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"Until Heaven and Earth pass away ... until it all comes true." (Mt. 5:18)

On this page we will list and link to all our other unique web pages.

About Us tells about the Hierogamous Enterprises staff and associates.

Edge to Edge is a collection of jokes from our comic strip.

FAQs links to the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

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* Hierogamous Hymns is our first publication, a collection of original lyrics.
The Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary is a play for 8- to 10-year-olds.
Psalms, Hymns and Inspired Songs: from self-hate to Love through Scripture is an autobiography including hundreds of Scripture-inspired songs.

* The Cauldron is the newsletter of the     Mythopoeic SIG.

* Mpossibilities is the newsletter of the Fortean Mysteries SIG.

*The Norbury Chronicle is the newsletter of the Holmesian Studies SIG

as well as

* Bookmarks links to a sampling of our print-on-demand bookmarks.
* Cards links to a sampling of our print-on-demand greeting cards.

* Song sheets links to a list of our songs currently or soon available as sheet music.

* The Case of the Missing Ruby is a Sherlock Holmes fanfic.
* "When logic smells bad" is a Star Trek fanfic.

* Astonishing, Bald and Barefoot Saints will be a collection of stories of saints arranged by their titles, such as, Christina the Astonishing, Alphege the Bald and Margaret the Barefooted.

* Basilian Tales will be a collection of fantasies/parables based on the Gospels, set in the kingdom of Basilia, some of which, including the longer related novelette, "Robin's Quest", were serialized in The Cauldron, newsletter of the     Mythopoeic SIG.

* The Before and After Saint Book will be a collection of stories about saints arranged in two parts -- the anonymous pre-conversion life and the post-conversion saint as we now know them.

* Between the Lines of Proverbs will be a collection of proverbs from Wisdom and New Testament books versified by the addition of second and fourth rhyming lines.

* Crosswords Including the Cross and the Word will be a collection of Michael Halm's crossword puzzles previously published in My People newspaper.

* Egnart's Almanac is a work-in-progress by the Fortean Mysteries SIG.

* Encyclopedia Xenologica will be the IDIC Institute's guide to xenology, the study of sentient alien life forms.

* I'm A Believer will be a novel about a couple of college-age Catholics involved in early Church renewal and the sexual counterrevolution set in the late 1960s.

* How to Get High will be a math book based on the minutes of the André Joyce Fan Club.

* Mary Men will be a collection of lives of saints with great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary (see BVM).

* Psalms, Hymns and Inspired Songs will be a large collection of songs found in the other smaller collections such as in Hierogamous Hymns.

* Them That Have Wings is a science fiction novel about Leonardo di Vinci's time machine and what he learned in his travels, from ancient Crete to the far future.

* The Wings of Dawn is a Billy Sigerson mystery begun as a serial in The Norbury Chronicle, newsletter of the Holmesian Studies SIG.

* The Xoo Book will be the IDIC Institute's guide to xoology, or xenozoology, the study of animal alien life forms.

The contents of this website is copyrighted by Hierogamous Enterprises, or where designated, by other individual contributors, such as the Fortean Mysteries, Holmesian Studies and Mythopoeic SIG or the IDIC Institute. The contents of such pages are the sole property of the contributors and not connected with American Mensa or Paramont Studios.