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Michael Joseph Halm

continuing activities

1983- extraordinary minister of the Eucharist and server, St. Leo parish, Cincinnati, OH

1984- Secular Franciscan Order (including historian, novice master, and ecology chairperson in Our Lady of Presentation and St. Anthony fraternities), editor of Presentation prayer line list, St. Leo Church prison ministry member and server

1986- godfather to Lisa and Pam Morgan, contributing editor to My People newspaper

1987- godfather to Melody, Angela, Bryan, and Coleman Beall

1988- knight of Militia Immaculata (Knights of the Immaculata), editor of The Norbury Chronicle, Holmesian Studies SIG

1989- CFO of Hierogamous Enterprises

1991- member of Franciscans International,  Acts 2:42 HBC (home-based community)

1992- co-worker in Presentation Ministries lay association

1994- member of the Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena and cartoonist for Edge to Edge strip in My People

1995- crossword puzzle writer for My People, member of Baker Street Irregulars

1998- member of PM co-worker team in charge of Baptismal cards

2000- publisher of Hierogamous Hymns, webmaster of

2002- editor for, contributor to On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS)

2003- publisher of the play, The Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, team member in Great International Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS)

2006- contributor to Wold Newton Universe and Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB)

2007- contributor to Zooniverse fka Galaxy Zoo

2011- publisher of Psalms, Hymns and Inspired Songs

2014- publisher of Proverbials, Crosswords with Jesus and Rainbeau's Riddles and Rhymes

2015- publisher of The Wizard Who Couldn’t and Other Basilian Tales , and Sherlock Holmes and the Mad Doctor

past accomplishments

1966 member of National Honor Society

1968-70 member of Sigma Pi Sigma

1970 recipient of B. S. in physics and math from University of Detroit

1974-76 member of ELSFWA (E. Lansing Science Fiction Writers Association), Tolkien Fellowship

1975 writer for Warped Space, Frey Scientific Co.

1975-77 writer for Destrier

1975-80, 2006-7 member of Society for Creative Anachronism (Percival of Toulouse, alchemist for Barony of North Woods, founder of shire of Glenngliondrach)

1975-2008 member of American Mensa

1976 writer for Cosmic Trashcanner and Starminion

1977-2008 editor of Mpossibilities, Fortean Mysteries SIG

1979 nonfiction writer for Mensa Bulletin

1978 editor of EnvironMensan

1978-80 editor for Morning Star newsletter; reporter for Spectrum, Fargo, ND

1980 feature writer for Plain Talk, Plain Foods Co-op, Fargo, ND; professional model

1981 poetry writer for Daily Meditation

1981-2008 editor of The Cauldron, Mythopoeic SIG

1982 reporter for News, Kalamazoo, MI

1983 writer for International Fortean Organization Journal; winnr of dishonorable mention in Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, writer for Morbius

1983-87 writer for Puzzle-M

1983-84 poet-in-residence at Our Lady of Presentation church, Cincinnati, OH

1983-89 member of St. Vincent de Paul Society, St. Leo parish, Cincinnati, OH

1984-89 trustee of Heinold Neighborhood Services

1984-2001 Marquette Manor Bible study teacher

1985 poetry writer for PM Newsletter

1987-89 poet-in-residence at Kolbe House, Cincinnati, OH

1987-90 "Question Box" and "Short Stops" writer, My People

1988 Morningstar Bookstore worker

1988-89 member in St. Leo's men's support group

1988-89 writer for The Deal Table

1990-94 E. Westwood Improvement Association secretary and trustee

1991 recipient of honorary doctorate from Cleo Society

1991-92 editor of E. Westwood Clarion

1993-2000 member of the Promised Community HBC

1994 contributor to The Rational Inquester

1995-2008 leader of a Baker Street Irregulars (BSI) scion

1996-97 librarian for Guadalupe Bible College

1998 confirmation sponsor for Carolyn Lourdes Shield

2002, 2008-9 actor in St. John Passion Play

2002-2008 blogger at My Hierogamous Life

2003-4 webmaster of

2004 publisher of e-book Descendants of St. Clotilda

2004 publisher of on-line sheet music at Finale Showcase

2005 member of Mr. Lobo's Sleepless Knights of Insomnia

2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year

2013-15 teacher for Guadalupe Bible College

In addition to writing many articles and reviews for the Mensan special interest group newsletters, the comic strip and crossword puzzles, and books mentioned above, he has also written more general interest articles and reviews, many on-line:


Author Discusses Benefits Of Religion

Author Urges Change

Authors Make Case For Marriage

Book Challenges Christians

Books Focus on God

Book Presents Life's Greatest Lessons

Book Prepares for End of Millennium

Book Reports On Resurrections

Book Shares Healings At Lourdes

Character Is Destiny

Christians Produce Alternative Comics

Deathbed Conversions Inspire

The Eucharist Is Miraculous

Faithful Experience Marvels Of God

Fifth Harry Potter Book Is Disappointing

God Cares About Your Finances

The Gates of Hell Do Not Prevail

Harry Potter Is No Magician's Nephew

Harry Potter Rejects Love

Holmes Tackles Biblical Mysteries

The Holy Eucharist Is Still Miraculous

Is the Bible in Code?

Martyrs Offer Great Witness

Pope's Book Hits Bestseller List

Relics Shaped History

Book Shares How To Be A Saint, Not A Dummy

Sherlock Holmes Finds God

Stop Cheating God And Yourself


Casino Expansion Efforts Pose Treat to Nation

Closed Sundays

Debt Continues To Enslave

Economic Crisis Needs Creative Solutions

Farm Workers Continue to Suffer

God Cares About Your Finances

Microfinance Programs Aid Poor

Small Is Not Necessarily Beautiful


"Alliums", "Apples", "Bread", "Cheese", "Honey", "Legumes", "Nuts", "Potatoes", "Sea Vegetables", "Squash", "Starch", "Strawberries", "Teas"


AIDS Can Be Stopped

Cloning: An Attack on Human Dignity

Consumers Caught in Spending Trap

Day of Prayer Focuses on Repentance and Healing

The Try-It Diet

Vitamins Are Pro-Life


Abortion Survivors Tell Their Stories

Christians Bear One Another's Burdens

Creation Museum Provides Unique Experience

Discernment of Prophecy Needed

Ex-Homosexuals Persecuted

Interest In Papal Prophecies Increases

Just Life Urges Action for Life

The Mass Is Not What You Think

Men Answer the Call Again

Men Are Answering the Call

Men Called to Change

Men Called to Fight for Freedom

Men Witness About Jesus

Miss California USA Defends Marriage

New Age or Old Lie?

Nuns Return Home

Only Jesus Is the True Light

Play Together, Stay Together

Pope Francis Tweets

Pro-Life Decisions Have Great Impact

Prodigals Meet the Father

Screenwriter Shares Conversion Experience

Third Parties Protest

Vampire Craze Is Unhealthy Passion

Winter's Mysteries


Edge to Edge comic strip

Epidemic of spring fever affects students different than most

Ever Write About Homonyms?

T. G. I. F.


Angels Impact People's Lives

Ask Angels For Help

Christians Called To Evangelize

Christians Unite To Affirm Principles

Eucharistic Congress Builds Faith

Family Theater Lives

Games Have Religious Themes

God Answers Prayers: A 9/11/01 Testimony

God Works Miracles

Hanoi Jane Finds Prince of Peace

Heinold Neighborhood Services Winning the War on Poverty

Heritage Girls Provide Faith-Based Scouting

Heroes Teach Us To Live

Hidden People Found

Holy Families Are Possible With God

Holy Marriages Still Possible With God

In God We Still Trust

John XXIII And Francis Share Positive Qualities

Media Campaign Focuses On Bible

The Net Is Being Mended

Pope Francis Names New Saints And Blesseds

Priest Uses Cooking To Encourage Community

Priest Uses Media To Evangelize

Saintly Army Chaplain Receives Medal Of Honor

Singer Evangelizes With New Lyrics To Old Songs

Successful Marriage "Secrets" Revealed

Videos Can Be Teaching Tools

Visit To Heaven Reaches Millions

Website Promotes Faith


Blessed Are the Persecuted

Chinese Church Built on Martyrs

Haiti Quake Produces "Miracles"

Iraqi Refugees Need Assistance

Jesus Victorious in La Victoire

Learn from Martyrs

Local Churches Fund Poverty Fight in Haiti

Martyrs Continue To Enrich Church

Mary Continues To Call For Conversions

Miracles Are Happening in Mexico

Persecution Both Dealt with and Ignored

Pope Challenges Youth, World

Pope Condemns Terror in East Timor

President Bush Has Deep Roots

The Military Tells Their Side

The Signs of the Times Are Hopeful

2001 Was A Year of God's Favor

What's Impeachable

World Youth Day: A Life-Changing Event

movie reviews

Atlantis: The Ever Lost Empire

Biblical Films Change

Bible Stories Provide the “Greatest Adventures"

"Colors” Deglorifies Gang Warfare

The Chronicles of Narnia Movies Begin

Decent Films Do Exist

Film Captures Fight For Religious Freedom

Film Generates Strong Reactions

Film List Aids Viewers

Film Touches Hearts

Films Build Faith

"Men in Black" Delivers Message with Humor

Pokemon Is Monstrous

Recent Films Reflect Moral Divide

The Truth About Pocahontas

Videos Tell the Good News


Alphabetical Numeration

A Secret Formula

crossword puzzles

Crosssyllable Puzzle

Find Your Way to the Foot of the Cross

New Countries

The Thesaurus


Astronomical Discoveries Glorify God

Careers for Women in Science Topic of SU-hosted Conference

Did Jehosophat Really Jump?

God Is in Charge

Oldest Scripture Is Discovered

Praise God for Jupiter's Comet

Stars Should Lead Us to Jesus

Thoughts on the Ethics of Science

Voyager Reveals Glory of God


Book Shares Christmas Customs

Celebrate A True Christmas: Adore Jesus

Christ Came at Christmas

Christmas Is Miraculous

Christmastime Is Storytime

The Greatest Gift: The Incarnation

Experience The Nativity Story

Holidays Not Only Happy, But Holy

Jesus Christ Is the Light

Jesus Cures 'Holidaze'

Jesus Is Alive

Jubilee Means Debt-free

Patriotic Rosary Offers Prayers For Nation

Passion Play Continues To Proclaim Jesus

The St. John Passion Play: A Cincinnati Tradition

Share Jesus This Christmas

This Christmas Is Different


Bible Is Focus Of Game Show

Bishops Decode Jesus

The DaVinci Code Turned To Good

God Stars in New Series

Series Focuses On The Birth Of The Church

Talk Shows Hit 'New Low'

Travel Show Goes On Pilgrimages

TV Show Is Modern Morality Play