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Hyperball is the hugely popular QTC5000 ("Cutsie") computer simulation game invented in 2497 by the Flutonian heroine known as Galaxy Girl.
The "ball" used in hyperball is actually a kija, a spheroidal creature that lights up when it "talks" and is surrounded by "sparklies". They were however being eaten by the blue-skinned Makvas ("The evil they do turns them blue."), interstellar weapons dealers. They were, that is, until hyperball made the endangered kija highly valued and brought about an era of galactic peace (Pax Galactica) and put them out of business. The Makvas' lived by obfuscution and deception: "Say yes, do no.", "Choose to confuse." and "Lie to get by.", but hyperball triumphed by promoting just the opposite: "Play fair or be square." and "Everyone deserves a second chance."
[NOTE: Zodian of Galaxy Five captured by the Federated Galaxies of Space's Vega 4 in 2498 and recaptured by the Phoenix 5 in 2500 was likely a Makva, since he got progressively more evil and bluer.]
"Ghostwriter: Am I Blue" and "The Case of the Blue Makva"
"Vega 4" and "Phoenix Five"