52] The Lytton/Litton family claims to the title "The Phantom" from their alledged descent from the original "Female Phantom", Julia Walker Lytton, daughter of Annie Morgan and Christopher "Sixgun" Walker.

Ruby's daughter, Rosa, also inherited the family curse, but what was perhaps worse she married into the Littons, gentleman theives like the Raffles. Marcel "The Rogue" Saint-Clair, husband of her daughter, Margaret Litton Saint-Clair, claimed to be the son of Jean-Leo "the Nyctalope" de Saint-Clair. The Black Panther diamond was sought by Arsene Raoul Lupin III, his half-brother's grandson. Antonia Litton Fleming married Charles Fleming, son of William Fleming and Rosa Templar Fleming. Their sons Anthony, Timothy and Alexander continued in the family business.

Anthony and Jeanne Nelson Fleming's son, Mark Anthony Nelson Fleming, successfully broke from the family business, dropped the Fleming, and got into the NASA astronaut program. [53], but got into trouble nearly as much trouble as his cousin Alexander [54].

Alexander Saint-Clair, Rosa Grayson Litton's grandson [55], wrote letters to her, which somehow found their way to Hollywood [56], where they were the inspiration for the poor but aristocratic Pink Panther. He used a cigarette-holder, drank tea [57] and so seem to have an British aristocratic background, but also was much involved with a certain French Inspector. [58]

He led a long, adventurous but unproductive life as painter [59], racecar driver [60], reporter [61], night guard [62], exterminator [63], farmer [64], cook [65], waiter [66], messenger [67], flight instructor [68], secret agent trainee [69], violinist [70], trumpet player [71], gardener [72], sports instructor [73], butterfly collector [74], trash collector [75]. As "Dr. Phink" he sold and probably invented Pink Punch, Green Punch [76] and the anti-vitamin [77]. Obviously he could not have frequently been in his pink panther form, and is thought to have looked like a young Sigmund Freud. [78]

He was often homeless [79] or living in the woods [80] and was a stowaway and a castaway [81], and a female impersonator [82] He was most successful as an animal rights Africa [83] and the Arctic [84] and discovered new species. [85], studying especially the aardvark [86] His most famous quote was "Why can't man be more like animals?" [87]

He got in trouble with authorities over a missing elephant [88], a crashed jet [89], a missing horse [90], a house fire [91], reckless driving [92], passing counterfeit money [93], littering [94]. He also often got into trouble with machinery [95]

His more dubious adventures were likely drug-induced hallucinatons:[96]. time-travelling to the Middle Ages [97], the Rennaissance [98] and prehistory [99], encountered ghosts in a Western ghost town [100], or a vampire and ghost in Eastern Europe [101]. He briefly visited a psychologist [102].

Eventually however he settled down and married [103] and fathered Alexander "Pinkie" and Anthony "Panky" and Timothy "Punkin" [104], named for Alexander, Anthony and Timothy Fleming, who were playmates with Mark Anthony Nelson, Jr. [105]

Descendants of William Sherlock Sigerson Scott Holmes
     1       William Sherlock Sigerson Holmes     
....          +Marjorie Rose Raffles Holmes     1856 -
     2       Raffles Holmes     
     3       Creighton Holmes     
.....          +Mannering     
     3       John "The Baron" Mannering     
......          +Laura Fauntley Mannering     
..     4       daughter Mannering     
...     5       John "The Saint" Rossi     
     2       "Lugashi" Ruby Holmes Grayson     
.....          +Albert "Grayson" Haley,Jr.     1875 -
     3       "Flying John" Grayson     1900 - 1939
......          +"Flying Mary" Ribble Grayson     - 1939
..     4       Richard John "Boy Wonder" Grayson     1929 -
........          +Betty Stemple Kane Grayson     1930 -
...     5       Richard Grayson, Jr.     1960 -
.........          +"Starfire" Koriand'r of Tamaran Grayson     
.....     6       Mar'i "Nightstar" Grayson     1990 -
...     5       Bruce Wayne Grayson  
                    + Narabelle Davis Grayson
          6        Robin Grayson   
.....     6       Jeremy Grayson     1990 - 2045
......     7       son of Jeremy Grayson     2020 -
.......     8       Cheif Inspector Grayson     2050 -
.........     9       Grayson     2080 -
..........     10       Grayson     2110 -
............     11       Grayson     2140 -
.............     12       Grayson     2170 -
...................          +Grayson     2170 -
..............     13       Amanda Stemple Grayson Xtmprsqzntwlfd     2202 - 2293
....................          +Sarek Xtmprsqzntwlfd     2165 - 2368
................     14       Spock Xtmprsqzntwlfd     2230 -
......................          +Zarabeth     
.................     15       Zar     (see Sarpeidon)
..          *2nd Wife of Richard John "Boy Wonder" Grayson:     
........          +Barbara "Batgirl" Gordon Grayson     
...     5       Charles "Nightwing" Grayson     1960 -
.........          +Karen "Power-Girl" Starr     
.....     6       James Zorrel Grayson-Starr     
...     5       Angela "Chase" Grayson Drake     1956 -
.........          +John Drake, Jr.     
.....     6       Timothy Drake     
...     5       James Grayson     
     3       Ruth Grayson     
     3       Marjory Grayson     
     3       "Bachelor Bill" Grayson     
     3       "Diamond Jim" Grayson     
..     4       Charles Grayson     
..     4       Tom Grayson     
     3       Rosa Grayson Litton     
......          +Alexander Litton     
..     4       Margaret Litton Saint-Clair     
........          +Marcel "Rogue" Saint-Clair     1910 -
...     5       Alexander "Pink Panther" Saint-Clair, Sr.     1940 -
.........          +Judy Saint-Clair     
.....     6       Alexander "Pinkie" Saint-Clair, Jr.     
.....     6       Anthony "Pankie" Saint-Clair     
.....     6       Timothy "Punkin" Saint-Clair     
...     5       Robert Devereaux Saint-Clair     
..     4       Claude Litton     
...     5       [2] Claudine "Phantom" Litton Fleming     
.........          +[1] Charles Litton Fleming     
..     4       Simone Litton Fleming     
........          +Alexander Charles Lytton "Phantom" Fleming     
...     5       [1] Charles Litton Fleming     
.........          +[2] Claudine "Phantom" Litton Fleming     
...     5       Anthony Hoskins Fleming     
          *2nd Wife of William Sherlock Sigerson Holmes:     
....          +Mary Russell Holmes     

For more of Holmes's relatives click on:
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