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A Secret Formula
by Mike Halm
Mix :
160 ml of oleic extract of the Asiatic legume, glycine max,
105 mg 4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde from the tropical orchid, Vanilla planifolia
360 mg nectarous extract of Trifolium via Apis mellifera
450 mg of albuminous and vitelline reproductive body of Gullus gullus
Add to mixture:
300 mg of finely ground seed of Triticum aestivium,
170 mg of natural halite,
100 mg of saletus
500 mg of globular preparation of ground, roasted, dried and partially fermented seed of Theobroma cacoa
Heat to:
 190 degrees Celsius for 700 seconds.

What do you have?
(A chocolate chip cookie)